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Aunn Zara Episode 12 Review: How the Great have fallen.

Sadaf . 18

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Poor Aunn is beaten black and blue in this episode by his headstrong Dadi and Phupo Nighat. After a series of misunderstandings, the moment of truth arrives. Aunn invites Shehna, Manzar and Zara to a secret match making dinner only to be slapped silly by his aunt and grandmother who arrive like some family Swat team: attacking first, asking questions later, much later. Neither woman will listen to poor Aunn or Shehna and beat them both silly in a public restaurant, the truth only comes out after Zara unravels the web of misunderstandings that have bulit up over the last couple of episodes. Poor Aunn,what a come down from the spoiled Chandi ka thaal to cheating, wife beater. Poor Shehna, who was everyone’s sensible adviser, now roaming the streets her hair a mess and her character in shreds.

When all is said and done, Zara has a good laugh at Aunn’s expense and this may be her biggest mistake. That night Aunn gives her what I now call the “Asher Look “:that slowly dawning look of pure cold resentment that eats up feelings of love and understanding, that tells me the worm has turned .Aunn left the house without eating breakfast , fasten your seatbelts everyone …Things just got serious. images (17)Meanwhile, despite all the worst laid plans of mice and Men, Manzar finally gets to connect with Shehna as he gives her a ride home after the debacle at the restaurant. As usual Aunn and Manzar’s chemistry was fabulous; I just love how they casually insult the hell out of each other but are completely secure in each other’s friendship. If only Aunn’s other relationships could be that simple.images (20)

 Fabulous performances are a hallmark of this serial, all of the characters are so well balanced and played so well and this is what makes this show such a gem. Osman Khalid B has done a wonderful job of making Aun’s character come alive, this entire serial would have fallen flat without his star presence (yes he has it. God knows what it is and where you can get a bottle of it, but he has it) Sabreen Hasbani and Adnan Jaffer are simply fabulous each week. Their parallel romance is so much fun and this week they actually managed to look directly at each other so the “dates” are over and perhaps the relationship has begun? After this episode I realise that Phupo Nighat should really have been in the Army in the first place, her commando style raid on poor Aunn’s attempt at playing rishta Aunty proves she and Zara’s fauji Father are kindred souls.
If there was a lot of laughter this week it was evenly balanced with the sadness in Husna’s eyes. We learn from the ever beautiful Hina Bayat’s character how Aunn’s father left her to marry another woman even after Aunn was born. What a wonderful, beautifully acted scene of understanding and kindness between Mother in law and daughter in law instead of the typical confrontations we are used to seeing. Well done To Hina and Maya Ali. Thank you to Haissem Hussain for providing a controlled, safe ride on  this roller coaster of emotions, in just one episode I am screaming with laughter, then mushy with romance before I start crying for poor Husna. The momentum in this serial has not let up one bit, not a boring scene yet. Faiza Iftikhar has written a serial with heart and soul, of everyday people who laugh and cry, who do something foolish and selfish one minute but manage to redeem themselves the next, with an act of kindness or love….. just like the rest of us.

Written by Sadaf 

  • Sadaf

    Thanks for commenting Javeria . I wish I could find something 'steamy" about this play but it really is on the level of Disney in my mind .

  • neuroaholic

    Excellent review. I enjoy watching this play too. Sometimes it gets to steamy for my Zia era censorship stricken sensibilities, but is still enjoyable. Maybe the youtube clips of Osman K pulling raunchy jokes on the drama hamsafar are indelibly stuck in my head. In any case, enjoyed reading your review as always. keep it up!! Javeria.

  • Haseeb
  • Deepika

    Amazing review as always, Sadaf. Loved loved loved the episode!! I could not stop laughing when poor Aunn was being beaten up and aw felt sorry for poor Shehna, she didn't deserve to be beaten up too par ab kya karein? Dono janaaniyon ke sar par bhoot sawaar tha!! I loved the scene before the pitai sequence when Nighat goes up to her mother and is like he is going to meet her and all, and her mother's like moonh kaala karke, khote pe bithake poore shehr ke chakkar lagvaungi hahaha. And yep, I agree the scene between Husna and Zara where she tells her about Aunn's estranged father, loved Husna's dialogues! :)

  • Anwar.suhail

    @Mona S,

    Sorry but I don't remember where I had read this, but he stated clearly that cha parses were real.

    In another interview few months ago, that's what he said:

    "I thought my character in AunnZara had a lot of facets to him. Coming of Age, maturing from man-child to a responsible adult was difficult to portray effectively, going by that it is a romantic serial."

  • Mona S

    @ Anwar,

    Which interview? Oh please, do share.

  • Anwar.suhail

    OSB mentioned this on Twitter, and during an interview.

  • Mona S

    @ Anwar,

    Ouch! How do you know those chappards were real? Poor guy. For OKB's sake I hope they weren't . But they sure did look real. Dadi & Phupho are one deadly combination, I swear.

  • Anwar.suhail

    Loved that bewildered look on Aunn's face.

    Aunn has been rather immature and self centred, thanks to overprotective, sheltered up bringing.

    Restaurant commotion must be a rude awakening for our lovely Aunn.

  • Sadaf

    yes that is what I heard and apparently they did the scene twice …painful ..a medal for OKB who has suffered for his art :)

  • Anwar.suhail

    "Those thapars were real" says OSB.

  • Sadaf

    Thanks Anwer Suhail about the restaurant scene hmmm I was too busy laughing …Aunn ki shakal … was too good .

  • Anwar.suhail

    Perfect Review, I enjoyed this review as much as this brilliant episode.

    Felt really sorry for Shehna. I like her character, cultured, matter of fact, and terse.

    For a min. I felt restaurant scene was a bit OTT.

    In real life one should stay away from Manzar. Guy didn't have the credit in his typical.

    Yes OKB has star presence.

  • Sadaf

    @Musing Muslim RUN RUN as fast as you can …Hide your children and sell your house …naaah .we are not that bad ..your opinion is just as important as anyone elses (clenched teeth) no seriously we always value everyone's opinion :)

    The thing about Humsafar is not just FK (tho that should be reason enough) but the Khirad factor , the direction etc.. but I know some people cannot see it that way and that's ok too ..well sort of …Actually I am just as big a fan of KPKPP which in some ways was a more nuanced story with more complex characters. Needless to say MUju was my favorite even though he was pretty kameena ..but then so was everyone else …. my kind of people ;) I am saving up so we can make the sequel…

  • Right, I got that you didn't mean a direct comparison and neither was I suggesting that either. What I meant was that Aunn is such a kid that whether he smolders or whines petulantly, I still think the women will brow beat (hee!) him!

    Also, ( and I know this is liable to get me beaten and thrown out of this forum) but I thought Humsafar was rather meh and I get that he is good looking but sometimes he looks rather creepy to me (Ducks and runs away)

  • Sadaf

    @ Thanks Mona I loved that bit too no matter what disaster is happening Manzar is single mindedly planning his future Yep that was exactly the right time to mention how good his family would be as in laws …are you listening Shehna ? I too love the way things are easily resolved instead of in the last episode ..again true to life.

    @A Musing Muslim thos e slaps really did look real …shudders …typical mothers/Daadi attitude of puttey hath dee maar ..they hit with the back of their hands becuase it hurts more ..sigh ..the perks of being Punjabi p)…. When I said the "Asher Look " I did not mean to compare Osman to Fawad ( swoons ..falls on floor and tries to get up again..)but the change in Asher's character when he suddenly went 180 degrees in the opposite direction with Khirad . One minute he wont let her go to the engagement next moment he gets so annoyed with Khizar's presence he wont take her phone calls.That look ,standing in front of those now famous french doors was a turning point. For me at least that narrowing gaze , that background music that entire sequence is iconic and unforgettable.Osman's look was purely Osman because Aunn is an entirely different character and Aunn zara has a completely different aesthetic . Asher's look was suspicion taking root …Osman's was more ..along the line of Acha tho yeh hai tumhara pyar ……but both seemed a turning point it seemed to be a turning point …I maybe wrong but we shall see…However annoyed Aunn is it will be resolved sooner than later.

    As to Shehna yes I remember as Tanya from KPKPP , she is kind of sweet ,poor thing she really was the most decent one out of the pack as Mona says …

  • Am eye ball deep in a work assignment but I still had to watch this one and oh boy am I glad I did! It was laugh-out-loud hilarious!

    Mountains made out of molehills, commando style intervention and an unfairly bruised Aunn – seriously the ladies were unsparing and relentless in their slaps – very realistic! OKB's clueless-ness very well done though doubt his "Asher looks" will singe to the ladies though….

    Also thought Maya Ali did a nice smothered in dadi's arms bit…

    Felt most terrible for Shehna – girl got some serious misinformed B**** slapping. I really like this girl btw. Thought her work in Kuch pyar…was also very good.

  • Mona S

    Thank you for the wonderful review Sadaf. You tag line says it all. Love it.

    What I like about AZ is that even if misunderstandings happen, they get sorted out quickly & we are not made to sit until the last episode.

    Amazing episode. I was laughing & crying at the same time. Poor Aunn got so many chapaids & they all seemed very real, awwww! Not fair.

    I could not believe my eyes as I saw Shehna getting beaten up. She was the only sensible, sophisticated person in this group of four.

    Loved the scene between Aunn & Manzar in the cafe, when they are insulting each other & also between Manzar & Shehna, as he tells her his family is much better than Aunn's.

    You're right about OKB having star presence. I call it the X-Factor. He has it. Sadly most of our other heroes don't.

    Can't wait for next week. Aunn has started smoking again, & that's not a good sign.

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