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Bin Roye – Episode 10 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

I can go on writing about Mahira’s top notch acting skills today. I have only one question, how does she do it? Fantastic as always and brought the most magic to her. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say this entire story is carried by the beautiful Mahira Khan. The story moved forward, secrets were revealed and finally after what seemed like an eternity Saba found out the truth. Bin Roye lacks proper or constant pace which disappointed me.

Saman’s character and her terrible acting is finally over. Her death scene was a fine work of amazing camera skills and direction, I bet you re-watched it too like I did. I’m not sure if to be happy or sad because there won’t be any repetitive romantic Irtiza Saman scenes. Something that didn’t click was Saman’s out of the blue realization. Baarish, Ghalib ki poetry, safaid rang… and dang! Two years long she couldn’t get the slightest clue of Saba’s love for Irtiza. This scene could have been directed in a much better way. Maliha’s character could have been a lot more convincing if her reaction at daughter’s funnel death was more intense. Saba’s reaction at Saman’s demise was as expected, it was a mixture of shock and disbelief but more than that it was guilt that made this shock so unbearable for her as she blames herself for her death, reminiscing all the times she cursed her in anger. The scenes from the previous episodes are shown repeatedly in flash backs which seemingly is only a tool to further lengthen the drama.

If we talk about Mahira, then it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bin Roye is another feather in her cap. We already know that she is a brilliant actress. With this project, she has pushed the bar a mile further. Her dialogue delivery is exceptional and effortless. My favourite dialogue from today’s episode was; ‘Jab aankhon se aansu nahi nikalte tou seedha dil par aa kar girtay hain, phir bohot takleef hoti hai Amma.’ Saba and Dadi’s scenes are always heart-warming. Humayun Saeed once again makes the audience realise that he is never gonna grow old. The way he portrays love, friendship and heartbreak is truly commendable. And oh, Aamir got engaged!

Saba realized that she doesn’t hate Saman. It was just temporary jealousy and that she was envious of her. Seeingm Maaz and Saba getting closer to each other, Dadi shares her opinion to get them married. Maliha is very much convinced but will Saba ever agree to be the second wife of her first love Irtiza? Let’s see what Bin Roye has in store! Until then, share your thoughts and predictions for next episode for us.
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