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Bilqees Kaur – Episode 13

SZ . 13

Have to say Mr. Sultan you’re more slippery than a wet fish – just when I get angry at you for being an uncaring, selfish guy, you backflip and turn into such a considerate person: chiding Inayat for not speaking up on behalf of his wife, standing up to your mother and taking her to task for her behavior towards Peeno, and reminding Billo this is US not a remote village back home, where such behavior might be considered acceptable. But, then, just as I am warming up to you and thinking of taking back all the abuses I hurled at you last week, in the very next instant, like a chameleon you’ve changed colors yet again, telling Soha to mind her own business, not care about others around her, detach herself from others’ problems. Again, you get my vote for saying you would attend Anjuman’ wedding, then you turn me off completely by telling Soha that you will not introduce her to Anjuman. Later, you listen to a one-sided convo and without asking Soha for an explanation, you start going off on a tangent. And then watching your reaction to Soha’s unexpected visit to Kuljeet’s house, it is evident that even though you protest otherwise, you’ve definitely inherited some of your mom’s control freak genes… Akhir apki problem kiya hai bhai sahab?

I don’t know how Adnan & Co are managing it, but I love the fact that week after week the bar keeps getting raised higher and higher. The story is in full swing and as characters are now in their full glory – the good, the bad, the ugly, it’s all here. No one is beyond reproach, nothing is white or black, just a full range of grays on display here.

Soha’s presence has definitely stirred the pot in the Bhatti household, and Bilqees, for one, is most definitely not a happy camper at the moment. Just imagine, a twit of a girl has caused Inayat to look upon his wife as if she were human. He actually managed to utter two words in her defense in front of his mother. What will he do next? Take his wife out to the movies?? Can Billo’s nerves deal with such a calamity? Stretching Billo’s already frayed nerves even further, Soha has also gone and thrown out expired foods and ordered fresh groceries. As if that’s not enough, she also risked Sultan and Billo’s wrath by asking Peeno to stitch Anjuman’s bridal jora, and wonder of wonders, even Lysol-ed the house! Wonder how long Billo is going to put up with madam Soha’s stunts. Waisey, looking at Soha’s doings today, I have to agree with mamaji, this girl is more like Bilqees than all of her kids put together.

In tandem with all these going-ons, we got yet another glimpse into Bilqees’ difficult relationship with her past. Ill-tempered and stern as she might seem today, in some ways she is still trying to gain approval and acceptance. The very difficult time she had after her conversion still haunts her. Hence her push to get her children married into Iqbal’s family, her visceral reaction to Anjuman’s elopement, and her concern with duniya kya kahegi. One sees her getting worked up every time she hears her children being referred to as Sikhni ki aulad. Even Iqbal, innocuous as he seems, has never hesitated to remind her of her elopement. One can only wonder as to what role all those experiences have played in her becoming the stern and dominating person she is today.

That this story and its fictional characters can and have provoked discussions about a variety of topics like immigrants’ issues, problems of social evils like watta-satta, physical abuse, role and value of education, among others, all point to the fact that Bilqees Kaur has indeed made its point. Even more praise-worthy is the fact that rather than coming across as a self-styled  “issue-based” drama, this is more of a delicious blend of romance, social commentary, and humor. Clearly, a dish cooked to perfection by Faiza Iftikhar, Adnan Ahmed, and the cast and crew of Bilqees Kaur. Looking forward to the next serving….


Written by SZ~

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  • howzzat

    @SZ: As usual, I'm always the last one to comment on the BK thread lol But I must say this episode was so much more of a rollercoaster. Now that ''Billo Di Gaddi'' has picked up speed its not gonna stop. Now its either gonna get derailed or continue running knocking as many obstacles on the way.

    Soha has finally decided to do things her way and most importantly in her style.. even if that means getting her beloved saas on the road with her high demands.. I loved that scene where she goes around giving explanations for the Lasagna and the Apple Pie :D Bushra Ansari ke kya kehne. She makes the show what it is currently and Syra Yousuf is raising the bar with every passing episode as well.

    Sultan's character is one really confused soul. I feel that even he doesn't know why does he say/ do whatever he really does. His reasoning to Soha is very haphazard, so much so that you realise that this guy is selfish and his only aim is to run away from those very people who have raised him and also he's embarassed of his family business of running a dhaba in NY. How many western kids do we know who are embarassed of their parents and their blue-collar jobs just because they're not ''cool'' enough now as they themselves are.. Ahsan Khan is doing a very commendable job. I can't imagine anyone else playing Sultan here. Also Ahsan and Syra have just fantabulous chemistry that keeps you wanting more and more :)

    SZ, That link you posted was indeed quite an eye-opener as well. Kya future hai aise desi kids ka you end up wondering. Will the gap ever be filled between the two generations as the two cultures will continue to shock each other for as long as it ever exists! :(

  • SK

    As usual very engaging episode and the review is excellent too. Glad Sultan put Liz in her place. Loving Soha and BK interactions…and also soha Sultan clashed, makes for very thought provoking viewing. You can sympathise with every one of them in different scenarios! So glad Peeno was actually noticed by her husband, finally?? Looking forward to more…

  • SZ

    @Sadaf and Javeria: Glad to know you enjoyed reading this blog. I had found it very evocative of some the problems hinted at in this serial. Of course, the issue faced by the young man in the blog and those faced by Inayat, Peeno, Sultan, and Anjuman are quite different in their complexity, nonetheless I found it to be a very poignant insight into some of the struggles faced by a number of immigrant families.

  • Sadaf H

    Having said that , how are parents to react when their child wishes to marry outside their religion…..? I hope with courage and patience , only Allah has the power to change hearts and minds.

  • Sadaf H

    That Link was so sad , but so true of the way parents , even educated ones react in immigrant families

  • javeria

    sz what a tragic link you have put here,so some times kids even in America are scared to move out no matter how deeply their heart desire,the desire for parents to rule over their kids seems like a common factor,I guess are were all thinking why Sultan,Inyat still are stuck with BK but some people like shabbir are the real prof of that.

  • Ash

    lovely review!!, like always of course! =)

    this was a great episode! yes , every episode is really well paced and the drama is not dragging, but this episode in particular had a lot going on and not once did i feel lost.

    Finally things are turning around, well somewhat anyway. It was nice to see Inayat actually shown to have a heart and look after Peeno, even if it did take Soha's preaching for that to happen. But sometimes, one always needs another person to knock some sense into them. Maybe now he can stand up to his mother, or try to any way..

    One thing I fail to understand, drama after drama, we see the same problem! Pakistani men have never heard of the word communication before! First, its his fault to pick up his wife's phone. Sure its his wife and all but a phone is really personal just like a purse / wallet, i don't think anyone else should touch it… khair that being said, the girl doesn't even wait for a "hello", aur puri dastaan suna dete hai.

    Sultan should have talked to Soha about it. I mean they clearly discuss and talk about everything under the sun [well almost], he should have just talked to her about it instead of coming up with stupid reasons as to why she married him in the first place.

    Now when Soha will finally begin to develop feelings for him, he will never think they are genuine because that phone call will haunt him for the rest of his life.. ugh!

    But it was good to see him finally give Liz the shut up call. Har hafte wohi same dialogs, give it a rest!

    Hopefully *fingers crossed* next week we can see Anjuman get married and something tells me Soha maybe successful in bringing everyone to be a part of it! =)

    I think everyone is doing justice in their respective roles but my personal favorite has to be Sadia Imam playing Peeno. I've seen her in many dramas in the past but this has to be her best performance to date! Shes done an excellent job and really looking forward to see her after that makeover [shown in the OST]. Bilqees Kaur is in for a surprise for sure! :D

  • SZ

    @Javeria: Isnt it fab to have a serial where characters are so difficult to pin down; we love them one week and question them the next, we empathize with them and then go hmmm the next moment …

    @Nadia: LOL! I was thinking that too! If you haven't seen it yet you should definitely check out Nadia Khan's show on the quality of food served in restaurants in Pakistan, that might just turn you off eating out.

    @Fatima: Good to know you're now following BK. I tell you these characters are so well-etched out ke your sympathies flipflop every week, so hard to pass judgement on anyone… yes, Sadia Imam is brilliant, as is the rest of the cast actually.

    @Sadaf: Agree with you 100%. Sultan is a fabulously done character.. he is truly caught between a rock and a hard place. Although, I write about him humorously, but I do know of a whole slew of people faced with similar dilemmas. Hats off to Fiza Iftikhar for addressing this topic so beautifully…reminds me so much a very tragic incident that was recently the topic of a blog I came across … do read this if you have the time …

  • Fatima Awan

    I read a quote today " everything that irritates us about others gives a clearer understanding of ourselves" explains a lot about BK and how she is. After this episode im with BK ;)

  • Fatima Awan

    Thank you for the review SZ:). I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Some of the things bilquees says are so darn interesting like when she called Soha "phirarkan" lol toooo good and the reaction that comes from the other side is even more interesting!! I am totally loving Sadia Imam as peeno.. Great job. I really feel for poor Sultan, i wonder how Soha will get out of this one. Have to say one thing though Soha is too damn nosy, it gets annoying sometimes. But yes i am glad she gave Inayat a wake up call. I actually felt for BK today, i think i'd rather have it her way than Soha dictating her, she maybe wrong but atleast she has earned it.

  • I loved the way Bilqees justified the use of expired products. Makes me wonder if this is what all the desi restaurants here are doing…hmm..that would explain the funky taste.

    Power to Soha! We need more girls like her!

    Keep it coming SZ. Looking forward to your next serving

  • Sadaf H

    I really love this serial . The whole team is great but I wish they had spent more time on developing Soha and Sultan's relationship, maybe this is coming ….? Sultan's attitude to his family is typical of some immigrant families. Sometimes your parents and Pakistani culture seem like a monolithic wall that can never be moved an inch and the best way to get along is to ignore them and get along the best you can with your life. Immigrant children from such families tend to live double lives not in a bad way ,but just in attitudes. I think Ahsan is doing a great job as Sultan who is such an authentic character. All the characters are authentic and three dimenional . I'm glad to see this drama getting the recognition it deserves and reaching number two on the charts.

  • Javeria

    yay, finally the tides are shifting,if Soha had made the declaration to Anjuman two weeks ago that she could bring everybody to her wedding we all would have laughed,but now all that she has achieved in this week i am all but a little hopeful. She is turning out to be a genie in the bottle.Sultan did amaze me today by at least standing up in front of rest and giving a shut up call to Liz ,of course he still has to to grow a lot but i do see the potential .And Inyat was there possibly any humane side left to him.Soha girl what are you cooking in them for kitchen,getting rid of the expired food is certianly doing the trick.

    Felt sad for Belqees how she still had to authenticate her existence as a muslim,and how she is still crucified for having sikh ancestors.These are all but very sad truths of life.

    i have to say the dose of humor the feed us time and again in the serial really takes all the tension away,what a fast paced serial.Excellent job done on Soha's make up for making her as natural as possible throughout the serial.

    Spot on review SZ,thanks for your weekly dose.

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