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Aik Nayee Cinderella – Episode 13

Drama Buff . 12

One of the worst things about watching a drama serial after reading the entire story on paper is that you keep on comparing the drama with the novel – and then feel a tad bit annoyed that the well-rounded-off story seems to be taking one too many zig zags instead of focusing upon the main track and taking it towards a smoother conclusion.

Admittedly, I was eager to see this episode because of the entire wedding planner sequence – and interestingly, this was one scene (and its aftermath) that never showed up despite being in the preview last week. Most of the episode yesterday focused upon Meher asking forgiveness from Meesha and Granny – and then revealing the reality of that apology to Zainee. Rooman and Surraya aunty’s scenes are sickening to say the least – how much lower can the lady stoop? Frankly, I wanted to fast forward most of the scenes BUT the commendable thing with Aik Nayee Cinderella is that the scenes are short! So even if you feel a certain scene is torture, the torture is over pretty soon!

Okay, enough negativity! I can never say about an episode of Aik Nayee Cinderella is that it was a package of torture. Even if there were some fist-clenching moments, there were more than a few burst-out-laughing moments. Aimee entry into Shah Baba’s kingdom and the way she gobbles on the breakfast spread was excellently done! Warda Butt has portrayed Aimee to near-perfection!

More smile-silly moments came with Meher and Bano’s interaction – what an excellent chemistry the two women share! As Bano threw one sugar-coated insult after another to Meher, the latter returned them with equal grace. Their sequences were done amazingly well!

And Meesha! Her one silent confrontation with Rooman was mesmerizing! Her reaction at Rooman’s upcoming marriage, her bewilderment at Meher’s instructions and the way she was totally taken in by Meher’s 360-degree-u-turn attitude were conveyed by Maya Ali with all the right expressions. How interesting it is that Bano is being the typical mom in law – one can only hope it brings Meesha to her senses!

Overall, it was an interesting episode but again, not much happened! I am totally into this wedding planner sequence and cannot wait for next week!

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  • Annie

    @Sadaf – I am getting the feeling that they will cover Meesha's cartoonish Nana Jaan's story in the last two episodes.

  • Sadaf

    @Annie OOh I hope not … I think all that Shah baba stuff and Meesha's origins will come into it

  • Annie

    thankfully I haven't read the novel :)

    The episode was OK overall just because not a whole lot happened and I too was waiting for the wedding planner sequence that never showed.

    LOL @ Sadaf on Laila Zuberi's makeup. She's playing her role so well that I don't find it disgusting watching her scenes w/ Rooman.

    Loved the wiping of plates with her dupatta and "OMG you are wearing the same clothes from yesterday" moments from Bano aunty.

    I do wish they hadn't spent so much time on showing Meher turning nice when we could smell it from miles away that it wasn't the case ;-) And Granny yelling at Zaini was so loud and obnoxious – had to mute that out!

    I guess we'll be getting more slow episodes to stretch this out to 10 more episodes. I just hope they don't rush through the ending like they did with Bilqees Kaur. That would be plain awful.

  • SK

    Engrossing episode yet again!Mehr mama you are very evil but I guess it keeps it interesting! lots of suspense still to keep us glued.. really enjoying this one, tension free and avoids the melodrama!

  • Amna

    This epi was slow compared to the previous ones, but nonetheless an imp one…has Mehr become good or is she just faking it?…really want to know..i hope she is on Meeshas side now but u never know with Mehr aunty…the sugar coated insults Bano & Mehr were throwing at each other was so much fun to watch…i remember in one previous epi they were both brilliant in the way they were sparring with each other…sorriya aunty & her proposal is just creepy, but atleast Romaan is still in town because of it…waiting for Romaan & Meesha to get back together.

  • Sadaf

    Yes he certainly is .

    I am so glad Mehar mamma is still evil ,it is just so much more fun that way

  • Mona S

    @ Sadaf, yes agree, but I take my favourite actors very seriously. OKB is an excellent blend of talent & good looks.

  • Sadaf

    There were other people in the drama < @Mona

  • Mona S

    @ OKB: why is my timing always so bad? Why do I always get to write my comment after you? & you miss seeing what a big fan I am of yours.

    Yes, another awesome episode. I would've been fine if this show was called " Aik Mayer" or "Aik naya Mayer". I love that Faiza Iftikhar has shown Mayer as a well brought up rich boy & not a typical stereotypical spoilt rich brat. Mayer looked so sweet as he welcomed Meesha & Meher aunty into his home.

    The story, direction, outdoor locations & acting by newcomers & veteran actors is amazing. I'm anxiously waiting for next week.

  • Misty

    I dont know what it is about ANC but i just look like a fool with a big broad grin spread across my face after watching it. loved today's episode as i have not read the novel, i am loving all the suspense and mystery surrounding the characters and the plot. My favourite part had to be when Meesha starts cleaning all the plates with her dupataa and well well well…

    thanks for the review DB. i try avoiding ANC promos so i didnt know if i missed anything or not. and OKB yes yes its a controversy, maybe the turks are sabotaging….

  • Sadaf

    I am going to play it cool and pretend not to notice there is a comment above me from Mayer himself . …

    I did enjoy this episode but really how could Meesha and Granny fall for this trick so easily…? I know Soraya Aunty was disgusting but kind of funny in her self assured way….her makeup is so 65 going on 19 :)

    Ainee I feel you girl , you love your food . that was so cute . I

  • Osman Khalid Butt

    Hey Drama Buff – yeah, I was pretty confused why that scene never showed; was looking forward to it myself. I hope this doesn't turn out to be one of those let's-extend-the-episodes-because-the-drama's-getting-good-ratings ploy by the cough-producers-cough-GEO.

    Ah, conspiracy theories. Was probably just a mistake on the previews part.

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