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ASHK Episode 14 Review

Faraz . 50

So here I am , writing a review for a drama after God knows how many months.. lot have changed since I used to write reviews.. We had few readers.. Out of which only few commented. Lots of grammar and spelling mistakes in my review :) however all of it was ignored because all we did was talked about the aspects of the drama.  With time our readership grew. Reviewers came and then went away. Some opened their own blog; P and even took our readers away… but then again here we are … Dramapakistani alive and kicking. The past few weeks have been a jigsaw puzzle for me really… all of a sudden we had haters coming on to our website.. The reaction of our readers became more and more extreme. Negativity all around..  Reviewers backing off and leaving us :) so what to do now? Review kerna chor dein? Naaaaa!!!! yeh tou hoo nahi sakta :) the show must go on and so it is and will go on…

So I wanted to pick the drama that has, for no reasons, become controversial on dramapakistani. ASHK…  The thing that disappointed me was the reaction of the readers and their comments. Itna gussa bhai :) per then I realized kay where else our readers can show their gussa? Her taraf he marra mari aur frustration.. So if we write good for A drama… we get a label of PRO X channel, If we write against a Drama We get to the feel the heat ,tou chalo phir :) turn on your heat towards me.

Let me be honest by saying that I wanted to write a review of ASHK this week because I wanted to bring it down really… for over last 3 days I had even chosen the words kay iss bar to band hi baja doon ga…. Aisi ki taisi… and that only was because of the attitude of ashkians towards our website. So here I was watching ASHK and finding out as much as loopholes I could… did I find any?  Hmmmm chalo iss narration ko idher hi pause kertey hain and let me share another thing.

Human nature is really complicated.When people try to enforce their views on you.. you develop a shell against it.. So what happens is, The more you get pushed by the other person. The more you start opposing it. And that what really happened with us. When we were forced to like ASHK we started to oppose it for no reasons really. Because honestly ASHK itna bura Drama bhi nahi hai :)

So let’s continue the loophole part, I had watched ASHK after a gap of almost 2 months.. Episode 14.. That’s where we are now.. The story had progressed a lot since then.. But then again it did progress at a snail’s pace. It is dragging.. Because I did not feel puzzle at all when I started watching it from this week’s episode. Let me be honest and say it outright…. ASHK is NOT a bad story.. And I also don’t find it as bad as I have read about it in the last few weeks’ review.  So what’s the problem? The problem is,when you are watching ASHK you get a feel of a movie in it. I would like to state that it has one of the best cinematography you could watch on a TV screen. But the problem lies in the fact that, had it been a movie, It would have done wonders at the box office .It has all the twists.. the right feel and persona to it. For example look at the scene where Zaibu comes down to Pakistan. I loved the way they showed farms and the field. This is the kind of feel you get when you are watching a 3 hour movie.  So how do we go about watching ASHK?  The solution to it is when you watch ashk you need to take time out.. You need to stop thinking about other problems or anything that’s going on in your mind and watch it as if you are watching a movie.. Then all of sudden the Drama starts making sense. So did ASHK miss the stop… I would say not really but then again it could have been much better with crisp editing and off course sharp dialogues.

Episode 14 in particular was a good one. Zaibu got to know the true story, What happens now? How will she go about it? For me the story has come to a major turn but then again we have only reached episode 14 so I expect another 8 weeks or so.. This means lots and lots of dragging. I do get a feeling that Rohail will end up with zaibu again.. per yeh hoga kaisey? That will be interesting to watch.

I would like to mention couple of scene in this week’s episode. I really liked the scene when Zaibu meets her father. That was really priceless.. And the best part was … the director/writer did not spoil it by adding any dialogues… it was really well done and emotional. Good job!

I have had some issues with the cast of this serial. For me Neelum muneer is getting the role of her life time. This serial will bring her into real limelight.. However my issue is that she falls in her expressions. And hasn’t really sunk her eat completely in the meat. Also she looks too young infront of Fawad khan. For me she is just passable.. Hopefully with time she can brush up a little bit more and make good use of expressions.

And then we have mehreen raheel :P  the glam doll. Yaar iss ko liya hi q hai iss dramay mein? I mean come on yaar.. The girl can’t act. Dialogue delivery is all wrong plus the way she dresses is really disappointing. I mean chalo bhai modern hi dikhana hai tou there are many ways to show that she is modern per yeh kya? Short skirts? Call me old school. Call me conservative, but that’s what I am yaar.. I would not watch a PAKISTANI drama actor wearing the kind of clothes she wears. It’s understandable that she might be forward thinking as a person however there had to have a limit on TV . Thora hath hola rakha karein bhai.. iss trah ki dressing movies mein tou chal jaye shayed per Dramo mein nahi chalti… and then she falls flat in acting ,her role is one of the most important roles of this drama.. she can infuse so much energy  but all she does is deliver her dialogues plainly and dress up hot that’s all… looks matter kertey hotey tou phir veena malik her sal filmfare na jeet lay  :D

Finally humarey Rohail babu  :D ….. I really feel bad for him most of the time.. it’s like bachpan mein we used to read teen aurtain teen kahaniya  :)  tou bechara teen aurtoo mein phas gaya hai.. pehlay mehru nay khoob lallu banaya, phir zaibu ney mushkil mein dala aur abb bhai jaan vacation/honeymoon trip per chaley gaye hain with mehreen raheel , yaar writer sb, thora tou khayal kertey itna open kyon dikhatey hain … matlab abb her mazloom shuhar yehi karey kya? Biwi buri miley tou chaley jaoo long vacation per with a hot girlfriend… (waisey Kash aisa ho sakta aah!!! ) :P

Aur bhai khuda ka wasta hai yeh kya dialogue tha? “ mard ussi aurat kay kareeb ata hai jo ussey thudday marti hai”  na keroo yaar abb mard zaat ki ego itni bhi gai guzri nahi. Chala gaya na honeymoon vacation per rohail ;) abb bethi kismet ko thudday marti rahoo…

Overall it was a very significant episode interms of story moving, but my biggest fear is the pace at which story is developing. Cuz we know that ASHK still has some 8 odd episodes to come. To phir abb zaibu ka Rohail ki taraf heart change. Aur rohail ka zaibu ko accept kerna.. in sab mein 8 episodes lag jain gay? Na ker yaar!!  :) Per I will be honest. ASHK has got me glued. And I will watch it next week.  I will watch ASHK as if I am watching a movie because the feel of ASHK is like watching movie. Faysal I must say that the story is really great. However it is ideally for the 70mm…

Keep the comments coming. More ever merey review style per comments kay bajaye :P episode 14 per comments dein tou bari mehrbani  :)

  • Faraz

    Hey Anila :)

    Thank you.. thats very sweet of you !

  • anila

    @faraz bhai. i m just commenting for wrote an excellent review.keep it up!

  • Faraz


    thank… itni tareef tou waisye kabhi kisi nay nahi ki meri :) souch raha hoon Zindagi Gulzar hai ka Review mein hi likhon…. whenever it airs…. per lets see if time allows…

    i have read the few pages of the novel and it seems great….

    per thank you soo much obscure… :)

  • Obscure

    I must say its a wow review :D Im a regular but silent reader but today your review compelled me to comment. Its really very very interesting and entertaining review, cant stop laughing, You just secured a fan :P your style is very gripping. It really is drag, I had long stopped watching it; mainly cz of the the cast, filmy story, Mehreen's dressing and her monotonous acting and I dont know why but Neelum is sort of irritating in this drama, cant really tolerate her.

    But hats off to you for writing such nice, delightful review.

  • Faraz

    NM : you guys can email me on… also tell me which novels …rest we can talk in email…


  • nm

    FARAZ will u plz tell me how to write a review for DRAMA PAKISTANI and how to post???????? u can text me that to ma fb account if u can… i wana review two novelx

  • SNS

    Kyun bhai Faraz, kyun chordein? Kya matlab raat gayee baat gayee? Some one was very rude and insulting not only to your reviewer but also to the readers. Should there not be an apology? I think DB deserves an apology and so do the readers who were almost driven away from this forum because of all the insults flying around?

  • Aliza

    Yea. She does look very pretty in it. And maybe darker eyes dont suit her afteall…she is more on the rosy, natural-look side just like Juggun. You have a point!

  • Annie

    @Aliza – yes I was talking about the shaadi sequence scene. You're right it is tough to light people with fair skin. The darker eyes just don't work for her crying or not. I saw a bit of Meri behan Maya and they have done a pretty decent job with her makeup there.

  • Sadaf

    @Faraz , was that really the potential cast? that was exactly what my friends and I were thinking but it might have been a bit creepy because Sanam is so young compared to Nauman Ejaz . I personally don't think the casting is the problem ,it's the script. What I really want to know is why the proxy wars and accusations keep coming up. It's a drama , You win some ,you lose some. Apart from episode 13 (which was confusing ) it wasn't great but it also wasn't the end of the world either.

  • Faraz

    @SNS: chorein yaar :) jaisey raat gai baat gai.. waisey last week ka review gaya aur comments bhi gaye :)

    no need for anyone to apologize… its all good and lets keep this positive feel moving ahead

  • SNS

    @mehr:No problems with Faraz. I can see he is trying his best to balance and accomodate everyone.

    I am most impressed with you, Faraz for apologizing to Aliza about your comment. That shows your upbringing and maturity.

    BTW did Aliza apologize for her insulting comments to DB?

  • Faraz

    @royter .. you know we are called the bakhiya udhrnay waley critics by many… but let me share an inside scope of the casting… and that makes me feel that Faysal alone is not responsible for the loopholes..

    the original cast of this drama was

    Nauman Ejaz as rohail

    Resham as mehru

    Sanam Baloch as zaibu

    and there was a toss between juggan and mehreen for the role of madiha… so imagine this role and if it would made more impact..

    for me agar zaibu ki jaga sanam baloch hoti tou phir tou maza zyada ata :) per lets not all point our fingers at faysal only…. aur waisey bhi yaar… kabhi click kerta hai drama kabhi nah kerta…. so lets give them some space and they can cover the shortcomings in the next show :)

  • @Faysal Manzoor

    Ahahaha…… I neither belong to a channel nor to a production house, so u don't need to get insecure. Did'nt wish to do personal attacks but u wush to hear this. On one hand, u call it a collaborative effort, and immediately you go on to blame Sarmad Khoosat the director, gosh it was him all along, problem is the same director has 2 more projects on air. You brought this crap story, u were involved in the scripting, in the end credits u don't mind being credited as the "script editor" but this is Sarmad's fault. The awful dialogues in shots of Turkey is also not your fault, but I do know u r behind it.

    U did the casting of the likes of unconvincing Neelam Munir but that is also Sarmad's fault.

    The editing disaster the loud background music, editing of disjointed random scenes where Fawad gets beaten by one guy, claims getting beaten by pack of dogs in the next scene or the Zeb character does'nt get to meet or know about Madiha but has ample knowledge about her in the follow up scenes, is all Sarmad's fault. But according to my knowledge his involvement was reduced in post-production, that is why he is staying away from commenting about this project.

    Viewers r the best judge, they can see for themselves.

  • nm


    ghaib nai thi KHAMOSH readr thi apky and SZ k reviewx k….

    ap se aik rqust ki he k KARAQURM KA TAAJ MEHL by nimra ahmed aur zindagi gulzar he ka review khud krna..plzzzzzzzzz

  • Marvi

    @faraz: enjoyed your review :)

    This drama has its ups and downs, but all I wanna say is that it doesn't have the "hook effect" which is OK because that doesn't happen with all dramas…

    I hope Rohail doesn't go back to Zaibu. He deserves a lot better than the crap he dealt with…

  • Faysal Manzoor


    the post production is the responsibility of director this is a basic thing u must know Royter and I wonder what is ur grudge against me. It is a production i did from from 7thsky's platform and you may not like the serial but everyone says that it is production wise the best. Well if you donot know what is the job of Head of Project then I am sorry I cant teach you.

    Infact when a director chooses a script then its all his responsibility. That is why so many changes have been made, scenes have been changed, interpretation of characters have been changed.

    Our work is the effort of all collaborators no one person can be blamed for failure or given credit for success.

    I know how much pain I took to do this one serial would get up at 5 am in morning in lahore and would do more than what a project head can do. It was Ashk for which I could not attend the wedding of my real brother and my niece as it was my passion. You know nothing and everytime u come with different names, sometimes compare me with Barkat, sometimes say that i was the one who ruined industry from 96 to 2005 though my first serial went on floor in december 2005. I come with my real id. who knows who u r to which channel u belong or production house. Everyone knows there are some production houses I despise, some channels i cant stand. So this personal grudge against me clearly insinuate that u want to blame me for every wrong thing and if some one praise me again u want to only pull my leg.

    Please grow up. I am happy with Ashk every serial goes through ups and downs, we surely see alot of encouragement in first 7 episodes and then some very tough criticism and now again seeing appreciation. Its all part of the game but please stop personal attacks.

    Once again thanks Faraz for coming up with a review which is balanced and liking the story.

  • Mimi

    @mehr my main point was not criticize faraz but to actually support his opinion platform. I was so appalled at how unprofessional ashk's staff have been and so disrespectful to readers of this website.

  • zara


    kaisa laga meri behn maya….i loved it…the story will further develop and aur maze ki hogi…

  • Faraz

    @ Laiba : yes Fatima will be reviewing it from next week :)

  • Laiba

    Won't ny1 review meri behn maya??

  • mehr

    SNS and mimi : i think you and mimi both are kinda new to this site.if you have had read Faraz's old reviews , which he used to write long time ago, tou app shayed yeh na kehti.

    yes, agar yeh review kisi aur ney likha hota tou shayed app ki baat theek thi, but knowing Faraz from the begining of this website, this does not apply to him at all.I love his reviews because he is not worried about what every one would think, he is very straight forward and honest in his opinions. i suggest key app Faraz kay hi old reviews parhain tou app ki un kay persona ka idea hojaye ga .

    i had stopped commenting because there wasnt faraz writing , but i hope he does continue now.

  • SNS

    @mimi: "I feel like the reviewers are backtracking because they are getting bitched out by Ashk personnel. Excuse me call a spade a spade.". Totally agree with you. This thread had become a battlefield and so they have decided to backtrack and make it bearable for everybody …including the Ashk team :-)

  • Aliza

    Yes…this was to totally Abdullah sbs call. We started out with 18 episodes…and well you guys are aware of the rest.

    Also Neelum barely uses makeup, she has a very pretty face and sometimes lighting fair people can be challenging since the skin absorbs rather than reflect the light….Also I am not sure what scene you are refering to because she was crying in one, so the smeared makeup was delibrate…but like I said Neelum barely uses makeup.

  • Faraz

    @ Annie : aray wah Annie kya baat hai app kay comments tou hamesha hi sir ankhoo per :P … site to grow keray gi hi… app jaisi sweet readers jo hain humarey pass :)

    @mimi :) welcome aboard. and keep commenting… it means alot to us!! :)

  • Annie

    Arrey wah aaj tow MD sahab nazar aagaaye ;) Kya baat hai! Really thoroughly enjoyed reading your analysis. Your way of writing is always so much FUN to read. Like Fatima said – banda padhta chala jaaye without getting bored.

    So hats off for writing a very balanced review. I think I agree on all counts!! I watched the last part of the episode and didn't forward much!

    Whenever we see Mehreen Raheel all we can think of is "Bano baaji" lol She's such a sweet girl but such an average actress! I kind of feel bad for her because she does come across as really nice in her interviews. She needs to pick a different profession – that's all :)

    And Madiha took Rohail on a trip because he was feeling down and out ;) aab aisay friends herr aik ko thodi miltay hain.

    Like you I also don't know what they are going to do for the next 8 episodes. More flavorful dialogues from Deenga and Co. maybe? ;) And can someone please work on Neelum's makeup. She's a pretty girl but that heavy eye makeup just makes her look like a Halloween character – oh boy!

    And as a regular visitor since Dastaan days, I do sincerely hope that this site continues to grow and reaches new heights of excellence despite all the recent setbacks :-)

  • mimi

    Let's sum up what Ashk really is, it's like driving by a really bad accident. You know that you shouldn't look but you do!! And then when you do watch you feel so disgusted with yourself that you wasted 30 mins of your life. I feel like the reviewers are backtracking because they are getting bitched out by Ashk personnel. Excuse me call a spade a spade. I watch this drama in 10mins fast forward to see some nice Fawad eye candy. And the drinking issue..well to be honest, I've lived in the west for 30 years. In my experience desis who get sloshed the most are desis who are usually visiting/studying from the homeland, especially the rich Pakistanis. I'm so annoyed how people in the motherland think Pakistanis who have grown up here are a bunch of boozehounds. Alot of us have parents who clung to their conservative upbringing from back in the day.

    And Ashk team, this drama should be taught as a case study of what NOT to do in a drama.

  • Faraz

    @ Zara :) tum ho meri pakki fan… drama dekhi ho ya na hoo :D comment zaroor kerti hoo !

    @ Faysal.: Dil apna preet praye looks interesting.. we will surely review it on DP

    @ Aliza: thanks for dropping by.. sorry about my last week's comment :) i agree with you 100% about keeping the episodes to 14-15 .. however mehreen Jabbar told me once that its really the producers's call. because at the end of the day they are the one investing money so they want to make sure they get good ROI by packing as much as ads possible…. so i totally feel you per kya karein commercialism bhi dekhna perti hai.. i remember once rahat kazmi said" abb dalda bananey wala decide kerta hai kay dramay ka hero kon hoga" atleast it has gotten bettern then those days :)

    @Afia Qazi: yeah couldnt be the honeymoon . per jis trah husky voice bana ker madiha baatein ker rahi thi… woh kuch zyada hi hogaya tha :)

    @ Nm: wah bhai…. kidher gayab thi app itnay salooo say??? yeah rishta mil gaya hai :D almost married bhi hogaya hoon.. hahahaha….. it was like in 2010 when i wrote it man.. you remember it?? wah kya baat hai nm :D

    @royter: kya karein bhai… when the team is in trouble to phir captain ko hi agay anna perta hai :) ….. werna agar captain misbah jaisa hoga tou phir chal gai humari website :D

  • Fatima Awan

    I have stopped watching Ashk so I have no choice but to comment on the review..I really enjoyed reading your review Faraz, usually one has to skip a few lines especially when the review is very lengthy but your review was very interesting.

    I think DB did a great job of reviewing Ashk , she gave credit where credit was due and the criticism was well deserved too..there were indeed a lot of arrrghh moments.

    After reading your review i feel like watching this latest episode but can't seem to muster up the courage lol

    btw I am glad the dislike button is gone:)

  • @faraz Review aside, I have to laud you for writing one on this drama and continuing to post them. Ashk review pages had become a battlefield, so one can understand the reviewers deciding to give it a miss. U are fortunate to have watched it on an episode where finally the story track moved a bit, actually one can jump to episode 14 directly from episode 7, and won't miss a thing. Minus drinking scenes, cheap dialogues[e.g dil to khoti pay bhi ajata hai], it looks a lot bettr. Ppl who are liking this episode will be criticizing again on the next episode if there is no Rohail/Zebu interaction, or scenes of them together.

    Sarmad Khoosat & Fawad Khan are the stars anf the reason most watch this drama. The Ashk D.O.P Khizer Idrees is a fantastic talent, first time I got interested in watching this drama was in episode 2 the way this guy captured the railway station was superb. I've been writing for weeks that Abdullah Kadwani [Ashk, Producer] is the real hero of this drama. He provided all the resources and backed his team fully, rarity in Pak tv industry. The ball was in the Head of Project's court, to hit it out of the park, and he flunked. The post production of the project is a mess.

  • nm

    ohkxxxx FARAZ YEYYYYYYYYYYY ..shukr he apka review b prrhny ko mil hi gaya:p

    agree wtevr u said abt the drama bt kya kren fawad ki fan blk ac hn:) neelam and mehreen ughhhh hate u both..reshm actng mindblowing.. FK wtng for ZGH EAGRLY…

    wtng for both nxt episode and ur review..kisi aur se na krwa dena ….aur apki shadi to ab ho chuki hogi na..aik bar aik cmnt me apky rishta searchng k bary me prrha tha:))))

  • Drama Buff

    @ Umera

    If you read our earlier reviews carefully, we have given in each episode due credit where credit is due, in terms of the potential of the story, cinematography, etc.

  • Fawad khan is not choosing good story based dramas to keep his popularity. Start was. Good but later on they put resham at the back and neelam in front . I was watching the drama because of resham and Fawad not because of neelam. So Fawad please pick good and strong dramas.

  • Afia Qazi

    Yes, it was a slightly better episode. There was too much of deenga and his wife- can't stand them. Wish the girls had a mom so we could see less of the maid.

    Rohail and Mehru looked good but I couldn't understand what was going on between them. M is all over R but he sort walks away, without saying much? Still leading her on I think…don't think they're really honeymooning.

  • umera

    I think we made high level expectations with the cast and when it went air we felt it didnt fulfil those. So we started to watch it than flaws etc. anyways not so bad, topic of baradri is big issue of our soicety, i know some of my friends badly effected due to this to get married.

    and ya i also felt since the 1st episode analysis of this drama always basis on flaws. dont know what the reason………

  • Aliza

    And I also agree on the 'dialoguy-ness'… Zafar sb is an exerienced writer but his problem (as i see it) is that he believes less in showing action and more in dialogues. We learnt that if you can show it then dont say it. So Ashk is a bit dialogue oriented which I guess is another way of writing.

  • Aliza


    I agree on the 'drag' thing. This serial (for me…I dont know about the rest of the team) should have been for 15-16 episodes. I couldnt agree more that its about time something worthwhile happened.

    Our D.O.P's name is Khizer Idrees and he is also the D.O.P for ShereZaat. A very talented guy…also a graduate in Film-making from NCA. So thankyou so so so much for appreciating his work.


  • sheza

    Finally an amazing episode came out after a wait of 13 episodes so i just say it ws the only best episode uptill now since i started watching it frm the day first just in the hope of getting better may be :)

  • Sadaf

    I am so sorry ma'am the patient is dead ….. No , wait he is still breathing ….quick send for the docter and take him to ICU . Yes , it finally got a bit better. Better enough for me to hope. For a Fawad fan like me this has been a tough few episodes and yet I stuck with it . Finally Zaibu is getting some of what she's owed , hopefully some more will be forthcoming. Despite that my toes are curling with distaste , did Rohail actually run of with Madiha or are they just on a walking tour of southern Turkey. Woah.., call me old fashioned but that was hard to understand despite Zaibus's bad ,really bad behaviour. Ok , I'm actually looking forward to next week's episode . Just hope that light I see glimmering at the end of the tunnel is not an on comming train….. :))

  • sanam

    Finally a good episode of Askh .So zaibu finally comes to her senses. Now lets see how she managed to sort out things which she tangled so hard. I wish there would no more dragging.

  • Faysal Manzoor

    One very important thing that in this entire Industry there is not a single Producer like Abdullah Kadwani Sahib, he is the best and the one who does not compromise on Production and Content both. He is my Ideal, I know how expensive Ashk is and the ample proof is that its cinematography has always been praised but the money to show that kind of visual and that support could only have been extended by Abdullah Sahib. He made sure that it looks the best and biggest production. I am thankful to God that I was blessed to have worked for Abdullah Sahib and have learnt so much from him. He is a one man industry.

  • Faysal Manzoor

    Thanks faraz from every corner i was getting the feedback for the episode today and was waiting for DP's review as this is the platform which really matters to me on the personal level. The review is balanaced and nicely written as it covers both the flaws and the goods. Yeah i fall in love with it when i first heard the story. Sorry I couldn't write earlier as I was busy with recording of new Serial "Dil Apna Preet Parayee", starring Maria Wasti, Ayesha Omar, Rubina Ashraf, Beenish Chohan, Sohail Sameer, Kanwar Arsalan, Jehan Ara Hai, Nosheen Ibraheem, Rabia Qazi, and two new child artists.

  • Faraz

    yaar tttttttt :) chalo yeh wala comment app kay liye :P

    ASHK say zabardast Drama ajj tak Pakistani ki history mein nahi aya.. there is no flaw in it… its the best drama. i love mehreen raheel and her acting, wow she is soo pretty… and the scenes are soo very well filmmed uff mein kya kahoon… i can watch this drama over and over again…. i am in love with zaibu and i so wish i was rohail so i can always love her ….

    PS: samjh tou gaye hoon gay app ;P

  • ttttttttt

    plz stop this type of bulling,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,all dramas have many types of errors and mistake,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,y only to pin point alots about this,,,,,sorry but this is just kind of bulling

  • Faraz

    @ SK :) yeh lein Scratch hi ker diya :) kaisa ?

  • SK

    Ok scratch the what really…my comment went haywire:p

  • SK

    Faraz…nice style of reviewingo….Well of the last 6 episodes you picked the best one….the most happening and relevant one of the bunch. Finally the story got interesting and what we've been wanting to see, so why should you write bad if if it was a good episode. It's not like we had a vendetta against Ashk, I defended it for the first 7 episodes, but then it just went into an abyss of drinking scenes and Zaibu and her crazy action, dragging and more draggingThat totally could have been done in 2 or 3 episodes. I'm sure you are right, it will probably drag again. Instead of 24 episodes, this could have been 18 and they may have not lost that many viewers. It's very difficult to wait to episode 14 for the story to start!

    Oh and totally agree about thoda….what A silly dialogue….yeah that's why he's off honeymooning with Madiha…..yeah and that was a bit too liberal for my liking too. You just go off on a holiday her…ok well I anyways actually looking forward to next week and yeah the camera work was beautiful.

    <del datetime="2012-09-18T20:40:49+00:00"> what??? Really…</del>

  • Faraz

    @ Farah : runaway to ker gaya na dosri wali kay sath :) aur maroo thodday

  • Farah

    U decided to watch it and write the review at the perfect time when finally episode 14 was actually nice! The Only episode that made sense, didnt drag, we got the story moving, acting was bearable and now are curious about what happens next…

    I didn't like the Ajo advice, u keep men on Thoda? Honey they want caring loving attentive pampering wife, Thoda and he will run away from u…

    Hasn't zebu been keeping him on a Thoda already?

  • zara

    Faraz u r the best…..plz tum saare reviews likha karo….i love the way u write :)…..and yes i agree with the review…mehreen rahell cant act to save her life i hate her sooooo much but neelam munir is too good..

    loved the review..keep going and best of luck for future…


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