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About US  was founded by Ftech Solutions in 2010  with the purpose of reviewing Pakistani dramas.  The site designed and developed by, with its reviews and commentary exhibits the wonderful talent our country has.


The team of reviewers at Drama Pakistani are authentic, audience oriented and completely independent. We are not affiliated to any company or group. Team Drama Pakistani is passionate about dramas, and we don’t write to please anyone and don’t hesitate to call folks out on the quality of their work.


At the same time our love of Pakistani drama forces us to be fair and appreciative of the level of work and dedication required to make even the worst serial so we try to accentuate the positive as much as we can. We are fans (crazy fans!) of various artistes but that will never blind us to evaluating anyone on anything other than actual merit.


We appreciate feedback from the various directors, producers, and artistes who read our reviews, but our most important audience and the one that always keeps us on our toes are our everyday readers.


The strength of our site is not our reviewers ,the elegance of our English or the intellectual hoops we can jump through, but the rapport of trust and respect we share with our readers and commenters.


So thanks for reading, your feedback is the most important part of the review .


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