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Pyarey Afzal- Last Episode Review (Episode 37)

Posted by Kanwal Murtaza On August - 13 - 2014 386 COMMENTS

Pyaar agar pyaar se kuch ziada ho, toh kya hota hai? When life throws you a curve ball how do you deal with it? Do you try to run away? Find someone to blame? Or do you embrace it and make the most of it? Pyarey Afzal was essentially a love story- but not just any ordinary run-of-the-mill types; it was the story of a love so pure and so unfathomable, it deserves to be ranked alongside the likes of any epic love story like Romeo & Juliet, Heer Ranjha, Laila Majnoo… Pyarey Afzal was nothing short of a roller-coaster ride; it was limitless in portraying human relationships- it reminded us of the golden years of classic television. It gave us a retreat from our routine lives and united us with its ideologies. Khalil-ur-Rahman took us on a journey high on emotional content and filled with some of the most memorable dialogues in recent times. Be it Afzal’s catch-phrase “Mere Abba Kaha Kartey Theh…” or Farah’s confident “Thamm ke raho...”, every interaction between the characters added to the story and helped take it forward.

168153249                                168160719

A tad stretched at 37 episodes, Pyarey Afzal had us under its spell. Tuesday nights suddenly became special for those of us who exclusively watched this serial since nothing else could come remotely close. Each character established a presence- the supporting cast did not allow the leads to overshadow them simply because they were brilliant at what they did. As much as I adored Afzal and Farah, I cannot ignore Yasmeen- she played a very vital role in bridging the communication gap between the two ill-fated love birds. Ek thi Yasmeen, mere bhai se pyaar karti thi, par mera bhai Farah se pyaar kartha tha… Such was her love for Afzal- k****** agar phone pe bhi kehta ke mangni karlo toh mein mangni karleti… When you love someone, you care enough to set them free if their happiness lies with another. Yasmeen was a woman with unparalleled strength. Our dramas seem to be content showing women as regressive, desperate or as victims of circumstances. But Yasmeen defied the norms- she stood up and got engaged to Afzal but when she uncovered the entire scenario, she stepped down. Ab mein tumhara dil rakhney ke liye mangni tordeti houn…

Farah owned up in front of Lubna- Mein Afzal se mohabbat karti houn Lubna, toh batao phir mein kya karoun? Lubna finally narrated the ingenious set-up to her father- how Sabtain had proposed to her but she had challenged him to cure Farah before she would be his wife. Apparently her mother and Sabtain’s parents were in on this all along but they decided against sharing the details with Sheikh Ibrahim since unko acting nahin ati!


168165145                                   168163232

Yasmeen parted ways with Afzal’s family and reminded them that mein chali bhi jaoun toh appkey dil mein rahoun gein… Jab bhi uss coconut wali ko dekhein gein toh dua dengein mujhe… Afzal, being Afzal admitted that he was the one who wrote those letters- he was too nice to break her heart and hoped for forgiveness- Maaf kardo gi na mujhe?

The last few minutes were the ones we’ve been waiting for since the past few weeks. Afzal and Farah expressing their love for one another. But alas, all great love stories have to end in tragedy and Afzal and Farah’s love story was no different. Afzal’s tryst with the underworld cost him his life and he was shot at point-blank on his way back from Karachi… The ending sent me spiraling in a whirlpool of what-ifs. What if Afzal hadn’t agreed to playing the lover when Farah wanted to rid herself of Mehtaab? What if Afzal had stopped his parents from going over with the mangni ki anghooti? What if Afzal hadn’t left for Karachi? What if Afzal hadn’t befriended Babu Hameed? What if Afzal hadn’t crossed Wali? What if Afzal didn’t seek vengeance? What if Afzal didn’t turn to the dark-side? What if? What if? What if?

As much as I enjoyed the journey, I can’t help express how disappointed I felt after watching the last episode. It was missing the unique flavour we’ve become accustomed to over the past few months. It wasn’t just the ending that left a bitter aftertaste, the episode itself wasn’t up to the mark. As Farah stated- ya toh tum se baat nahin hoti ya phir poori baat nahin hoti… I too, am at a complete loss for words. Khalil-ur-Rahman Sahab has a reputation for sorrow and this time around I felt cheated! I began reviewing this drama from Episode 13. Having invested my time and dedication for a span of over 24 weeks, I feel the ending wasn’t as powerful as I had hoped. At the same time, I’m experiencing mixed feelings- I cannot ignore the impact of this serial- the phenomenal acting, directing (Nadeem Baig) and script (Khalil-ur-Rahmen) all coming together. Hamza Ali Abbasi has become an icon with this role; Ayeza Khan and Sohai Ali Abro have proved her versatility; Sana Javed has made a mark for herself despite being a newcomer in the field; Firdous Jamal and Saba Hameed win my vote for couple of the year; Shereyaar Zaidi and his on-screen missus have been exceptional; the other supporting cast have done their bit and should cash-in on their performances. Thank you to all my readers who stayed with me week after week. What were your thoughts on the last episode? If there are any creative types out there, I’d like to request you to create a Pyarey Afzal compilations video- the possibilities are endless. The Pyarey Afzal K****** compilation, the Mere Abba Kaha Karte Theh compilation. Who knows! Before signing off, I can’t leave without my parting words- Goli sirf Afzal ko nahin, hum sab ke dil ko lagi hai…


Kanwal Murtaza

Thanks to the readers who have shared the complete soundtrack. Due to issues with the comments section, I’m uploading it here: Pyarey Afzal- OST

Pyarey Afzal- Episode 36 Review

Posted by Kanwal Murtaza On August - 6 - 2014 219 COMMENTS

This episode was the perfect prelude to the much-anticipated finale next week. Yasmeen finally uncovered the mystery surrounding the letters- usney pyaar karney ka dosra rasta dhoond liya- wohh tumhari taraf se Afzal ko khat likhney laga… jo baatein wohh tumse sunna chahta tha, wohh khat mein likh ke apne doston ko sunaa deta… usney believe kar liya ke tum ussey pyaar karti ho aur saath mein yeh bhi maan liya ke tum ussey kabhi nahin milo gi… That’s pretty much how Afzal went through living his life- a life he felt was incomplete without the woman he loved- a love so pure, so unattainable yet completely unforgettable. Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it. And we have all been guilty of denial at one point or another. Deep down, Afzal had always been a simple man- a man whose heart had no place for anyone except Farah Ibrahim; a woman who was forbidden fruit for him since she belonged to the elite class whilst he was the son of a molvi barely making ends meet. His dreams of wanting to become a bara admi were born from his desire to try and possibly reach the same social class as the woman of his dreams. Afzal never became accustomed to living a life of luxury- his spirit remained in Hyderabad, in the confines of his mohalla where he grew up playing cricket and catching glimpses of his lady love.

As much as Yasmeen loved Afzal, she knew he would never be hers. Even when Afzal brought her all the letters rather mohabbat ki ek gumnaam kahanai, she refused to burn them and advised him against doing so himself- Mohabbat mein likhe huey khaton ko jalaaya nahin karte… chahey uskey gham mein jaltey raho par unko kabhi mat jalaana… Love in its truest form is selfless and Yasmeen loved Afzal with such depth that she couldn’t imagine him miserable and she knew only too well that Afzal would remain miserable without Farah. Yasmeen grew frustrated with Farah’s denial of her feelings- jaag jao Farah; iss keemat pe kabhi mat sona- tumne kaiyyoun ki neendein haraam kardein hein… Iss liye shayad tum ek psychiatrist se shaadi kar rahi ho , andar se tumhe pata hai ke tum bemaar ho… Ussey bas tum chahiye ho, ussey torh dene wali; wohh Hyderabad se tootkar aya tha aur jo Hyderabad se toot kar aye, wohh Karachi mein jurh nahin sakta! Yeh karaara jawaab deney ka khel bas tum dono kyun khelte ho? And finally, Farah could deny it no more- her tears did the talking this time around and her tears didn’t lie.

Molvi Sahab and Ruqaiyyah Begum were extremely uncomfortable with Yasmeen’s quest- Iss tarhan dhoondney se khooj lagane se apna kuch gumm karde gi… Aaj khat jalaakey tumhari mangni ka sadqa utaarein gein… But Yasmeen was adamant and stayed focused- Mujhpar be’adbi wajib hogayi hai! She made her intentions very clear- she wanted nothing more than Afzal’s happiness and the only way Afzal was going to be happy was if he ended up with Farah. Also, she saw the way his parents had grown to love Farah and when Afzal confronted her she had enough reasons to justify her acts- Molvi Uncle ke coconut wali bicuiton ki khatir aur tumhari Ammi ki khatir- unko Farah mein tum dikhte ho!

160890425                        160896267

Lubna finally put things in perspective- Jisko tum mangni samajh rahi thi, mangni nahin horahi thi; ilaaj ho raha tha tumhara- hum dono ka khayaal tha ke tumhe kuch different kasam ke shocking treatment ki zaroorat hai… Tum dono ne maar daala ek dosrey ko lekin ye nahin kaha ke ek dosrey se pyaar karte ho! Lubna had lied all along- she was never involved with Afzal but on the insistence of Sabtain, she tried to gauge her reaction but Farah gave away nothing. The engagement was an elaborate set-up too; one that Sabtain felt would do the trick. Here again, he was proved wrong because Farah didn’t budge. She was even geared for the make-belief wedding for the sake of her karaara jawaab in response to Afzal’s. Little did both of them realize that the only ones who they were playing with were themselves and their feelings!

We know we are a week away from the last episode and the story seems to be shaping up towards the happy ending we’ve all been hoping for. Do you think the last episode will be as straight-forward as it seems or does the writer have a few more surprises in store for us before wrapping the last 40 odd minutes? Yeh akhri akhri batameezi hai pyaare, phir mein kahan tum kahan…

Kanwal Murtaza

Pyarey Afzal- Episode 35 Review

Posted by Kanwal Murtaza On July - 30 - 2014 76 COMMENTS

Pyarey Afzal happens to be one of those rare gems that forces me to stop doing whatever it is I may be tempted to do and give it my undivided attention. I may sound repetitive but the drama takes me to my happy place- it’s been 35 weeks since the drama began and though there were times when I ranted about the excessive use of expletives (okay, so in my dictionary, k****** qualifies as one!) or the obvious Bollywood influence, I can’t express how happy it makes me to unwind with one of my personal favorite serials. Weekly reviews were never my strong suit; I simply lack the patience but in this case, I am surprised at my eagerness to sit down and get writing.

154017478         154016499

It took Afzal exactly two minutes to reach out to his Abba and all was forgiven. Molvi Sahab has been one of the best representations of a religiously-inclined father with the right mix of discipline and warmth. Tumhari maa ne naam rakha tha tumhara; mainey toh tab hi kehdiya tha Ruqaiyyah Begum, naam bohut bhaari hai, iski laaj rakhna mushkil hoga. Ab tum hi bata doh mujhe kahan ke Afzal ho tum? Afzal finally got to have his say- Mein Afzal banjaata Abba lekin pehley mujhe koi dikhaye to sahi ke Afzal aisa hota hai- Yahan pe chotey chor ki izzat nahin hai, barey sab chor hein aur sab Afzal hojatey hein… Afzal has experienced unimaginable horrors since he turned to the dark side. It wasn’t out of a choice- it was more out of a situation he got himself in. He couldn’t differentiate between the good guys vs the bad guys. Or for that matter, if there are any good guys around! Afzal’s story is the story of any of the countless youth in our country who have gone astray simply due to a lack of guidance.

154125073       154018521

In recent times, we’ve seen a trend of women being portrayed as regressive, having no self-respect whatsoever and the men around them treating them like doormats. But here, we have a revered Molvi who respects women- be it his wife, daughter or anyone else. He has constantly embedded the same ehteraam in Afzal which reflects in the way Afzal looks up to women. Bohut dino se Ammi ke haath ka thappar nahin khaya, pehle wohh khaounga!

154124240           154125735

We finally witnessed the moment we’ve all been waiting for- Afzal and Farah’s much anticipated aamna saamna and it was nothing short of amazing. The undeniable chemistry these two share lit up the screen. Farah’s smirk while she congratulated him and Afzal’s disbelief was breathtaking- Tumhari biwi se milney ayi houn, ussey mubarakbaad deney, balkey tumhe bhi mubarak ho- Karachi se bari mast larki leyke aye ho… Farah was curious to get the details from Yasmeen- Pehley I Love You kis ne kaha tha? Maine dekha tha Yasmeen tumhari ankhon mein dikhta tha wohh. Both Farah and Yasmeen were equally surprised at the coincidence of the engagements of Farah and khat-wali Farah and now it’s pretty clear that they are one and the same. Farah’s discomfort at hearing Yasmeen mention how handsome Afzal is made her blurt out- Lekin meri class ka nahin hai; tumharey saath fit hai bilkul! Farah’s snobbery is her defence mechanism. What I have liked about Yasmeen is the strength of her character- she’s outspoken yet at the same time she’s naïve but one thing she’s not is stupid- Mein uski mangaitar houn Farah, uski mohabbat nahin! Yasmeen knows Afzal is a one-woman kinda guy and she has gone ahead with the engagement since she felt she deserved it. At the same time, she’s not expecting anything more in the long run. I feel getting engaged to Afzal gives her a sense of inner satisfaction but she will not throw her life away for a man who will never be hers.

Farah’s announcement of her upcoming wedding comes as a shock to Afzal- he was nearly on the verge of tears. Ruqaiyyah Begum sums it up nicely- Dekhte kya ho? Yeh bhi tumhari tarhan murder karne lagi hai- baat kartey hi maar deti hai… She advices Afzal to discard the letters so he can move on with his life. Agli mohabbat karney ke liye pichli mohabbat ke saboot zaroori nahin hai… Afzal’s determined to stay on in Hyderabad with his parents and makes his intentions very clear to the higher-ups- chor diya, aap ko bhi aur aap ke station ko bhi. But will they let him off the hook that easily? I think not! Yasmeen convinces Arifa to show her the letters and indulges in some research of her own. Aaj nahin parhoun gein toh kal bohut pashtaoun gein. Will Yasmeen be the one bringing them together in the end? Ruqaiyyah Begum and Molvi Sahab shared a beautiful memory of the past that left me in splits- Ruqaiyyah SubhanAllah naam hai mera, iraadey parleti houn… Molvi Sahab’s reaction was exceptionally brilliant- Mein tumharey betey ki tarhan ye khaton khitabat mein mulawwis nahin raha… How adorable would Molvi Sahab have been in his youth?After this conversation, I can safely say the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.

Another interesting discovery- Sabtain’s frustration at seeing this situation get out of hand. The way he grabbed Lubna’s hand and told her that he has no plans of going ahead with the wedding more or less confirmed my beliefs that this was a set-up all along. For once, we got to see Lubna all worked up instead of Farah. I liked the way their mother walked in on them and assumed they were discussing yet another Bollywood relationship- doesn’t she know her daughter’s love-lives are far more entertaining?

Both Molvi Sahab and Ruqaiyyah Begum have allowed their ghar ki bahu to live in their home but Afzal knows he is expected to maintain a safe distance- abhi wohh tumharey liye na mehram hai; kamrey mein jaaney ke haqdaar nahin ho! These are exactly the kind of family values that have become a rarity nowadays in our dramas. This is what makes Pyarey Afzal so very special. Before I forget, aapko mubarakbaad dena chahti houn- Eid Mubarak to one and all. May your lives be filled with happiness and may you remain safe with your loved ones.

Kanwal Murtaza

Pyarey Afzal- Episode 34 Review

Posted by Kanwal Murtaza On July - 23 - 2014 177 COMMENTS

From start to end, this episode was flawless. The dialogues, the execution, the sparing use of background music, the actors par excellence, could this possibly be the greatest drama bar none? We are nothing without our relationships and Pyarey Afzal has brought our attention back to the very foundation of our existence- our family. Ruqaiyyah Begum’s naraazgi lasted only a few seconds- Kaun ho tum? Dekh kya rehey ho? Abba ka sunkar agaye ho aur Abba ki sunay baghair chaley gaye? Bara admi banney gaya tha k****** aya toh itna chota hai apna beta dhoondna parrahaa hai! Yasmeen’s presence softened her further and she wasted no time welcoming her into her heart.


Molvi Sahab was equally pleased with Yasmeen- coconut ke biscuit churaney ayi ho tum? How adorable are these “Allah waley log”? Yeh hamarey paas rehney aye hai toh bas phir reh jao hamarey paas. Not the slightest pretense, they love without any prejudices. They wouldn’t be wrong if they were to hold a grudge against Yasmeen but instead, Ruqaiyyah was surprized that her Afzal found himself a girl- ek number ka gunda hai yeh- tumhe bhi murder kar dega! Molvi Sahab was still upset with Afzal- jaisa bhi hai, tarap toh raha hoga! Woh 7 mahiney baad roraha hai, hum 7 mahiney se roh ro rahey hein. Uska maatha chumu, ussey pyaar karo, duaaein dekar rukhsath kardo! Kambakht saamney agaya toh phir yaad aney lagey gi.

Afzal’s interaction with Farah’s yektarfa mangaitar was awkward but amusing nonetheless. Waise toh mei doctor houn lekin yakeen ki jiye iss waqt mera haal marizon se bhi ziada bura hai! He was curious to know about the mystery khat likhne wali and Afzal admitted woh kisi aur ko milgayi. Hamza Ali Abbasi has proved his brilliance time and again with every facial twitch and has mastered the look of the lovelorn hero.












Farah was unable to control her inner green-eyed monster and this time around, other than cussing, she decided to take matters in her own hand- ab dekhte hein kismey kitna hai dum! Tabiyat theek hai meri, Iraadey theek nahin and she dropped the bomb on Sabtain- Sunday ko baraat na ayi na toh phir tum apney ghar pe behtna ya phir apney sarey huey clinic pe. What’s so special about Sunday? Besides the fact that it happens to be my birthday (true story), it was the date of their engagement. However, fueled by anger and resentment, Farah now wants to see if Afzal would go all the way and marry Yasmeen on the date she has decided to get married. Dum hai to muqabla karkey dikhai. Farah still sees this as a competition- little does she know, she’s fighting to keep her sanity intact! She has managed to cause herself more harm than she realizes. Sabtain’s session with his patient was hilarious- this is probably a glimpse of his own future methinks. His narrative about the haathi and the possibility of him riding it on the baraat was nothing short of epic.


Molvi Sahab’s return home was not without further drama. With Afzal at the door, Sheikh Sahab tried to play the devil’s advocate- Ek baar bulakey pochiye, uskey moun se suniye ke woh haqq mein hai ya batil par. Ruqaiyyah’s blackmailing always gets the work done- Mat bhuliye Molvi Saheb, baap aur molvi ki larai mein molvi ko shikast-e-faash hochuki hai. Ek bechari maa ka dam nikal jayega. And finally, Afzal was back to his roots with strong instructions to remain away from his father. But Yasmeen managed to get him to come around- iss mohabbat ki siyasat se dil bhar gaya hai. Bula lo uss maa ke Afzal ko! Let’s see how Afzal utilizes his stipulated 2 minutes with his Abba. Farah felt the sudden urge to go over and congratulate Yasmeen on her recent engagement since thori bohut dosti hai and also return Molvi uncle wali anghooti! Farah is on a suicide mission and it will be exciting to see her come face-to-face with Afzal!


What did you think about this episode? Did you enjoy the reunion? I think we have plenty more to go so Tham ke rahein, lagta hai abhi bhi kaafi kuch hona baqi hai!

Kanwal Murtaza

Pyarey Afzal- Episode 33 Review

Posted by Kanwal Murtaza On July - 16 - 2014 160 COMMENTS

Jo tumharey liye tarpey, tum toh ussey tarpa hi detey ho! Afzal can’t help it; he has that kind of effect on people- everyone around him inadvertently falls in love with him. His parents adore him; his sister is proud of him; Yasmeen was swept off her feet when she first saw him and Farah? Well, we know he has been on her mind for quite sometime now. It was time for the engagement ceremonies to take place- Yasmeen was quick to slip a ring on Afzal’s finger and though Afzal seemed a bit hesitant, he was true to his word and like the gentleman that he is, he completed the rituals. I liked the contrast between both the ceremonies and the back-and-forth from one to another. Molvi Sahab & Co. arrived to bless Farah and Molvi Sahab brought along the ring that Farah had asked for. These people have heartaches of their own but they love Farah like a daughter and wanted to be part of her big day- Aunty Ruqaiyyah referred to her as sabse pyari, sabse Afzal! In a short span of time, they’ve grown to love Farah like a daughter. Sabtain’s father insisted that Molvi Sahab will be the one to place the ring on Farah’s finger but he’s not as strong as he pretends to be and his heart failed him.

Luckily, he was rushed to the hospital on time and was on the road to recovery. From here on, my eyes were filled with tears. If any of you want to see what true love feels like, look no further than Molvi Sahab and his wife. Betey ka attack heart attack se ziada bara hota hai- tab kuch nahin hua ab bhi kuch nahin hoga! 28 saalon mein kabhi mujhse dagha nahin kiya… Dua mangkar bhi dartey raho toh lagey ga tumhe qubool karney waley pe bilkul aetebaar nahin! Such is her faith not just in Allah but in her husband too. Though Molvi Sahab has given fatwa after fatwa against his son, the only person he called upon while he was delirious was his na khalf son, Afzal. In keeping with the spirit of today’s fast-paced episode, Afzal made a dash for Hyderabad but not without Yasmeen and his gang of friends.

The last few minutes were epic- from Afzal holding Yasmeen’s hand as he raced up the stairs to Farah seeing the two of them together (paying special attention to the close proximity and the ring on her finger) and finally Afzal comforting Arifa and going down on his knees in front of his mother! What a powerful scene that was! Yasmeen looked gorgeous and even more confident than ever before! I have to say, this was another memorable episode for me- I was completely moved to tears. I just hope my tears of joy don’t turn into tears of pain! I’m getting a sinking feeling ever since Afzal stood up to those who were funding his operations. We saw another scene that suggested Afzal has made more enemies than he can manage. Now that they are engaged, I’m torn between who I’m rooting for- as much as I would like Afzal to end up with the woman of his dreams, I really wouldn’t want to see a broken-hearted Yasmeen! Did this episode strike a chord with you? Aren’t you glad Afzal’s back?

140497537 140499717 (1)


Kanwal Murtaza

Pyarey Afzal- Episode 32 Review

Posted by Kanwal Murtaza On July - 9 - 2014 73 COMMENTS

Jo rula sakta hai who impress bhi karsakta hai! Could there be a more precise description of our nishaaney-baaz Afzal? Farah uses the analogy of target killing to disclose the news of Afzal’s engagement to the chichori kal ki laundi Yasmeen since bohat sarey khwab margaye! Farah’s anxiety is at it’s peak- she cusses to her heart’s content and entices Lubna to do the same. Clearly the trauma of her experiences have rendered her insane- Afzal has leveled the playing field even if he has had to pay a steep price for it. While Farah tries to gather herself, Arifa announces with much fervor that Afzal too is getting engaged today! Farah’s parents are in a state of shock but not more than our beloved Molvi Sahab and Ruqaiyyah Begum. Despite her disappointment, Ruqaiyyah is eager to speak with her future bahu and deduces from her voice that she must be shouk, chanchal, chehekti hui chiriya ki tarhan.

Both the ceremonies are taking place simultaneously- after Isha prayers. Farah’s engagement is a lavish affair whilst Yasmeen is having a low-key event at her home. I really liked Farah’s make-up and dress but then again, Aiza Khan can look good in just about anything! Yasmeen’s dress was nice but I didn’t like her make-up at all! She is naturally very pretty and it would’ve been nice to see her made up to enhance her beauty instead of bringing it down with that hideous foundation!

The past few episodes didn’t highlight Afzal’s “work” but we were given a forceful reminder of Afzal’s rise from rags to riches. He was summoned by the higher-ups and asked to take down a target- one MP by the name of Zain Ahmed. Although it took up quite a chunk of the episode, this showdown was essential since the interaction stirred up emotions of democracy and sachaii in Afzal and this will probably be the turning point we’ve all been waiting for. There has to be a situation that will lead Afzal back to his hometown and this new-found hope could be it.

The engagements haven’t taken place as yet so anything is possible from here on. Will Afzal bow out of the engagement and return home? A parallel thought crossed my mind during this episode- now that Afzal has gone against those who empowered him, he could easily be a target himself! Is this where we are headed? I sure hope not! After all this excitement build-up, I would really hate for such a cruel ending. My countdown for the next episode has begun already. Laters.

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Kanwal Murtaza

Pyarey Afzal- Episode 31 Review

Posted by Kanwal Murtaza On July - 2 - 2014 60 COMMENTS

Round and round in circles we go, clutching at successes we never grasp, endlessly tripping over the same old failures. Truly, life is the misery we endure between disappointments… yet another episode that managed to throw me off track. Afzal’s promise (Zabaan deta houn- mangni karoun ga tumse toh shaadi bhi tum hi se karoun ga) coupled with Farah’s inquisitiveness led Yasmeen to reconsider the proposal. Why, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine! After last week’s rejection, I was glad the writer had taken the route to show a self-assured and confident woman who wouldn’t settle as someone’s backup option but all that changed in a jiffy with a simple “Yes”. It makes you wonder- where are we going with all this?

As if that wasn’t disappointing enough, Sabtain, who showed some hints of ghairat last week went back to being beghairat- bloody psychiatrist! So suddenly, he has realized that Farah should wear the anghoti jo usney mangaitar samaid wapas kardi thi… Kal Molvi SubhanAllah aapko anghoti pehnayein gei… If any of you are still confused, shoes are the new expression of love! No matter what size they come in! Is it a mere coincidence that Sabtain happens to bring along shoes that fit Lubna instead of Farah? Tum mera chora hua kya kya pehno gi? I’m most surprized at Lubna- this girl refuses to flinch despite the constant flow of venom targeted at her. Woh jo moun se laga tha, lahu nahin tha, kalak thi…

Molvi Sahab made his way to Arifa’s room- adab ki jaga as he puts it. This man never ceases to amaze me- jo aap per meherbaani na karein unki saza yeh hi hai ke aap unpe meherbaani karein… Arifa refuses to give up the anghoti jo usney nishaani ke taur pe rakhi hai… As Farah has rightly guessed, ussey waqfay waqfay se badley lene ke daurey parte hein… What better revenge than watching Farah suffer in silence? Just as everything else she does without thinking of the consequences, Farah decides to call Arifa and enlighten her about Afzal’s mangni- a decision she thinks he took to counter-attack her. The handsome bacha has managed to get her pretty worked up.

What do you make of today’s episode? I’ve lost track of second-guessing myself but everything seems to be pointing towards a Farah-Afzal union. Or is this just my wishful thinking?


Kanwal Murtaza

Pyarey Afzal- Episode 30 Review

Posted by Kanwal Murtaza On June - 25 - 2014 70 COMMENTS

The ramblings of our perennially befuddled Farah Ibraheem continue. Today’s focus was on her mangni ki anghooti- she rejected the one sent by Sabtain and promised her mom she won’t cause a commotion on the day of her engagement if she gets to choose her own ring. Tham ke raho warna zindagi bhar key samhaley huey thappar abhi tumharey moun par de maroun gein- if only Farah’s mom had used those thappars on an as-needed basis. And where else would she find the perfect engagement ring except at Afzal’s? Afzal ki Maa ki Mother Teresa confidently went to meet Aunty Ruqaiyyah and put forth her humble request but was shot down by Arifa- zidd mein chohri hui cheez aaj zidd karkey maang rahi ho!

Lubna, the nagin, taunted Farah’s plight- pasand ka maamla nahin hai, aqeedat ka maamla hai! Apney honay waley shohar ki ghairat ka imtehaan mat lo! Sabtain finally proved his mettle and put his foot down- Aaj apko puraani anghooti yaad agayi; kal ko apko puraana ashik yaad ajayega! He walked away calling off the engagement – mere profession mein badtameezi hoti hai, beghairti nahin! But Farah felt ashamed of the image Sabtain had of her and asked Lubna to convince him to reconsider. She didn’t want to disappoint her father again either!

Yasmeen was hurt when Afzal said this is the last she will see of him- Jaan leney ke naye naye tareekay seekh liye hein tumney. But I admire her restraint. Unlike other drama stereotypes where girls are shown to be desperate behind a guy, Yasmeen didn’t jump at Afzal’s sudden proposal. Instead, she rejected him when she heard that Afzal ko zidd hogayi hai, mohabbat nahin! Larkiyan bari sensitive hoti hein Afzal, tum jaison ke khel mein dil har deti hein… There’s no doubt that she loves him, but she knows her self-worth and that’s essential for maintaining a balanced relationship. She figured Afzal’s sudden change of heart wasn’t out of the blue- there was a motivating factor and that happened to be the news of Farah’s engagement. A weaker woman would have seized the opportunity but not Yasmeen- Afzal was acting on an impulse but she knew better.

I love how we have been given an opportunity to understand each character’s traits in such detail. The interpersonal relationships have been the highlight of this drama. The dialogues as always are precious and I usually end up with pages of notes. We’ve been told that we’re nearing the end but I feel there’s still more to come. What did you think of today’s episode? Kya yeh ending bhi mashkook hochuki hai?

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Kanwal Murtaza

Pyarey Afzal- Episode 29 Review

Posted by Kanwal Murtaza On June - 18 - 2014 191 COMMENTS

As much as I tune in for Afzal, today’s episode had Yasmeen stealing everyone’s thunder. What a fantastic actress she has turned out to be! The ease with which she speaks makes it hard to remember she’s acting. For me, her scenes were the ones that stood out. Whether she was expressing her dismay- yeh toh nahin kaha tha dil torh detey ho… or trying to appear strong- mohabbat yeh thori dekhti hai ke larki Yasmeen jaisi khoobsurat ho... she nailed her performance. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was skeptical about her ability to pull off this role, I’m overly impressed!

We were introduced to more new character’s today- Sabtain’s parents (Ismail Tara and Lubna Aslam). Sabtain as always was delightful with his witty repartee- iss kamrey ki history maloom hai mujhe- jab bhi kisi ko zaleel karna ho aap yahan lekar aati hein! Sabtain seems firm in his resolve- but what exactly is he trying to accomplish by marrying someone who calls him ghatiya to his face? Are looks so important that a man will let a woman treat him this way? The same applies to Afzal- after everything Farah did to him, he maintains that she’s the only woman he has ever loved. I’m all for sincerity but Farah isn’t exactly the best contender for it.

To be fair, other than the scenes with Yasmeen and Afzal, this episode was a slow one. There were some repetitive and forced scenes like the one where Lubna and Farah were talking (Lubna’s laugh was painfully fake and seemed to last forever). Also, the scene with Molvi Sahab going to the bakery and the shop owner gave him the same reference about Afzal being a Bhai, etc. Farah and Lubna’s visit to Afzal’s home was again more of what we’ve seen before. Those scenes seemed like they were purely time wasters. They didn’t help the story move forward in any which way. Overall, this episode felt somewhat incomplete since the story didn’t progress fast enough. Many of the scenes today were replicas of previous episodes. Afzal’s awreness about his parents disappointment- Abba ki lashkar ki sippe sulaar, was again simply using different words to express the exact same sentiments over and over again.

On the plus side, Khalil Sahab has given us some memorable dialogues that will remain with us for a long time. Acting-wise there are no complaints and each new character brings with him/her a fresh feel. But there’s only so much the actors can do to keep a show going and simultaneously keep our interest intact. I know, some die-hard fans would definitely disagree but I would rather this show ends on a high note than have it become a numbers game and remember it for the long-running drama that had a phenomenal start. Taking a queue from Yasmeen, it’s time for Afzal to man up- mard bano, Afzal SubhanAllah, hum tumharey saath hein!

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Kanwal Murtaza

Pyarey Afzal- Episode 28 Review

Posted by Kanwal Murtaza On June - 11 - 2014 112 COMMENTS

Can anyone possibly look better than Hamza Ali Abbasi in a suit? If this is what a gangster looks like, I wouldn’t be surprised if girls start fantasizing about the prospect of marrying one! I don’t know about you but I can totally vouch for the “Pyarey” in the title. Moving on, today’s episode had plenty of emotions- starting with my favorite Molvi Saheb and Ruqaiyyah Begum to the trio of Farah, Lubna and Dr. Sabtain, Yasmeen and the big man himself- our Pyarey Afzal. Dil ka hi toh saara masla hai, doctor saheb- Molvi Saheb’s love for his wife is so pure and unconditional, it moves me to tears. These two were meant to be soul-mates. Ruqaiyyah Begum’s tarapna has taken a toll on her health and she’s confined to her bed for the most part. Molvi Saheb tries to invoke a reaction out of her- beta par lagaakar taraqqi ki aakhri seerhi chargaya hai! But the bond between a mother and son is a special one- it remains unchanged by time or distance; it is understanding of any situation and forgiving of any mistakes. She asks Arifa to invite Farah (woh jo khud tarapti hai to aajaati hai) over- Khoob guzray gi jab mil behthein gay deewaney do!

The realization that she is a lost cause is finally starting to dawn upon Farah- mein abb kisi se shaadi nahin karsakti… Days away from her wedding, Farah’s getting cold feet. She wonders why her parents agreed to the proposal and turns to Lubna for advice. You can count on Lubna to make things even more complicated- not only does she conveniently hint at her being a patient in need of treatment (Mein bhi kisi psychiatrist se shaadi karloun! Mein koi pagal houn kya?), she also arranges a meeting in the absence of her parents! The way Lubna was casually talking over the phone irritated Farah- is Lubna still trying to get Farah to explore and accept her true feelings for Afzal? Who do you think she was talking with? A new character, maybe? Or has she joined forces with the shrink? Sabtain is a man on a mission- he looks dead serious about marrying Farah, but at the moment he’s trying to rid her of her unresolved feelings for Afzal.

Back in Karachi, Yasmeen shares her feelings with Samina- jis tarhan usney phone number badal diya, usi tarhan ek din mera dil bhi badal jayega… Yasmeen is clearly head-over-heels in love with Afzal but she wants him to make the first move. I loved the way she spoke to Saajid- larka agar andar se mard na houn na toh tumhari tarhan kunwaara hi rehna chahiye ussey! This lady knows how to manipulate people into getting what she wants and manages to find her way into Afzal’s home. Afzal tries to scare her away by telling her about the murders he has committed – karooro rupayy hain mere paas lekin jeeney ke liye ek lamhe ki bhi guarentee nahin! Yasmeen continues pressing him into admitting his love for her and he is finally left with no choice but to break her heart and shatter all her dreams. Like I’ve said from the start, Afzal is a one woman kind of guy and if he can’t have Farah, he won’t be with anyone else!

What did you think about today’s episode? Do you feel Afzal was right in speaking his mind? What was your favorite moment? Karachi ka toh pata nahin, magar Afzal ne logon ka dil zaroor fatah karliya hai!

Pyarary afzal Pyaray-Afzal-Drama


Kanwal Murtaza

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