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Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan – A Requiem

Posted by SZ On March - 19 - 2012 21 COMMENTS
 Now that dust has finally settled on Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan, memories of the absolutely whacko and madcap trials and tribulations of the annoyingly irritating but nonetheless lovable gang of four, Mujtaba, Daneez, Shimraiz and Kiran, continue to reverberate. It was Sunday, but it didn’t seem like it because there was no KPKP; no gritting of teeth at the fact that even though Kiran found time to change her hairstyle every two seconds, she couldn’t be bothered to do the same with her abysmal dresses; no annoyance at the zip zilch zero chemistry between Daneez and Mujtaba; no straining my ears to understand Mujtaba mumbling his lines; no wincing at Kiran’s over the top screeching and shrieking; no hating on Shimraiz for his ongoing plots against Mujtaba; no laughing out loud at the continuity and bloopers ; no …. nothing??!! What a weird way to spend a Sunday?! So for all those out there who missed KPKP on Sunday, this post’s for you –
Following are some sequences/scenes in no particular order that made me go huh/what the heck just happened/did they really show this/are they serious/honestly/why??
  1. Turkey as USA – Really??? Enough said ….
  2. Shimraiz and his F-bomb – What the heck?? How could the editors let that one slide is still beyond me!!!
  3. A classic: Kiran spending the night on a bench in a random park, wearing an atrociously ugly red dress with high heels and a gold scarf. There was so much wrong here that I don’t even know where to begin. Honestly! What woman wanders around alone in a park late at night, then compounds that error by calmly going to sleep on a bench? Huh? I kept waiting for her to get raped, mugged, propositioned, arrested for soliciting, something … the mother in me was praying for her safe return home. Miraculously, though, she defied all odds and survived! And, not just survived, but thrived! Gold sandals were transformed into sneakers, the gold scarf into a printed yellow one, and she managed to find herself a handbag, a folder, and some headphones, and was back again at Mujtaba’s house nice and early! Wah!!
  4. A similarly what the heck sequence: Daneez getting upset with Mujtaba, walking around randomly and then calmly going to sleep in what looked like a busy amusement park, complete with a giant Ferris wheel – waahht??
  5. Yet another Kiran moment: Upon learning of Mujtaba’s marriage, Kiran rushes to confront Mujtaba, wearing some gaudy huge earrings and equally ginormous necklace and a pink lehnga, probably from the 1950s. Again, what the heck was she doing running through deserted streets at night? If this isn’t a classic case of inviting trouble I don’t know what is; throughout I kept waiting for her to get mugged, dressed up as she was like a Christmas tree.  Earlier, in the same scene, Sanam and Fawad were absolutely drenched – I realize it must have been extremely hot – but it was beyond gross to watch.
  6. The hardest to swallow scenario: Daneez and Shimraiz plotting against Tania. The whole bit about giving Tania drugs, photoshopping pictures, cyber-bullying, and finally pushing her to commit suicide – errrr, a bit much to digest! And, then Daneez’s overnight transformation into a “sweet” girl – sorry – didn’t work for me!

Wait, no, I’m not done – no! I can’t end without highlighting some of  KPKP’s really fantastic moments as well – the scenes, some of which made me laugh out loud and others that made me go awww, for which I will buy its DVD on my next trip to Pakistan. Here they are, and again in no particular order:

  1. The entire first episode – what a superb insight into Mujtaba’s crazy world. This was a perfect begining, and I would  actually rate it alongside Haissam’s latest Durre Shehwar’s first episode. It set up the whole scenario so beautifully, we got a look into why Mujtaba was the way he was, his frustrations with the socio-economic situation in Pakistan. It was a complete package in that it was beautifully written, directed, and acted. Sadly it went gradually downhill from thereon.
  2. The “hero entry” scene: Beyond brilliant is all I can say! This was Fawad Khan at his best – I would rate this scene alongside many of his heavy duty scenes in Humsafar. The lines were great and the director gave his cues, but really to go beyond that and elevate the scene is all credit to Fawad’s flair for histrionics and his impeccable comic timing.
  3. Dastaan wala Fawad Khan and Katrina Kaif scene: One of the best scripted scenes. Even though it was an over long scene and Kiran’s loud crunching of her chips was extremely annoying, the lines made the scene memorable, as Mujtaba nonchalantly dismissed that guy from Dastaan… an insider’s joke it was highly appreciated by everybody who got it.
  4. The saala- behnoi chemistry between Shimraiz and Mujtaba: Unfortunately there were very few scenes between Shimraiz and Mujtaba, but whenever they did come they were always fun. This scene, when Daneez and Mujtaba come to make nice with Daneez’s parents and Shimraiz is already there, was one of their best in my opinion. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of the Fawad-Mikaal pair in the future.
  5.  The panga bolo scene: For some odd reason, for me this was one of the most romantic scenes I’ve seen on TV in a while, and I say this even as I’m thinking back to all the Ashar-Khirad scenes. Here, there was no Mahira, no QB in the background, it was just Fawad Khan, Aisha Khan was a non-player in the scene, and she might as well have not been there. The way he played it was amazing and demonstrated that one did not need to recite heavy-duty dialogues or get physical to show romance. A simple everyday mundane dialogue was fine-tuned into something else entirely.
  6. Shmiraiz at his best: When examing his bruises, post yet another unseen fist-fight with Mujtaba: Oh no! Ab main parties pay kaise jaaonga?! Absolutely awesome! Another memorable moment was when he dissed Kiran’s clothes – yes!!

Friends, this was my recap of the crazy journey that was Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan. Feel free to agree/disagree, reminisce about your favorite scenes. After all KPKP ka janaza hai, zara dhoom sey niklay…

 Written by SZ ~

Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan – Ep 22

Posted by SZ On March - 5 - 2012 30 COMMENTS

Compared to the past episodes, this week’s episode was much more introspective. Mellower than usual, each character seemed to be in a reflective mood.  The episode opened with Mujtaba prepared to defend Kiran to all and sundry. Muju’s desi brand of chivalry was in sharp contrast to Shimraiz’s the-end-justifies-the-means attitude, and Kiran being nobody’s fool was sharp enough to pick up on that. Even as she is fighting her growing attraction for Shimraiz, Kiran is now quite cognizant of the qualities he lacks. Now she needs to take some decisions: should she walk away from Shimraiz? Should she compromise and accept him as he is? Or, will Shimraiz realize his shortcomings and turn over a new leaf? Kiran needs to do some serious thinking before the last episode …

Shimraiz, on the other hand, startled me with his ruthlessness. We knew that he wanted Daneez and would go to any extremes to get her, but what surprised me was that extent to which he bad-mouthed Kiran. She was after all his partner in crime; he should have been more protective of her. Though he professes to “love” her, Shimraiz’s attitude towards Daneez was perplexing. He couldn’t wait to dump her at her parent’s house and to get back to Kiran. Seems like it is no longer about Daneez, it is more about punishing Mujtaba, for taking away from him what he thought was rightfully his. Methinks Shimraiz has a hard few days ahead of him: he’d better think back on all his moves of the past few weeks and re-evaluate what is it he really wants –is he orchestrating this dog and pony show to get back at Mujtaba, or is it Daneez he really wants, his ostensible perfect match, or is Kiran his destined mate, the loud-mouthed badtameez from the wrong part of town…

Daneez, devastated as can be, at the thought of Mujtaba’s extra-marital affair and his broken engagement with Kiran, has now decided to divorce Mujtaba. Refusing to listen to his explanations, she does not seem to comprehend how much it must have cost a quintessential desi man like Mujtaba to request her to listen to him and return home. Seems like Daneez still has a lot of growing up to do; one does not just get married on a whim and then decide to divorce when the fantasy turns out to be a grim reality. She, like her “best friend” Shimraiz also has to do a lot of thinking over the week: Will she realize that fantasies spun around hearts and roses and knights in shining armors cannot withstand the humdrum realities of everyday life? Can she learn that “love” does not happen when and how one wishes? Will she be able to accept the extremely practical Mujtaba for who he really is – warts and all?

Finally, Mujtaba, the character who got the story rolling with his dreams of greener pastures abroad, is the only of the four who has actually acknowledged that he has seriously miscalculated. Life back home, filled as it was frustrations, had filled his head with some serious misconceptions about what life abroad would be like. Used to taking shortcuts, the street smart Mujtaba has had to suffer some serious setbacks; his huge desi ego has been seriously deflated. His fantasy of the perfect package, in form of a rich wife, a foreign nationality, and a big house, has been sadly shattered. For the last two weeks he’s been in a self-critical mode, re-evaluating his choices, but still he is bumbling around looking for answers. Basically a straight guy, but practical to the tee, no silly notions of romance and flowers, he finds himself stuck in a situation from where there are no short cuts. He is wife is completely opposite. Now he too needs to spend the next week buying some Hallmark cards, spending some money and sending her flowers, and wooing her back.

Even though we bashed it a great deal, when it did come together it was a good story, all four characters had their own funda going, each one using the other as a means to an end. Nobody was black or white, nobody good or bad. All were users and all were used at one time or the other. Mujtaba was the way he was because of his family, his mother’s constant chatter about the rich bahu and the rich chacha-ji, and how he deserved a shot abroad, all went a long way in shaping Muju’s thoughts. Kiran was all messed up because of her family’s extra harsh attitude towards her. Shimraiz and Daneez had always gotten everything on a silver platter – the world was their playground. They just blithely imagined that everybody would always play by their rules. And, when things stopped going their way they were at a complete loss … I can’t wait to see how these characters make out next week. Hopefully all four will be a little wiser at the end of this journey, finding practical solutions to their problems, and realizing that there are no short cuts in life. Nothing comes easy.

As I’m writing this I am also thinking how the story was sadly lost somewhere along the line. Beginning with Turkey masquerading as USA, it was all downhill from there on. Half the time we couldn’t hear anything and for the other half we heard too much (background noise, loud OST). The miscasting of one leading lady, the over-acting of the other, the utterly atrocious styling, wardrobe, makeup, all distracted from the issues being shown on screen. The editing left so much to be desired that I don’t even know where to begin. The bloopers became de rigueur and continuity turned into a joke. Hopefully future projects from Six Sigma and director Haissam Hussein won’t be plagued by similar issues. Looking forward to Haissam’s next outing Durre Shahwar…

Written by SZ ~

Kuch Pyar ka Pagalpan – Ep 20

Posted by SZ On February - 12 - 2012 23 COMMENTS

“Yeh koi kapre hain?!!” “Uff, itne tacky kapre?!!” Just for affirming that Kiran indeed has the lousiest taste in clothes, Shimraiz, you won my heart today. And, because of him, again, I got an answer to the most important question that had me staying up nights: where in the world was Kiran getting her lousy wardrobe. Answer: Flea market and Walmart!! Way to go Shimraiz!!!

From Kiran, to Daneez, to Mujtaba, everybody seemed to be dancing to Shimraiz’s tune today. Amongst the whole sorry group, I felt the most for Mujtaba, brilliantly played by Fawad Khan. Now repenting his hasty marriage, Mujtaba finally acknowledged that his relationship with Daneez was not working out. He also came clean that the expectations he had brought with him from Pakistan had not been met. His frustration at the way things had played out was evident, as was his feeling of being totally alone in having to deal with the mess he had of his life. The scene where Mujtaba called his parents was very well done, and the continuity in Fawad’s expressions from that phone call to the next one, from Kiran, was excellent. Similarly, the scene in the park, where he opened up to Kiran, was also very well executed.

As Shimraiz, the pied piper himself, Mikaal Zulfiqar keeps going from strength to strength with every episode. His scenes today with Sanam were crisply done. His outraged response at the sight of his bruised face – ab main parties pe kaise jaaonga – was hilarious (and for the umpteenth time, I do wish that we were able to see the office/confrontation scenes between Fawad and Mikaal). Sanam had all the witty dialogues and she did well. It’s just that to me she has never seemed like a Kiran, so no matter how well she does (thank god all the shrieking has now been toned down) she just never aces it as far as I’m concerned. Similarly Aisha Khan as Daneez, we didn’t see much of her today, but even in the few scenes that she did, she was very good. But again, accepting her as an unsure wife, who is trying her level best, albeit clunkily, to win her man, is very hard.

Samirajis dialogues were the real heroes of today’s episode. The repartee between Kiran and Shimraiz was funny, while the exchange between Mujtaba and Kiran was tender and honest. The story has now come together, but I wonder again how it’ll be wrapped up. So far, plans are still being hatched. Some progress has been made, but still not enough for the couples to sort everything out in the next 2 or 3 episodes. Mujtaba has shown where he stands while Daneez is still trying to sort herself out. Shimraiz’s motivation and goals are very clear whereas Kiran seems to be not only punishing Mujtaba, but also egging on Shimraiz for reasons known only to her.

Overall this was a very good episode. All ingredients, the acting, the dialogues, the story, direction, sound, everything came together just perfectly. My only peeve, and a huge one at that, is with the promo editors: Why show us Daneez slapping Mujtaba when that was not be included in the episode??? Is this a new trend that we are witnessing? First Humsafar, and now Kuch Pyar ka Pagalpan???

Written by S Z ~


Kuch Pyar Ka Pagal Pan bhi tha Episode 18 Review

Posted by Faraz On January - 23 - 2012 54 COMMENTS

Awwww!!! For the first time EVER I watched an episode of KPKP with a silly smile on my face. The panga bolo scene, between Daneez and Mujtaba, while they were eating dinner, was so goofy and sweet :) This is the kind of tender repartee that I had been waiting for ever since I first saw the promos go on air.

This serial had begun with a bang. The first episode was brilliant in setting up the premise, but then after the first couple of episodes the story appeared to have lost focus, making some strange twists and turns that defied all logic. But, then last week’s episode, followed by this week’s, seems to have set the story back on track. Now it seems that Kiran and Shimraiz are plotting to set the scene for a showdown between Daneez and Mujtaba, one that will test the shaky foundations of this newly marrried couple’s burgeoning relationship.

So, in this week’s episode we saw Mujtaba making a gradual transition from being an immature, selfish person to one who was maturing and making a sincere effort at making his marriage work. Daneez also seemed to have calmed down and appeared so much more mature (almost normal!!) in her interactions with Mujtaba. Shimraiz remains committed to destroying Mujtaba and Daneez’s relationship. As for Kiran, well, well, that girl seems to have insane amounts of mental energy that she expends on plotting ways to punish Mujtaba. After Mujtaba shows her a no-lift sign, Kiran, now aka Roshni, shows up at Daneez’s door, pretending to be a caterer???!!! Aisha Khan was absolutely brilliant today. Particularly, in her expressions after crazy Kiran left her house the first time around. Aisha, looking absolutely bewildered, muttered to herself: “ab yeh bartan lene phir ayegi !!!”

Given that the serial has 20 episodes (as per Samira ji), out of which 18 have now aired, I keep wondering why it took so long to get to the main point, if Daneez and Mujtaba’s relationship indeed is the central track of this serial. This is so unfortunate. Now that the story is finally coming together, and the characters are getting more defined, I want to see more of Daneez and Mujtaba’s relationship and know if Kiran and Shimraiz can ever get together. Instead it seems that everything will be rushed and sorted out in the next two episodes. Sigh! I so wish the story had been streamlined much earlier.

On the production side, the episode continued to be dogged by continuity and editing problems: Kiran’s hairstlye changes with every breath she takes. Mujtaba walked away from his meeting with Kiran wearing a jacket, but when he shows up at his house for lunch he’s without his jacket. The sound although much better, still remains muffled at times. When Kiran comes to Daneez’s house the second time around, Daneez responds to a question that was never asked. And, Meekal gets away with swearing again. I wonder if the editorial team needs to sit down and agree on a given list of swear words that should be bleeped out routinely.

Overall, this was by far the best episode we’ve seen since the early days of this serial. The highly anticipated romance between Mujtaba and Daneeez finally made its much awaited debut, and I for one am definitely waiting to see more of this couple in the next episode.

Written By SZ ……..

Kuch Pyaar ka Pagalpan Episode 8

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On November - 12 - 2011 17 COMMENTS

So we’re now on episode 8, and the story has finally started to progress. However, I’m still forwarding through all of the Daneez (Ayesha Khan) and/or Shimraiz (Mikaal Zulfiqar) scenes, simply because they’re boring and I don’t think that they contribute to the story very much. In the previous episodes, all of the scenes involving Daneez were centered around her plotting against Tanya or Mujju. In this episode, they were all of her crying and feeling guilty about what she did to Tanya. Call me heartless, but Daneez’s rona-dhona scenes aren’t what I want to be seeing in this show, no matter how guilty she feels. And as far scenes involving Shimraiz go, Mikaal Zulfiqar’s poor acting is just too much to handle.

But the Kiran and Mujtaba scenes this episode had me laughing out loud, not only because of the dialogues but, of course, because of Fawad and Sanam’s completely natural acting. Mujtaba’s “hero” emotions coming out after hearing Kiran’s family talk about her, Kiran telling him that he needn’t worry about her, and Mujju finally realizing that he should stop being so rude to her were all beautifully portrayed by Fawad and Sanam. And of course the scene when Kiran finally finds out that Mujju has been telling the truth about his rich uncle was hilarious. “Ab toh saala pitte ga,” says Kiran when Mujju is about to get in the car. The expression on her face when she sees that this really is Mujju’s uncles car, and Mujju’s dialogue when he hands her his coke “Peeyo aur thandi ho jao,” all had me dying for laughter.

One thing that I fail to understand though, is how the direction can be so weak despite this being a Haissam Hussain drama. Samira Fazal has proven that this is yet another well-written drama, but HH’s directing seems to fall short. All the scenes are too long, and I find myself wanting to forward through almost half the episode. The scene where Mujtaba tells Daneez the story about his friend is just one example of the overly lengthened way of directing. I’m really hoping that we’ll see an increase in tempo as the story moves forward.

So it was implied today that Mujtaba and Daneez will start bonding as Mujju helps her get over her shock about Tanya. But there’s one other detail that I can’t help but mention. I just can’t imagine Fawad and Ayesha as a couple together. I mean, she looks like an aunty compared to him!

-Sarah AKA Noorie

Kuch Pyaar ka Pagalpan Episode 4

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On October - 15 - 2011 15 COMMENTS

So we’re at episode four of this much awaited drama, and I have to say that I’m rather disappointed. I found today’s episode to be a bit slow and boring, even though we now have all four of the main characters on screen. While the first episode was just amazing, the tumult seems to have died down already. I didn’t find Haissam Hussain’s work to be anything particularly applaud-worthy this episode either.

Daneez and Shimraiz, while beautifully characterized and portrayed by Ayesha (and pretty well by Mikaal too I suppose), are getting a bit annoying. I understand that they play spoiled, bratty ABCD’s, but they’re still getting on my nerves. I also don’t understand what this whole Taniya business really has to do with anything. I mean yes, it’s pretty entertaining watching Shimraiz and Daneez play around with this girl, but what does this really have to do with the plot? To be honest, I’m still waiting for the real story, the story that we’ve seen through all of those amazing promos, to start.

Another problem; Sanam Baloch only had one scene in the whole episode! I get that her character’s backstory hasn’t been fully introduced yet and whatnot, but still. Fawad and Sanam were one of the main reasons I was so eagerly awaiting this drama. I find it highly unfair that we’ve only had about three Sanam Baloch scenes after 4 episodes.

However, I have to give it to Samira Fazal for creating Mujtaba’s character. He’s not dumb, he’s just so full of himself that he doesn’t realize the consequences that he’ll have to face for some of the things he says.

The scene between Mujtaba and Daneez was amazing. Bratty Daneez, being rude and obnoxious with Mujtaba while he sits there, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she hates him. He just listens to everything she says, acting like the nerdy FOB she believes him to be. And once she drives away, he transforms back into good old Mujtaba. “Ghar dhoondhti hai meri jooti.”

And the scene at the end when Mujtaba goes looking for an apartment is just amazing. After seeing people like his westernized Chachi and cousin, Mujtaba sees the other side of the American-Desi spectrum. The type of desis who, despite having lived in the U.S for years and years, still manage to retain the FOBiness they first came to America with. “Itne karak log toh mainey Pakistan mein bhi nahin dekhe.”

Get used to it Mujtaba. You’re going to have to see a lot of different types of desis before you come to a decision. And I hope that the next episode will be much more interesting than this one.

-Sarah AKA Noorie

Kuch Pyar ka Pagal Pan bhi Tha First Look!

Posted by Drama Buff On September - 30 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

At first I thought I was the only lunatic drama freak around, who was actually watching the two promos of “Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan” over and over again – then I discovered that there are many like me, who are really, really happy at the thought of an upcoming romantic serial and are repeatedly watching the promos.

To date, I have not figured out what it is about this serial that has already hooked so many viewers. It might be the dream production team, with Haissam Hussain as the director and Samira Fazal as the writer. It might be the cast: Sanam Baloch, Fawad Khan, Mikal and Aisha Khan. It might be the fact that we have had too many serious and tragic dramas lately, and not very attractive love stories (Dastaan being probably the only exception).

Overall, I feel the marketing of this serial has been excellent. The promos are beautiful, with the gripping, poetry-like voice-over of Humayun Saeed and random dialogues which do not reveal who said them and when – they do not give away any story at all, which I feel is something other productions need to take note of. Promos and plot outlines on the websites of television channels give away all the crucial details of dramas and soaps, and in turn, take away all the charm and suspense. The marketing team of this serial has done nothing of the sort yet, and I do hope it remains that way. Viewers are already making wild guesses at the story and who the ‘psycho lover’ in the drama is.

For now, the psycho lover is me and I am LOVING the promos.

Written By HA

Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan Bhi Tha FIRST EPISODE

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On September - 24 - 2011 8 COMMENTS

Fawad Khan, Sanam Baloch, Samira Fazal and Haissam Hussain are all back together to give us another super hit drama. There was so much hype regarding KPKPBT. Fawad and Sanam’s hit jodi, Samira Fazal’s amazing writing style and Haissam Hussain’s mature direction are all so highly regarded that this serial had high expectations before a promo was even aired. And I’m happy to say that the first episode has met these expectations with flying colors!

But the best part of this episode would have to be the dialogues. I don’t know what twists and turns this story has in place for us, but I can confidently say that Samira Fazal’s script won’t leave us disappointed.

Here’s the scenario that you get to see in most dramas nowadays; poor girl, sick of her lifestyle, lusting after money and going after the first rich guy she finds. But the difference between those dramas and KPKPBT is that here, the guy himself is running after money.
Oh wait, money wasn’t the only qualification. I believe the characteristics that Fawad’s character Mujtaba was looking for in a girl were:

  1. Has to have money
  2. Has to be a banker
  3. Has to live in Defence  – Not only Defence, but from Phase 5, nothing less!
  4. Has to beautiful
  5. Has to have a foreign nationality

Only a girl with these 5 qualities is good enough for a “hero banda” like Mujtaba. I mean, the guy is best friends with Humayun Saeed for God’s sake! Bus awein toh ladkiyan khudkushi nahin karteen uss ke khatir! :P

Mujtaba is a dreamer. When he isn’t show maaring in front of his friends about his rich uncle in America, he’s busy dreaming about going there himself, and preferably marrying his rich, beautiful, foreign nationality holding cousin. But it’s still unclear about whether she is a banker or not. :P

And around the end of the episode, phase 1 of Mujtaba’s dream comes true. He gets his Visa, along with a ticket to America. And next episode the true story will begin as he begins his adventures there.

But wait. Sanam, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Ayesha Khan haven’t made their entry yet. In fact, Fawad is the only character from the main cast who has been shown in the first episode. But the 3 other main characters weren’t sorely missed. How could they be, when Fawad was there with his brilliant acting?

Personally, I’m waiting for Sanam and Ayesha’s entry. Two more amazing talents in this star-studded serial. Just one problem though. Why is Mikaal a main character? I probably shouldn’t be too hard yet as he hasn’t even made his entry. Let’s hope that some of the talent from all the other cast and crew will rub off on him!

There’s not much you can say about a serial in its first episode, but one thing can be said for sure. KPKPBT is sure to be a hit!

-Sarah AKA Noorie

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