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Besharam…And Its A Happy Ending

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So it was a happy ending all around for Mishal and Haider’s families. Nobody’s getting divorced and no engagements are gonna be called off, both Haider and Mishal are officially out of work but that dosen’t matter just as long as they have eachother. Since it was the last episode, so let’s review the drama overall.

The promos were promising and I was interested to see how the writer would present the intriguing worlds of showbiz and politics and the marriage that brought two peoples from these worlds together. It was a brilliant idea and the initial episodes were interesting particularly the characterization was good and I was hoping it would get better with time. There were some strong points and there were also some weak points, overall the drama was not a ” must watch ” but at the same time it was entertaining.

The weak points…why can’t women have careers ? I can understand Saba’s family being against a career in showbiz but why couldn’t Mishal continue her career , even at the end when Haider made the declaration that he trusted his wife ?  Hamna was only in the drama for making and breaking rishtay ? She suggested at one point to start teaching at a school instead of sitting home and waiting for the eligible bachelor to show up but her Gairatmand brother wouldn’t have it. His sister couldn’t earn for the family but he was ok to accept his wife’s ” modeling ka Paisa ” as a loan. I fail to understand the logic behind this. If Haider and his mother are as sensible as they were shown to be, they why not let Hamna do something meaningful with her time, rather than serving the entire family and the rishtay wali aunties chai all the time ?

Another point, Haider couldn’t stand by his beliefs in the world of politics, if he is the guy who won’t compromise on his principles does that mean he cannot be successful in politics? I also had issues with this character Haider. For starters,  Why does he not earn for his family ? He never had a proper job in the entire duration of the drama. Yes he does social work but be a man, be the breadwinner your family needs or get out of the way and let the women do it for themselves. When his career in politics took off, he had no problems with accepting a new car, a big house and huge sums of money for his sister’s wedding. He pretended it was all his ” earnings ” but deep down he knew he was being paid to do what he was being told and not ask questions; never a good sign.

Towards the end where was Sophie and Taya Abba’s family  ?  Why did Saba disappear after her marriage and why did we not see much of Wahaab suneira  ? These two characters had so much potential and were so much fun to watch. Also I couldn’t understand what was the logic behind Wahaab’s scheme of buying Taya abba’s shop, how did that influence the story ? The point wasn’t carried out effectively. Danial Ahmed made an appearance in the last episode and that led me to think, was it necessary ? Did Haider only leave his political party out of jealousy or was it a matter of principle? Had Daniyal not shown up would Haider still be a part of that party ?

The plus points were of course the brilliant performances. Everyone, the entire cast did a fabulous job. Saba Qamar and Zahid Ahmed had amazing chemistry and the fans loved their pair. The characters were realistic and entertaining, the direction was good and OST was amazing.

Coming to the last episode, the best part for me was the heart to heart between the mother and daughter. That was touching, both Saba Qamar and Atiqa Odho were superb. You could feel Mishal’s pain and it was the first time her mother took control of the situation and gave her daughter the much needed emotional support.

I did find Mannan to be very selfish. Mishal was in the middle of a heartbreak and all he wanted was the reassurance that Mishal’s problems won’t have an impact on his love life. Yes, I was happy for Hamna, the sweet, kind, gentle, loyal, absolutely harmless Hamna for getting her happy ending but I wish her role was not limited like that. She was capable of doing much more.

In the end Haider and Mishal decided that ” their marriage ” was their first pariority and everything else didn’t matter, it was good that they decided to save their relationship but I would have loved  to see them have a proper rational discussion about the things that drove them apart and then work things out.

The drama ended but the big question remains, ” can a girl not pursue a career in showbiz and be a good wife at the same time ” ? And ” is it impossible for an honest man to have a career in politics ” ? For me, these questions remained unanswered.


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