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Bin Roye – Episode 11 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

This episode was exactly what viewers were expecting. The story line is now at fine pace and they didn’t drag the story with irrelevant scenes. Let’s start with the major developments that took place in this episode. So Dadi finally expressed her opinion to the two of them. Saba, as expected, refused right away to marry Irtiza because according to her it would be unjust to her late sister if she marries him. Irtiza’s rejection was different than that of Saba. He refused to marry becasue he thinks he’s not the right man for Saba as he’s already shaadi shuda and aik bachay ka baap. She deserves someone who would love her the most and according to him he’s not that best man. Little did he know he’s the one Saba had been loving her whole life. Saba’s character is the most important one as the entire play revolves around her and the girl doing this role deserves credit for beautifully depicting the different moods, shades and phases going through.

What surprised me the most in this episode was the reaction of Safeer’s mother. After knowing the truth that his son is married to another woman and also a father of one, she decided to hide this from Saba’s family. She only wants to fulfil her promise to make Saba her bahu. It is odd that Saba’s family didn’t try to get any info about Safeer either. ‘Islam mey 4 jaayiz hain tum to phir bhi doosri karo gey‘ this dialogue proves that she is willing to give this option a try even when the two of them don’t even know each other completely.

The scene between Saba and Nani was just superb and oh man, Mahira was looking drop dead gorgeous. Whenever these two are left on their own, they can open their hearts to each other. It is so good to see these nani-nawasi bonding. The guilt is not letting her get any peace of mind so she agreed to marry just to prove that she was never jealous of Saman and Irtiza, as she says; ‘Ab tou Saman ko yaqeen ho jayega na ke mein uski koi cheez nahi chheen’na chahti thi, jo cheez Saman ki hai, wo aaj bhi uski hai.‘ The way Irtiza was showering Saba with love, attention, and presents, it wasn’t hard to see how much he adores her. Saba for once was happy and smiling. I honestly miss their scenes. They made it a delight for the fans.

The drama has reached a point where the viewers are anxiously waiting for the next episode week after week. This entire episode was filled with highly emotional scenes and brilliant performances and my favorite one was when Saba made coffee for Irtiza after ages! Through the promos we can see Saba and Safeer track. Let’s see how this chapter of the story unfolds for now I am just feeling bad for poor Saba.

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