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Aisi Hai Tanhai Episode 5-6 Review

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Aisi Hai Tanhai Episode 5-6:

Another bout of nerve wracking episodes, full of suspense, with twists and turns at every corner, and I have to admit that this is a very well written story, making the viewer apprehensive about the next episodes.  I do not even know what to expect from this story anymore and my mind is wandering in every direction, thinking about all kinds of possible situations. It’s moving at a fast pace, edited well without any unnecessary scenes.  The OST is haunting and add an intenseness to the scenes making them both compelling and persuasive.

The ambulance scene that I had initially thought to be the very last scene of the drama, was obviously not, and I am grateful to the writer that Pakeeza did not commit suicide, and it was her mother who poisoned her food.  The situation that led to her mother to take such a drastic step was aptly explained and justified in my opinion and that the viewer sympathizes with the mother instead of blaming her.  It could have gone wrong had it not been for the excellent writing skills. Of course, credit also goes to the actress playing the mother, Saba Hameed, who made her character believable, that instead of calling her a murderer, I felt for her, understood her pain and her dilemma and did not, even for a second, condemn her actions.  Saba Hameed was absolutely brilliant, and her expressions said it all; showing grief of a mother, despair for her daughter’s lost honor and then the guilt of the severe punishment she gave to her daughter.

There were a few immensely impactful scenes; one such was the one in which Pakeeza’s mother is feeding her poisoned food. Sonya Hussyn and Saba Hameed were both outstanding, and the expressions on Pakeeza’s face when she realizes her mother is actually giving her poisoned food, said it all.  That one scene was extremely profound, and meaningful and although there were dialogues said by her mother, they were overpowered by the performances of both the actors involved. I could not even imagine the torment her mother would have felt while feeding her, but in her mind that was the only solution, the only way out and I know without a doubt, that her purpose was not to punish her daughter, but to liberate her from the shame, name calling, and humiliation she would have to face for her entire life.  I do not consider her act “honor killing” at all; it was a desperate mother’s reaction to “save” both her daughters.
It was apparent that she did not want her daughter’s end like this, otherwise why would she come visit her every day and peek into the ICU? Maybe, she could have only “pretended” Pakeeza had died instead of actually poisoning her, but her mind was not thinking straight at that time and she did what she thought was right.  The way she broke down the moment she found out that her dear daughter has finally passed away was convincing, as if she was holding it all inside her those last few days.  She only wanted to “free” her daughter of the shame that the society would put her through.

Nadia khan was amazing as well, she had shared excellent chemistry with Sonya Hussyn and just as their scenes were a delight to watch in the earlier episodes; similarly Nadia Khan’s scenes in this episode were heart breaking, the way she was thinking about her sister, looking at her pictures lovingly with a smile, wearing her hijab to work, all brought tears to my eyes.  Perhaps I too have a sister and was able to feel her pain or maybe because her expressions were gut wrenching and flawless, or possibly a combination of both?

For Pakeeza this was not an end, in fact this is a new beginning for her, away from her loved ones, and maybe Allah has something better in store for her.  The OST is beautiful, but I don’t believe Pakeeza is alone like the lyrics “Saaya bhi jub saath chod jaye, aisi hai tanhai.”  Who cares about your shadow when Allah himself says in the Quran that He is closer to us than our jugular vein, then how can Pakeeza be alone?  When you have nobody, you have Allah, when He takes something, He gives you something better in return, and He gave Pakeeza not only a new life, but someone who took her under his wings, and will be her support from now onwards.  Is he related to her?  Her father?  We will find out in the upcoming episodes.

Hamza was adamant about speaking to Pakeeza and clear all the misunderstanding, desperate to tell her that he plans on keeping all his promises but the situation was such that he did not get an opportunity to do so.  He kept fighting the battle from his end and when he found out about Pakeeza’s “death” he was naturally inconsolable.  The moment Pakeeza’s death was revealed to him, he suddenly felt desolate and bereft, as if a part of him was taken away from him, and he looked forlorn, riding his bike, recalling all the wonderful times they spent together.  Although Sami Khan was only in a few scenes, he made his presence felt by his wonderful acting; the agony and despair visible on his face, his expressions were impeccable, and his body language showed the anguish he was going through, making it a pitch perfect performance.

The promos showed that Hamza wants to mend the damage he thinks he has caused and will propose to Kinza.  I am mot likely in the minority, but I felt that there was more chemistry between Hamza and Kinza, as opposed to Hamza and Pakeeza, which was evident despite the few scenes between them.  There was a spark that was missing in the scenes between Hamza and Pakeeza, inspite both of them enacting their characters to perfection.  And perhaps I will forever be banished for saying this, but I am looking forward to a love story between Hamza and Kinza, and wish for a happy ending for them.

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