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Bashar Momin Episode 1

RB . 38

Talk about an entry! Boy oh boy! Faysal Quraishi certainly knows how to make one. But I’m jumping ahead of myself.

For a drama that’s been hyped beyond measure the first episode was rather mellow and (as much as I hate to say it) a bit flat, but flat isn’t necessarily bad.

Our story commences, as most of our stories do, with a mangni and soon to be wedding. Buland and Rudaba’s fathers have decided on a match made in drama heaven – sharif, khandani, rayees. With the mangi out of the way we’re in the thick of things, and thick they are.

FQ BMKehtay hain har ghar mein ek bhadi zaroor hota hai. Iss kahani mein lekin ek nahi, do nahi, teen-teen bhadi hainHamara pehla bhadi Adil ki begum aur Rudaba ki bhabhi: Sahira. I think we’re on trend with the evil bhabhi (aren’t they all?) and in this case there’s not one but two! Sahira seems to be a spoilt girl with a bad attitude especially with her words. She’s constantly on someone’s case, if not Adil then Tayyaba, if not her then Bashar. Although she reserves the most teekha andaaz for hubby dearest. Woh kya mohavara hai kaman say nikla hua teer… I wish Sahira would pay heed.

Next up: Tayyaba, the lesser evil (at least for now) of the two sister-in-laws. From what I can gather Sundus Tariq is perfect for this role, since her last performance as Alishba in Humnasheen was particularly pacheeda. She did seem nicer than Sahira though as she quickly acknowledged that arranged marriages “have their own charm”. Side note: Why is it that we’ve come to a point where we believe arranged marriages are a sign of the past, that they are wrong and bad, yet, love marriages are the future and accompany with them all things good?  

And as though on cue enter our teesra bhadi, ji haan, Bashar saab. Now I think Sahira has met her match in Bashar, agar woh teekhi hai to Bashar utna hi tedha. Enter a rude, uncouth, brash, loud and at least momentarily unlikable man. Mulazamon par chilana, mehmanoon kay saath bad-tameezi, Faysal Quraishi owned the character and this is just the start! We have yet to see him interact with Rudaba, Tayyaba, and Adil.

Maheen-rizvi-in-bashar-mominTo complicate matters Bakhtiar and Abbaji are shot on their way home. Ab kya yoga? (Waise we all know kya yoga).

In a nice surprise I got to see Qutub (of BILU fame) in a more toned down version of the gharayloo mulazim. Gone are the white gloves, tuxedo, and smattering of English and here we have kurta clad, topi wearing, namaazi naukar. At least Rudaba will have some moral support for the trials she has to face.

What I can gather from this episode is that it seems to pit good against bad, virtue against vice, and so on. On one side we have Rudaba – unwillingly engaged to a khandani ladka of her father’s choosing – Bakhatiar, Buland, and Abbaji. On the other we have Bashar and his sisters. In the middle is Adil, quietly relinquishing his rights as an elder brother but not necessarily giving up his morals for Sahira and her family. Quite the balancing act if you ask me.

Usually such dichotomies can get tiring very quickly, I mean life is not black and white, there’s a lot of grey area involved, and I hope we get to see that.

Not really a stellar premiere but not half bad either. Maheen Rizvi was flawless as Sahira, Faisal Qureshi didn’t have enough screen time in my opinion (but we’ll be seeing more of him, I guess, that was the idea), Adil was good, as were the older gentleman, even Ushna was convincing (enough) as a bhooli-bhaali, masoom ladki (what with not talking to her fiancé on the phone!).

The editing was good as was the camerawork lekin meri ek darkhaast hai ki lighting ko theek karein. Kaafi andharay hai!  

Until next week.

RB (Tweet me!)

P.S. Mein aap say mazart chahoon ga ki mujhe thoodi dairi ho gayee is review mein lekin thoodi masroofiyat thi.

  • Kanwal Murtaza

    Nice review, RB. But to be honest, I was hoping for a more exciting episode. As always, GEO continues to disappoint with their hopelessly low production values. I lose interest watching those awful colors that have a depressing feel. #EpicFail#1

    There was too much screen time wasted on Rudaba’s moaning and that too after the engagement- her father-in-law comes off as a creep of sorts. He was a little too excited about the engagement. #EpicFail#2. I found it odd that someone as bulund as Bulund who works for World Bank etc couldn’t afford to fly down for his own engagement? #EpicFail#3

    Sahira’s dialogue delivery is just awful although kudos to the writer for some very refreshing dialogues. Tayyaba is just the same- maybe just a wee bit more bearable for the moment.

    The bang bang scene was poorly executed. #EpicFail#4

    And finally, the big man himself, Bashar Momin- for a man playing the role of a don/ money-launderer, whatchamacallit, all I saw was a bad impersonation of Maula Jutt and every imagineable Lollywood stereotype. #EpicFail#5

    I don’t think all those fancy suits and the grandeur will be bait enough to keep the audience hooked. The remaining cast leaves much to be desired. There isn’t enough draw except for FQ who is the least bit appealing in this role.

    With such a massive budget, couldn’t they invest in better equipment and at the very least not harm our eyes?

    • RB

      Thank you for reading through, Kanwal. I know the episode was a bit blah (after all that drama around it!). GEO doesn’t cease to surprise me given that they know how the audience reacts to their productions yet they don’t change a thing. Now I get there’s something called style (HUM has it’s own, as does ARY, and then EXPRESS and PTV have their own distinctive take on things) but you can’t justify flaws as style.

      Thank God you said it! I found sasurji (Khusar is that the word in Urdu?) to be a tad bit touchy feely with his bahu to be. Creepy much anyone?! I’m secretly hoping Buland would be the voice of reason now that the Abba’s are no longer in the picture, but reason isn’t necessarily the governing factor in our dramas.

      You know I keep reading and hearing how Sahira is bad but really I think her overacting is to compensate for whatever she lacks, after all, Bashar is a criminal, a successful one mind you but still a chor. So to compensate for the lack of pedigree (I guess that’s the word or khandani let’s say) she pulls on the theatrics. A bit on the OTT side, yes, but believable. Fess up I’m sure you know some didis/bajis like that. ::wink, wink::

      Oh Maula Jatt’s rooh must be turning in it’s grave. What have you done to me? I was the angry young rural man and now I’ve become a angry, old criminal! I’ll get to the whole Maula Jatt thing in my next review.

      • Kanwal Murtaza

        It’s Susar in Urdu, minus the Ji. Yeah, I get that she’s supposed to be a wannabe, naye daulati type but I just think she’s going for overkill here.

      • RJ

        you are right R.B its khuser yaaaaay you won trophy aap ki hoi :P I think correct word khuser hi hai main nay bohat saari books main yai word perha hai ab suser bhi thik hai you know ek tehreer ki zubaan hoti hai (jo sahi hoti hai) lakin ek aam roz marrah (daily use) ki zubaan hoti hai jis main kuch words ki soorat badal jati hai ab ye mera khayal hai saas ki nisbet say khuser bigerh ker suser ban gaya hai jaisay daataa “daadaa” ban gaya hai ..very pacheeda LOL tou is context main dono hi thik han per khuser ziada better hai

        • RB

          Oh my! Yeh pacheeda beech mein kahan say aa gaya?! Haha! :)

          Dekh lain aab mein aap say hi sala mashwara karun ga Urdu ka hawalay say. :p

          • RJ

            Hmm salah mashwara….hahaha aap nay tou mere friends ki baat sahi sabit ker dee wo mujhay “mushwara khanum”(persian word for woman) kehtay han (sarcastically…kiunk oon k khayal main me bohat mashwaray deti hoon :)
            waisay khater naak khayal hai mujhay tou ek din ek baat thik lagti hai dosray din dosri jaisay aj mujhay lag raha hai susar hi thik hai
            Haha just kidding…khuser persian aur suser hindi word hai Urdu main dono chaltay han
            chalo ab mil ker bongiyaan marain gay bus zara high level per honi chahiay ye shert hai :P

            • Kanwal Murtaza

              Arey wah! Thanks for the info- everyday use mein to saas sasur KehTe hain but I think Khushdaman is the word for Saas right?

              • RJ

                Urdu bohat hi different language hai ye easy bhi hai aur kabhi kabhi difficult aur confusing bhi ban jati hai ..ap janti hon gi …lashkari zuban hai(diff languages k words han)..tou easy hai jo jis language say qareeb ho ga oos ka word use ker lay ga…confusing/difficult is tra k waqt k sath kuch words asli soorat main baqi nahi rahay phir ye decide kerna k kon sa word thik (original ya bigrha hoa ) almost impossible ho jata hai kiunk dono use ho rahay hotay han
                ye hi hamaray sath hoa meri sis language expert hai meri oos say almost 2 hours tak discussion hoi sirf ek word suser per aur RB ki sahooolat ko dekhtay main nay is ko short ker k just conclusion bta dia tha ye alg baat meri sis ka conclusion kuch aur tha u see ye kitna confusing ho jata hai ek cheez per agree kerna
                Urdu main Persian Arabic aur hindi words bohat han aur her language say similer meaning rakhnay walay words use ho rahay han tou wo sab thik han
                difference ye hai writers/poets Persian ko prefer kertay han (ye hi reason k main nay khuser books main bohat baar perha) lekin daily use main hindi words ziada use hotay han ..kiunk hindi maqamy zubaan thi aur Persian/arabic ek foreign language ko adopt kerna sahi pronunciation k sath difficult tha ye hi reason k kuch words ka pronunciation change ho gaya kiunk sunnay walay nay jis tra samjha oosi tra use kia lekin ab wo bhi thik han kiunk oon ko as it is accept ker lia gaya hai
                khuser :Persian word
                susar yaa sasur(two pronunciations) hindi word
                susraa:hindi word with 2 meanings1- (abusive meaning) 2- father in law
                ye teeno words thik han bus literature aur spoken language ka difference hai ye ap ki choice hai ap kon saa word use kahan kertay han aur kis tra set rule k mutabiq ya apni pasand say jaisay mujhay khuser better laga k original word tha suser bigerh ker bana tou main tehreer taqreer dono main isay prefer karon gi ap apni merzi say decide ker lan isi tra
                saas :hindi word
                khush daman:persian word
                dono thik han choice ap k pas hai lekin ap os ko prefer kren jo ziada common hai ta k readers k liay understand kerna easy ho ya eng translation dan jaisay main deti hoon
                ab kisi k dimagh ka dahi hoa hai tou plz mujhay maaf ker day mera apna dimagh khali ho gaya is suser/khuser k chaker main

                • Kanwal Murtaza

                  Thanks very much, RJ for that insightful comment! I love it when people can explain with such amazing detail :) Ye ghuftugoo phir honi chahiye!

              • RB

                Khushdaman Saneha Begum. Nahi, nahi Saleha! ::wink::

  • Maria

    I just caught up on the first episode and hmmmm let me just say, there was nothing grand about the drama. Anyone remember Juno the Film? our very own Waris etc. They had no big budgets nor any sense of grandeur yet thier characters are still etched in our minds because of strong portrayals. FQ’s acting was way too OTT and there was no sense of mystery or suspense that would drive me forward to the next episode. A note to our dear producers, no one watches dramas for grandness, they watch it to be entertained and for a good story. As a viewer, do I connect to any of the characters? nop.

    P.s. Faraz, male centric drama honay ka matlab yeh nahi hai kay, its still going to be good :(

    • RB

      Hey Maria! I agree that the premiere wasn’t the best but I’ve said this before on the comments and I’ll say it again, at least give it a few more episodes to come to a conclusion. I’ve always wondered about ARY and GEO’s drama decisions because even things that can be amazing turn out to be at best mediocre, and with HUM it is the opposite, dramas that you’d think are mediocre become spectacular hits. I guess it’s the stories that they focus on (but more on this in my next review!).

      It wasn’t that bad either, no?

      • Maria

        I hope it doesn’t stays this bad … you are right though about ARY and Geo kay dramay, Pyare Afzal was good and I hope when i catch up on it, it doesn’t disappoints…

      • Atif Ahmed

        I haven’t written this off. I just expressed my opinion about first episode. I found it unimpressive.

    • Hey Maria… yup zaroori nahi kay good hoo… per mujhye tou pasand aya… however yeh nai larki … Ushna Shah… yeh kuch misfit hi lagi iss role mein…. itni bhi bhooli larkiya kidher hoti hain ajj kal ;)

      • Maria

        ha ha ha misfit is the right word. Ushna hmmm I cannot make up my mind about her.

        p.s. Buland kuch ziyada hi buland cheez dikhti hai :P

        • BULAND…naam hi kaafi hai to friends zone him ..hmm Bashar maybe bad but he is kind of attractive ..oh wait that is the faysal Qureshi part of him never mind …come on guys give Ushana a chance she is cute

          • Annie

            Even though I don’t care for Ushna yet but I am thankful that she is not another Numb VJ we have to put up with – and thank you F Q for that!

      • Atif Ahmed

        We find dumb innocent girls in our dramas……Romaisa in MSKSN is bit too innocent. Almost dumb.

    • atif Ahmed

      Totally agree with you.

  • RJ

    of course baari tou main hoon ye alg baat baron wali koi baat nahi :) ..knowledge ziada hai? achaa..sorry main agree nahi kerti aap khud ko under estimate mat kren main tou aap say bohat kuch seekh rahi hoon :)
    main koi language expert tou nahi per jahan tak pacheeda ka taluq hai yes u r absolutely right intricate/complex and best one is complicated lekin devious haan thik hai os ka matlab pacheeda rasta hota hai lekin I think devious ko yahan misleading ki sense main use kren tou kuj-ro yaa pur-fareb ya chalak yaa tairhaa as u said in your review ye words ziada better hon gay lekin pacheeda word say matlab bilkul badal jata hai I thought ap is ko weird ki sense main use kertay han kiunk ap nay kaha tha ye kaisa pacheeda sawal hai and if I am not wrong humsafer thread per bhi use kia tha ..aap ka fav word hai LOL
    but according to my knowledge complicate/complex hi sab say best translations han

    • RB

      Aab aap apnay aap ko underestimate kar rahi hain, RJ. Mein aapkay comments padta hoon (yahna, doosri blogs par bhi) aur aap ki aankh kaafi acchi hai, jaldi hi parakh laiti hain. Haan pacheeda lately meri conversations mein kaafi use hota hai, mazrat galat use ho gaya hai. Haha!

  • RB

    Ji nahi RJ, aap mujhse baadi haan, zada knowledgeble hai, mein bilkul mind nahi karta. Pehli baat jab aapnay kapdon, trends, aur styling ki baat kari aur kaha “head shave kar kay kya kamaal kar liye hai”, I could not help but think of my Nani-Ammi, jo hameeshan mujhe yehi kehti thi and that too in Punjabi! Now that I think of it, it’s funny par tab mein unsay bahut bahaz karta tha aur woh bhi aaram say jawab daiti thi. Isi liye aapki baatein mind nahi karta kyunki janta hoon aap nit-picker nahi hai.

    Maina pacheeda ka use devious ki tarahan say kara hai. As in pacheeda rasta, similarly Alishba ki harkatein pacheeda thi. Ya phir yeh galat lawfz hai? Aap kaun si word use karti? Kyunki pacheeda to phir intricate or complex bhi ho sakta hai, nahi?

    Mein bhi yahi sooch raha hoon ki 5-6 episodes kay baad opinion banaoo ga. Aapko Bashar saab ki cheekta, chilata avatar nahi pasand aaya? Haha! :)

    Atif, I agree it wasn’t the best premiere but I still think it’s too soon to write the series off. Don’t you think we should at least give it a chance?

  • RJ

    ek last baat ap word “pacheeda” kis sense main use kertay han plz explain aur plz ghalat mat samjhan main koi nit picker nahi lekin ye third time hai k is word per confuse hoi hoon aur mazeed confusions say bachnay k liay socha ap say pooch loon I hope ap mind nahi kran gay :) thanks

  • RJ

    brilliant effort R.B very different(yes ap nay apna style maintaine kia) very innovative (director sahib dekh lan aur seekh lan) very creative aur kia kahon bus clean bowled ker dia ap nay :) great job I am really happy :)
    Now BM “the drama” well na main khush hoon na disappoint kiunk sirf ek episode k baad main koi opinion nahi banana chahti bulk epi dekhnay say pehlay jahan thi ab bhi wahin hoon yani next epi k liay excited bhi nahi ..kiun…obviously kafi phus phusa start hai jo cheez mujhay buri lagi k kuch naya pan nahi na story main chalo is ko choro lekin ek handling hoti hai jo aam cheez ko bhi attractive aur interesting bana deti hai yahan MJ ko mention karon gi coke kahani even rehai jaisa dark depressing subject jitni brilliance k sath handle kia wo clearly yahan lacking thi bus ek kahani chal pari hai characters aye ja rahay han no wow factor at all koi scene koi shot koi angle unique nahi epi khatam ..thik hai ap ki merzi aur haan wo jo look styling aur pta nahi kis kis cheez ki dhoomain thin wo tou ankhan phaar phaar ker dekhna para kuch khaas nahi laga bus head shave ker k kia kamal kia aur baray gher fancy cars kia is say pehlay nahi dekh chukay hum.. again disappointment..chalan agay chaltay han
    Ushna:well first drama dekh rahi hoon per I must say (aur pta nahi kitna munasib word hai) mujhay heroine material nahi lagi yes sometimes she was very cute and innocent..lekin mera criteria hai heroine ko rotay hoay khoob soorat lagna chahiay kiunk adhay say ziada drama main hamari heroine ko ye hi kerna hota hai tou ager yahan pretty lagay tou zara asani ho jati hai berdasht kernay main..sadly ushna yahan fail ho ko rona bilkul nahi ata aur abhi tou bohat saa rona baqi hai yaani hum bhi sath sath roan gay:( secondly maheen k samnay bilkul nokrani lag rahi thi not look wise but personality wise I mean hum nay khirad aur sara ko bhi dekha hai per aisa nahi k mahira dab jyn sara ki glamorous personality k samnay..sorry ushna no points from my side :(
    Maheen:be-had pretty lag rahi hai aur rujj k (jee bher k) over acting ki hai ye angrezi zada lehjay main formula one cars ki speed main baat kernay ka kia wasn’t required at all..jitna main samjhi hoon ye log ameer zaror han per elites ya hi fi upper class nahi bus naya naya paisa hai that’s it..sorry maheen though u r looking very pretty but no points for acting aur shayed acting kernay hi ayn thin aap :(
    Lazy budhay:most annoying cheez jo mujhay lagi wo dono lazy budhay thay I mean chai tak sath walay gher say ban ker wo bhi subah subah aa rahi hai mera suit nikal do suger tak khud nahi check kerni is lerki ki apni bhi koi life hai k sara din ye hi kerti hai..this whole khidmat guzari saga was totally unacceptable for me..aur kia isi base per bahoo banaya hai..very very disappointing..bahoo chahiay k nurse ya nokrani..I mean no understanding no compatibility between their children ..bus ji bari sadat mand khidmat guzar hai bachi..writer mere samnay ayn tou on ko btaoon kis dunya main ap ..kitni divorces sirf isi parents ki selfishness ki waja say ho jati han wo bus dekhtay han hamaray set up main kon si lerki fit kray gi chahay couple sari umer lerta merta rahay ..super idiots
    Basher momin “the character”: promos dekh ker don sahib ka jo sketch main nay tayyar kia tha ye tou os k opposite nikla I thought k koi bohat hee hi fi sophisticated cultured type don ho ga jis ka ek taste ho ga you know like Amitabh in don movie(don ko 13 mulkon ki police dhoond rahi hai I mean wow) aur ye ek dum sarak chaap mawali ganwaar type don nikla..main kitna disappoint hoi bta nahi sakti…kitna mera dil toota :( ..koi glamour nahi is do number don main haan cheapness koot koot ker bhari hoi thi..aur ye don bhi nahi indian filmon ka “bhai” type character hai aur adaat mola jut wali han..huh chalan hai holywood ki naqal kernay..sorry BM no points from my side :(
    most surprising factor: jis cheez nay surprise kia wo thi FQ ko over acting..main kabhi soch nahi sakti thi k sir faisal qureshi bhi apnay career ki is stage per aa ker over acting ker saktay han..I was surprised I was shocked..unlike faraz main nay tou shuker kia sirf 5 minutes k liay aye sir jee..shouting screaming aur pta nahi kia kia ye suit walay get up say tou match nahi ker raha tha..aur wo ring type kia cheez thi jo pehni hoi thi I ithink wo ring main watch bani hoi thi pta nahi kisi nay notice kia hai tou bata day..sadly very very sadly FQ but no points from my side:(
    yahan episode khatam ho gai lekin main continue karon gi atleast 5-6 epi dekhon gi let’s see kia banta is drama ka ok ab second epi per Milan gay
    until then rab rakha :)

  • Faraz

    @Atif. : yup apni apni pasand hai. I liked it and yes one of the reasons that its a male focused drama…

  • Atif Ahmed

    Hi every one. First. RB, like your review. First episode failed to impress me. People been ranting n raving on social media about this being the most expensive drama. May be it is. But picture quality, lighting camera work all three were least impressive.

    FARAZ Saheb@ Myself great fan of Faisal Qureshi but he was bit loud and OTT with Shahrukh Khan touch. Basher Momin to me was more like C grade Bollywood flick with all the filmi touch. But I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • RJ

    @MM’s comment no 3: wow MM ap nay ek baar phir sabit ker diya main aur ap same wave length per sochtay han yani koi word coma full stop kuch to ho jis say main disagree kerti per nahi :)…and thank u epi k baad say soch rahi thi ye adeel kiun dekha dekha lagta hai..oh God chacha ji ko kiya bana diya but he’s a good actor tou I am happy k in ko lia hai..waisay mera vote is suited booted adeel ki bajaiy simple sweet chacha ji ki terf hai :)
    @sadaf’s comment no 7:LOL @ snake ap hamesha koi na koi baat aisy kerti han jis per main waqfay waqfay say hunsti rehti hoon yani jab bhi khayal aye so thank u for that :) aur haan snake k ilawa ek ganda saa doggy bhi hai bari lambi laal zubaan wala infact snake say tou main phir kisi had tak excited hoon (anaconda hai k python khuda janay aut pta nahi python hi hota hai yaa kuch aur kehtay han) per doggy dekh ker hansi aa rahi hai
    I don’t know Don k sath ye animals dikha ker kia show kerna chahtay han derr tou hum bilkul nahi rahay huns zaror rahay han darana tha tou tiger latay black wala I think wo kuch gracefull to lagta picture main kiun aap log kia kehtay han kon sa animal suitable rehta

  • RB

    MM: His name’s Yasir Mazhar and that hipster haircut looks good on him! The suit was a bit too shiny for my liking but then again goes with the character, I guess. For a second I thought he’s a little too young to be a chachca but then Aunn-Zara clicked. ::tube light:: I’m missing the days of Qurbani (remember Zeenat Aman and Feroze Khan) and Don (the original one), and yes BM does have those feels with a pinch of Hollywood glamour thrown in. Regardless of the Rs. 7 crore jewellery and Rs. 5 lakh suits, I’m just waiting for the inner desi to come out all song and dance too! Good eye on YM, whatcha gonna bet he dies in the series?

    Sadaf: Thank youuuuu! :) Next time I’ll try to screenshot a bit more. Make it more visual, after all, if I’ve learnt anything from BM it’s that appearances matter even online. Haha! You liked the whole in-laws waiting scenes? I was cringing at what I knew was going to happen – an huge argument! Points to Maheen though for handling that situation. It can’t be easy to have a brother like Bashar. This is why I think Sahira is a good balance for Bashar, which goes back to Annie’s point of an OTT bhabhi. I think since the brother is loud and brash, the sister needs to match his intensity, and she does this with a calm, composed demeanour yet killer instincts. The apt words to describe her would be: Haseen Qatil (not to sound cheesy or anything). I hear you, Sadaf, on girls like that, sometimes I’m surprised that they’re not girls anymore! And FQ had me at the tan shoes, I was like now here’s a man who can rock that look.

    Truth be told I’m rather impressed with whole grooming aspect especially with the men. They have the latest haircuts – hipster blowbacks, buzz cuts, what have you – dapper clothing (if somewhat shiny), seemingly impeccable posture and manners. I hope this trend continues. There’s no harm in seeing a man who takes care of his physical appearance without going overboard. Like, for instance, even though the hair was slicked up and gelled over, the eyebrows were left untouched – makes it more believable.

    Annie, Annie, Annie give Maheen a chance, no? Let her grow on you. Haha! I’m still going to give this a few more watches before coming to a conclusion.

  • Annie

    I am with MM on this one completely. I got quickly tired of all the Buland conversations. If the first epi had so much repetitiveness I can only imagine what the rest of the 23 episode would be like. It was good to see Buntys butler here wearing a topi lol – such a versatile actor! I enjoyed maheens husband as Aunn’s chacha more. Incase we wondered what the Maheen Rizvi of ZGH would grow up to be, we have our answer in the very annoying OTT bhabhi. The cinematography is great! Not sure how many women wear fancy clothes while serving chai to their Abba. Let’s hope the money was also spent on the script and not just looks.

  • Sadaf

    @MM he would be hot if it were not for the silver suts and bucket of tanning spray poured over him …
    Oh and RB iI picked up on the good v evil , materialism v real human values too …if handeled well itwill be great to watch …
    please everyone where is the snake …I was promised a snake in the promos…?

  • Sadaf

    RB thank you gfor a well thought out and well written review ,worth the wait man ! …as were the tan shoes and the navy suite …My husband approves too.
    Ok I am with MM on this one . I was expecting a quiet , powerful performance from Faysal Qureshi …but he was like aagaey tho Chaa gaey. once I got over that….well yes, Faysal is the absolute powerhouse of the show but I am praying he does not cross the line any further and go over the top . I loved the scene when he deliberatly keeps the perspective in laws waiting …Psychological warfare .
    The strong point for me (just like MM ) was the script ..I can see this story weaving together like well crafted tapestry. I found Sahira’s character facinating and yes RB I have met a few like her. the wonderful way she manipulated Rudaba and then her sister … if only Maheen Rizvi would realise the power of this character and the hair flicks would not be necessary .
    @Faraz well HOORAY!! here is the male and story oriented drama that we thought was missing from the screens.! Perhaps we will find out later where they spent the money ..anyone hoping for more light …I am sorry lack of lighting is an A&B productions rule .
    OK don’t hit me but after expecting the worst and I mean the worst from little ms Ushna so far she seems good. She actually looks young and naive, easily led etc and heck I don’t blame her having reservations about marrying a guy with a name like “Bulund”.

  • Speaking of them mards – isn’t anyone noticing the hotness of quotient of Sahira’s hubby? I believe he was Aunn’s Chacha – name?

    Am intrigued by this black money business I hope it harks back to smuggler movies of the 70s and 80s. Also how very apt to substitute sisters for gangster molls? =P

  • RB

    I think I have an idea where I see Bashar going as a character, MM. I hope he’s like Amithabh Bachchan in Sarkar. Quite and deadly in public but a firecracker in front of the family. And to be fair we’ve only seen him deal with Sahira for the time being. I want to see how he interacts with his opponents (I’m assuming they’ll be some give he deals in black money).

    I wasn’t a big fan of the bling-bling either. Although Faysal Quraishi’s tan shoes and navy suit, girl, now that;s fashion forward in our serials (for a man!). For the most part the costumes are in keeping with the characters.

    You didn’t like Mahenn Rizvi, it was exactly her overacting that sold me on her character. Come on we all know these girl – in school, in our neighbourhood, some might be our cousins, heaven forbid even a sister!

    Hey, disagreements are fine, as long as we disagree over a mard. Haha! ;) ::insert bemused eyebrow raise here::

  • Annie

    I am with MM on this one – I did not even make myself say “acha hai”

  • Ok RB – can’t believe am saying this but you and I aren’t on the same page on this one!

    As you said, it was pretty flat and for the kind of money that they’ve spent the production values didn’t seem very high. I get that the lighting is supposed to be dark and moody but ya too dark and blue lighting always seems off to me personally

    What I did like (despite the performance) were the dialogues – they sounded contemporary, and each character sounded like they came from a different value system. Now if only most of the performances lived up to the dialogue….

    Sorry to say but Maheen R was overacting, flicking her hair and that overly Anglicized accent was taking her character ( who sounds very interesting) down a notch or um 10. Ushna was OK (But for the life of me I never understand girls who go through with an engagement if they have so many reservations….)

    Nice to see Qutub in different mulazim avatar but Faysal Q – Sorry RB and Faraz – he was over the top! Bulging eyes, screaming and shouting – OTT- fest!

    Can you imagine the chills this character could have given you if he down played his uncouthness and presented it with a veneer of respectability?

  • RB

    Faraz, admit it, you only like it because it’s man at the helm. Haha!

    Jokes aside, I agree, jab maina woh scene dekha as Bashar waits to sit till his sister sits, I was so confused. I thought that was so out of character for a man who’s screaming at everyone around him and that too in rather crude language. Waise appas ki baat Faysal Quraishi’s bad, bad Urdu was still ten notches above the bad Bumbaiya Hindi we hear in drama/movies these days. Just my opinion, I’m sure someone will disagree.

    I too am excited for the next episode. Hopefully things will pick up, and from the promo it seems they will. :)

  • Faraz

    I really enjoyed the 1st episode … and i will be honest that was because of Faysal Qureshi,

    I kinda like him :P ….. i dont know if he will turn evil later.. but so far i find his personality commanding.. and there are small things which tells me he does respect women…

    the scene when he enters the room and sits on the sofa and waits for his sister to sit 1st.. was it deliberate and the writer/director wanted to show his good side?

    similarly his dialogue delivery was something that really took the show on an upper scale..

    for me Bashar momin is nothing without Faysal quershi… infact i would say he was in the 1st episode for hardly 5 minutes but those 5 minutes were life of the 1st episode.

    I think Osama( the director) has given it a God Father like treatment thats why low lights and dark atmosphere.. but none the less it was a very promising 1st episode.. but i really hope that it maintains the momentum and unlike most of AB drama serial where the start is very promising but it goes downhill later.

    however i feel that agar itnay zyada paisey kharch na bhi kartey drama per tab bhi kafi likeble hai drama…

    rest ushna isnt that of a beauty kay banda uss kay liye itnay maslay karay :) per chalo koi baat nahi

    so we finally have a drama with a Male protagonist ? I enjoyed it. and will be waiting for it next friday!

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