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Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W.W) – Review

Posted by Ghada Qaiser On September - 20 - 2012 49 COMMENTS

Peer-e-Kamil, our Prophet S.A.W.W, someone the whole Muslim Ummah loves. What can one do for that pure existence? It depends on how much one loves him S.A.W.W. The story, ‘Peer-e-Kamil’ is about a girl named ‘Imamah’ who went through many changes and many trials because of her love for Allah and His Messenger S.A.W.W.

Peer-e-Kamil is an extraordinary novel written by Umera Ahmed. It revolves around two main characters, Imamah and Salaar. Both are totally different people but their worlds cross when Salar tries to commit suicide and Imamah saves him and in return, Salar helps Imamah get out of a difficult situation and marries her when she asks him to. Okay, wait!what! How did all that happen?! I’m sure you’d love to read the book for details ;) I’ll only give an introduction so I don’t spoil a whole lot for people who haven’t read the novel. For now, let’s stick to the intro:

So, Imamah is a university/college student who belongs to a very rich and known family. But the problem is that her family is following a sect which believes that our Prophet S.A.W.W was not the last Prophet in the world (Nauuzubillah). Imamah, with the help of her friends (mainly Javeria and Sabiha) and a man named Jalal, finds her way  to the right path and becomes a Muslim. And of course there’s Salar. Salar is one of the smartest people ever with an IQ of 150+ and he exceeds at everything he does. But he’s into all kinds of bad habits that he doesn’t even bother hiding from anyone. He has tried to commit suicide a few times just because he wants to feel the frontier of pain. He’s a complicated personality and something is there that makes you want to know that person better.

That’s all I’m telling in this review :) I highly recommend this novel to everyone because it has got to be one of the most amazing novels ever! There’s a magic in the novel that can only be felt if it’s read. The changes in personality are shown so wonderfully and also how a person finds the right path and what difficulties are faced by those people. It also shows how things one feels are not important can make such a big impact on a person. There is a lot, a lot of things shown and a lot of different people too! Hypocrites to honest people, heartless to kind people, simple to complicated people and more.

I totally fell in love with this novel! A lot of my friends recommended it to me and I read it in less than 3 days. It’ s such a great story and it’s a page-turner for sure. It shows the people who love Allah and their Messenger and how people change by the will of Allah through other people. It’s spiritual and very relatable. I’m sure there are people who go through such phases in life, in fact I think everyone gets a chance at least once in their lives. It also depends on who want that change. Surely, Allah listens and knows what’s in our hearts.

Anyway, I’d like to say again that Peer-e-Kamil S.A.W.W is an amazing read! It’s definitely worth reading and I recommend it to everyone! If you like reading, you can’t miss this novel! And even if you’re not a fan of reading, you have to read it! ;) :D
I’m sure you will fall in love with it, everyone I know who’s read it did! :) I may not be able to express in words how amazing it is, that you’ll have to find out yourself ;) I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Umera Ahmed has done a wonderful job with this novel! This has got to be her best novel. I think that’s why she doesn’t want to make it into a drama; because reading this novel has it’s own magic and she probably doesn’t want that magic to disappear. I myself wouldn’t want it to go away. Hats off to Umera Ahmed for writing such a masterpiece! I really want her to write more novels with that magic in them!

Written By Ghada Qaiser~ Feel free to share your views :) Let’s have a good discussion on this novel! ;)

If you want to read the novel:

English(Translated):  http://www.umera-ahmed.com/pir-e-kamil-pbuh-the-perfect-mentor.html

Urdu: http://rspk.paksociety.com/novels/umaira-ahmad/peer-e-kamil-by-umera-ahmad/

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