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Book Review: Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Nighat . 46

Pehla review or pehli baar kisi bhi forum kay liye likhna yeh mera 1st attempt hai. tou comments mein hath hola Rakhiyey ga . Hmm!  Here we go:)

Zindagi Gulzar hai is a novel or a short story written by Umera Ahmed. “So Kya Waqai Zindagi Gulzar hai?” that was the 1st question that popped in my mind, However once I started reading , I discovered that Yes! Zindagi Waqai Gulzar hai provided if you really want it to be!

Simple, to the point and totally relatable”, that’s how I would like to compliment it :) . It’s a story of a girl Named “KASHAF MURTAZA” and “ZAROON JUNAID” .The two of them are from complete different backgrounds. They Meet each other, hate each other, marry each other, love each other, and the story sums up.

But wait, is the story really that simple? Is the story really that much ordinary?? Well this is where it gets interesting and I am in no mood to reveal what is special in it. However there are few pointers I can give to the curious ones: P

  • No unwanted twists and turns .Single track story. True to the life character KASHAF MURTAZA.
  • The story proceeds at UMAR GUL’s PACE :)  jahan BOUNCER chahye wahan bouncer he aur jidher yorker needed udher yorker ( I am total Cricket buff ;) ) and that’s the best part of it .no dragging ,too much rona dhona, yadeen waden, dhoka , bewafai,saas baho, melo drama,..Just everyday routine kay Qissay, which are pretty much relatable. No idher udher waly characters. I guess the best commercial that goes ditto for this drama would be of 7up…. Seedhi baat.. No Bakwas :P
  • An Ordinary girl not falling in love with the super doper, handsome, rich hero immediately on the first pages of the book .unless she was offered to do so :). Doesn’t this line sound confusing and bizarre? But let me share my favorite line of the book and you would be surprised like i was.   On the 2nd day of  their marriage.

Zaroon: “ Muj say Mohabbat keroo gi?”

Kashaf:  “ Haan”

  • For me the best part of the Novel is, Zaroon’s Acceptance of the fact that, even though Kashaf may be just an ordinary girl for the world. She is not an ordinary girl for him

I like this novel because its canvas has no boundaries. It does not have that preachy element in it. It does not try to authenticate a point. You can drive any lesson from it few of them could be

Even a handsome, dashing, charming and the hottest stud of the college can fall for an ordinary looking girl.Even Kashaf can become a HINA RABANI KHAR :)

What my personal derivation could be is that . Everything is destined to meet you. You just have to let it come to you. Greed, jealousy and envy will get you nothing. Don’t run after happiness. Because what’s destined to be yours will be yours! Her insaan ki zindagi Gulzar hai. Provided that you let it remain gulzar by accepting what fate has written for you. I would surely recommend it to everyone and would want you guys to read it. Mujhye perhnay mein itna maza aya tou abb dekhney  mein iss say bhi zyada maza aye ga :) because after All it has our very own Fawad khan. I can bet that the drama adaptation will get tremendous response. It is a wonderful Story and why I love it because it’s very simple :)

If you like simple things in life, then this novel is for you!


To read it in Urdu:

Unfortunately I could not find any English translation for it online



Written by Nighat


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  • waseem

    please add high quality link to read or download novel

  • Sadaf

    Asifa ,if you are watching the serial you probably understand Urdu ?

    We have transliterated the beginning of the novel into Roman or English script .Please look in the book review section . Hope that helps :)

  • Asifa

    I'm really enjoying this drama, especially the way Umera has highlighted the issues in regards to gender. Credit to the actors for bringing this story alive, which makes it much easier for me to understand the story. Like many girls on this site, I also cannot read Urdu and would love it if someone could actually translate this novel for us. In fact it would be great if all Pakistani popular novels were translated into English. Anybody up for this challenge?!!!!

  • Maria

    great review,keep it up ,

    sedhi baat no bakwas.

  • Moonie

    Where can i find english translation

  • Nafisa

    Yes, very interested in the english translation of the novel. Surely a kind soul who is fluent in urdu could take this on ? May sound pathetic and disrespectful,but, I wouldnt mind the original Urdu novel converted to English script. I love to hear Urdu and can understand it, alas cannot read the script.

  • Ashar

    Can those of you who have read the novel share how and when will zaroon feel that Kashaf is the right girl for him:-) I think curiosity kills the cat.. And after watching today's episode I can't wait to see Zaroon and Kashaf scenes..yuy

  • soapoperafan

    Hey I would luv to read this novel but i dont know urdu, any english translation available?

  • Iqra

    Love the review!! specially the line " Har insan ki zindagi gulzar hai provided that you let it remain gulzar …" and the novel is really good but the drama is going amazing as it is more descriptive!!:)

  • Tazeen Siddique

    A beautiful review–I’ve just started watching, and am surely hooked into it. Waiting to see how the dramatic content unfurls this simple story. Loved your description and thoughts on the story. Being a non-urdu speaker there are some words that I didn’t understand, but I got the jist of it from your review. Well done ! on your first attempt ! Hoping to read more from you——

  • nageeta

    i wish the book was in english!!!:(

  • Radiya hasnain

    Wow nighat excellent review. Tremendously nicely written. It would have been more convenient if u would have written it in more detail. Like wat is the role of other characters. U could also write down the family backgrounds of kashaf and the hero!!!!

  • owsum review sister, great, keep it up. cricket buff (hahahaha) seedhi baat, no bukwaas (hahahaha) …..

  • mariam mehdi

    ohhh myyy the novel is totally awesome I just loved reading it…the story is so well written that it grabbed my attention for the whole day and I just couldn't resist reading it and now I am eagerly waiting to watch the serial…

    after reading the novel it really felt like that waqai 'zindagi gulzar hai' :)

    bus ab serial jaldi on air hojae

  • Kiran

    Superb review Nighat! And I love your derivation It is really motivating:) Everything is destined to meet you. You just have to let it come to you. Greed, jealousy and envy will get you nothing. Don’t run after happiness. Because what’s destined to be yours will be yours! Her insaan ki zindagi Gulzar hai. Provided that you let it remain gulzar by accepting what fate has written for you.

  • maham

    i really like the way novel is written its just the pages from both of their diaries and we get to know one character better from other`s diary, i hope they depicted this well in the drama fawad as zaroon toatlly fits.

  • nm

    jk GULDOZER to nai chala but we r through to the semix:)))


    m also wtng desprtly for smthng that ixnt SABAK AMOOX BUT A GIFT FOR fewedics:)

  • jk

    this novel will flying "on air" lol since its not sabak amooz…or social miseries thingy thank god…. thx for the review nighat….alllah karey aaj k match may b umar gul india k against aiseyhi bolwing keray jaisey app ne view kia hai :P….u really gave me hope of somthing worthy to watch.desparately waiting. n gud luck for the next review…ur cheesiness actually lead to curvy smiles on our chehrey!! : )

  • nm

    aik aur ala kaam:(((((

    sis k nam se cmnt kr diya

    shabash he mujpe…:PP

    andaza kr lo sb k me match k liye abi se cnfuz ho rai hun:PPPPP

  • nabila


    Phly nai bata skty thy ap BHAI..ho gai na pathano wali bisti:(((pppppppppp


    ABCD:))))))))))) I THNK I HRD THIS TEARM IN KPKP:pppp


  • nabila

    WELDONE dear.KEEP IT UP and make us more proud,qk hm se khud to kuch hona nai he:)

  • Loved these lines…"What my personal derivation could be is that . Everything is destined to meet you. You just have to let it come to you. Greed, jealousy and envy will get you nothing. Don’t run after happiness. Because what’s destined to be yours will be yours! Her insaan ki zindagi Gulzar hai. Provided that you let it remain gulzar by accepting what fate has written for you"

  • Sadaf

    @nm not at all . I didn't take it wrong. I kn ow it was meant in friendly way :)

  • Faraz

    nm : sadaf is calling herself ABCD :) abcd is a term that is used for Pakistani desis who are born in usa…. matlab.. American Born Confused Desi :) in short ABCD… so for Sadaf.. Tum agar urdu mein novel likh do gi tou Sadaf key pallay nahi parey ga kuch :D cuz she is an Average ABCD :P abb samjh aii kuch meri pakhtoon larki :P

  • nm

    THANKS @KIRAN THA KR K to bola hi nai:) and hmmmm point to be notsd:)) similarities to hen

    @sadaf: yeah U R right ENGLISH and me NOT MADE FOR EACH OTHER ab agr apni URDU ki baat kren to i bet me aik kamyab nvlst bn skti hun. thats wt i always heard frm ma teachrx and frnx.. .. MENE nvl likhny wali baat ghlt sns me nai kahi thi….i thnk u dnt lyk it:(


  • Kiran

    @nighat!!..yes u r rite ZGH kafi diff hay bt wo scenes js ma kashaf ko uska teacher bulatay hain nd study room ka door ka peechay zaroon khara sunta hay sb batain….aisa hi kuch peer-a-kamil ma bi to hota hay na..Salaar dr sahab ka pass bhata hota hay nd Imamaa drwazay k peechay sunn rae hti hay:)

    r ZGH ma aik 3rd main character un k teacher ka hay r Peer-a-kamil ma bi to spiritual scholar dr.sahab ka strong character hay na…it looks not more bt lill bit same(i guess…:P)

    anyhow both r quite diff….and ZGH was the first writing of her… phr bi itx not baad:)

    again i would say 4 u…

    *agaaya aie tay chah gya aie thaaa kar ka*…:P[ths comment is 4 ur attempt..;))]

  • Afia Qazi

    Fatima and nm, Thank you! A very unexpected b'day it's been…

    nm, pl share the edit you made.

    Sadaf, I think there are many more people like you who would have liked to read these novels now that they are being dramatized so brilliantly. Maybe we should have like a conf call/skype type thing (not sure what it's called?) so that some can read and some listen :) I started reading ZGH when I heard that it was being shot in karachi. I seem to be rambling but as a child my urdu teachers would tell me to read stories in urdu and all I ever read was enid blyton, later georgette heyer, jane austen etc. Finally the first urdu novel I read was Humsafar and enjoyed it thoroughly. 2nd ZGH, so even though I've lived in Pak throughout I've been sadly depriving myself of a whole lot of literature.

  • Sadaf

    Sadaf @nm thanks for the offer, I am waiting…. I would love to read the Novel but being your average ABCD I get lost in the Urdu by about line 5.

  • nm

    AFIA whow aj mene apka cake dekha. amazing…mene b humsafr anivrsry pe ashr k liye edit banaya he:)))

  • Ashar

    well done nighat u r trully a great writter hope u will ur self write a novel n u know the way u have written this review its truly amazing on ur first attempt uffffffffffff u r truly amazing hats off for u!:)

  • Fatima Awan

    Wow seriosly it was amazing yaar. I didn't know you were that big a fan. Btw tv kahani & Sarmad Khoosat both shared it on their pages… Awesome.

  • Afia Qazi

    @Fatima, yes I am :) but my sister got it made for me- a wonderful surprise!

  • Fatima Awan

    @ Afia, are you the Afia Qazi who made the hamsafar cake?

  • SK

    @ Afia yes they will be showing that scene…as I saw shooting pics of it. That's one of the most pivotal scenes and looking forward to it! As for the novel, it was Umera Ahmeds first novel and very short in diary form, so for the drama she has made many changes and additions so I'm sure it will have many more twists etc

  • Afia Qazi

    Enjoyed reading this novel but it's not super. I liked the 'diary' style but the first half is better. Wonder if they will show Zaroon slapping Kashf?

  • honey

    SERIOUSLY WAOO yarr!!! phle he bar me cha gye kasm sy EPIC…jst lovEd ur REVIEW :))) I wish me b life me kabhi is trhan ka kuch likh sakoon bt seriously only talented people cAn do it nOt book worms like us….HATS OFF to u girl!!! im proud of u yarrr <3

  • nm


    YAR sadaf aisi story me likh doon gi pareshan q hoti ho:P agr ap story ko zara sa mazeed ghor se prrhen:P to ap dekhen gi kashaf ko zaroon ki wealth me intrst nai hota..infct she accept his proposl jb usy lgta he that zaroon loves her charactr more thn any thng else..yeah zaroon fall for hr KIRDAR… and thats what i like in the story…

    kiran :peer e kamil aur is me to shayed zameen asman ka dfrnc he:P

    annie:yeah girl KASHAF ko SUPR DOOPR ZAROON me koi intrst nai hota:P

    sk: its not kashf'x inkar that drive zaroon crazy its her CHRCTR yara:)

    infct the main sbjct of the story ix actualy STRONG KIRDAR:))

    ROI:)) jeeti raho:))))))) tum ne mujy new name de diya nigxxxx:)))))

    once again thank you alllllll :)))))))))))))))) loadx of lv:)))))))))

  • Roi

    aray wahhhh… mujhe tou pata he nahi tha ki meri frnd itnii talentd :P awesomee job niggx =) adha parha va novel..lukin forward to read da whole.. =)

  • Sadaf

    @Annie hmm thanks for that insight! Now that seems to make it more interesting. Looking forward to this . I didn't think Umera Ahmed went in for pure romance , bet you 5 bucks there is a deeper message in there …

  • SK

    @ Annie, yes you are right. Kashaf was not interested in Zaroon and that really makes him mad!

  • Annie

    @Sadaf – I don't think Kashaf wants Zaroon. I believe he has a hard time winning her over and cannot figure out why she doesn't like him when everyone else does. At least that's what I got from the little that I read of it. Nighat please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Annie

    LOL @ Seedhi baat no bakwas!! Loved reading your review Nighat! GREAT job on the first one – I was smiling all the way through :)

    I didn't really like reading this story mainly because I think it was written like a diary so I could never get into the story. I skipped around A LOT :-p

    My mom is totally looking forward to the dramatization of this. Her favorite dialogue is something about a needle??

  • Kiran

    waOOooo…wat a review it is:pstiory sa ziada acha to review hay…*sidhi baat,no bkwas*;)

    r hina rabani khar ko bi rgra lga diya:)well…story is good,its quite simplee,bt kahen kahen mujaay is may peer-a-kamil ki jhalak nazar aie… urreview is bestest of all:)nighat u did a gr8 job…

  • HAJ

    I think that the main point in the story was belief in Allah! And hard word!!! If a person really works hard,then there is no way he cant get his dreams!!!

    Wasy Good review!!

  • Fatima Awan

    Wah G Nighat excellent first attempt. lol @ Umer Gul's pace…really good one. I have not read the novel but really enjoyed your review and am looking forward to the play:)

  • Sadaf

    Nice review. Really looking forward to the Serial. I like the fact thathe "handsomest ,richest " guy in college is the prize the girl with ' character ' wants and wins. I hope someone else can see the irony in that. One day I will eventually see a book or serial in which the girl has the good sense to marry the guy who actually has a good character and is a good person…

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