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Bari Apa : Episode 13

Fatima Awan . 38

Farman sahib deserves an award for playing with words and very easily managing to get the wrong point across, on purpose of course! This latest episode opened with Farman informing Neelam that all their troubles were over because Zubeida had decided to forgive and forget but is it really so? Absolutely not! Why couldn’t Farman tell Neelam the truth so that she could be better prepared for what was coming her way? Neelam thought that Farman had tried very hard to convince Zubeida and therefore she must think that he will support her in the future too. Had Neelam known the circumstances under which Zubeida allowed Neelam to come stay with her, I wonder if she would have decided to go live with her. Farman really should have thought everything through before following his wife’s orders and somehow thinking that his life would be any easier if Neelam and Farjad started living with them.

We all knew till now that Bari Apa is arrogant and selfish but after everything that I saw today I must say that she is very hollow too. Zubeida goes out of her way to host a welcome party for her husband’s second wife and then insists that Farman should pick Neelam from the parlor because log kiya sochay gay. One would expect someone like Zubeida to not care about people at all but the fact is that the only reason Zubeida is doing all this is because she does not want to give people anything to talk about and in my opinion that makes her very foolish too. I expected her to be a little more sensible than that. Zubeida’s grand plan is to create misunderstandings between Farman and Neelam and see whether that works out in her favor. Neelam on the other hand believes in sabr and isteeqamat approach, although Eesa disagrees with her but she is not the one to listen to him.

Ghazanfar and Firdous finally decided to talk but not much good came out of it except that Firdous apologized and promised to zip her lips. Ghazanfar’s explanation of how he had to be there for Zubeida and could not tell her sounded very right and that is what I expected him to say but the fact that he got Zubeida gajras while he was at it and also called her Zuby twice does not help. Firdous is justified in feeling the way she does but she needs to change herself a little for her husband. Ghazanfar and Firdous have to be one of the many odd couples in this play!

The “kids” in today episode were well just kids! Mustafa Changezi looked very cute but his dialogue delivery was beyond disappointing. Sara Khan was just as unconvincing and Fahad Mirza’s acting did not impress me much too today. If I had a choice, I would have definitely fast forwarded the Sharmeen/Eesa/Adeel scenes. I find it difficult to feel for any of the three because the acting is below average and I can barely sit through their scenes.

Zuebida’s family’s meeting with Neelam goes exactly the way she planned it but in the end Zubeida probably realizes not much good came out of it. What did she really get out of all this? Her family is just going to discuss Neelam and her household even more now. The next episode promises more drama and I have to say that I am dreading the scenes with the youngsters in them, they ruin everything for me. All the other actors were simply brilliant as usual and I really enjoyed Firdous’ pheet pe mukaa dialogue…Firdous is definitely funny if nothing else, quite a character I must say. I am waiting to see how the choti biwi manages to hold her ground and how many more games does Bari Apa has up her sleeve.

Fatima Awan.


  • kiran malik

    farman's marriage to neelum ws also out of good will…he actually wanted to help the insecure woman….he himself mntioned….dat he married her only coz of circumstnces but later her lov n sincerity won his heart…..he actually loved only n only bari apa n ws even ready to leave neelum n his only son to please her…..

  • Faraz

    @sadia: aray larki itna dil per q leyti hoo.. hum sab idher pakistani dramas hi tou dekhtey hain..

    english mein review iss liye hotey hain kay sab kay liye common hojaye.. plus jo english hum use kertey hain , hum koshish kerteyhain kay woh bohat simple ho… aur achi baat hai na.. tum reading keroo gi idher tou tumhari reading english bhi achi hogi aur vocabulary bhi :) kaisa??? ek teer say 2 shikaar

  • SK

    @Fatima, I also said that not men who decieve like Farman Saab ie they misuse law, he is definitely not a good example, I also said that , so agree with you there:) even in previous comments I have said I do not like farmaans character, he is wussy and a cheat. My only point was we cannot totally say that men shouldn't ever get a second wife as Allah has allowed it , and their ate many circumstances in history where it was for the good of society ie after wars etc so it helped wo.en in need, but oviously it is not the case anymore and also many men don't even treat their wives equally, they do it to get away from one, so the whole purpose has been destroyed.

  • Zara

    @Fatima… @SK. …I agree with u both that our religion allows man to marry again and we have to respect that …but it also encourages men to marry widows,divorcees ,older women in order to give them security…( which most men would not in our society)…..when they do remarry the reason is never because of their iman or deen,…but misusing the provision of their faith to pursue their own base,selfish instincts & desires………..a young beautiful woman like Neelum could have been married off by Farmaan to a more suitable man…& surely it is mentioned in the Quran that if man can't do justice between his wives( as most definitely a spineless Farmaan knows he could not ) then it is better to have just one wife.

    @Kiran…I totally disagree….. I fail to be convinced that Neelum should be pitied in any way…..was she under some illusion of what was in store for her? If Farmaan leaves her she has no one..( she should have thought of that before accepting to be a second wife) …but also Bari Aapa ,inspite of her strong, confident, proud facade would be just as helpless & vulnerable if she asks for a divorce…even her brother whom she had brought up and supported financially , instead of empathising with her…agrees that maybe her selfish ways made Farmaan remarry…Firdaus finds pleasure in Bari Aapas pain!

    And I agree with Fatima that Bari Aapa is the victim of the most horrid deception and guile…the most loving husband bringing home another wife & child …what could be more insulting & demeaning to a woman….inexplicably Fatima I too agree I like to see Bari Aapa win each time…..

  • Fatima Awan

    Imagine being married to a man who always praises you & LOVES everything about you & one day you find out he has another wife & a kid! I was talking to a friend the other day & wondering if there really were men like Farman in real world & she told me she personally knew two men who were " worse" than Farman would even cook when they came back from office and one of them left his wife & kids one fine day & ran away with some woman!!

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Kiran you are right about the script being that way; Farman was to marry someone like Ayesha Khan. Honestly speaking I don't feel for Neelam just yet except for the time when Farman shouted at her for coming to his house. I think Farman is a weakling & I agree with Sadaf he deserved a wife like Zubeida.. Who would control him the way she does but he went ahead and got married for the second time any way. I agree with SK we respect our religion but Farman sb nay kabhi namaz tu parhi nahi , deen ke naam pe dosri shadi kr le, Allah knows best. Since we are talking about a drama so i still maintain that i feel like Farman did not work hard on his marriage before resorting to other measures. He could have married Neelam to someone he knew but it was probably too tempting & I have seen many men who would give up everything to be a hero to someone.. It satisfies their ego. Looking forward to what Bari Apa has in store next. I love how this story is so unpredictable.

  • SK

    @ sadaf agreed Allah has allowed men to marry more than one wife, obviously we may not like it but Allah knows best. The problem is men misuse ths law, If he can treat them equally, and not deceive one or the other like Farman Saab then it should be accepted.

  • Sadaf

    I do not like Zobeida's character either and the very idea of second marriages etc.. fills me with revulsion. However there are things Allah allows which are not my cup of tea so I accept them. Bari Appa is not a good person, her character is a munafaq . I do not like Farman at all …They deserve each other. Well done savera Nadeem and Noman Ejaz , thanks for making them real.

    Zuby just let Neelam in the house to destroy her …

  • kiran malik

    fatima…hope u dont disagree wd my point of view…the bst thng abt u is dat u respond to evry comment n dat hs spoiled us …n v always wnt to knw ur opinion abt wat v think

  • Fatima Awan

    @ All i am not against Bari Apa even with all her flaws I don't dislike her at all but I do think that she is going overboard now. i would have liked it if she put her foot down irrespective of what anyone thought about it but then how would the story progress then. I want Bari Apa to win every time for some odd reason! And I don't support second marriages at all, no one is perfect and if husbands go out looking for better wives, every man would be getting married over and over again.

  • kiran malik

    i think aisha khan ws the best choice for neelum's character…i knw she looks much younger to her husband but that i guess is the demand of the plot……farman had to remarry a much younger n absolutely beautiful woman…so dat aisha is….i dont think the daughter's role should ve bn done by aisha…thrs nothing much in it….n if v feel pity for neelum it is because aisha hs portrayed ths character so v well dat v ve actually started empathising neelum……..i dont even dislike the gal playing sharmeen…shes also fine….but i do like essa…spclly his role as a prudent n concerned brother to an emotional fool sister….in this episode 2 ppl looked absolutely gorgeous….aisha khan in dat red dress looked simply stunning n nani also looked v elegant….cant wait to see hw things gt worse for neelum….bari apa always was a manipulater n neelum is a gud target 4 her to satisfy her inflated ego…

  • kiran malik

    in my opinion it is only neeleum who genuinely needs to b pitied ….she has noone to fall bck upon if farman leaves her…i agree getting married to an already married man is not an agreeable thing to b done…but keeping in view the circumstances she ws in,,whr the relatives were in a mood to xploit her the maximum thy could,she had no onther option thn to trust ths already weak individual…she wanted security n 4 dat she got herself adjusted to watever circustances he could provide her …she nvr complained abt his once a week visit,never said a word agnst his first family n had nvr asked him to gt rid of thm,her son couldnt use his dad's name n even dat didnt bother her much….n now whn farman once agn hs asked her to cope up wd bari apa's arrogance,she hs sweetly accepted…essa is trying to knock some sense into her,shes not ready to listen to him….her only aim is to please her husband…..shes atleast not as vile n crafty as bari apa…..

  • Zara

    @ Honey…..I agree 100 % with your view and I have been echoing the same sentiments in my earlier comments…I just fail to understand why Neelum is so brilliant or wonderful !! I have zero pity for her…she knowingly married another woman's husband.You are absolutely right that Bari Aapa is not infallible & does have her faults but all the others have their own equal share of wrongdoings and mischief to their credit. Bari Aapas family especially Firdaus and her delight and pleasure at Bari Aapas misfortune reveals her true envious self as Ghazanfar points out .It would be extremely unpalatable & unrealistic to me if Sharmeen marries Essa who is her stepmoms brother …don't understand his incredulity at Sharmeens hatred. Farmaan does deserve some punishment for the mess which is his own creation….& Please stop the sympathies for Neelum she deserves to face Bari Aapas backlash…

  • SK

    Another awesome episode! Look guys the casting of the young ones isn't gonna change, let's just bear it like we are bearing Asmara in ZGH as madihas clone lol. The acting of the elder ones leaves you amazied, so i just overlook it.I was actually feeling sorry for Bari apa until she started her chalak games again and yes Neelum isn't so perfect either, she knew what she was doing, agree with you honey. She married someone else's husband,so I guess she knows that and that's why she's going to try to bear the repercussions. The problem us she is not chalak, Bari apa will try to break them up now by tarnishing her somehow. Love how we love and hate all the characters in the space of 35 mins, haha brilliant writing. Fatima, I'm late with all my weekend dramas running into the weekdays but thanks for a lovely review as usual!

  • honey

    Dear All,

    I cant understand why you are so against bari apaa, I dont like aisha khan at all why she married farmaan I just cant stand such women who marry someone else husbands. Bari apaa and poor gfhazanfar would have been such a happy couple. I cant stand choti ghazanfars wife, I cant forget how happy when she found out her sisters husbands second marriage it showed her real character. Bari apaa z brother and mother , I cant understand them they always looked towards her for monetary benefit and still complaining about her esp her mum , mothers are not like her normally. Riffats response when bari apaa came to their house at night was pathetic. Though there are some faults in bari apaaz character but still I find similar or worse faults in others. And stop pitying neelam please.

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Sadia thank you so much for your comment:) yahan sub ko Urdu buhat achi samaj ati hai so you are more than welcome to comment in Urdu:) keep visiting.

    @ Mazhar lol yes that is one way to put it. You really like the Firdous character don't you!

    @ Annabe Thank you for such a heartfelt comment:) I totally get what you mean.

    @ Nadia & Danyal I am glad you two can relate to the kids & are enjoying their acting:) we love the old & the new faces alike as long as they can act, age does not matter. But in this particular play the seniors are the main attraction for me.

  • Sadaf

    Really you guys are REALLY happy with those atrocious accents … Gee whiz guys how generous.

    This is one of the best serials on Television right now and I am personally offended when it is brought down from it's above A+ standard . Some of us actually spend the week waiting for the next episode and considering the events of the previous. We go to dinner parties and it is the topic of conversation ,it is very popular in the US despite HUM Tv disappearing. So many people are watching on line simply because it is that good.

  • nadia

    @daniyal – agreed!

  • nadia

    they're acting is natural and im tired of watching these old faces all the time

  • nadia

    im happy with the youngsters

  • Daniyal


    Wow, yea they are young adults and not kids, but what do you want them to act like UNCLES and AUNTIES?

    That scene was totally normal for their age group, and relatable as well..that shows they are vulnerable, and how they are innocent, and Sara was just trying to make him jealous, to get attention..

    seriously, enough of this hate for the young actors and actresses,

  • Faraz

    @Ehsan : to be honest i dont understand how does the TRP system in Pakistan works. because majority of the people watch TV channels through Cabel Operator's network. which does not have any device that can tell the TRP. unless every Channel is being watched though a Digital Box. there is no way to find out the True Ratings..

    BTW my cable wala doesnt show Urdu 1 at all and i havent watched Ishq e Mamnun myself.. so that explains alot :)

  • Annabe

    Those KIDS should act like adults, they are not really 'KIDS' anymore. at least they don't look like Kids.

    But no, they have already decided to ruin my mood by Sara Khan's tears, Fahad mirza's bipolar kind of personality and that ajeeb o ghareeb 'Ady' . . .

    .. Bari apa she is perfect !

    Her husband as usual sounds like a robot. He should start thinking from his 'own' mind.

    And our little Neelam, she is cute though.

    Love the drama. : ) and Love your review.

  • daniyal

    My favorite part of the whole episode was with the 3 young adults…true acting was sort of poor but i found it entertaining to watch..maybe since its more relatable

  • Mazhar

    @ Fatmah, Farman needs a nice spanking on his "b—t not awards for acting like a selfish idiot.Once again I loved Firdaus's folly and lack of impulse control. I wish she gets few more funny lines .

  • sadia

    sab se peli baar me yaha lik rai hoon.muje boat acha lagta hai yaha per bari apa ke bare me parna.per yaha sirf english me likte hain .is lie me ne kabi nai lika,ke koi mera mazaq na urae.per muje kal wala episode boat acha laga.aysha api boat piari lag rai thi red suet me.bare maze ka tha dawat wala seen.zubada apa to bari khurant nikli.bari hoshiari se farmen saab ko unki dosri biwi ke khilaf kar rae hai.muje lagta hai ek wo bacha bhi nilam se le ley gi.waise zubada apa ne bacha lia kion tha ma se?or ek mazzedar baat.jab sab wapis ja rae the to na to riffat ka beta sath tha or na hi nilam kaa bacha.sharmeen bechari kafi duki hai.waise bara bura laagta hai jab sotaili maa ghar a jae.zada tar sotaili maa buri hi hoti hai.meri bhi sotaili ami hain.muje pata hai ke kitna bura lagta hai .ho sakta hai nilum sotali jaisi na ho,or sharmeen se maa jaisa piar kare.per asal zindagi me aisa nai hota.waise to us bechare chote bache ki bhi sotylii ami hai,or zada zalum hai,uske sath kia salook karegi zubada apa.

  • sadia


  • Mrs Asim

    G InshaAllah, jb ap yahan hain toa hamain kahan jana hay;) I liked this website too. book reviews r also there(though just a few). m happy k u r happy:)

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Mrs. Asim welcome to dramapakistani… Finally you decided to visit and I am soooo happy about it:))) thank you so much. You are so right about Bari Apa. Mrs. Asim like I said in the review the kids are being kids lol Sharmeen is young & emotional she sees only what she wants to see. The second she found out that Eesa is related to her "choti ami" ( if i may say so;) her mind stopped functioning & she started thinking Eesa wanting to marry her was part of some bigger conspiracy! Don't be a stranger now, keep visiting. You made my day!

  • Mrs Asim

    Great review Fatima, I came here just to read ur review,n m happy to come here:) I agree with u on all points but I think Bari Apa is a person who very much care about what people would say,coz she showed the same attitude about Sharmees's proposal matter. she didnt like Essa but accepted him coz her family knew about it. though m unable to understand Sharmeen's behaviour regarding Essa,she supposed to know all about this marriage,then why she is blaming Essa ?

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Faraz totally agree with you Bari Apa is a very classy play. Aisha Khan is brilliant, no doubt. One of the biggest qualities she has is that she always makes me feel for her BUT she really does look like Farman's daughter and although I did not agree with Sadaf before but I must say now that it would have been much better had she been playing Sharmeen. I feel no sympathy for Sharmeen and cannot relate to what she must be going through because the acting is so dissapointing. If Aisha was playing Sharmeen I would have cried with her for sure.

    @ Sadaf absolutely agree with you. I remember it really annoyed you when Ghazanfar gave Zuby those gajras and now his attitude is annoying me too…what shocking double standards! But waqas Khan rocks as Ghazanfar for sure;)

  • Haseeb

    i personally do not care about ishq e mamnoo and its ratings and i am ashamed at the people who are endorsing the themes of incest and destruction of our sacred family bonds.just for info sake a lot of liberal Turk Muslims find this drama offensive and against their culture

  • Ehsan

    Bari apa was certainly pretty good today. But guys as a devoted Pakistani drama supporter and follower I was curious to know about one fact which probably you guys (ie Sadaf, Faraz and co.) would know is that has Ishq e mamnoon really crossed Humsafar's trp ratings, status and popularity or is it being just made up because frankly speaking many people do not even know about this play.

  • kiran malik

    awesome episode,fantastic review n the best comment by faraz…i m glad someone acknowledged aisha n her acting skills…shes undoubtedly one of the most attractive n super talented actress of pak t,v…i dnt knw why do v fail to notice , accpt n admire…[a bit busy,would comment in detail later,but faraz's comment triggrd me to instntly drop a few words ] lov ur review fatima…u always gve the apt analysis….

  • Sadaf

    Perfect review Fatima. I can find nothing to disagree with. Bari Appa's character is amazing, Repulsive but strangely magnetic too , a real paradox . All of the other women in this serial are good wives and mothers :Riffat, Firdause and Neelam yet their husbands find fault with them.However all the Men are admirers of Zobeida, who is not a particularly good mother or wife. How does Samira Fazal knows human nature so well , I am sure we all know of people like this. You were right Fatima Firdause was hilarious today, bechari could not understand the coded conversation between her husband and sister. I am still on Firdause's side, I know she is foolish but Ghazanfer is no Choona kaka either. I cannot forget those Gajras and the "Zuby "stuff either.

    You know I want to be nice but I have had it up to here with the younger crowd… I thought that Essa was improving but not enough. Sara and Adeel ,have pity on us ..Hamara kasoor kiya hai..? If you are going to be part of such a premium project at least have the respect to work at it. Acting skills may come with time but the least you guys could have done was learn URDU . Yes I know you are all from Sweden and I may be asking too much. This is a well directed play but the director has a lot to answer for as far as these three go.

    @Faraz No way can I agree with you about this younger lot. However you are right about Aisha Khan . She is breath taking, She looks absolutely beautiful and her acting is ,just like all the other wonderful actors in this play, superb. Why could not Aisha have been the daughter, if Fawad can be 22 in ZGH why can't she Have done it?

  • Faraz

    I was able to watch todays episode :) thanks to Na maloom Afraaad ki waja say karobaray zindagi band :P

    and what an episode it was . i think the reason why you dont like the acting of the younger ones is because Savera, Nauman and Aisha have set very very high standards as well as arjuman raheem and madiha.

    let it be the scene when saveera speaks to Aisha, or the scene when Savera and Nauman see Aisha with her brother . no dialogues only expression.

    Aisha is a Class act.. to be honest this role is really different than any of her previous roles i have never seen her play a role like this, but boy the kind of engery she infuses in her acting is breath taking. i am just waiting to see Aisha taking control of the house slowly and it would be a delight to see when bari appa starts feeling insecure phir kya chal chalin gi :)

    top notch Acting, wonderful script and brilliant Direction!!!

  • Thank you Hammu. Keep reading & Commenting:) Absolutely agree with you everyone else is perfect.

  • Hammu

    lol what a clean review ! I am also not a fan of the KIDS in this drama.I mean they could act a little more real when they are playing such big roles.But still that doesn't overcome the terrific acting by the elder's ! Bari Aapa is getting stronger week by week ! This was another fantastic episode.

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