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Aadha Din Aur Puri Raat – Episode 2

SZ . 9

As those of you who read my very irritated review last week know, I had promised that I would never watch an episode of this serial again… well guess what, I’m going back on my words, not because I have any hopes from the second episode, but because one of our visitors here at Drama Pakistani made a special request – this one’s for you Sabeen!

Ok, so the second episode just ended, and I’m angrier – and I hadn’t thought that possible after last week.  If I hadn’t seen Bushra Ansari promoting this serial last week, and hadn’t read Mehreen Raheal mentioning this serial on her FB page, I would have been convinced that Geo dug this serial out of some cans and aired it as filler. What the heck is going on here? The story is from the 1970s – Mehreen belongs to a rich feudal family, and Mikaal is from a humble background and the awesomely annoying Fiza is a journalist’s daughter.  I don’t need to use any grey matter at all to hazard a guess about the story – and this is what Bushra Ansari was calling an issue based story?  Really?  The only real issue I see here is how quickly the set-designer can be fired.  Honestly, who has red and yellow walls, ochre/mustard couches, red painted beds, with primary colored bed-sheets, wall hangings with red background and abstract black and white prints – in a college dorm?? Did the set-designer think he/she was putting together a set for a newborn’s nursery?

If you can look beyond the ugly sets, and I’m being very kind here, then the actors’ get-ups will surely cause you to turn off your TV and call it a day. Mikaal, I don’t know where he bought these atrocious striped shirts from, but that store needs to be shut down. Mehreen, who I love for her sense of style, has shocked me here – what’s going on with the pearls? I get it now that you love wearing them, but yaar, who wears them to bed? Fiza, well, let’s just say that her purple outfit clashed so severely with the red walls that I couldn’t even focus on what she was saying, and given her nanhi bacchi act here, it was just as well. Mikaal’s friend also needs a new wardrobe asap, along with some kind advice that bhai its birth-day, not bur-day, or bud-day as he kept pronouncing it …

Adding insult to injury was the fact that sound quality was beyond bad, there was so much background noise that it was a pain to hear anything – thankfully nothing important was being said so I was spared straining my ears. To sum up, so far, no story, no real “issue,” just a bunch of heavy duty dialogues strung together, some very mediocre acting, Firdous Jamal at his melodramatic worst, a very stern Sakina Samon, a beyond bad Fiza, and some really dated music – hard to believe this is a drama based on music and musicians!

Sabeen, please send me a bottle of headache medicine as soon as you’re done reading this … never again!!

Written by SZ ~
P.S. A special shout out to my drama watching friend- couldn’t have sat through this one without you!
  • Anam

    You know I didn’t actually watch this drama until I had read the reviews of episode 1 and 2. I found these reviews so hilarious; I actually went to youtube to see the first episode. God knows what had gotten into me! I couldn’t sit through 15/20 mins of the show! Omg! The wall colours gave me a headache! And how annoying was the phone conversation between the Mehreen, Fiza and their Abbu ji! Half the time they were only screaming! The Fiza Ali’s wardrobe choices and the interior are just bizarre! Who keeps deep green with aqua coloured sofas, red walls contrasted with cream furniture! Since I couldn’t watch anymore of the on-going story, I just jumped to part where Mikaal would be singing … =| (I just should have just stopped watching and not move onto the singing scene) … they call him a rock-star and he was singing sappy romantic songs and that too sooooooo bleeekkkhh!!! Overall, I can sum this drama in one word, SNOOZE-FEST! Can’t believe Bushra Ansari is behind all this.

  • rofl……. what a review!!!!!!!!its indeed worth reading your review than watching it…

    much entertaining than the serial………ha ha ha…..

  • Ash

    @ annie, kuch dil ne kaha! which was an OKAY serial

  • SZ

    @Annie: Dil hai chota sa had Tooba Siddiqui and Faisal Qureshi and Mikaal and it was very good – I think the one you're thinking of is Dil kya kahe (or some such title) …

  • Annie

    LOL – can't promise SZ!

    Ok I had no idea Bushra Ansari wrote this – wow! I remember Makaan was pretty bad too. Her only good story Ash as you mentioned was Dil hai chota sa where she was opp. Javed Sheikh and it has Maira Wasti in it.

  • Ash

    whoever created, wrote, produced, directed this drama should all be fired. everyone involved should be fired. i actually thought it wouldn't be a bad watch because except for Fiza Ali, cast achi hai and its been written by Bushra Ansari who gave us dil hai chota sa. However after sitting through an episode, boy was i wrong! what a waste of my 40 minutes. seriously what is it with GEO airing such crapass dramas.

    there is no story whatsoever, all the characters are jumping around like your watching looney tunes or their so damn boring that when they open their mouth, they put you to sleep.

    SZ hit the nail with her review like always! kya colors hain, kya furniture, kya style hai! wah wah! headache!!

  • SZ

    @Annie: hahaha – I did! Waisey you should trial it on a day you're really busted and want to let all your frustrations out and scream at somebody/something – I tell you it'll work like a charm ;)

  • Annie

    I hope you had a nice cool drink after watching this one hahaha! oh boy the things you have to do for your DP fans ;-)

  • sabeen

    one thing i would say for this drama is SUPER BAKWAAS

    i am really sorry sz u had to watch this crap bcz of me…i am really very disappointed..there is no plus point in this drama poor direction..poor script.. there is only good cast of no use….i think ye drama kafi cheap hai…ye zindagi hai ki league mein is ko shamil kia ja sakta hai…really poor production by bushra ansari and ayub khawar…….no hopes left for this crap serial..

    thanx sz for ur super duper review…..

    and sorry for the headache…

    sabeen :)

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