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Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat – Episode 1

SZ . 18

Saima Chaudhry, our beloved designer from Faisalabad is BACK and thank God for that! Honestly, as much as I enjoy watching the more serious serials, I have to say there’s nothing like an aesthetically well-done comedy—no issues, no causes, no moralizing, no lectures, just plain old sit back and enjoy no-brainer hilarity. Fabulously over the top as she is, there’s something to be said for watching an actress of Bushra Ansari’s caliber back on our screens doing what she does best – comedy.

This latest installment in the Baraat series, Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat, continues the saga of the intertwined lives of the two very different families – one from Karachi, headed by the matriarch Samina Ahmed, and the other one from Faisalabad, headed by Shehryar Zaidi and Bushra Ansari. Along with these big name stars, the rest of the ensemble cast includes Saba Hameed, Javed Shaikh, Sumbul, Manzoor Qureshi, Ahsan Khan, Alishba Yousuf, Sana Askari, Adeel Siddiqui, Ali Safina, Natasha Ali, Uroosa Siddiqui, and Raheel Butt. And, as if these stars weren’t enough, Annie ki Aayegi, introduces yet more glitzy names to this madcap caper: Laila Zuberi, Hina Dilpazeer, Azra Mohiuddin, Huma Hameed, Navin Waqar, Shehzad Shaikh, and of course, lest we forget, an over-hyped cameo by Fawad Khan.

The first episode opened with a recap of the last season, refreshing our memories about where the story had ended, with Suki and Takay’s wedding. Moving forward, we saw Suki not allowing a very reluctant Taka back out of his promise to sit for his degree exams – good for you Suki! In keeping with the latest trend, and not one to be left behind, Saima Chaudhry appears to have spent the break between sequels working on her own lawn brand, and here we saw a very animated Saima Chaudhry at the launch of her lawn. Chaudhry sahib is still committed to entering the political arena as a serious contender. Amma wadi, as glamorous as ever, is still being pursued by her very ardent suitor Khalid Bhanji. I have to say the exasperated Amma wadi is so much fun to watch; I wouldn’t be surprised if the next wedding in the family happens to be hers. Laila, it seems, is getting serious about Adeel and is trying to find ways to introduce him to her crazy family. We were also introduced to the newest arrival in town: Annie, Sila’s cousin from Canada, who is an aspiring documentary filmmaker. It is great to see Navin Waqar shaking off her Sarah persona, although her wardrobe still seems to be suffering from a Humsafar hangover.

This was a crisply edited, fast- paced first episode. Introductions of the new characters were seamlessly integrated with the continuing storylines of the older characters. As can be expected Bushra Ansari had the funniest lines, her iPad conversation with Navin Waqar was hilarious, as was her exchange with Sumbul; also sweet were the scenes between Suki and Taka and the ones between the mother-daughter pair of Amma wadi and Rabia. Unlike what generally tends to happen in multi-starrers, I think the success of the Baraat series lies in the fact that even though there are so many characters, each and everyone has a clearly defined role, there are no extras here. Another important factor is the fact that the comedy is generated through situations rather than resorting to slapstick, or over-animated gestures, or through props like oversize glasses and atrocious wigs. Hence, even though the drama lacks a strong story, there are more than enough funny “moments” beautifully strung together to prop up a weak foundation, with the actors then chipping in to do the rest –Kudos to Marina Khan, Nadeem Baig, Vasay Chaudhry, and the rest of the cast and crew. Looking forward to the further mis-adventures of this madcap group….

Written by SZ~

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  • Annie

    I hope the special appearance is not one of the characters watching the Aquafina commercial on TV ;-) LOL

  • saraah

    i love the baraat series, they always come up during my finals, and seriously man, its the perfect antidepressive therapy, love love saima chowdary and her lashkaray :D

    this is one character the new generation will always remmember,

    and hahaha, fawad khan and long long discussions on him , i also think he is gonna show up in the very last episode.

    mujhay tou waisay he fawad khan ka hypoxia howa wa hai. LOL . :p

  • hoorean

    Loving the discussion how the ainee ki ayegi baraat siscussion turned into fawad k cameo ka ntzar ..Lolzz. I'm also waiting for it. Ainee is going to marry jawad sheikh's son but actually the suspense is about fawad khan.

    @ SZ – lolz at his honeymoon to Switzerland.

  • zka

    Just watched it today and could not stop laughing. I love it! I have watched all the previous ones and it just keeps getting better. Love the Suki and Mushtaq scene! Looking forward to next week. By the way, is FK really coming or is this just a rumour? Who knows, maybe it is just a publicity stunt, not that this show needs it with Saima Choudhry around!

  • TMU

    or he is going to be just the "fawad khan" making a movie with javed sheikh ? weren't they both shooting for zindagi gulzar hai recently?

    LOL at every conversation pretty much turning to humsafar or FK. boy this guy has everyone going nuts. FK needs to hide in Switzerland, there is no better place :P

  • Annie

    LOL I love how the whole conversation has turned to Fawad Khan! Sarmad was right when he said "hi, my name is Khan and I am a superstar!" ;-)

    Either he's going to come in as somebody's son – Faree D's maybe from vilayat? or the other hero in the movie Javed Sheikh is shooting.

  • SA

    LOLz SZ hahahaha which reminds me of this part:

    <— aur phir Switzerland kay pahariyoon par yeh sama dekhne ko milayga…

  • SZ

    @SA : hahaha — that would be great wouldn't it ?!! And then, if somebody could send Fawad aka Asghar aka Muju to Switzerland for his honeymoon that would be the cherry on cake — bechara kitne dramon se yehi keh raha hai ke mujhe Switzerland jana hai — :-D

  • SA

    Sara ki khawahish poori hojaayyyy, Ashar dulha baan ki hi ayaygaaa :)

  • marvi

    i saw a song promo in which shehzad sheikh n naveen waqar sitting together n enjoying that dhoom dharaka…

  • SZ

    @Sara: That's the part we're all supposed to be guessing, as to where Fawad fits in… based on the promo, I think Annie's paired with Shehzad Shaikh and Fawad will probably show up in the last episode – kinda like Mahnoor or Reema did at the very end … thats definitely one way of keeping us all hooked till the very end .. :-)

    anybody has any other guesses?

  • Sara

    Do we know who will become Annie's groom? Is this where Fawad Khan's going to step in?

  • Ash

    ok call me crazy but I've seen the episode four times already!! So glad to see the Baraat series are back. Every time i am bored and looking for something funny to watch i always turn to the older baraat series for some laughs! This drama is definitely a classic. The way they handle comedy with out any chichora pan, or pointing fingers at someone else is so refreshing to watch.

    Its great to see Navin Waqar in a much lighter, cool role as compared to her blockbuster debut in Humsafar, just hope she gets some new clothes! Everyone else is pretty much the same and still there which i totally love, because when they change the actors who play a character in the previous role its hard to accept the new one. In Takays baraat i had a hard time getting used to Ahsan Khan as Azar but now its not so bad anymore.

    Laila seems to be a bit annoying in this season and her friend Adeel has to be gay. If he's not then why is he acting like he is. And why is she ditching poor Vicky.

    But I guess Saima Chaudry has other plans for Vicky now, Annie better watch out, Saima Chaudry is coming to town!

    My favorite scene, other then all the Saima Chaudry parts [my fave fave scenes] was the scene between Takay and Sukhi when he says hes gonna miss her and she shouldn't leave. It was such an Aww moment scene and wow them two have pretty amazing chemistry! Love Takay! Allah kare pass ho jaye bechara!! =D

    With all these depressing, no chemistry wala dramas, I am soo happy that Annie ki Baraat has started. really looking forward to Saturdays now for some much needed comedy relief.

    @Annie, haha yea i know what you mean, he sits there and giggles but i think its soo cute! i dont think he can help himself! =)

  • SZ

    Seriously! I'm so with you all – Loved the the return of Saima Chaudhry – hadn't realized I'd missed her so much till I started watching the first ep and was giggling throughout. It all went by so quickly that I ws actually sad when it ended.

    @Marvi: LOL! love the biryani analogy :D

  • marvi

    loved the episode specially sukhi n mushtaq scene…sweety mujhe miss kerega…oh sweety yahan parcha kerega.. too good

    naveen waqar in new avatar with old wardrobe looking shooo cute….n yes how can v forget saima de lashkare becoz baraat series without her is like biryani without spice…

    cant wait for the next episode

  • Maliha

    loved it because of naveen waqar-amazinga actress

  • Saadia

    Excellent review.Enjoyed watching Anniee Ki…..Barat.Bushara Anasari is as usual-Amazing.and the rest of the cast is great as well!

  • Annie

    I watched this before I watched the other weekend dramas :-D I enjoy the Nani-Bhanji scenes so much – 25 crore ka haq maher and Sameena Ahmed's eyes were WIDE open!! LOL I thought she would say Yes right after hearing that amount haha!

    I started watching it fairly regularly with Takay ki Ayegi baraat mainly because of Nani-Bhanji scenes and seeing Ali Safina play a Punjabi dude lol. Did not care for Dolly – don't like that girl anyways, and Azar's baraat was just okay for me.

    Good episode today! I think they changed out Adeel. He was bald last season and this time he had this really ugly hairdo LOL!!!!! I was really hoping Sila would buy her cousin some new clothes. She needs them desperately!! But good to see Navin in a different avatar :) And what was up with Azar giggling like a girl to Saima Chaudhry's jokes?

    Enjoyed the Sukhi-Taka moments – so funny!

    Go Marina Khan! Thank you for giving us something completely frothy to enjoy :)

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