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Bari Apa: Episode 6

Fatima Awan . 13

This play is engrossing and engaging, I simply love most of the characters but to top it all the picture quality is just amazing, which makes this play a treat to watch. There were many interesting developments in today’s episode and many of the questions were answered. Last time around we were all discussing the “Montessori” issue and we all agreed on the proposition that if Riffat decided to work the monetary issues that the couple faces will be resolved and if the two are no longer asking Bari Apa for money, they won’t need her approval for everything. I am glad that like always Ghazanfar turned out to be the voice of reason and suggested just that. He made it clear that as long as they keep on taking money from Zubeida things will not change so they needed to be independent. Riffat and Shakeel made up soon afterwards because both of them realized that there was light at the end of the tunnel! Although Waqas Khan has an “unusual” way of delivering dialogues but it is always refreshing to see him on screen and he is very well-suited for this role. He is the perfect Ghazanfar; dignified and just, no wonder everyone turns to him when they need to settle disputes or sort things out. Shakeel does respect Zubeida and it is not all about money that is why he tells Riffat that Zubeida is his Bari Apa and being financially independent would not mean that she can belittle her. But at the same time Shakeel does not tell Bari Apa about their “plan’ when she offers money for Montessori probably because he did not want another clash and lets Iffat take the money. Like Ghazanfar said Zubeida’s main issue is that everything should go according to her liking and now that she wants that the child should go to Montessori he will even though Shakeel says they have changed their mind. I am really looking forward to how things shape up when and if Shakeel and Riffat are financially independent.

Finally we got to see enough of Ayesha Khan in today’s episode to know that she has a substantial role to play in the story. She would be another person who fits perfectly in her role and I must add that Farman deserved a wife like her….although I have absolutely no idea how he managed to muster up the courage to go ahead with this marriage. I wish we could have seen how the two got so close to each other. These two definitely make a very cute couple and I am looking forward to seeing more of them. So, Mr. Farmabardar is not so farmabardaar after all! Well that is actually good to know because without this twist in the story Farman and Zubeida seemed like a very odd couple. It was very clear that Farman’s second wife has absolutely no issues with him spending time with his other family and just laughs when Farman says that he is very lucky to have three amazing women in his life. His second wife takes care of his cholesterol and blood pressure and Farman looks after Zubeida, fair enough! That sort of balances out the equation.

I think Firdous is extremely cute even though she takes pleasure in Zubeida’s troubles and picks up a fight with her every chance she gets but I somehow really like her character. The way she is overjoyed to hear about Sharmeen’s affair and runs to her mother’s house to share the “good news” was too cute! But the way Ghazanfar tells her off and makes her realize she was wrong was a reality check for sure because he was so right. What Firdous did was wrong; spreading gossip about her niece and finding joy in it!
Sara Khan’s acting has really improved and I am enjoying Sharmeen’s character so much more now. I really feel for the poor girl and the way the few lines from the OST play every time her mother forces her decisions on her or anyone else is just beautiful…..mei bhi mu mein zaban rukhta huu, kash poocho ke mudaa’ kia hai!! Tina Saani has sung the OST beautifully and it is always played in the background at the right time.

Today’s episode was a complete package like always; I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to more. Hats off to the entire team of Bari Apa for providing us with this very special treat on Saturday nights.


Author: Fatima Awan.



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  • Faraz

    @samira Fazal : you are welcome very much

  • Samira Fazal

    Thank you v much :)

  • SK

    Thx for a lovely review Fatima, totally agree this episode was really engrossing, always something happening. Love Ghazanfars role, he is totally right in his advice and always talks in a sensible manner, he gave such good advice to shakeel and then rightfully reprimanded Firdous too. Gossip and slander are very hurtful, and we all should take a lesson from that, as it is so easy to do with family members but so unliked by Allah swt. Shakeel and Rifat shamefully took the money again even after everything ghazanfar said, shakeel still coouldnt say anything. He needs to grow a spine ASAP!

    Ayesha Khan looked so pretty and her and nouman had great chemistry. He deserves her after the way zubeida treats her, but there must be something more to it. How can someone be so spineless in front of their wife?? Anyways looking forward to all these scenarios unfolding, very enjoyable drama!

  • Raghib

    Sharmeen's acting is definitely improving as the serial goes on, she is so refreshing to watch. Mainly because she is not over dramatic, and does not shout like other young actresses in other serials. I like the fact they showed a different type of personality. Her and her cousin's Adeel role becomes someone you can relate to more because of that.

    The most entertaining scene was when Firdous went to tell her mom about the gossip, but than later she realizes what she did was wrong.

    We all have been in Firdous situation before at least once, where we will innocently gossip about a extended family member, and later on really regret what we said.

  • Sadaf

    Thanks for the review , Fatima, I was so busy this weekend I almost didn't have time to watch. I read your review between events and it kept me going :) I'm so silly these are not real people but as usual with a Samira Fazle written drama I think tehy might be my relatives ! I cannot help but like Firdaus ,she really shouldn't have spread gossip about her neice but what was nice was she was ashamed when Ghazanfer made her realise her it.I have no sympathy for Bari Appa and unless She cures cancer that's how it's going to stay. So Zobeida helped her famiy like a million other people,but not everyone demands payment in blood like her.It seems like Ghazanfer is the hero of this entire story…oooof I cannot stand the three youngsters ,hate them.

  • Maria

    Fatima, excellent review and its really compelling me to watch this play. :) maybe i will give it a try :D

  • Afia Qazi

    Good review Fatima. Hooked to the play and enjoyed the review!

  • Faraz

    @ Fatima : "Koshish tu buhat su ko krte dekha hai" kya baat hai … i am glad i am the only son of my parents…. werna phir life mein bara twist rehta meri …

  • mehr


  • Fatima Awan

    @ Faraz very interesting observations:) definitely Samira Fazal is the reason for the drama being so engaging… No matter how good the acting or direction is if the story does not engage the audience no drama can hold their attention for a long time. She has etched out some wonderful characters. Hmmm now for your question, what is with women and the need to control. I guess ghar ki politics is also like state politics… A struggle for power & control. It is not just women but most people like it better if they have an edge over the others, I guess admi ppl ki yeh desire workplace pe puri ho jati ho gi so they just want to chill when it comes to ghur ki politics. Honestly speaking I can relate to Firdous' character more than zubeida's. I know a few younger sisters like her but I have hardly seen one like Zubeida who manages to exercise such control over everyone… Koshish tu buhat su ko krte dekha hai but i I only know one Zubeida in person lol but yes come to think of it only men can make such women understand things, aurton ko vo kuch nahi samajhti but must add here Farman's character was unrelatable until he got married, bara hi meesna nikla lol
    @ Kiran totally agree with you, Farman needed a woman like Ayesha (don't know what is her name in the drama) in his life. I think they want to keep the viewers guessing that is why the baby was not shown. I like this element of the play, things unfold gradually and the writer keeps us guessing &wondering. AK looked gorgeous today and i like her character too….. Am really looking forward to seeing more of her:)

  • Sadia

    I have loved all of Samira Fazal's dramas in the past, but I have to say that Bari Apa is my least favourite. I've never seen a women like Bari Apa in my entire life. I hate her & this character, nor have I seen such a farmabardaar husband like Farmaan. I want to ask him " what has she ever done for you that you are so farmabardaar"?

    And the younger sister is a bit too annoying, don't know her name & don't care, & please don't start me on their kids. The only sane person is the younger sisters husband. Don't know his name either, but his character is nice.

  • Faraz

    Nice review Fatima

    I happen to watch it today and the best part is kay abb KESC ka load shedding schedule in my area has changed :P so i can watch a drams on my TV on Sat and Suns.

    i think i would be a bit unfair not appluad Samira Fazal's story in this drama. i strongly beleive that good stories make good dramas not the director or the producers. story plus the right combination of the actors and the drama is surely a winner.

    per mera sawal app sab khawateen say yeh hai kay bhai yeh akhir khandani politics mein aisa kya hai bhai :P i mean when i watched it as an observer it seems that this story is straight a slice from the life. hum say her ek ki family mein koi na koi bari appa… Ghazala baji… aur jameela aunty type kay naam kay character lazmi hotey hain. and their sole purpose of existence is to have complete control over the khandan… jis say woh khush tou khandan waley bhi khush .. jis say woh naraz tou baqi dosrey bhi naraz :) matlab yaar hadh hai Khandani politics nay tou ancient roman politics ko bhi peechay chor diya :P kya suchi mein itni politics hoti hai khandan mein :) or some of the married female here can shed light kay if its like this … kay aisey kahoo waisey bolo. yeh na bolo woh na bolo :)

    hoshyari, chalkaliya , manipulation. strategy, door ka souchna … wah bhai wah :P kya mazey dar kahani hai… and to add it all the straight out of the life dialogues.

    i dont know kay app sab nay notice kiya kay nahi.. per lines like

    " mein ney un say paisey kya liye unhey mirchay lag gain :P " or "unho hi nay zehar ugla hoga" lines like these makes you sit and draw comparison kay yeh kuch suna suna lag raha hai :)…. wonderful dialogues i must say…..and add the wonderful names.. like Riffat :P firdous.. typical urdu speaking family names…

    Per i have a just one issue. I can proudly say that since i have the honor of being the pioneer in Pakistani drama review writing… and to top it all… my 1st drama was off course samira fazal's VASL and later Dastaan… what i had noticed in her dramas kay situation jitni bhi kharab hoo .. mard ko kabhi neechey nahi dikhati:) per iss dramay mein sarey kay sarey mard hi " biwi kay neechey lagay hoye hain :) .. but then there is a flip side as well kay farman married such a sweet character like aisha… bari appa itna zulm karein gi tou miyan dosri shadi hi karey ga naa :) … so thora sa bus yehi issue hai…. per i guess if i would have watched this drama about a year ago… tab tou mein bohat strongly oppose kerta kay aisa thori hota.. mard itna bhi gaya guzra nahi :P per my situation and point of view has changed abit… so i can safely say kay mard gaya guzra waqai nahi.. per aurtain aisey aisey arguments laati hain kay banda bus jee acha ya chup hey rahey tou behter hai :D

    i am glued and my Saturdays will be fun now!! :P

  • kiran malik

    wow amazing review… episode so far for aisha khan fans[including me]….she looks n acts da best…shes a complete contrast to the outrageous,dominating n blunt bari apa….rather aisha is a wonderful looking obedient understnding n caring second wife[lucky old man]…..n noman seems to b completely in awe of her…..he mentions its hard 4 him to spnd da week wdout meeting her… the end….aftr such humiliating treatmnt from bari apa,he ws badly in need of a wife like her who would respect him n is a source of comfort not dspleasure….i too wsh to see hw did he manage to gt married to this woman despite being such a coward n henpecked husband…..i guess he couldnt resist the charms of the stunning damsel in distress….nw whr ws the baby in todays episode the entire time aisha ws her cousin n thn husband…..even the father dididnt ask abt him….that's strange…….rest of the episode ws also good….liked how aisha's cousin ws also being amused to see her gttng so xcited to meet her hubby ….

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