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Besharam…Episode 22

Kiran A . 0

The story has finally picked up some pace, after some very slow moving episodes. Things are getting more intriguing as Mishal and Haider are now facing more challenges, this time due to his profession. The side tracks are also making progress and overall this was an engaging episode.

Not liking Mannan at all. He got only one scene in this episode and he was totally getting angry for no reason at all. First of all, Hamna has not given him any positive response to his flirtation. Secondly, SHE HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY NO. Just because he is interested in her and she has been polite to him, dosen’t mean it’s a done deal. He also does not have the right to question her reasons for rejecting him. If she says no, then it’s no. She does not have to explain her self to him. I am totally against this trend of guys being rude, possessive, controlling and the drama makers showing it as ” romantic gestures “. If you ask me, Hamna is too good for both Mannan and Qadeer, she could see how her marriage with Mannan will affect his family, since his mother is already against it. So it would not be a smart move to further pressurized her. However, his mother is doing some much needed soul searching, I wish they had given her some dialogues cause her character is very interesting and I would love to hear what is going on in her mind, not just guess from the flashbacks. I am guessing eventually she will come around and give her blessings to Mannan and Hamna’s marriage. It will happen somewhere in the 24th episode and that is why they are taking their time, to build up the suspense and create hipe. It would be the perfect timing cause both Qadeer and Mannan would come face to face for the hand of the fair maiden and Qadeer will get the well deserved rejection .

Marriage has changed both Haider and Mishal, the only difference is Mishal has found peace and tranquility in her new life while Haider is facing his insecurities. He feels he should be able to give Mishal the same lifestyle she had before she was married to him. He feels obligated to do that, he has put a lot of pressure on himself and as a result he is not only becoming a different person, he is treating everyone differently. He is more than willing to move to defense, even though he can’t afford the house but still he is willing to take it, rather accept it as a gift; a trait specific of our typical politicians. Very quickly he is becoming the same kind of politician, he once fought against. He is becoming what he once hated and that is disturbing because the people who stood by him, only did so because he was honest and he actually cared for the common man, now he is becoming a political leader who just wants to climb the ladder and get on top, by hook or by crook. He himself is in denial and can’t understand why his family is not rejoicing in his success.

This is what Mishe is trying to explain to him but he is too busy listening and obeying Asfand Suktan to listen to his own family. His new attitude is causing a rift between his wife and mother. The once happy family is now facing a divide between them.

On a lighter note, it is amazing how Mishal and Haider get all the privacy they need to hold hands, lock eyes and deliver the page long romantic dialogues without any interruptions even when they are standing in the living room :). Most couples living in joint families can only dream of this level of privacy and freedom :)

Now coming to Haider Bakht’s outfits. His almost sleeveless T-shirt under the white sleeveless waistcoat/ jacket/ koti ( whatever it was ) was looking horrible. It gave him the tapoori look, very taporri and juvenile. It made him look like Someone who is a wanna be stud, not a mature, married, sensible politician. I get it, he is a cool dude but this look was weird.

Fakhira is not someone who believes in FairPlay, she sabotaged Hamna’s proposal just to ensure that her son’s proposal would not be rejected. This family does not believe in being sensible, Fakhira was openly discussing Hamna with Qadeer and Qadeer’s fiancé heard everything. I have a feeling she will not make a graceful exit so that Qadeer can get his happily ever after with Hamna, she will get back at him and it just might cost him his job. I wouldn’t feel sorry for him cause frankly he is a lot like his mother, using people when it suits his needs. First Instead of taking a stand for Hamna and fighting for her, he took the easy way out and hooked up with the first girl he met. Now that things are not going smoothly and she is dominating him, again Qadeer wants to take the easy way out by dumping her , putting the blame for it on his parents and marrying Hamna. This guy dosen’t have a backbone.

I missed Saba and Wahaab suneyara in this episode, these guys are so much fun to watch but still the episode was captivating and the promos promise fireworks next week, so waiting for next episode.

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