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Bin Roye – Episode 8 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

I had a really tough time sitting through this episode. It had unnecessarily long scenes anddid not have much to offer in terms of story development. Nothing special or extraordinary happened today except that we are introduced to a new character; Adnan Malik. Yes, the Sadqay Tumhare guy! I feel like Aamir is more of a negative character and one thing I’m sure about, viewers don’t want another Khalil and Shano again.

Speaking of today’s episode, it was a sheer disappointment. I feel they have slowed the pace down. Saba has been suffering since the last two episodes which is a total drag. And now I dread more of her emotional scenes in upcoming episodes as she went to US for vacations. One thing I absolutely hated about the story is how Saba isn’t given enough importance in the family and her likes and dislikes don’t matter much to the family. Not only her parents, but Dadi was also insisting her to go to US despite the fact that she already knew how big of a torture it is for Saba to see Irtiza and Saba living happily.

Humayun Saeed’s acting was on point in this episode. No matter how much we question his age, the veteran actor has still got the class and absolutely nobody can beat him when it comes to romance. Also, thanks heavens Safeer and Soniya married and we got rid of such irrelevant side story as I feel both of these two characters were surplus to the requirements of the drama cast. Now let’s talk about the new character; Aamir. He was smitten seeing Saba at first glance which is why he visited Irtiza again and even invited them to dinner but Saba, in turn, can’t think of any guy. Both Irtiza and Saman being oblivious to Saba’s feelings want her to consider Aamir’s proposal but Irtiza doesn’t even realize he’s the reason Saba can’t even think about any guy.

Bin Roye, however, is clearly dragging more and more with each episode. Every episode has barely one scene of importance that takes the story ahead, the rest is just filler content that tends to bore the viewers. If the next few episodes don’t speed up and make things interesting, Bin Roye will lose a lot of viewers.

Do you guys have the same thoughts about this episode as me? Share your thoughts and opinions with me.

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