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Aisi hai Tanhai Episode 3-4 Review

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This week’s episodes introduced the household of Hamza, the consequences of the catastrophe that struck Pakeeza last week, and the eventual revelation to the families involved.  Hamza’s parents turned out to be very reasonable and understanding; agreeing to the rishta right away.  The beginning of the episode was filled with some sweet moments between Kinza and Pakeeza.  The chemistry between Nadia Khan and Sonya Hussyn is beautiful, and endearing; the scenes between them are adorable, performed brilliantly by the both of them and the dialogues are simple yet able to convey the feelings of the two brides to be in an effective manner.


When this serial was introduced, the audiences were told that this drama addresses the issue of the complications of social media and how it can ruin a person’s life.  I do not think it is the fault of “social media” that Pakeeza’s pictures went viral.  Yes, they probably went viral quicker than ever before, but these same pictures could have been printed on a newspaper or a magazine; my point being, it is the fault of the person who did this, not the social media.  It is imperative to mention that it was not Hamza’s or Pakeeza’s fault that these pictures were dispersed in the entire city, they just happened to have gotten in the hands of a wrong person.  The question is, what kind of pictures were they exactly?  My imagination is all over the place, how bad could they be and then the ultimate question: Why do people care?  The only person who should be concerned is Pakeeza and Hamza and their respective parents, what does everyone else have to do with it?


Hamza’s mother broke off the engagement and it was kind of her to not mention the reason to Pakeeza’s mother.  But didn’t Hamza say that he had asked for those pictures?  So why blame the girl only?  If Pakeeza had been pregnant, would they have rejected her and their grand child?  Hamza’s father’s dialogue “tum ne ghalati naheen gunah kiya hai aur gunah ki saza dee jati hai” was very disappointing, because if a person realizes their mistake and repents, even Allah forgives and we should forgive and pardon others as quickly as we want Allah to forgive us.


Hassan also divorced Kinza, because his mom said so, without even realizing the sin he is committing of punishing someone of no fault of theirs.  This probably also made it crystal clear to Kinza’s mother that any relationship can break off in an instant and it does not matter if it was “arranged” or not.  At least, Hamza is still adamant about not breaking off his relationship despite his parents’ disapproval, unlike Hassan.


The only sense of relief I had in this chaos is that Hamza loves Pakeeza, cares about her and was equally distraught, if not more with this entire fiasco.  He was determined to confront anyone who would even try to smear Pakeeza’s name and this showed his fierce loyalty towards her.  He wanted to spare Pakeeza of this humility by not even mentioning any of it to her, and the one dialogue that touched my heart was when Hamza said that I can bear to see Pakeeza hate me, but I cannot bear to see her hate herself.  But why couldn’t they say that the pictures are photo shopped?  The only scene that I found to be over dramatic was the way Hamza’s friend broke the news of the pictures to him, they could have downplayed it a little bit.


Despite this minor hiccup, the story progressed at a good pace and the episodes kept me engaged throughout, with meaningful dialogues, and brilliant performances.  Some of the scenes were shot and directed very well and I love how attention was paid to minute details like Hamza’s pictures in his room.  Pakeeza’s house had a cozy, warm and homely feel to it as opposed to Hamza’s house, which probably showed the character of the inhabitants.  Performance wise, everyone has played their roles to perfection, but Sami Khan took the cherry on the cake with another superb performance.  He is the best in emotional scenes and the way he was worried about Pakeeza showed his relentless love for her, and his expressions said it all; the OST playing in the background at appropriate times, made his scenes all the more intense.


It is said that a husband and wife are each other’s garment, and should do everything possible to protect each other’s reputation, which Hamza will fail to do so, as is apparent from the promos.  Hamza is doing everything right, and I am eager to find out the reason behind Hamza’s iron like strength to shatter which will cause his relationship with Pakeeza to eventually break.  Looking forward to next week!

~~Written by Sana Mohsin

  • Aamer

    Great review, Sana.
    I also liked Hamza’s stance In the situation. Sami khan is perfect. His friend and cousin may be, looks filling the gaps. Nadia khan is also good. Excited for next episode.

    • Sana Mohsin


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