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Bin Roye Episode 6 Review

Rida Abeeha . 1

WOAH. Love, anger, hate, romance, helplessness, pain, fun and so much more just in one episode! This was the best episode of Bin Roye so far; every scene was beautifully directed and well executed by every character. Just when I thought that Mahira Khan was at her best in Sadqay Tumhare, she proved me wrong by her strong performance in Bin Roye. And oh, Armeena! It’s not just her role in Janaan that she has absolutely nailed, but her role in Bin Roye too.

So, I really don’t know where to start from. This episode brought to us a roller coaster ride of mixed emotions. The wedding ceremony was beautifully covered. There’s Mahira in an all-yellow typical mayoon jora, Armeena in a heavily-worked peach shirt for her valima, Mahira on her wedding day in a wide-necked, sleeveless orange and red dress looking like an absolute diva. Mahira’s performance on Ballay Ballay was a treat to eyes. I loved the guest performance of Adeel Hussain, no one could’ve complimented Mahira better than him. It couldn’t get any better depicting the Pakistani mehndi function and all that glamour. Irtiza, while perfecting the romantic hero, can be seen smiling all the time, little does he know what Saba feels. Sigh.

Mahira Khan’s intense acting is hard to ignore. The charm and intensity that woman has is too difficult to put into words. Mahira has delivered her best performance to date as Saba tries to express jealousy, rage, guilt and pain, all at once. As Mahira in an interview said Bin Roye was rather a challenge for her to act in such a way that audience doesn’t go like “haww behan ko baddua de rahi hai” infact the audience curses Saman with her too. She has tirelessly succeeded in her own challenge. The film has some beautiful cinematic shots of the San Francisco. But wait.. something’s cooking up from Safeer’s side. His mother wants Saba as her bahu but Dadi asks her for a little time. Will Saba ever agree? I guess we know the answer already. Meanwhile Saman and Irtiza left for honeymoon and they seem to be enjoying. One thing I absolutely love about Bin Roye is Dadi’s character. She is more like Saba’s best friend than Dadi. Isn’t it just too cute, leads me in awe every time.

Effortlessly beautiful, delightful performances, breathtaking locations make ‘Bin Roye’ the most watched drama today. Needless to say, Haissam Hussain has proved to be the best director once again. I am already geared up for the next episode. Until then share your thoughts with us.

  • Aliyah

    Very well written Rida. I was in complete awe when I saw the break down scene of Mahira khan. She has come a long way since humsafar ! This is one of the best dramas to watch !

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