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AunnZara: Episode 1 Review

Sadaf . 51


Aun (Osman Khalid Butt) is an unlucky young man: the apple of his grandmother’s eye, the darling of his mother, his phupo’s favourite and the object of all his chachi’s motherly attention. Surrounded by the well-meaning but obsessive attentions of his family, Aun is a drowning man who longs for the anonymity and freedom his friends have. Sab ka ladla he cannot sneeze without the whole family catching a cold. Aun’s misfortunes make for hilarious viewing: from his difficulty in leaving or entering the house without someone doing something idiotic to ward of the evil eye or him being driven to work by his overprotective mother. His luckier friend, who is happily ignored by everyone, takes him to a mehendi where he meets the pretty Zara.

I think I want to adopt Nasreen Qureshi she is just absolutely marvelous as everyone’s favourite Crazy Dadi. Faiza Ifthikhar script had me falling of my chair as one line after another made me laugh out loud. I just loved how Aon’s mother (Hina Bayat) managed to continually confuse her Paindoo ,Punjabi mother in law with her use of nafise Urdu.There are the usual family spats as Aun’s Phupo and Dadi don’t get along and the Phupo (Sabreen Hasbani) takes all her frustration out on her Bhabi .However, underneath all the catty comments there seems to be a stream of true affection just as in any normal family. All three ladies are brilliant and I love their shall I say ‘triple act ‘? The great chemistry between them makes for great comedy.

Osman Khalid Butt plays Aun as if he was born with the name; he has great timing and managed to work seamlessly with all these great actresses. He really does look like the beautiful Hina Bayat’s son but I wish he would not screw up his handsome face so much; I like it when he is playing Aun with a straight face. I can understand though, Aun certainly had a lot to contend with this episode. Even Zara insulted him by asking if he was a servant. I just loved the look on his face …”who …me??”Were they unsaid words. Maya Ali has come a long way from Durr e Shehwar younger sister, she looks so cute and her dance at the mehendi was just so good… She is good actress and the perfect straight faced, sensible foil to super spoiled, super adorable Aun. Let’s see if that accidental photo of them both at the mehendi kuch rang lay gi .. I loved Zara’s father, the loving, overprotective army man. Not sure what his name is but he made me smile. It was so nice to see an actual, sensible father in a positive light.

I was so worried this was going to be like Akbari Asghari, which suffered from a lack of editing. This episode at least was nigh on perfect with no long scenes or wasted time on side issues. The story was off to a fast pace and had that Haissem Hussain “it should have been a film “look I love. Thank you to the entire team for bringing us some light relief. I can be as serious and philosophical as the next person after two cups of tea and a diet coke but sometime we just need to relax .I am quite frankly getting tired of being delivered heavy handed lectures in the form of entertainment.It was  nice to see real, positive roles for men and positive relationships in a not quite normal family. I hope AunZara stays this good and I can keep reviewing it.

Written by Sadaf

  • Nida jan

    I love this serial recently and start to enjoy it very beautiful

  • Sadaf

    Glad to hear it Deepika . Now tell me how different the Punjabi is from one side of the border to the other ?

  • Deepika

    I started watching the serial from today onward and I loved it sooo much! The serial looks promising. Since I am Punjabi, I love hearing Aunn's granny speaking Punjabi, she's hilarious! And great review, Sadaf. =)

  • Sadaf

    Is everyone ready ???? here is the oST loooking forward to your comments :)

  • hira farooqui

    hey awsome epi… nyc couple :)

  • Annie

    @DB exactly it's like ZGH – we stopped caring as to when it would go on air.

  • Drama Buff

    Honestly Sadaf, that's exactly the point. Let us watch the drama in peace. They will air the first episode on 20th June which means we have to wait till 27th June to watch the fresh episode…

    I am not even inclined to watch it now…

  • Sorry the writer is of course FAIZA Iftikhar … my auto correct made her name Guiza

    @ Annie thanks for the Info .sorry no insider info just what I can pick up from various facebook pages :(

    HELLO APLUS it is a drama …just a drama , just put it on the screens and let us watch it . Good work and for that matter bad work speaks for it self ,so get over your selves and let us watch in peace.

  • Annie

    thanks for all the insider info ladies :)

    here is some more on Noor ul Huda Shah taking charge at A-plus

    Looks like she might be going the Sultana Siddique route in trying to put A-plus on the map. Let's see what kind of traction she gets. Maybe (just maybe hope against hope) we'll see dramas without zaalim spineless crazy husbands.

  • Sadaf

    I am not sure what to make of it they should have put wrtten by Gaiza Iftikhar to clear up any confision . This looks so strange

  • Fatima Awan

    That sounds awfully strange, why would she want to take credit for something that someone else has written and directed?? What does presented by mean? Usually it means directed by or produced by, right? But the poster says Noor ul Huda presents on Aplus Aun Zara Directed by Haissam Hussain – is she the producer? And what about giving the writer some credit.

  • Mona S

    @ Mayam, lol, I got confused as well. Noor ul Huda Shah is a former writer but she has an important position at A-Plus these days (I read that in the newspaper article) where they talked about the 1st episode of AZ.

    Faiza Iftikhar is the writer of AZ, so I guess all this delay was done only so they could change the name on the banner of AZ cover picture & put Noor ul Huda Shah's name there.

  • Maryam

    Hi guys has anyone noticed the new banners AunZara …on A Plus ? It says presented by Noor Ul HUda is she the producer ? I thought she was a writer?

  • Aiman

    I think its actully 'Dil e muztar' which made them to shift AunZara from 'saturday' to thursday…on friday i thnk Kankar is doing quite well here in Pak and on Saturday ofcourse 'Dilemuztar' k hote hoye kissi aur drama ko 'rating' milna, viewers ko 'HUM TV' se shift karna its nt tht easy task to b done even by leading channels like ARY or Geo…phr A-plus to abhi is nt even in race of leading channels…

  • Mona S

    Thanks for the info Sadaf.

    @DB; you are so smart, you have a good point here. But I think 1st episode of any play is not able to get alot of viewership. It takes a few weeks for even blockbusters & high budget play to reach that top slot. I still remember plays like SeZ, DeS & ZGH took their sweet time in gaining alot of viewers.

    I think it's bad planning on part of this small little channel. They were amazed by the universal buzz that this play has created. Never has a play from Aplus been reviewed on DP before. Now I might be totally wrong. I won't be surprised if they change the time slot & day of AZ again.

  • Drama Buff

    Thanks Safaf!

    Now my suspicion that it did not do well on the Saturday slot are more confirmed :) Why are they airing it on a weekday and not a Friday or a weekend?

  • Anwar.suhail

    Good news Sadaf, Thanks.

  • Sadaf

    OK Guys AZ is going to be back on APlus Thursdays starting 20th JUne EXCITED !!!

  • Sadaf

    @Drama Buff You have a point ,…..that is something to consider.. My own judgement is based on the various statements given out by their Facebook pages but more importantly the almost universal Buzz the first episode created.People who were not even intending to watch it but caught the first episode were very excited . I can see what you are saying but then wouldn't they just want to get it over with in double episodes etc…? as I have seen with some serials or just change the time slot to say Monday morning p). I thought the first episode was mega strong and did it's job introducing the characters and creating a buzzzzzzz!. But very few drama serials maintain that standard through out ,there maybe some weakness along the way….challo we will see. Thanks for your input DB …it is ALWAYS good :)

  • Drama Buff

    hey Sadaf! Something does not add up here. Why would they relaunch a show just because it was an instant hit? I think it is exactly the other way round – they did NOT get the ratings they wanted, and now they want to relaunch it with a hype and see if it gets them the desired ratings… Either way, all this is highly unprofessional and I do hope Oriental Films and Haissam Hussain take note for next time and ensure their serial goes on air on some other channel.

  • Sadaf

    @Mona It is more than they deserve ….if only it was possible to send a joota via the interwebs p)

    @Twinks Would't it be lovely if I actually were clairvoyant or had ESP or something but the mundane truth is I spend a lot of time surfing various Facebook pages while other people are doing something productive … Saber ka phall meetha hai so hang in there :)

  • twinks

    @Sadaf: thanks a million for letting us know. How do you get all this info?

    You know, I said I was going to stop watching PK dramas after ZGH cuz I was a bit disappointed following my viewing of Humsafar. But, given the positive feedback on this and other sites of Aunn Zara I decided to go against my better judgement and give it a try. Well, I did enjoy it and of course, became frustrated when I couldn't find Epi 2.

    You said it Sadaf. This reeks of unprofessionalism! Precisely why I don't like to invest my time in PK shows. Are these people for real? They could have re-aired the first epi again an hour before the second epi to get new folks all caught up and then just aired the second epi as scheduled. It just seems they have now taken their audience for granted at this point, which seriously annoys me! Don't know if I'll stick with the show now. Plus, I have a bad feeling if this is how unprofessional things are from the word "go" what the heck are they going to do down the road?

    Ugh! Just really frustrated and disappointed given the great start!

  • Mona S

    Thanks for letting us know Sadaf. I left a really nasty, mean message on Aplus web page when i found that out. What a stupid thing to do, especially when they knew that people were eagerly waiting for the 2nd episode.


    Aun Zara has basically become a victim of it's own success….. A Plus did not realise what a great serial they had in their hands till the first episode was released so now they are "relaunching " it with a great deal more Dhoom Dharaka and fanfare in two weeks . I quite understand their excitement but really these people should have realised it's potential straight away . I was blown away just by the promos …SIGH and SIGH again This is really frustrating but challo we can wait I suppose but this all smacks of a lack of professionalism in my opinion . I hope everyone else can be patient too and then we will get back to watching and reviewing …so hold in their everyone aint over till the fat lady sings …

  • Mukarram kaleem

    @ sadaf thanks a lot i really like your review

  • kez

    OMG!! the first episode had me in splits, loved it. love OKB and Maya Ali. she looked gorgeous in the mehendi sequence. I have high hopes for this and I am sure it will be awesome because Director-Writer combo + a very cute and fresh couple.

  • yf

    Loved, loved the serial! It was so very refreshing! Glad to see Hina do a different role. I was tired of seeing her as the socialite mom. I love the chemistry between the four women! The script had me in stiches! I have not laughed so much at any drama in recent times. Faiza iftikhar congrats! You are indeed a very versatile writer. We have your dark, heavy and thrilling ' Virasat' on one hand and the refreshingly comic 'Aun Zara' on the other hand. Keep it up. Your dialogues reminded me of the good ol' days of Haseena moin. Great work Aplus..You are coming up with some nice serials. Loved Mukaram's acting. OKB is just perfect for the role of Aun. He looks like such a ' beeba buchaa'.Overall a wonderful experience. Hope it does not disappoint us in the later episodes. Great review Sadaf!

  • Annie

    @Bored – normally it bothers me too for example our sweet Hina Bayat playing mummy for the nth time in an MD production but here the story, setting, characters are so different from ANC that I did not mind at all when initially I was put off that OkB and Maya were playing the lead role again right after ANC.

  • Annie

    @Mukarram – thank you for your comments! You are playing the perfect dost minus the colorful clothes! Lol Aun should take your advice and do "pallu mien bandhna on it" real gems of wisdom that they are ;)

  • Sadaf

    @Bored hey welcome to the band wagon . Yes you are right there are quite a few familiar faces . It happens a lot that directors repeat recent cast or crew I was watching Aaina the telefilm and Sarmad Khoosat had almost the entire cast if his recent drama Daagh on board. Perhaps it is a trend but I have to say that Nasreen Qureshi played an entirely different role in Aik Naeey Cinderella . hmm I can see your point but I personally enjoyed the frist episode so much it did not bother me

  • Bored

    AoA everyone: is it me or the lead girl, boy, and boy's mother, girl's grandmother are the SAME ones from 'aik naye cinderella' where they played the SAME role. It is also written by the SAME author.

    I admit i love comedies, but the point of the unique experience is ruined when the director/producers/writers type caste actors.

  • Sadaf

    @Mukarrem Kaleem Great to hear from you ,we loved in ANC and you are doing a fine job of misleading Aun in this drama:)

    @ Faiza iftihkar Great to hear from you . Thanks for such a great script it is as if it is a character in its own right . writing a drama is hard enough but such a funny one is even harder . So far it looks fabulous …

  • faiza iftikhar

    Thank u so much sadaf… and drama Pakistani. We really worked hard and now this is the time to get some MEETHA PHAL…agay agay dekheye hota hai kya… Abhi picture baki hai meray dost… :)

  • Mukarram Kaleem

    @mona @laiba @annei thanks for linking the Aunn zara we all really work hard specially Haissam all cast and our Dop ilyas bhai your kinds words really mean to us … keep watching and yes Laiba no more yellow and purple kurtas anymore :D

  • @Anna I am all for subtitles :)

  • Amna

    Just finished watckng the 1st epi n im realy impressed….hilarious start….hope it continues the same way….funniest part was the end scene when chacha says…'gao takia par gulaaf charhao, chiraag main tu woh bhi dulhan lagay ga'…..n dadi goes…'mera beta kitna akalmand hay'…hehehe.

  • Annie

    @Tinni – same here with the Punjabi issue. I figured out the gist of it through context. Hopefully it won't get harder than this but subtitles would surely be nice.

  • I loved the episode :) It was just too good. OKB as Aun was perfect and yes the languages are a bit problem for me as I can still follow a bit of Urdu but Punjabi that too spoken fast goes over my head, nevertheless staying in country called India these dialects are familiar and with such good actors around I am sure I will enjoy the show very much. Can't wait for the next episode :D

  • Huma

    @anwar.suhail …. A-plus, 8:pm, Saturday.

    was a fun drama, has started out well… hope it stays fun, and doesnt descend to either slapstick or just plain bakwas. *fingers crossed*

  • anwar.suhail

    I believe it's televised at A plus, but at what time and day? Can some one help me here.


  • Fatima Awan

    What a lovely review Sadaf. Just watched the first episode and loved it, agree with every word of your review. So happy to see Hina bayat experimenting with different roles. Simply love Nasreen Qureshi and our hero of course is perfect.It is a complete package and will provide the well needed break from all the serious plays that are currently on air. The actor playing zara's dad is Adnan Jaffer, loved his acting in Takhiyaan and it is great to see him on screen again.

  • saima

    Nice review Sadaf :) Just loved the fact that AnZ is show that centers on a boy's life….for a change!! Both the writer Faiza Iftikhar and Haissam Hussain have done a marvelous job with the script and direction. Very crisp!! ….my only problem is that I am totally clueless when it comes to punjabi and like Annie in her comment was not sure how I will get daadi jaan ka humor…..I too had such a hard time watching Akbari and Asghari :/ Thank-god…the drama is based in an urban setting so chale ga!!

  • Sadaf

    @Anwer Suhail glad to hear it

    @ Mona you have reached new and higher levels of fan girlism !!

  • Mona S

    @ Hina jee, thanks for commenting. You look absolutely stunning as Husna. On another blog I read the cast watched the 1st episode together. Please please tell me was OKB there? Is he as adorable in person as he comes across on screen? Am I freaking you out? Please don't be freaked out. I'm big fan of OKB since ANC days.

  • anwar.suhail

    Sadaf, Brilliant review and thanks for introducing me to this refreshing enjoyable drama

    Agree totally, we get regular dose of lectures under guise of entertainment.

    Watched first episode without knowing a thing about this drama. AND I was pleasantly surprised. All characters looked so natural and unassuming and liked family dynamics.

    Nice to see Hina Khawaja Bayat in this role after Talkhiyaan.

    I hope it stays light and positive.

    Thanks once again.

  • Sadaf

    @HIna Khawaja Bayat what a pleasure it is to hear from you, we are all your fans . Yes we all love Haissem ujst we all love Aun ;) Thank you for spelling out that sentence it was a great help . I love Urdu, I love Punjabi …in fact maybe because I am such an ABCD I really savour the little idioms and metaphors used by true native speakers . Zahir hai jab itna haseen beta ho tho uss kay leeye aik khass kism ki dulhan dhoondni chahiye :)

  • Hina Khwaja Bayat

    Thankyou Sadaf for welcoming Aunn Zara :) We all love Haissam not just because he paints a great picture but because he extracts the best from his actors to fill in the colours of emotion penned by the writer – here he employs the magic of Faiza's pen and Ilyas's lens. The love this family shares grew on the set and continues to grow (we got together to watch the first episode over a home-cooked meal) and I hope it will bring the love of its viewers into its fold too. Yes the Urdu/Punjabi clash sometimes requires explaining – but hey, here's your chance to improve upon your language skills ;) "kunwain main baans dalwaana" means searching high and low for something, to all its depths and lengths! Husna ka aik hee to beta hai ;) Happy viewing :)

  • Sadaf

    @Mona I love your lack of bias and I think you are having your very own wardrobe Nazi moment …rmeber I had one in daagh ;)

    @ Laiba guys please message DOL to upload it as it would make my life a lot easier if they get enough requests they will :) Glad you liked it and vaqi mein that cute little girl and her sad little dua for Aun bhai aaaawwww it was so sweet …

    @ Annie I am glad you understood the Punjabi I know where you are coming from I still have to understand what Hina Bayat's character said about finding a bahu and sometimes the Punjabi can get me too . Yes Irfan Khoosat's hair dye was outstanding ! I so agree about these jahalats about Nazar etc ..if people are that worried just give Sadaqa and make a poor person happy instead of Mirchey sarro and wasting Andas lol

  • Annie

    I had the same fear Sadaf as soon as it started, I said to myself oh no not another AA where I won't understand the Punjabi and there won't be any subtitles and the story would be all over the place! Thankfully 15 minutes into the drama, I could calm myself down.

    I also lol'ed in a lot of places. Aun's friend is such a good friend – Allah aisay dost sub ko de ;) It is great to see Sabreen in a bit of a different role. I think she did a similar role in an express drama but I didn't watch that one. Good to see Irfan Khoosat too. I just wish he hadn't dyed his hair SO BLACK! Reminds me of an uncle I know and it looks so fake. I like the whole Punjabi/Urdu clash – well played Nasreen Qureshi and Hina. And it is refreshing to see the saas loving her bahus more than her daughter for a change LOL! I did a double take when I learned that Sabreen was the daughter and not the DIL – GREAT JOB FAIZA!!!!!!!!!!!! The "anda" scene was also hilarious – this is what is called giving advice without lecturing (agreed Sadaf :)) The whole "anda = nazar utaarna" bit is a common favorite in the family and us "youngsters" are always going oh ho aik aur anda zaaya ho gaya – bechari murghi kya sochay gi ;-) Good to see such bogus customs being addressed.

    OKB is PERFECT for this role. Mummy Daddy type ;-) I am scared for Zara when she marries into this household!

    thanks for reviewing Sadaf! I really had to go hunting for the epi since it is not on one of the Popular channels! ugh

  • Laiba

    Thank you so much for reviewing it… Thought it wud go unnoticed as it is aired on a relatively less popular channel …. Honestly even I dnt watch Aplus bt the promos of AunZara forced me to watch it…. I loved loved loved it…. The cast does give a feeling of Dejavu since it was pretty similar in ANC bt I hve no complaints …. All the actors r fabulous n HILARIOUS !!!!! It made my day ..,.i just pity those sweet little cousins of Aun…n dadi's reply to Sophie ki Dua qubool hui part n jo pehle larki mile gi shaadi kr Lun ga n …. There were so many great scenes tht I cnt name them all…. Aun's friend looks so different n normal now tht the yellow n purple kurtas r gone :)

  • Mona S

    Thank you Sadaf for the wonderful review.

    The team of HH & Faiza Iftikhar are back with a bang.

    I absolutely loved the 1st episode. It was hilarious.

    Osman Khalid Butt was perfect as Aunn. I'm so glad that the entire episode revolved around him. The women in the house love & spoil him, & sigh, I don't blame them.

    For me the best scenes were between Aunn & his best friend Mazhar. Stupid friends can really mess up with a person's mind & life & Mazhar is doing exactly that. Loved their bromance.

    Maya Ali was okay too. I heard some time ago that a good director can cover the actors minor flaws, & in Maya' s case it's her horrible sense of dressing up. She is fine as Zara, but I recently saw pictures of her on Aruj tv, where she looked horrible as she paired a polka dot blouse with skinny jeans. 1st of all, you're not 12. Secondly, if you want to wear that blouse, pair it with loose trousers & if you want to wear skinny jeans, wear a loose, longer blouse over it.

    I loved the side characters as well especially all the crazy women in Aunn' s family.

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