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Bin Roye – Episode 7 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

Alright so. Bin Roye’s episode 7 has hit the screens but nothing special happened in this episode. In fact some of the viewers and critics even said that they’re just dragging the drama by adding irrelevant scenes and turning into a drama was a stupid idea while. Well.

This episode starts off with a conversation between Safeer and his mother discussing about Saba where he asks her whether they accepted the marriage proposal or not and his mom gives him surety that they’d definitely accept their marriage proposal kyun ke mera beta Irtiza se kam hai kya? Anyways. Saman and Irtiza are back from honeymoon and life goes on for Saba. While showing the honeymoon photos Saman kept on telling Saba how lucky she is to have a husband like Irtiza. Each word of Saman rang through Saba’s ears and glowed like a burning coal like they were written in her soul for Irtiza. Good news for Saba, even their presence was a torture for them so Irtiza decided to settle in USA considering Saman’s attachment to her home and also he will look after his uncle business.

Did you notice the sudden change in Saba? She has become so much mature and serious. Who would have thought that Saba will act formal with Irtiza. I really feel bad for her. This sudden change in Saba’s personality was somewhat unbelievable. Her new behavior was bothering Irtiza and he asked her to get back to being the old goofy Saba, but then again, little does he know what Saba goes through as she says; ‘Saman se tou mein kabhi nahi jeet sakti‘.

The highlight of the episode of was Sonia unexpectedly getting pregnant. It came as a shock for Safeer and he immediately asked for abortion but she refused. So he finally decided to marry her despite of different religion and his commitment to his mother, maybe because he couldn’t let his child to become a disgrace for society. Something I found a little funny in this episode is, on the other hand, Saman is expecting too and Irtiza is a little too happy!

Let’s talk about the scene which I’m sure everybody loved. Yes, Abida Parveen’s soulful and mesmerising track; Maula Maula. Saba, going through an old album, seeing her old photos with rtiza and reminiscing her good time. Every single photo takes her back to the past. Abida’s track in the background during the whole scene was a cherry on the top. I love every lyric of it. So beautiful, hits right in the feels. Kudos to director once again for directing every scene of this episode in a flawless manner.

So. That’s all for today, folks! This episode wasn’t too impressive but the preview definitely gave a reason to tune into HUMTv next week. Being a fan of Adnan Malik, I really hope he isn’t just for a guest appearance. Until then, share your thoughts and predictions with us.

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