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Tou Dil Ka Kya howa Episode 20

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TDKKH Episode 20 Review:

I just got around to watching this week’s episode, I contemplated about reviewing and then thought, better late than never.  The story is progressing at a slow place, but remains interesting due to the meaningful dialogues, good direction and brilliant performances.  Most of the characters are well developed, and are well integrated into the story.  Faris’s character, although is well defined, is also the most complicated and leaves plenty of room for the viewer to make all sorts of predictions.  The only aspect of Faris’s character that I have not liked thus far, is the fact that his personality has not changed, he continues to be controlled by his uncle, and lets him make decisions for him, even if he does not feel comfortable with it.

The first scene of the episode is significant and it might possibly be the main point of the drama.  Siraj Uncle’s conversation to Faris brings to light the concept of marrying your ex sister in law is considered taboo in our society despite the fact that it is allowed in Islam.  The look on Faris’s face of utter dismay and disappointment made the scene all the more poignant and the credit goes to Sami Khan for uplifting an otherwise tedious scene.  Siraj Uncle states that marrying Faris would bring dishonor to Zoya and her family, which is probably true in the culture she lives in but is totally wrong in my opinion.  In fact, Maya’s actions were haram, living with Saif without nikah, getting intimate with him; that should bring dishonor to the family, not Faris and Zoya’s marriage.  Allah himself says in the Quran, to not make that which is halal, haram on yourself, and there is also a hadeeth that the prophet SAW says “do not say this is forbidden, that is lawful, because any false thing you say it is if you have ascribed false things to Allah.”  I hope the writer can address this issue in more detail in the upcoming episodes and clear the position from an Islamic perspective.

Imran Ashraf’s role is becoming more conspicuous with each coming episode, and we know that he married Maya so that Zoya has a clear passage to get to Faris.  His conversation with Zoya showed how much he loves her, and he got angry at her to just to make her believe that he married Maya for real.  Because he did not want her to think that he did just for Zoya.  Imran Ashraf, is again brilliant in every scene of his and I am anxiously waiting for his character to unfold in the upcoming episodes.  I am also looking forward to his relationship with step mother and sister to be explored further.

Hajra Yamin is very good as Lubna and has amazing chemistry with both Siraj Uncle and Faris.  She decides to move into Siraj Uncle’s house, and with the conversations they share, seems like she has acquired a special place in his heart already, and is on the road to taking the place of Dariya.  But I find it very awkward that she moved into their house.  Why?  It was not shown the exact moment she agreed and what her thought process was, and to me, it is inappropriate for a girl to move into a house where two non-mahram men live without the presence of any other woman.  On the other hand, I can understand what made Lubna move in, she obviously felt unsafe living alone in her apartment with Saif knowing her whereabouts and felt insecure knowing that he can drop by any minute.  So her making the decision to move in makes sense to me, but Siraj Uncle’s reasoning is different; he has a totally different agenda.  Does Faris not understand that that Siraj Uncle is playing games again?  I just wish Siraj Uncle would stop playing with everyone’s lives and hearts; his actions will only hurt Lubna, Faris and Zoya further.  Lubna is on a rebound from Saif, and therefore is an easy target for the cupid that Siraj Uncle is playing.

Faris was naturally upset about Lubna moving into his house, but not due to the fact that she was moving into Dariya’s room, but because he is obviously disturbed by Siraj Uncle’s actions.  The “rose scene” between Faris and Lubna was beautifully executed, brilliantly performed and the dialogues were profound with a dual meaning.  The “wilted rose” signified Faris’s love, and the thorns indicate that Lubna will never be able to get his love, and if she continues to walk on this path, she will only get stung by them.  This was one of the handful of times I felt that Faris showed his true feelings, and let them show on his face; otherwise he is usually very much in control of his emotions, not letting anyone inside the wall he has created around himself.  Sami Khan was again brilliant in that scene, the rage apparent on his face with a slight sense of insecurity visible as well.  Faris’s anger was justified, but he took it out on the wrong person.  It is not Lubna’s fault that she has moved into his house, is staying in Darya’s room and Siraj Uncle is desperately trying to fix her with him.

The scene at the breakfast table with Maya, Zoya and her parents was suggestive, and the one dialogue of their mother that “zoya ko shadi karne ke liye maya se NOC leni padegi,” was significant in my opinion, because it showed that even though Zoya’s mother may not approve of Faris and Zoya’s relationship outwardly, but in her heart she has accepted it, and in actuality already considers Faris her son in law.

The upcoming episodes will reveal what role Lubna will play in Faris’s and Siraj Uncle’s life, and delve further into Tipu and Maya’s life.  Siraj Uncle’s previous love life, Dariya’s relationship with him, Saif’s back story, and Faris and Saif’s connection to each also needs to be explored and disclosed and I am looking forward to it all.



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