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Bin Roye – Episode 9 Review

Rida Abeeha . 0

With such a hype and star cast, the expectations are bound to go high but Bin Roye disappointed us all, once again. The drama began to bore the audience from the very first scene; never ending calls of Saba and Dadi. There’s nothing spontaneous about their dialogues and reactions anymore. To say the least, turning Bin Roye into a drama was not a good idea at all.

This episode could have been so much more than just repetitive romantic scenes of Saman and Irtiza. Let me mention one thing, I absolutely dislike Saman’s acting, Straight face, and even worse delivery of those dialogues. She appears a bit lacking in doing justice with her already-set high benchmarks. The new addition Aamir seems to be useless and his fail attempts at impressing Saba are needlessly long and making it suffocating to sit through the scenes. The only thing I like in the last episodes is the soft background music.

Saba finally bursts out of rage and anger resulting in ‘badtameezi’ with Irtiza. Well it was needed, they were constantly teasing her by mentioning Aamir and then she comes to apologize crying like a baby. Mahira Khan has been the saving grace of this drama from the first scene, giving a strong performance, especially in the first half of this serial. This episode lacked many scenes which should have been a part of it. The things were fast forward. and they showed no typical emotional scene which was expected after the birth of baby. Not only this, the pushed the story super fast and the babies grew up in the same episode they were born, which was kind of funny too. The two of Safeer and Soniya looked as useless as they could.

The biggest let down of Bin Roye was in its editing. They made a huge error. If you had watched the episode, you’d notice that it took Irtiza 2 years to tell Saba’s parents about Aamir’s proposal. A serious editing mistake for sure which was not expected from the most watched drama of HUMTv.

Over all, Bin Roye is not something extra ordinary, as some people perceived after seeing the heavy promotions, but its not bad either. There will be moments you will smile, feel good about it and also there will be scenes which might not make any sense for you. Anyhow, next episode’s promo is giving us a hint that the story may move forward. Do you think of the upcoming episode? Share your thoughts with us.

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