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Aisi Hai Tanhai Episode 7-8 Review

Sana Mohsin . 1

Aisi Hai Tanhai 7-8:

This show has been a roller coaster of emotions, with hair-raising loops and spine-chilling drops which leaves the viewer engulfed in excitement in anticipation of the upcoming twists.  It is an extremely well written story, with suspense and thrill combined with the right amounts of drama, emotions and romance.  Hamza, who is overwhelmed with guilt, goes to Khadeeja’s house asking for not only forgiveness but also a suitable punishment, and very appropriately, Khadeeja suggests that Hamza marry Kinza.  Just like last week’s episodes belonged to Saba Hameed, Nadia Khan and Sonya Hussyn, this week’s episodes were dominated by Sami Khan and he left no stone unturned to deliver his best.   This week’s episode raised another issue that perhaps has never been openly talked about in Pakistani Dramas but is much more common than we realize.


Hamza’s agony, despair and confusion was well described, and Sami Khan gave a flawless performance depicting every emotion with precision, making Hamza as believable as possible.  The uncertainty he felt when Khadeeja proposed for Kinza was apparent, and we did not even need dialogues to understand the hesitancy and the qualms he felt about the situation.  Although, his friend suggested him to leave the country like a coward, just like his father had, he ultimately decided to not run away, and face the reality like a real man.  We knew, as an audience that he would not, but the scenes leading up to it were nail-biting nevertheless and kept us entertained throughout.


In my opinion, Khadeeja made the correct decision for Kinza, because she knows that with the current situation, no man would agree to marry a woman who is divorced, has a past and whose sister is the talk of the town.  It would not be impossible, but very difficult, to find a suitable partner for her, especially considering the society we live in.  Hamza was the best choice, and Khadeeja only thought about her daughter’s welfare, like any other mother would.  Kinza, reluctantly agreed to marry Hamza too, but still hates him to the core since she blames him for everything that happened to Pakeeza.  Both Saba Hameed and Nadia Khan have been outstanding throughout and this episode was no exception.


Hamza’s parents refused to accept Kinza as their daughter in law, which makes me shake my head with shame, that people would first of all blame a girl for something this trivial and then blame her sister as well!  What does Kinza have to do with all this?  What is her fault?  Just because she is Pakeeza’s sister?  It is unfortunate that these things happen in the society we live in, and makes me wonder what kind of examples these parents are setting for the upcoming generations.


With all these happenings, Pakeeza is still in a state of unconsciousness, intubated, on a ventilator, without family at her side, which makes her vulnerable to all.  The janitor at the hospital, turned out to be a pervert who attempts to sexually harass Pakeeza multiple times and from the promos, we can assume that he rapes her as well.  I am grateful to the writer to bringing this delicate topic out to the public, which is sometimes hush-hushed in Pakistan.  Sexual harassment of patients at hospitals is common, and the most vulnerable are the women, especially those who are on a ventilator, because that makes them easy access without resistance.  In the US, there have been many such cases a couple of decades ago, a few even resulting in pregnancies and thankfully it is not as common anymore in US, due to security cameras, monitors and low nurse to patient ratio of ICU patients.  Maybe Pakistan needs to implement the same?


With this many twists and turns, I am imagining all possibilities, and one such is, will Pakeeza’s rape result in a pregnancy?  I also want to know what role the doctor will play in her life, and if he is related to her or not?  But what I am most looking forward to is a love story between Hamza and Kinza, because both Sami Khan and Nadia Khan share excellent chemistry and make a cute couple!  I want to see Kinza’s hate transform into love for Hamza, and maybe this was Allah’s plan for them all along, to meet through Pakeeza.  Like I said last time, when Allah takes away something, He gives you better, and who could be better than Hamza for Kinza?  She should be thankful that she got rid of the loser of a husband, and found someone like Hamza?  I hope the writer takes us on a romantic journey, a love story between Hamza and Kinza, which will end with a happily ever after!

  • Aamer

    Great review. The issue at the hospital is very sensitive and needs to be controlled in our countries too.
    Sami khan is the reason now a days to watch dramas because of his grown up acting skills and choice of dramas. You are right, we would like to see Hamza and Kinza love story.

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