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Bari Apa – Episode 17

Fatima Awan . 18

It is almost funny how all the grown ups in the play do not act like grown ups at all and turn towards their kids for advice and solace. I strictly believe that children should be kept out of family politics as much as possible and they should decide for themselves who stands where in their life but I have seen many such mothers in particular who like Firdous and Zubeida share every little detail about what happens in the family with their children and even take advice from their children. The promos may have suggested that Bari Apa was going to end up ruining Firdous’ house but I am guessing nothing like that is going to happen since Zubeida is quite happy with having no ties with Ghazanfar and Firdous was probably referring to Adeel wanting to marry Sharmeen or just voicing her insecurities when she tells her mother that her sister ruined her house, like I always say I could be very wrong of course! I must give credit to the person responsible for the promos because they hardly ever give the story away.

The child star playing Farjad is too cute and sweet and the way he remembers and delivers his dialogues is nothing short of a feat for a child his age. Neelam’s conversation with Farjad was heart wrenching, what could be worse for a mother than to know that her child feels that his father does not love him enough.

The way Farman blamed Neelam for Zubeida’s ill health was way too much and I am glad that Neelam finally decided to leave the house. Although what Eesa said to Farman and Zubeida was quite satisfying and it actually did wake Farman up from his slumber but I would have liked it better if he took Neelam with him. Sharmeen may have a soft corner for Neelam but she treats Neelam the way her mother would like her to treat her. Sharmeen is a perfect example of how some grown ups manage to create a monster out of a beautiful child. When Sharmeen shouts at Neelam, she was merely spitting out all the poison that her mother has been injecting in her and I don’t blame Sharmeen one bit.

Why is Sharmeen leading Adeel on when she has no real interest in him? I really feel for him although Mustafa Changezi is doing a great job of slaughtering the character. Out of all the three youngsters he has to be the weakest link.

Zubeida’s hairstyles today seemed to be inspired from Neelam’s, I wonder if that was intentional! The play needs a twist at this point; we may see a change in Farman’s attitude towards his son and Neelam in the next episode.


Fatima Awan.

  • sadia

    mene kia to hai comment ap ne check nai kia shaed.waise kia mene ghalat aha hai ke ek darpook maa apney bachey ke liye achi sabat nai hoti.jaisey neelum apney bachey ko uska haq nai dila sakti

  • Sadaf

    @ Sadia, sorry Bus thori si busy ho gaaeey … Actuaaly mujhe aap se didsgree karna parey gaa. Jo mayney pehley likha thoa , vohee meri nazar mein sahee hai. Neelam ne bohat ghalat kieeya chori cup ke shadi karkey leykin uss ki el sift mujhe pasand hai ke wo sabr se kaam le rahee hai. agar aap psychology ki kitaben parey gi tho Walid ki mehroomi bachey key liye bohut buri baat hoti hai even if Mamoo bohut acha hai. Aap ka bhi point vali hai , kuch circumstances mei aladgi hi sub se behter solution hoti hai .AAp ne doosre episode ke review ke ooper comment nahin kiyaa ?

  • sadia

    sadaf api ap ne to meri baat ka jawab hi nai dia.

  • Fatima Awan

    Nadia you are right Bai Apa does keep you glued to your seat because you can't miss out on the constant bickering in the house even. Looking forward to a twist!

  • Heyyyy good pick up on Zubeida's Neelum-inspired hairdo. It actually looked good on Zubeida and made her look 10 years younger (a bit exaggerated I know).

    I find every episode of Bari Apa to be solid and that's the reason I look forward to watching each episode. Let's hope for some interesting twists soon!

  • amna

    I think the little kid whose playing Aisha Khan's son is adorable! And i think the story has taken an interesting turn of events. Also If i didn't know any better i'd say you are coming down pretty hard on Mustafa Changezi. I follow him on the radio religiously and iv seen his work on stage. He's a really good actor. Urdu isn't his first language but his urdu isn't as bad as you make it sound. Its his first time acting in Urdu.. cut his some slack Fatima. And Sharmeen isnt too bad either. I say encourage the young lot!

  • sadia

    or sadaf api aisiy achi maa ka kia faida jo dooson ke lie to achi ho magar apne bachey se ziadti karey or apni buzdili ki waja se usko uska haq na dila sakay.agar wo apna or apney bachey ka haq nai mang sakti to kam az kam usko is baure mahool se nikal kar le hi jae,waha jahan kam az kam koi to us se piar kare ,chahe wo us bachey ka mamu hi ho.yaha to usko baab bhi nai pochta or sotaii ami uski har baat pe aitraz karti hai,wo apni marzi se nashta bhi nai karsakta.khanay ke tableper jae to bhi sotaili ami ko bura lagta hai.aisi jaga re kar us par vcey hi shaksiat apni maa ki tara daboo ho jae gi or wo bi apni ma ki tara darpook banay ga or apna haq nai mang sake ga kisi se bhi.

  • sadia

    or kitney episode baqi hain?

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Mrs. Asim, thank you for dropping by:)

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Kiran lol @ Farman being the MIL, so true. It was so strange when he enters the house & asks Neelam about Farjaad and then says tum dono yahan kaam pe lagi ho aur bacha kamre mei akela hai ( somethin like this ) as if both were maids!

    @ Haseeb I am not that bored yet although the story is not movig forward but the little progress is proving to be interesting enough. A couple of more episodes to go so hang in there. I can tell you are really annoyed with the way things are for the past 3 episodes or so, time to wrap things up:)

    Lol munna I think it is going to end soon:)

    @ Sadia I agree with Sadaf Neelam aik achi maa hai is liye wo apne bachay ko ghar mei jo kuch chal raha hai usay door rakhti hai nahi tu wo bhi usay kuch aisa keh skti thi.

    @ Sadaf thank you so much:) you are so right about Neelum. She could have used her son too, like Zubeida is using Sharmeen but she did not. Lol, Sharmeen is slightly better than Adeel, Adeel bechare ko tu Urdu bolne ke liye buhat ziada mehnat krni parti hai… Weird weird weird and not only this he cannot act also.

    @ SK You are right about the little kid but I know kids who are not even 2 and they talk so much and ask questions all the time, I can only wish my kids were like that lol I guess kids who grow up under such Circumstances grow up quicky. The kid looks 3ish to me. Kids really crave for fathers' affection in particular and if they don't get it they are sure to question it.

  • SK

    Very good review , but agree why did Neelum not go, and she could have said something also, instead of Esa just talking. It is no point to stay silent and be walked all over, hopefully now that Farman us somewhat affected, the story moves on! Farjat is indeed very cute, but how old is he? If they have been married 3 years, at most he is a little over 2…. I even noticed in last epi the things he was saying about feelings and what not were too. much, from experience 2 year olds boys do not know this much info about what's going on around them, they are usually in their own world destroying anything they see , he talks more like a 4 or 5 year old would, that daddy doesn't love me ….can't grasp that at alll!

    Anyways is it ending soon, heard there was only a couple left?

  • Sadaf

    Thankyou for a wonderful review Fatima, you really are a trooper ! I read your review of MBM and I realise how tough it must be with all the load shedding etc.. and yet every one of your reviews is thoughtful and sincere :)

    I enjoyed this episode but I think it could have been combined with last weeks one . It was a bit repetitive but as I enjoy Sameera's writing and the actors are just so good I have no complaints. Last week I was thinking God have mercy on us Sarmeen ki taraf track jaa raha hai. asl mein aik gunahgarr insan hoon varna Allah meri dua kabool kar hee leyta. Sharmeen bilqul apni maa ke naqsh e kadam pey chal raheey hai ,mardon ko apni oongliyon pey nachana , haq talfi karna aur logo ko thanaey deyna sub Zuby key kaam bhi hai.

    @Sadia Ghussa insan sey ghalat kaam karwata hai. Neelam ney apney achey chracter aur personality ki gawahi dee hai ke us ney apney badley Zubeida ki tarah apney bachey ke zareeye nahin uttarey. Bachon ki psychology bohut nazuk hoti hai, agar oon ke ye vehem hojaay ke oon se koi pyar nahin kartey , khas kaar walid jaisa kareebi rishta tho woh sari umer ke liye disturb ho jatey hai. Agar koi bura hai tho humey oonkey level thak girney ki zaroort nahin hai .

    I am not sur how Sameera is going to pull off this ending because at the age Farman and Zubaida have reached it is pretty hard to change your attitudes and habits. Neelam made a huge mistake marrying this man and now she is paying for it.

    I am trying very hard not to be mean but really Sharmeen and Adeel are trying my patience , have they thought about practising their URDU or would that be below them? I have seen Sharmeen is going to be part of another drama and I am thinking of moving to Pakistan and joining the drama Industry myself … apparently my English accented Urdu will be the perfect asset

  • Mrs Asim

    lol true about hairstyle, I also noticed it:)

  • sadia

    kafi acha tha ye wala episode.bari apa ek zalim jilad banti ja rai hain.or farman sab ek andha qanoon jisko mazloom ki samaj nai ati.mera dil farjad ki baat pe boat duka jab usne kaha ke baba muje piar nai kartey.neelum o chahiye tha us bachey ko batati ke uskey papa kitney nainsaf insan hain.or wo bhi kabhi unse na bolay.neelum ko farjad ko uskey baap ke khilaf kar dena chahiye.yehi uski saza honi chahiye.farjad ko apni aa or mamu ke siwa kisi ne kabi piar nai kia.agar maa ko waqai apne bchey ki takleef hoti hai to usko chahiye ke wo usko aisi jaga se lay jae jaha sab usse nafrat karte hain.usko apne mamu ke paas le jae..

  • sadia


  • munna

    This drama and Terrorist Aapaa ,her Imbecile husband and pathetic Nelum are getting on my nerves,When will it move forward to something more engaging,will it last for a whole year??

  • Haseeb

    honestly speaking i am fed up with the repetitive scenarios,characters taking a u-turn behaviour wise and little or no movement in story,it's badly stagnated

  • kiran malik

    fab review fatima…farman looked more of a taunting mother in law to neelum thn a husband whn he indirectly blamed her for bari apa's ill health…i also felt too bad for the poor kd n hs spineless mther…farjad is nodoubt a wonderful star n simply lov his sweet chemistry wd aisha….i too wsh either farman should wake up from hs slumber n start giving neelum her due rights or else neelum should muster up courage to walk out of his life forever….essa as always played his part really well as a concerned bro who has tried his best to mke his stupified bro in law realize his responsibilities towards his sec wife n son….sharmeen shows some moral scruples but her attitude is the same towards neelum as is bari apa's….

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