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Shuk Finale Review

Posted by A musing muslim On April - 27 - 2014 20 COMMENTS


 Finally! C’est fini! Fin. The End.

Join me for a bloc party people where we can all commiserate and pass the bubbly (non-alcoholic naturally) and Panadol between ourselves. Clearly the only ones laughing their way to the bank are the pharmaceutical companies and possibly psychiatrists whose ads were no doubt featured here.

Right, so to wrap up this mess, Sania was actually able to hobble to the sacrificial altar and make good on her word ki mein chali jaoingi. But wait, she didn’t make it too far. Just to the next  gaali where she is eking out a living as an assistant professor and Rumi is unhappy with present digs, lack of a lawn and missing his Uncle/Baba and generally asking sensible questions of his mother.

Beta, didn’t they give you the memo about throwing sense out the window at episode 17?

See, let me explain – your nani thinks that your mother isn’t divorced from your father – no jaan, the biological one. So in effect, along with abandoning her in her hour of need and making a comeback only to appease commenters, she is suggesting that the entire iddat period was your mom’s idea of a get-away and also insinuating that your mother is as seedhi as a jalebi.

Sania – please see a shrink, your mother is a piece of work.

Meanwhile – your Aunty and Uncle, Seherish and ‘Sham are wading through all this baggage of trying to make a go of it by being saccharine sweet (‘Sham) and waiting in the wings (Seherish).  In true Sameera Fazal fashion, we see the first wife – a smart, independent and thinking person punished for her one mistake by running her over with the middle class morality of the good suffering saintly second wife. Been there, done that Sameera. Move on.

Seherish finally realizes that their relationship has changed and things will not be the same as much as she wills them to be, which is um, something she should have realized long ago and left. That would save her (and us) this sacrificial raga and I-have-learnt-my-lesson and have her leave on a much stronger note with her head held high instead of bowing to his nonsense.

Though perhaps Seherish realizes this which is why she says, and I concur, “…vahi jaana padega jahan se kahani kharaab ho gayi thi…”

And ‘Sham’s punishment you ask? He’s a man beta, they don’t get punished, they get rewarded – two of everything.  Yaad nahin – chai, nashta, biwiain. Nice na? Dekhna, tum bhi har baar do-do ki farmaish karna ok? Also remember to drive your first wife crazy.

Accha, now ask your Mom to do a U-turn and come back – bechari zyada nahin chal sakti remember? Now run along and get that blue ball that started it all.

What started out as a strong story backed by stellar acting, nifty editing, mindful writing and controlled direction and odes of potential has been squandered for TRP ratings. ARY – we are looking at you.

This is how not to do it – perfect example of how to ruin a good drama. I promise you – even if you followed these characters independent of each other – say Sania as a single mother, the effect on ‘Sham and Sherish’s marriage- we would have stayed. Also audiences,  next time if you don’t like something – don’t watch it. Note to self – me too.

The acting, excellent camera work, and direction held this perfectly pitched drama together – initially – until it was tragically struck by some degenerative disease that created so much wear and tear and deterioration that it was hard to watch. Characters did a 180 degree turn, had some serious psychological issues, and were used as pawns to promote regressive philosophies. Also personally, I would like this ending better.

Adeel Husain, who began as a likeable laid back  guy managed to get under the skin of his character with nuance and believability. Next time please choose characters who think before they act. Oh. Well, next, next time.

Sanam Saeed started strong as a non-doormat-ish housewife to her working Kashaf avatar to slowly become mazloom aurat of the year who couldn’t so much as open an envelope without a man. Her acting has gotten better I must say and hoping to see more of her.

Gibran and Badar Khalil not given more than one note to play also did a commendable job. Shamim Hilai also held promise and is refreshing to see as always. Bilal Khan as Rumi still retains the crown for the best thing about this drama. Here’s looking at you kiddo!

Aisha Khan however, remains a cut above her co-stars. Her Sherish was independent minded thinking woman though impulsive and perhaps immature too. She handled being the wronged wife without histrionics and any over the top shrillness. Even her exit, though played in sacrifice mode – because I can’t live without love – worked because of her.

A lot of the control and suspenseful intrigue came from Yasir Nawaz’s strong directorial control. I think his perspective as an actor really serves him well – you delivered a hat trick and still kept it coming – till you stopped. We will keep an eye out – but only one eye, if you do a Shukk repeat – eyes closed. Promise.

Sameera Fazal, you can do better than this. We have seen it, we believe it. Your etching of these characters was a combination of their various situations and perspectives and really had a good mix. TRP pressure or your love for the domestic dynamics of women pitted against each other? Do tell.

And of course DOP Naeem Mustafa is brilliant. His aesthetic veers towards the realistic but he frames his shots in such a way that they never interfere with the narrative but add another layer to the story telling – the reflection of the swimming pool, the wonderful and not in your face use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces, the contrast of dark and light, the scene with Rumi under the bed – are just a few. I am enthralled and look forward to seeing much much more.

Team Shukk, you have the dubious distinction of reeling all of us in, taking us for a ride and then crashing and burning. For that we give you a nod to your brilliant moments, a sigh to your lost potential and a kick in the seat of your pants.

Join us for the bloc party right here in the comments section. *Passes out the Panadol*

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Shuk Episode 27 Review

Posted by A musing muslim On April - 20 - 2014 15 COMMENTS




No Comment.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Shuk Episode 26 Review

Posted by A musing muslim On April - 12 - 2014 13 COMMENTS


Highlights from today’s edition of sister wives – What will Seherish wear? Will Seherish’s favourite nail polish suit Sania? Will Sania be able to walk by herself to the sacrificial altar? Like we didn’t see this coming.

Yawn. Stretch. Groan

In sum this episode was Blah blah blah “Mein chali jaongi   blah blah blah Where will we sleep tonight? blah blah blah Khana? blah blah blah Tears blah blah blah…….

We are still going around in circles, Sania and Seherish are discovering how wonderful the other is and suffering guilt pangs for ruining each others lives and both will now vie for the kon banegi kurbani ki biwi slot,  ‘Sham is still spineless and unable to make a decision. Rumi, poor sweet Rumi got a quick lesson in brimstone and fire and is having nightmares – he is  going to be totally damaged by all this I fear.

The mother in me is happy to see Rumi put on some weight but other than that, no dice.  The top notch acting is the only thing holding this farce together but that is it.

Sorry I can’t be bothered. Finish already.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Shuk Episode 25 Review

Posted by A musing muslim On April - 6 - 2014 12 COMMENTS


Three words – dog, tail, chase. In the tried and tested tradition of a dog chasing its tail, this tale is also running around in circles. Although, truth be told watching the former is far more entertaining.

From fighting about chai, coffee, dinners and bedroom hopping the fight is now for two minutes of ‘Sham’s time with Ammi joining in. Character assassination for each of them is becoming slow and poisonous with the added benefit of them yo-yoing from subterfuge, to annoyance, then apology and also guilt. All of that leading them back to square one, rather episode 20 and as yet, no resolution.

Other than totally being absurd, the conversations are becoming so repetitive, that even in my half distracted state I had to wonder if my internet connection was stuck and just skipping to the same beat. Actually, scratch that,  skipping is way too energetic and generous for this thinly stretched TRP tripe.

Along with boring the audience, the actors look bored too. I think Adeel has even reverted to trimming his full beard to a more five o’clock shadow to keep himself amused.  Sania looks like she’s sleepwalking and Aisha too seems like she would be elsewhere and Shamim Hilali actually is going elsewhere. Lucky duck. Yasir Nawaz  is merely going through the motions and Samira Fazal’s writing is overextended.

Question – have they partnered with a pharmaceutical company for ads during the breaks because the only thing that has increased thus far is my headache. Also, I hope this family of four has some great health insurance for the number of times they end up in the hospital.

After the farce of the pregnancy explained away with the tired line of all being fair in love and war, there is Ammi’s subliminal ‘please chali jao’ messaging to Sania. Though there has been some character growth – after all her hollow dialogue about “Mein Chali Jaongi” she actually began packing…

But wait – were you expecting her to go anyway? Tut, tut….I’ve said earlier, Sania appne pyaro pe khadi nahin ho sakti, - quite literally now. Am I a polishing up my Peer Baba skills or what?  I’m still sticking to this one too.

So now with Ammi’s exit stage right, I suspect the sacrificial kurbani ki biwi charm will enter stage left. Now we have to suffer through what a happy two wife family looks like. What happened to my looking forward to Saturday mornings? Now, I am just struggling to keep up and have nothing new to report. Over and out.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Shuk Episode 24 Review

Posted by A musing muslim On March - 30 - 2014 19 COMMENTS


How many ways can one say twisted train wreck tearing down the trodden TRP path towards a torturous death? Try saying that fast five times!

The only element of suspense Team Shukk can come up with is *plays ominous music and raises one eyebrow* Where will ‘Sham sleep tonight? Does he have his night suit (who says that for anyone over four?) and toothbrush? Dum dum dum *Fade to black*

Is it my imagination or is someone on Team Shukk  reading us? (Hi Samira!) The dialogues sound remarkably familiar to our comments and echo our well-worn sentiments and discussions about the loopholes and attempting to plug them in.

Ergo, the belated appearance of Sania’s Ammi who despite her dil dehloing so much at her daughters dilemma can’t be bothered to show up. Maybe Sania has more rejection and abandonment issues that we thought.

While Shamim Hilali has been sent in as a stand in for us to pull Sham’s ears, clearly she’s come minus her moorings to throw a lavish baby shower for a phantom baby complete with lascivious Aunties itching to dance with ‘Sham who were so busy showing that Auntyjis too can dance (sadly, not these ones) that not one of them asked nosy Parker questions about Rumi?

So yes now the tables have turned and Sania has morphed from Ms. Mazloomiyat to Ms Shakki complete with corny dialogues – You were smiling! I saw that look! And our delicate daisy (no, not Seherish) is getting all hot and bothered that she doesn’t trust him anymore and how Sania is turning into Seherish all over again turning his life into a Chakravyu vortex

With ‘Sham’s ego now stroked, he wants to turn Sania’s shukk into yakeen. I thought the man had a job though given that his brains are now out to pasture, it the most logical thing to do no? Also ‘ Sham, just so you know, a gentle reminder that its nine lives and four wives please not to confuse the two. Also note to the two of you you aren’t torturing each other, you are torturing us!

While the acting continues to be stellar, the characters are not. Also, what happened to our director sahib’s controlled hand? He’s now treading dangerously close to Indian soap opera territory and shot repetition!

Since I called out Immaculate Conception last week and my Peer Baba prowess is sharpening I have a very sneaky feeling that this story (or lack thereof) will go the Intersection way with a  dangling and dillydallying Sham out the picture with his two missus left to pick up the mess. I am now taking wagers and Team Shukk if it does, I’ll let you know where to send my royalty check.

So if you have an ace up your sleeve, time to pull it out. Now.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Shuk Episode 23 Review

Posted by A musing muslim On March - 23 - 2014 6 COMMENTS



So much for hopes of a quick burial – if the grapevine is to be believed then the saga is going to go on for another ten episodes. Keeping that in mind,

Statutory Warning: If at any point your head hurts and you attempt to make sense of these twisted situations, please seize and desist to avoid brain damage. I know I will.

Sidestepping all logic and a basic lesson in birds and the bees, we now have a case of Immaculate Conception with Seherish showing phantom traits of a pregnant wife. Must she stoop so low to fight for her non deserving husband? The in-fighting now has well defined corners.

So note to Sania : not so much war zone love,  more like WWF wrestling zone no? Get ready for Shukk Smackdown. Are you ready to ruuuummmmblllle?

In the right hand corner with a suitcase full of gifts and tricks up their sleeves are Seherish and clearly her khushdaman. Annnnd in the left hand corner with long suffering expressions and chronic abuser of the word ‘normal’ are Sania and ‘Sham. This husband wrestling match shall be refereed by Rumi.

Maybe we should start a fund for group therapy they could get a pretty good discount at the rate they are going….

With saas taking up the cudgels on Seherish’s behalf, so much for any hope of the buzurgh bringing any reason and resolution to this farce. I guess all dramaebaaz saas’s get a primer on scheming which they whip out when the situation calls for it or not. So along with subliminal messaging to Rumi about kangaroos and koalas, she’s making it pretty clear with her presents and (debatable) presence of mind who the preferred bahu is.

I haven’t seen Shamim Hilali in this avatar before and clearly she is enjoying herself and honestly I love to watch her so will gloss over her misguided method in this madness. See statutory warning above.

Who says married couples don’t begin to resemble one another? Sania has passed on her helpless, fragile mannerisms to ‘Sham. Her response to leave the house is met with Nahiiinnn! How can I live in a two bedroom house! The horror! Sham is now in the running for delicate daisy of the year. Quick! Someone give him a fainting couch and smelling salts! The poor lad the things he has to suffer.

Well despite his brains being in long term hibernation at least he is the only person here who knows a little about the birds and the bees. The rest are too busy casting suspicious glances, creating elaborate stories, pouting  and ignoring their dinner. They are taking their theme a litttlllee too seriously.

So the point of the story is now that everyone is caught in a web of deception and lies and this family is doomed to their Shukki tendencies. I’ll end with a plea made by our feeble heroine, sorry hero:

“Please ye drama bandh karo aur normal ho jao”

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Shuk Episode 22 Review

Posted by A musing muslim On March - 16 - 2014 28 COMMENTS



Yay! Shamim Hilali is back! Only five episodes too late. Boo! Little did she know that she was walking into this muck of being up Shukk creek without a paddle.

The jousting of the two wives continues with phantom intruders and faked injuries thrown in with jostling for naasta, chai and coffees. Sania (rightly) pushes ‘Sham to act on his decision but if I hear her say “Mein chaali jaongi” or “mujhe aapna app bura lag raha hai” I WILL SCREAM!

You’ve already established that you are full of hot air so stop already. Seherish is still his first wife – a fact you conveniently forget when you were batting your eyelids at a married man so zip it.

‘Sham finally girded his loins to tell Seherish he wants a divorce and then kindly asked her two seconds later to please be normal. Isn’t he thoughtful! Though have to say am glad this didn’t stretch for much longer because there is only so much battle of the wives that I can take.

Seherish dissolved into pleading needy wife. I would prefer she kick those girded loins hard and ask the poster couple for short-term memory loss Mr. Humdardi and Ms. Mazloom to just get the hell out of her house. I for one am squarely in her corner and thankfully, so is her Mother-in-law.

Shamim Hilali in true Yasir Nawaz style arrives at the pivotal moment and surmises all that we have been saying and gives her son an earful. All of ‘Sham’s dialogues about Kya mard ki koi izzat aur sharm nahin hoti rings farcically hollow since rather than deal with his situation, have the wherewithal to face his crumbling marriage he acts, as his mother pointed out, as a jahil mard.

Despite her sympathies with her preferred bahu she finds her Dadi strings being tugged at by cute little Rumi who has the uncanny ability to melt a rock. So while the adults are good about not racking the kiddo through this muck, I shudder to think of his future therapists fees. All this doesn’t go unnoticed by Seherish who poor dear feels left out in the cold.

In an amazing sweeping away of all a social construct – family, relatives, neighbours and the like – it becomes a little hard to swallow that these people live in such a vacuum. Ammi really didn’t know what was going on with her son and bahu for seven months? Ya, not buying it. The acting remains stellar and seeing Shamim Hilali was like a breath of fresh air.

All characters are holding their ground so they seem to be at an impasse. Lord help us all to suffer through the remaining episodes and give it a quick burial at sea.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Shuk Episode 21 Review

Posted by A musing muslim On March - 9 - 2014 21 COMMENTS



Wanted: An experienced psychotherapist who can successfully treat severe cases of cognitive dissonance, wimpicitis and badlaittis. You also might need to call a massive search for missing brains. Anyone? Heck at this point we’ll even settle for a script doctor!

I called the cat fights last week so these scenes fighting for my shohar and the right to his stomach with do pyali chai, coffee, sandwiches, I’ll make dinner, No we are going out for dinner were just so off putting! Clearly Sham is into it because he consoles Seherish with the soothing balm of Go woman make me some coffee! Because you’ll feel soooo much better after being mocked by my second wife by making me some coffee.

And then what? Massage my feet? I would have felt better if Seherish took a cue from the Lorreta Bobbit playbook instead of prancing off to the kitchen to do as she was told by her lord and master. Seherish is in denial but still willing to play unpaid baby sitter while attempting to erase Sham’s re-marriage.

She blames herself for being childless and spirals into self-doubt without once seeing how she has a big role to play in this and is now plotting revenge. I wonder what she is hanging on to since Sham has made it clear they can’t reverse time and that she herself would never be able to trust him again. I’d ask that Seherish throw them both out bag and baggage, file for divorce and move on with life. If Aisha Khan wasn’t such a terrific actress, this character would be pathetic and whiny.

Speaking of pathetic and whiny, Sania is constantly saying something else and doing something else. Someone please give her a serious whack on the side of her head. I don’t know why but Sania is really rubbing me the wrong way. Who in their right mind would want to live in a situation like this and if nothing else would you please think of your son  and his future therapist fees?

While Rumi thinks she’s turning into his Dadi she’s actually taking notes on how to be like Seherish. (Shh- don’t tell Sham!) Though at least she is pushing Sham to divorce Seherish….

Speaking of whimping out, Sham is proving to be such a spineless son of an unwed mother that I would like to personally gather his belongings, throw them out of the house and give him a kick in the seat of his pants. Your too full tummy causing food coma and making you forget that you have to settle this?

And how pray tell do you end your first marriage on a good note if you ended up marrying the woman you were accused of having an affair with? I don’t think friendzoning the first missus works in this case. Of course he has a better solution – Let’s leave all this domestic bickering and go out for dinner! Yay! More food!

Points for acting and direction and even some good dialogue with subtext (Although if you keep having your leads saying shukk  over and over again you lose that a little) but to paraphrase what Seherish said: You thought you had a good play but there are too many loopholes.

I second RB’s diagnosis Bi-polar? Be-Shukk!


MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Shuk Episode 20 Review

Posted by A musing muslim On March - 2 - 2014 34 COMMENTS



Looks like the nuske from last week didn’t work and now I find my bile rising in this farcical drama which is steadily going down the tubes and has taken a turn for cat fights, wifely manipulative wiles and the poor man caught between two wives. So much potential so little progressive thought.

For folks who keep labeling Seherish as mentally imbalanced and immature, both ‘Sham and Sania are fairly schizo in their actions no? Last week both of them were coming to terms with ending their relationship with Sania in kurbani ka bakra mode but now showed her (as Sadaf has said) seedhi as a jalebi doused in saccharine syrup side.

Overnight and one hell of a show down later, she’s all Jhaasi ki maasi about I’m not going anywhere because now it will look like I came between the two of you. Um, something much be catching – she’s got a case of Roma(isa)laria. Mein kuch ghalat nahin kiya…Hate to be the one to break it to you honey – Marrying a married man without the consent of his first wife isn’t exactly halal. Earlier it was her “Mein chali jaooni” which rang hollow, now it will be her ‘you must divorce her!’ which will go nowhere. Despite her bholi, namaazi nature I find it hard to feel any humdardi for her and am squarely in Seherish’s corner.

Kudos to Seherish for that confrontation scene and for asking all the questions we’ve been bandying about for the last few weeks – Did you forget I was your first wife? Talak manga tha, liya toh nahin, this is something I have to do for myself. I think Seherish was wise to stay put and demand Sania out of her house and also a resolution from ‘Sham. So far so good till, of course, she turned into crafty manipulating first wife turning on her inner domestic goddess and procurer of appointment letters. Sigh, this is turning into cat fight territory and the prize is not even worth it.

As for ‘Sham, please excuse me while I throw up. Poor poor lad who had such a big void in his life that he had to marry the first woman who cooked him three square meals and asked about his day. So much for ‘Sham’s thin veneer of being a modern male. Also shameless plug: Tune in for our radio show on Monday to talk about male representation in Pakistani dramas!

Turns out he was just as bad if not worse than Ali. Conveniently forgetting his love of seven years, refusing to make amends to save his marriage and now blaming his wife for all that has happened, pulling out second marriage as his get out jail free card, refusing to take any responsibility for his actions and now dilly dallying on divorce . He’s quite the flake too sidelined by a new sweater and appointment letter. How about you deal with your problems now instead of deferring them to tomorrow?

The acting has however raised the bar. Sanam is quite terrific as an ensnared mazloom aurat victim of circumstances and her own making. Aisha Khan in her anger, insecurity, firm resolve, even wiliness is so in keeping with character and performs with such precision, you can’t help but root for her. Adeel is also superb in his restraintAn absolutely top-notch performance by the three main leads.

Yasir Nawaz is still holding tight control over the narrative which despite me foaming at the mouth, still leaves me guessing. Though caring too much about the characters? I don’t think so.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Shuk Episode 19 Review

Posted by A musing muslim On February - 23 - 2014 26 COMMENTS



I was expecting things to go steadily downhill from here on after but I have to say this was a really engrossing episode. So credit where credit is due – absolutely pitch perfect performances, poignant dialogues, stellar direction and lovely lovely camerawork.

This drama reads more thriller than run-of-the-mill gharelu stories despite its emotional twists.

Seherish returns home and as Sania rightly observes use apni ghalti ka ehsaas nahin apki mohabbat wappis liye hai. I have to say Aisha Khan is a cut above her co-stars – her desperation seeps through her entire being and she is so in control yet vulnerable, I think she outshone everyone today.

Seherish is shaky about accepting Sania but willing to save her marriage and trust her husband. At least one of the characters believes in saving her marriage. Her conversations and actions reminded ‘Sham of the life they once shared.

Her apology to Sania while not true repentance (‘Sham kehte hain meri wajah se tumhara ghar tuut gaya) was laced with anxiety– which I thought was such an accurate representation of her character’s insecurities as well as true to life. How many times have we apologized more for our own benefit than real regret?

Mein hoon hi assi ki sabhi ko mujpe gussa atta hai. Truer words were never spoken. Sania is returning to silent suffering sacrificing woman (again) riddled with guilt and wondering if she is throwing away any chance of happiness in her life.

‘Sham too for his part though wanting to tell Seherish the truth finds himself holding back not only because his mutating feelings for Seherish but also because he is in hamdardi, oh sorry, love with Sania.

Sanam and Adeel are quite outstanding. That they share crackling chemistry is palpable. Though I complain about Sania’s mazloomiyat, it is refreshing to see Sanam in this role. Adeel, be still me beating heart, gives such an honest performance you can’t help but feel hamdardi for him (o oh!). On a separate note though, am curious, is he getting stuck in these roles?

Though one really has to ask as most of our insightful commenters have and allow me to paraphrase – what on earth were they smoking?! Did they really believe Seherish would not come back or they would not have to contend with ‘Sham’s first marriage? All their conversations ring a little hollow because any sensible adult would weigh these concerns before making the leap into marriage- a marriage which not only has shady beginnings but also casts doubts as to its validity within Sania’s iddat period.

Who then is worse: Seherish who spun this web of doubt or Sania and ‘Sham who proved her right?

Personally (puts on script doctor hat) if the story had Sania and Sham profess or explore their attraction, and were on the verge of tying the knot, and had Seherish entered then, I would have given team Shukk a standing ovation.Then, this episode would have been ten times stronger and you would have been able to relate with the more human feelings of desire and guilt.

Of course in retrospect (and the strong hold of PTV moralistic reins) you see the turn of events as a way to colour them grey.  Sania and Sham who were in the right all this while needed to be in the wrong too. I have my own suspicions about the way the story is headed and crossing all my fingers and toes that it takes a more thrilling turn in the coming weeks.

As I take off my script doctor hat, I leave the characters with some prescriptions -Sham ko hamdardi ki tonic se door rakhe, Seherish ko Shukk ke syrup se aur Sania jo bechari apne pyaro pe khadi nahin ho sakti, unhe  kurbani ke injection lage dein.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

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