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Bin Roye – Episode 14 Review

Rida Abeeha . 2

Bin Roye made a big development in this episode which kept us all glued to the screens. The main highlight of this episode was the disclosure of Safeer’s first marriage to Saba’s family which seemed like an eternity.

What I find weird is that Zafar has been in US for 1.5 years but no one bothered him to go and inquire about safeer and all of a sudden out of nowhere irtiza starts getting worried because of it. Shouldn’t they have inquired all this before marriage? Any responsible parents would want to at least inquire about their son-in-law on the phone before getting their daughter married. The story fails to relate to reality. Something that has always been missing from this drama from the very start was the mother-daughter relationship between Saba and Maliha. But now out of nowhere Maliha is shown feeling bad for her daughter Saba. When you take a novel and make a drama on it, it’s not an easy job.

It won’t be wrong to say that Humayun Saeed is like a fine wine – he only gets better with age. His dialogue deliverance was splendid, his facial expressions were flawless and how he reacted in certain situations was excellent. I love how he’s very sensitive when it comes to Saba. His reaction when he found out about Safeer’s first wedding tells how much he loves and how much he got hurt because of it. Personally, I do not like Safeer’s acting at all, it is so robotic. On the other hand, what I find surprising and ridiculous was that how can Salma Aapa still have the audacity to raise objection over Irtiza’s interference when her own son is the one who is at the fault.

Both Saba and Irtiza had come a long way, time and experience did not change her feelings for her Irtiza and he also realised that living in denial was not helping anyone. Rather this attitude was causing pain and misery to himself and Saba along with the rest of the family. Despite everything that has happened, Irtiza still likes her and now she just couldn’t take it anymore so once again she threatens about attempting suicide. The preview of next episode brings a total new turn to the drama. Did Irtiza forcibly marry Saba or was it just a dream? All this will be very interesting to see in the coming weeks.

  • sahar gull

    it is one of the best Drama i like it.

  • Sadaf

    Interesting review Rida , some good points made. I think the whole mish mash of directors is one of the biggest reasons this serial is a bit hap hazard in quality . This week’s episode was definately better becuase Safer is finally out of our hair . As to why people dont check before getting their daughter’s married off , its a common enough story , people never learn they just trust blindly especially if its amongst relatives . Safeer takes after his mother is all I ahave to say on that family .
    I think the pivotal moment here was when Safeer tried to cover himself by Badmouthing and maligning Saba’s character . When He asks Irtiza why he as a cousin is o interested in saba’s happiness , it is probably Safeer feeling around in the dark for a metaphorical stone to throw because the heat is on but it hits home . Humayoon Saeed was got it just right , as Irtiza suddenly realises why he is so bsessed with saba’s Happiness . That was worth the all the uneven quality and stretches of Safeer that we have had to see. Mahira and Humayoon are amazing in this , Just love them both .

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