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Fawad Khan in Dallas for IRUSA

Posted by Sadaf On July - 3 - 2013 5 COMMENTS

Islamic Relief is a multinational charitable organization that works like the conscience of the Ummah. It helps around the world: whether it is the families of the factory workers who recently died in Bangladesh, Syrian refugees or hurricane victims in the USA. Islamic Relief can be found where ever there is a need, regardless of religion or nationality

Fawad Khan was in Dallas for the last leg of an exhausting eight city, yes eight city tour. Only one of those venues was missed (due to Visa issues) otherwise each event was attended by eager Pakistani contributors . It was a great evening compered by the extremely funny and very sweet Azhar Usman . some wonderful Nasheeds were sung by the talented singer Alman Nusrat .

“We had always contributed to Islamic Relief .we used to mail in a cheque before Ramadan. Now we know exactly how they (IRUSA) are using the money” said one contributor.

Like most Pakistanis, a lot of the audience had watched Humsafar and were following Zindagi Gulzar Hai, so Fawad Khan’s presence was like a magnet for many, providing that extra attraction to attend the fundraising. There were quite a few very eloquent and motivating speakers, some of whom you can hear in the short clip provided .Fawad Khan was invited to speak at the end and proved to be worth the wait .He was not only well spoken and articulate but very inspiring. Many who had already given decided to dig even deeper into their pockets after hearing him. At the end of the function Fawad posed with each and every one of the attendees who wished to have their picture taken with him.

It was a great event which raised a great deal of money for Islamic Relief’s work in Pakistan. Perhaps one of the best parts was that Dallas raised the most money out of all the cities this event was held in. So well done Dallas and indeed all the contributors in every city.!!!

The picture quality may not be perfect but it we hope you guys will give us some slack on that. We are putting this up to kill two birds with one stone: we all get to see our favourite Fawad and since Ramadan is about to begin it is a nice way to remind ourselves of donate and give to others less fortunate than ourselves.

Fawad Khan Fundraiser at Dallas

Fawad Khan Fundraiser at Dallas from Drama Pakistanii on Vimeo.



Zindagi Gulzar Hai – Last Episode

Posted by Maria On May - 25 - 2013 52 COMMENTS


As Zindagi Gulzar Hai theme song played at the conclusion and appearance of credits, I stood in front of my TV screen for good minute and thought of all the angry words I could use to describe the episode as my mind was buzzing with them. Then I remembered my nano ami’s golden words that janay waloon ko hamesha achay lafzoon say yaad rakhtai hain chahi who jaisay bhi hoon (one should remember those who are departing with fond words, even if we didn’t learn to become fond of them). So lets try to give our friend Zindagi Gulzar Hai (ZGH), who we have stuck with for a long time, a friend who has given us much to loathe, yet ponder upon, a proper goodbye along with much needed advice.

Zindagi abhi khatam nahin huiibaas farq yeh hai kay meri dairy main Allah say shikway kum hogay hain. Main nay un cheezoon pay raazi hona seekh liya hai jo woh mujhey deta hai aur un cheezon ki talaash chohr di hai jo lahasil hain

As a viewer I am relieved that we finally heard these phrases coming from Kashaf’s mouth. She needed to arrive at this stage and all it took was one person who she despised to make her believe that she could indeed look at the rose or the thorns surrounding it. Let me state, I was glad that Kashaf took the ability, buried her pride and opened to tell Zaroon that she indeed loved him, something he could not even believe he would hear especially when he wiped a tear of his eyes while listening to her phone call.  It is easier to see why Kashaf might love Zaroon but this episode really did made me question about what did Zaroon find to love in Kashaf, her character? Her intelligence? Her middle class values? The fact that she is a house wife and a working women who handles both at the same time? I wish we had seen one last reflection from both Kashaf and Zaroon as to why and how they have affected each other since the birth of their children and how do they view each other now.

However, the episode stayed true to Kashaf and Zaroon’s underlying relationship where everything was always swept under the carpet and real issues like Kashaf’s securities, Zaroon’s ever growing hypocrisies etc was all buried over beautiful romantic scenes (now with addition of twins). It was a relief to see them finally being happy and declare their undying love for each other…apparently I am concluding its fine for Zaroon to go and meet Asmara while Osama will chill with Kashaf and the twins?

One of the biggest strengths of Zindagi Gulzar Hai was director Sultana Apa’s ability to squeeze the best out of her actors in almost ever scene.  If Zindagi Gulzar Hai was only looked at from individual scenes, it would win an Oscar hands down for perfect acting of main cast and brilliant use of camera angles to setup the stage for each scene. Fawad Khan was perfect as he gave range of emotions and the scene in episode 16 where he calls everyone due to not being able to talk to Kashaf will be forever entrenched in my brain. To me the biggest surprise quiet honestly have been three actresses. Sanam Saeed truly stood out and outshone Fawad Khan in some scenes as well. She matched him equally and the chemistry between them was fiery. That is what I would describe as well-matched actors put together to enthrall us. Another surprise was that Ayesha Omar can indeed act and Mansha Pasha found herself as my new favorite actress to watch out for! Zindagi Gulzar Hai is indeed a powerhouse full of talent and no stone was left unturned in choosing the best. For me personally  if I need to hire someone to come up with unforgettable dialogues, Umera Ahmad would win the competition any day. Such memorable and beautiful words she weaves but I wish the overall story had been paid much more attension to rather then the individual dialogues in case of ZGH. Same could be said about directors grip on narrative or the editing department.

I remembered in the very first review I described the arrival of Zindagi Gulzar Hai in a friends words who analogized it as the pompous occasion of a barat with all the dhoom dhamaka except the baraat forgets to bring the dulaha with them in all the frenzy. That was one of the biggest problems with Zindagi Gulzar Hai: The Hype. It increased a lot of expectations of viewers like me, who expected for once a social drama written by prolific writer, a veteran director, and a stellar cast to create a well constructed theme and message especially with regards to women empowerment, the emotional burden of neglect due to being born in a certain gender and the power of education with regards to women. Not to mention how important it is for us to thank god for his blessings and be thankful to him for giving us this life- a journey from shikwa to shukar. Sadly the drama should never have been promoted in such a way because none of the themes gelled together or were cohesive enough to drive a point home. Kashaf despite all of her education and independence was still a prisoner to her insecurities that overshadowed everything. She is hardly a role model for any girl. Also it does not certainly helps a cause to squeeze last few lines and call it shukar without ever showing how one got to that point. Let us remember that the last 25.75 episodes were all on shikwa. As a media arts student I am well aquatinted with the pain of director to dramatize certain aspects of a narrative, especially one that is written in more of a philosophical format and is reflective of a social situation. Usually the showing part in terms of visualizing these narrative is then limited to very dramatic scenes and then to lead the story along, what occurs between scenes can be told by “telling” so the story can make progress. Here it is the director job to control the balance between showing and telling.  The underlying problem with Zindagi Gulzar Hai has been mainly the imbalance that became so apparent. One example I am going to use from a previous review was the ever going conflict between Kashaf and Zaroon: We had one showing scene between Kashaf and Zaroon in episode four which was only less than a minute long where Kashaf makes a very personal attack during a class argument. We never had any other confrontation. Yet, every time, in past next 3 episodes, everyone is talking about how Kashaf gives Zaroon a headache or how Zaroon is losing arguments in class e.g. “Us nay har waqt dayd inch ki masjid bana rakhi hai…usay superiority complex hai, inferiority complex nahi “ This blah blah or this “telling” is useless to me as a viewer because I never really saw any dramatic action or “showing” which lead me to believe that there was any confrontation between the two characters. Certainly this imbalance between showing and telling has really flattened otherwise what could have been a very crisp and dramatic narrative. As many viewers and commentators pointed out that there was also a severe lack of proper timeline and unbalanced placement of scenes. The drama could have been very well done only if most of the scenes had been placed at the right time, at the right pace and all the background noise and useless repetition had been cut off.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai has not been an easy drama to review or critique at times. My sincere thanks and love to Sadaf and Roh for covering for me (when I was extremely busy & unavailable) and helping me when I was stuck. Thanks once to Faraz as well who did a review to cover both Sadaf and I. To all the commentators, viewers and those bold enough to energize all the discussions, and those who stuck with this safar till the end, thank you for making things gulzar here. It has been lovely to know you all (old and new) for past 26 weeks and believe me the drama is no fun without all your witty, honest and extremely insightful comments. I learned so much from all of you and I hope to see you all for new Umera Ahmad’s drama Kankar (starting Fahad Mustafa, Sanam Balooch & Mohib Mirza) as well as Fawad Khan’s new drama Numm (also starting Sania Saeed and VJ Kanza).

Numm Promo can be find here:



Poll Results: Who Won? Team Kashaf or Team Zaroon?

Out of almost combined 2000 votes per week on average till the very end:

51% were on team Kashaf

49% were on team Zaroon.

I am sure we can draw pretty clear conclusion from this. Faraz rigged the poll and added all votes for Zaroon right?… :D I am just kidding. Surprisingly in the last few weeks I was thinking that Team Z will win by large margin. However stats tell us otherwise!

So doston? App ki kiya zindagi gulzar hai? 

Zindagi Gulzar Hai- Epi 25: Sharing is Caring!

Posted by Maria On May - 18 - 2013 34 COMMENTS


Surprisingly this episode caught me totally unguarded and it actually made a lot of sense to me. Probably because I had no expectations from it.  Today,  after many months, I didn’t even feel the Friday frenzy.

So we moved on to actually address the basic and biggest problem of the relationship between Kashaf and Zaroon. They don’t share too much with each other, and possibly keep more things away and just share the day to day activities and incidents. Major decisions like Kashaf’s loan or Zaroon’s suggestion of getting Rafia to move in with them is on Kashaf’s  “do not share” list.

The scene where Zaroon brings up the topic with Kashaf of not sharing things with him (while she was reading on parenting) was really nice. I felt for the poor guy, and I wanted to give Kashaf one of my whacks.

The argument that ensued on the Asmara issue, revealed Zaroon’s frustrations very well. For all that I gun men down for their double standards, I couldn’t help thinking that he was doing exactly what she was doing, in terms of not sharing. Never mind what the issue is, once it has been accepted that there will be privacy and evident non-disclosure of certain issues, anything can be held back by anyone. Who is to decide what is acceptable to hide and what is not in this kind of a case? Where does one draw the line?

One can debate that Zaroon’s not even mentioning Asmara in the last one year is not on. But then so is Kashaf taking a loan and not sharing that with him. In such a situation, anything and everything can be justified.  I might be wrong, but this was actually the 1st time that an issue was talked about at length in this drama. All the issues between both of them were thrown in with their accusations and in the defense of themselves.

It is so real that when couples fight, the 1st thing is they regret that they married this person, and the next is that one of them wants to walk out of the house.

In Kashaf’s typical way, the 1st thing was to run away from the situation, and that she did by leaving the house.  When the girl leaves and goes to her mother’s house, how the problem is resolved depends largely on the advice she gets from there. There are parents who can cause grave damage by advising the way Ghazala did when Sara was having trouble. And then there are parents who can help to resolve the issue and get the couple back together

I have a feeling, given what saintly Rafia has been characterized here, if Kashaf told her about the problem, she would have guided her the right way, and got some more brownie points.

Another problem I saw between these two, is that they don’t believe each other at all? or is it a part of the weak screenplay? When Kashaf told Zaroon that Usama was just a proposal and nothing else, they didn’t talk to each other for months. Now Zaroon tells her that the gender of the children makes no difference to him, and she is weeping about what he will do when he knows that there are twin girls.(in the preview)

What is with these two? Almost a year of marriage, other than eating fruit and drinking tea, and hiding big issues from each other, they don’t have a life? Evidently they don’t! That’s why they don’t share much. But yes, they are in the family way! ;)

Would really love for Zaroon to now say something about why he married Kashaf and what he thought were all the qualities she had for an ideal wife.

Kashaf’s conversation with Rafia about Murtuza was very nicely done too. (It would have been more heartwarming had we not got an overdose of Murtuza in all the episodes so far.) It is easier to judge people and the decisions they take, but only the person who is going through it knows what they are feeling.

I think Sadaf had once mentioned that Rafia did share a life with Murtuza at one time, and she must have memories of those days. I think that is what came out today, when she said she feels bad for him. And that they could have had a good life with their 3 daughters, and would have been each other’s support as they grew older. It appeared as though Kashaf, for the very first time, understood what her mother was saying. I guess when our mothers tell us “wait till you become a parent” is the biggest truth in everyone’s life. Now that Kashaf is going to be a mother, and is having issues in her marriage, she can relate to what her mother is feeling.

I wanted to fast forward the scene between Murtuza and Rafia, but I thought maybe my predictions of him offering to buy her the house would pop up. No it didn’t, but he did offer her something ridiculous. Am glad Rafia’s house has been bought for her, and she refused to take him up on his offer.

I wish this episode came 10 episodes earlier. It would have not caused the irritation and heartache the last couple of weeks have caused. All the dialogues in this episode were meaningful and made so much more sense than the way the whole drama has been meandering so far.

I’m covering for Misty this week. Reviewing is still totally alien to me and is not my forte.  So please excuse any incoherence in my thoughts. Your thoughts are most welcome and would love to know your views.

 Written by Roh. 

MISTY asks: So whose argument holds more weight? Z or K? whose team are you on today?

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Zindagi Gulzar Hai- Episode 24

Posted by Maria On May - 11 - 2013 49 COMMENTS

I sat down to review the latest episode of Zindagi Gulzar Hai. I wrote two long paragraphs and realized that I was constantly repeating myself over and over again. So i decided to do something a little different for this episode’s review. A picture review :)

My favourite line of the episode.

ZGH episode 25

It is really true that in case of Kashaf she would never have turned out the bitter and guarded person if her father had not neglected and disowned them at such a young age. For Kashaf everything in Zaroon’s life is perfect or so it seems. However i loved how Zaroon reminded her that in life, for one to be truly happy, relationships are more important, especially relationships that are healthy and built on trust. Maybe this is the reason why both Zaroon and Kashaf have shortcoming in themselves or trust issues due to not having or feeling the lack of those relationships. this scene and each and every dialogue was the highlight of the show for me!


Privacy? Where does one draw the line?

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 1.42.12 AM

When one of my friends got married, an advice she received was that treat your husband like your best friend. I really wish someone had given the same advice to Kashaf. While i understood Kashaf’s rationals for maintaining space and privacy for little things, sharing Rafia’s issues and problems was a big matter and not telling Zaroon and almost giving him a shut up call was i felt a bit over the top!

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 2.03.12 AM

what do you guys think? Why would Kashaf maintain such secrecy about it? Surely she knows Zaroon doesn’t thinks about Kahsaf like his mother does e.g. she passes his money to her family.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 1.53.03 AM

on the other side, really Zaroon! do you think you can just accuse and cold shoulder your wife for months or weeks when she received a proposal, however its perfectly fine for you to go on coffee dates with your ex fiancé.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 1.55.35 AM


How do you guys feel about the rest of the episode. any particular moments or aspects that stood out for you? Next week:Trouble in gulzar land! hopefully its the final trouble.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 2.05.12 AM


Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 23- Sinusoidal Relationship

Posted by Maria On May - 4 - 2013 46 COMMENTS


When I sat down to write about Zindagi Gulzar Hai today, I really thought that much like Kashaf and Zaroon’s relationship, my thoughts and reflections throughout the run of the show have been up and down or if one were to graph them, they would look like a sin curve. There are some high times when I become so engrossed in the drama and I cannot seem to find any faults and then sometimes I shake my head and think, what were they thinking or in kind words of my Punjabi neighbors “ Aaa ki aaa?” Much like sometimes Kashaf wants to give up on Zaroon’s harkatain, I also wanted to give up on the drama. However today, thankfully was not one of them as I really felt a spark of fondness inside in me for liking and understanding ZGH, however much like Kashaf keeps her distance from Zaroon, I also do have some reservations. In my opinion, today’s episode answered and addressed lots of questions we have been waiting for Kashaf and Zaroon to reflect on and address it themselves. However it also left a trail of more question marks as well.

Our whole lives we are taught that being patient and faithful brings good result at the end.  Sometimes we work so hard and we keep on doing it that we forget that there is a prize at the end or some sort of contentment that one gains from all the struggles. For Rafia, not only she had to be strong, faithful but she also had to stand up like a brick wall for her daughters, even when the foundations of those brick walls kept on shaking. Today finally after all these years, she got acknowledgement from her nakhadoo husband who also realized that he has never really done anything for his other family but only has passed on grief and insecurity to his daughters for a lifetime. For Rafia, nothing makes up for all the pain except the fact that her daughters have held her head high by working hard, by getting educated and no diamonds, no amount of money, no amount of wealth can equate to what education does for a women and her daughters and she are a living proof of that. I however really am nerved by the fact that Nigar suggests that Rafia abb aik achay bhalay jawan larkay koo sikhayee kay how to become independent man! Say what? I would really like to have first heard Murtaza offer a sincere apology not only to Rafia but also go to each one of his daughters and acknowledge all the wrongdoings he has done to them in person. Then maybe maybe if there is room left for some izaat he could have asked Rafia if she needed any support etc, but instead we get Hammad dumped on her head. I really wish this time Rafia could have said thank you my dear husband for acknowledging what you have done, however keep your crybaby to yourself.  What kind of message are they trying to give? I wish, I really wished Rafia wasn’t such a saint. Why do people like Murtaza get away with so much?

Rafia hit the spot on the fact that Murtaza’s absence, his love, care and security that a father is suppose to provide has scarred his daughters for a lifetime. This transduction of insecurity lives deep inside Kashaf and even great news that transforms any women into a happy bird reduces Kashaf to tears. Despite knowing her circumstances are different, Zaroon is different, his family is different, she is not immune to the fear and anxiety that has bound her whole life. I am glad that we are at least back to addressing this point in the drama, despite its slow progress because Kashaf’s insecurities and were forgotten in the past 5-6 episodes.

Lets come to the problematic part of the episode. The whole conflict really was a tushhh pataka then? Wasn’t it? Zaroon cites that he was angry not at the proposal by Osama but at Kashaf for bluttering out to Sir Ibrar. However, he confides in his dad that he was upset about the proposal and the fact that Kashaf had never informed him of this before. One has to wonder how well Zaroon’s head works because even he doesn’t know what to think! Even at Sara’s wedding and the period that they were back in Karachi for Zaroon acknowledges her, however deep down Zaroon wants Kashaf to come and apologize to him but even he knows its not her fault, he still wants her to. Lord save us from these insecure Zaroons! To top it all, just last episode we heard Sidra was pregnant so Kashaf and Zaroon have been mad at each other for 7-9 months. Huh? One has to wonder, how did Kashaf become…ok lets not go there but sometimes I wish someone really had sat down and constructed a time line. Waisay Sidra ka beta kitna pyara hoga : )

I cannot commend Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan more for owning every scene especially the one where Kashaf cries and informs Zaroon she is pregnant. The expressions and the emotions were outstanding. Zindagi Gulzar Hai is a very lucky drama in terms acting talent :D

By the way app saab ko mubrak hoo bachay anay walain hain and Sara ki shadi hogai and Kashaf nay apni saas aur susar ko buhat kush kar diya…at least yahan tak to zindagi gulzar hai :) right!

Next week: I have a feeling we might have 2 episodes left. Hopefully Zaroon tries to dig deep inside Kashaf’s world and figure out her insecurities. I pray to god that we see healthy happy babies and Zaroon changing their diapers but most importantly we see Z and K discuss Z’s ummm meeting with Asmara. I am really interested to know what they have to talk about and not only that but I want to see how exactly does Kashaf feels about this certain meeting! I have a feeling that the whole Osama thing is going to come full circle in coming episodes! Its still not resolved yet! Not yet!

So whose team are you on Today? Z or K?

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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Novel -Roman Urdu Translation (p 1-27)

Posted by Maria On May - 1 - 2013 117 COMMENTS

This is a huge effort by our team at dramapakistani to translate the ZGH novel on numerous requests into roman urdu so it can be accessible by everyone. This novel and its written contents are absolute copyrights of Umera Ahmad and her publishers. no copyright infringement intended.  the only reason why we watermarked these are because it takes us hours to do this and people simply steal it and proclaim they did this all by themselves. In the coming weeks we will add more and more pages to the novel. keep checking back :D and enjoy the ZGH novel.
Right now we are upto the beginning of Kashaf Zaroon head to head in the library!
ZGH page 1-3-01 ZGH page 1-3-02 ZGH page 1-3-03 ZGH page 1-3-04 ZGH novel -05 ZGH novel -06 ZGH novel -07 ZGH novel -08 ZGH novel -09 ZGH novel -10 ZGH novel -11 ZGH novel -12 ZGH novel -13 ZGH novel -14 ZGH novel -15 ZGH novel -16

ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -01 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -02 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -03 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -04 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -05 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -06 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -07 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -08 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -09 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -10 ZGH novel part 2 17-27 -11

Zindagi Gulzar Hai -Epi 22- Tushhhh Pataka

Posted by Maria On April - 27 - 2013 114 COMMENTS



The latest episode of ZGH turned out to be just like my mom sometimes says when she is highly disappointed “khooda pahar aur nikla chooha” or in infamous words of apni Bilquees Kaur, “Tushh Pataka.” Let me start to say that disappointing is a lame word to describe this episode. From a few well thoughtful dialogues, this episode was a heap of mess and consisted of so well thought out bloopers that you had to wonder, were they deliberately trying to insult our collective intelligence? I was driving back home with my brother and I simply asked him what he thought about the mess that ZGH is and he might not be the greatest intellect on this planet but he said that apart from few good dialogues and great acting, there is nothing that makes ZGH worth watching. Today’s episode exactly highlighted the issues that ZGH had since the beginning both in terms of story timeline and storyboard, the editing and continuity issues.

Lets start first and foremost of all, a few of us agreed last week that Asmara flashback scene might hold some significance and make Zaroon reflect on his chauvinist behavior however, much like a lot of characters Asmara and the overall scene was wasted space and no clear outcome came out of that particular interaction. We only learned that Kashaf has natural ability to sniff when Zaroon is down or not feeling well.

The circus clown *ahem * Nigar Aunty’s bouncing head was back in full motion and god forbid if we ever come across such beautifully done makeup * cough cough * I hope this is not another wasted scene and I have a bad feeling that Nigar aunty is not going to stop coming over for a while to Rafia Auntys place and stop munching on those yummy kabab and giving us all a eye and head ache at the same time. I am really hoping however that in the next few episodes we have left, she really doesn’t adopts the “The Joker” style and we are subjected to this line “ you wanna know how did this eyeshadow…” Allah hamian maaf karay!

The crucifixion of working women was full on swing in this episode today. I love it how Ghazala aunty is made the punching bag of how and what not do if you are a working women! Your daughter will tell you how you were never there for her, your son and your husband will admonish your absence and never appreciate you. To top it all, Sara has come so far that she is willing to gladly marry a conservative guy! Are the Junaid siblings making some kind of strange statement that is passing over our heads by marrying in conservative or middle class clans?  One thing I truly learned from Zindagi Gulzar Hai and looking at all the Ghazala and Junaid situation was that if a women compromises, us ki balay balay hooti hai and if a man compromises for a sake of women having a career, he is a mazloom shohar. If someone has better explanation of Ghazala’s relationship with her children and husband please do share and explain. The best thing out of this whole scenario was that Ayesha Omar some definitely knows how to act; she just needs different types of role other then playing a OTT house breaker.

The high on Nitrous Oxide bestie was back in full swing. I have to give it to Kahsaf and Zaroon for choosing the sanest best friends on this planet. So Osama knowing very well of Zaroon’s nature and knowing how he can become aaag bagoola in less then under 10 seconds especially where things concern women in his family or his fiancé or now his wife, he can be very sensitive, he brings up the whole proposal thing and wait wait the Ashar bug was hovering around that instant and bit Zaroon. And Zaroon ko ho gaya Ashar malaria and he became a “touchy skrewet,” who through his words and actions started to lash on Kashaf. At this point I do admire Kashaf for not sitting and crying in the corner but straight up telling Zaroon (along with Ibrar Uncle) that he has lost his brain cells and needs to get them back as soon as possible. Kashaf is absolutely correct; Zaroon knows Kashaf has  flawless character (according to his definition), he married her knowing everything so why all the fuss now?  This seems like a very lame build up and this is where I absolutely lost it. I was really hoping that Zaroon and Kashaf were going to have a epic showdown and Kahsaf apnay Z ki khoob dhulai karay gi but but it all fizzled away between Sara and Ghazala and Junaid scenes. I was really hoping that we would hear something from Zaroon about why he felt that distance from Kashaf or why did Osama’s proposal suddenly made him this insecure. What was he thinking? That never came. To top it all, Kashaf and Zaroon without making up or having any kind of conversation, are both back in Karachi for Sara’s wedding and everything looks hunky dory. Huh? Please someone pinch me and tell me, am I the only one who missed something.

Behold the bloopers of all the bloopers. You guys know this will forever remain mystery until the next episode where we will finally figure out which of the two sisters is pregnant (yeah we know Kashaf is having twins BUT … I am still confused from Rafia aunty’s call as to if Kashaf is pregnant or Sidra. If Kashaf were pregnant than wouldn’t she tell Zaroon?  And if Sidra is pregnant how on the earth did she get pregnant in Pakistan? Wait didn’t she leave? So now is she back? Talk about awkwardness and hmmphhhh moment

The last above blooper certainly highlights why stretching ZGH and not constructing a proper storyboard was a humoungously insane idea. We were subjected to Zaroon and Kashaf’s maturity and romance for four straight episodes and this excuse of Zaroon acting like a touchy skrewet (as this is the best definition I can think of describing him, thank you Ron Weasly) is a little lame and a little out dated as well. To top it all, the whole scenario or the situation almost fizzled out and lost due to every other character’s issue taking screen time. The saddest part is that ZGH was apparently meant to address the underlying hypocrisies, the education matter, the gender indifferences prevalent in our societies but everything just blew into different proportions e.g. we never resolved the differences between Murtaza and his daugthers etc. ZGH has some of the best performances I have seen from some actors, some of UA’s beautiful dialogues still stick with me, however at the end, the technical, the writing, the editing and directing team just lost grip on the overall narrative and we are left with a kidchi which is half cooked and it is been out in the cold for too long that it is almost becoming stale.

p.s. my brother has one question for Kashaf! He want to know that why didn’t she ask Zaroon that what happened to all your promises and rules of not talking to each other? Couldn’t she have reminded him of that?

I am going to eat a BUCKET FULL of ICECREAM so I can get over this episode! BUCKETFULL…. *and get more sick again*!


Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 21- Expectations nay mar dala!

Posted by Maria On April - 20 - 2013 97 COMMENTS


Written by Roh ~

I would first like to say that this is the very 1st time I’m doing a review. I have no style of writing and no sense of reviewing, so it might just be a completely haphazard read. I love this site and the interactions here, and I really wanted to help out our poor Misty, who is not feeling very well (her half done review is under mine). So hear my thoughts on this episode!

And the story moves on from the head spinning romance that we got over the last 3 weeks. Zaroon and Kashaf are settling into their long distance married life. Very often it is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it seems this is evident in this case.

Kashaf has become a wee bit more expressive in her feelings. Though she is still hesitant to say those 3 words Zaroon is longing to hear, she has found a way to say so, in not so many words. Zaroon, on the other hand, has learnt how to understand his wife’s silence. He hit bull’s-eye when he couldn’t reach her on the phone, knowing fully well what she had done to the phone lines. And he didn’t hesitate to tell her exactly that, even telling her openly that she lied.

“Yeh phone kyun nahi utha rahi hai. Ya phir meri baat na karne ki badla le rahi hai.“

Loved the way Kashaf said “badtameez” when that phone conversation ended. (I saw myself in that, as it’s a typical way I react at the end of an unpleasant phone call!) Zaroon, on his side was justified with his vent as well.

His Rule #1 was an outcome of this little altercation.

Both the mothers had a significant presence in today’s episode. While Ghazala’s presence was more significant because it showed that Zaroon has emerged as a sensible son and husband. He balanced the situation very well. Whether it was his mother hinting at Kashaf giving her family money, or it was confronting her with what happened eventually. Pretty unusual for a newly married man, I must say. Most men realize how unreasonable they are in the initial years of marriage only after they have children, especially daughters. (Like in Dur-e-Shehwar) In our society, it is not only expected that the new bride will make all the adjustments, but also the universal truth is that a woman handles situations fairly well, in spite of difficulties. However, one thing that caught my attention in all this maturity is that Zaroon is still a rich kid, who needs his father to fund his fringe expenses and credit cards. Not so mature then, right?

The role of the mothers again came out strongly when it was mentioned that Kashaf didn’t let her mother-in-law feel uncomfortable when she left home that morning. She didn’t give her a chance to know how upset she was. This was also a big part of her upbringing by Rafia. As Rafia told her never to forget the values she has been taught, with all the other things that she said about making relationships work. Rafia’s words were golden – and I believe that they should be inculcated by parents in their daughters AND sons and will help make the world a better and more sensitive place.

I think another lesson that life will teach Kashaf now is that nothing is permanent – neither happiness nor grief. Life will move on. Somewhere she will learn that romance and niceties will not stay forever. There will be issues, but everything can be resolved. Just because she has found happiness now, it will not stay forever. Just because Zaroon has been an indulgent, understanding husband so far, doesn’t mean he will always stay that way. As the famous saying goes, “The only thing constant in life is change

Rule #2 emerged from Kashaf being Kashaf – always walking away from the situation instead of facing it. If she had told Zaroon what she had shared with her mother (which had to be the best scene of today), it would have taken their communication to another level without the grief in real life. But then we need a story here, don’t we?

Three bits that I thought were just pushed in. The conversation with Sara on the phone. I guess  this episode showed Kashaf’s  bond developing with her in-laws –  and this was a part of it. Really seemed that they were speaking to each other for the 1st time in their lives!

The other one was with Hammad and the biryani. Still, Hammad is really sweet. Love his exasperated expressions. He looks exactly like the fool who thinks he knows it all! Better him than his Ammi and Abba. Can someone post the recipe of 12 masalay wali Biryani from Masala TV? :)

And the  third one was the last course on the meal – Asmara and the flashback. (Can’t bring myself to call it dessert!) That whole scene lasted 2 long minutes and 25 seconds. The slow dialogue delivery, the long pauses between each sentence! It went on and on. I don’t know if I should hope this track is going to have something to do with the trouble in the future, or whether it was a filler – either way, not very exciting.  Our very “self-declared intelligent “ Madihasmara congratulated Zaroon. I think she forgot her sweet message on sms to him, wishing him and his wife a good time in hell. However when she solemnly said that her “intelligence was insulted”, it had me in splits. A lot of time has been spent in the screenplay showing us what a scatterbrain she was.

Sanam Saeed was outstanding in today’s episode. Her expressions and dialogues brought out her fears, apprehension, anger, hurt and love brilliantly. Fawad Khan matched up to her brilliantly. ;)

Another point I wanted to mention was that scene where Kashaf brings the tea – which has been a part of the OST. It always appeared to me as though Ghazala was looking at her scornfully. Today I realized that it was not scorn, but embarrassment because she realized that her daughter-in-law had heard her mean statements. Just goes to show that one can never arrive at the right conclusion with a small bit. Reminds me of “Picture abhi bhi baaki hai”

So that means we wait till all the episodes unfold, week after week, and then look back at the story in totality. For now – Usama’s proposal and trouble in paradise on the horizon.


Misty’s Half review :)

A friend of mine mentioned few days ago, that as the years have gone by, the expectations you have from people start to diminish as well and those include your closest relationships, brothers, sisters, friends, husbands, wives and even your parents. I didn’t agree with her on that point. My theory is that where there is love, care, or some pays attention to you and your needs or if there is a relationship between two people, you automatically tend to expect more from them and you expect them to always be there for you, supporting you in your lows and highs. Today’s episode of ZGH pretty much highlighted what expectations Zaroon and Kashaf both anticipate from their relationship beyond love.

The episode began on a positive note as Kashaf showed “alaa zarfi” and finally putting her ego aside to ensure she calls Zaroon and informs him that she has reached and to find about his whereabouts. She also expected Zaroon to call and inform her that he has safely reached Islamabad except well Zaroon bahi chalay awaragardi karnay, Kashaf aunty ko khoob sataa kar. And came running back, Kashaf’s humungous ego and beccharay mobile phone aur landline donnooo ko saaza mil gai. But there is always light at the end of tunnel and this whole petty issue was resolved surprisingly maturely by Zaroon who has aptly proven himself everything a normal person would want in a husband. I almost breathe a sigh of relief as Kashaf accepted the terms of agreements on how to resolve farther conflicts as they occur in future or along the paths of their relationship. Up to this point I think my favorite scene had to be when Kashaf remembers having dinner with Zaroon and oh boy, Umera definitely knows how to write some of the best tit for tat lines.

K:tum jitni tension daytay hoo sawal hi paida nahi hoota main mooti hoo jaaoon

Z: tumhain pata hai haar smart aurat kay peechay aik Junaid Zaroon jaisay shohar kaa haath hota hai

K: aur har parayshan aur kay peechay bhi

As I predicted last week that Kashaf and Zaroon need to move out of Kashaf’s home and Kashaf needs to spend a bit more time with Zaroon’s family. Things are definitely cold at that front. and rest of my thoughts have been well covered by my lovely Roh. I sincerely want to thank Roh and Sadaf for covering me :)

whose team are you on:

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Zindagi Gulzar Hai- Episode 20 Review

Posted by Sadaf On April - 13 - 2013 62 COMMENTS


This entire episode I felt as if I had been dropped in a vat of chocolate and was having to eat my way out. The entire time Zaroon and Kashaf are shown in various romantic tableaux, at the beach, in a garden and then again a moonlit night in Rafia’s back yard (couldn’t really call it a garden, there did not seem to be any plants).Though each scene was perfectly acted and fitted in with every expectation I might have had of the Zaroon /Kashaf romance, after a while I just wanted these two to move on. I know everyone will probably disagree but the best scene for me was when Zaroon lays all his well-worn romantic patter to one side and gives Kashaf some money before leaving .This one simple act reduces her to tears where so far all the moonlight and roses do not seem to have touched her. There lies the crux of the matter, Kashaf has no idea what a normal relationship between husband and wife is. She is so surprised and moved by this easy ritual between man and wife.  Of course Zaroon thought it was because she was going to miss him … well maybe it was.

All her life Kashaf has had to fend for herself. She has never seen that normal interaction even once between her own parents. Zaroon is the romantic husband most young girls dream of: handsome and charming, he puts up with the lack of air conditioning, the mosquitos and is more than polite to Kashaf’s family. His unending declarations of love and compliments don’t quite convince Kashaf but in one very telling line right at the beginning of the episode she says she is listening to the sound of silence. Anyone can be romantic on a moonlit night but it is those small quiet acts of caring and consideration which are the true measure of love.

Last week I think one of our commentators suggested Rafia might be Zaroon’s ideal women and I am beginning to agree, sadly she just wasn’t Murtaza’s. Kashaf however is not Rafia and is very afraid of trusting Zaroon.  Her fear of being hurt holds her back at every point. Fawad and Sanam were great throughout and made every seen look easy. The only complaint I have is the soaring background music was competing with the dialogues… HUM TV in particular is guilty of this; I had just as much trouble trying to catch the dialogues in Sheher e Zaat.

Something that I found a little strange was the fact that while Zaroon is subliminally being tested at every moment by Kashaf through his interaction with her family, Kashaf has no interaction with Zaroon’s family .Even the great paragon of middle class virtues Rafia does not mention them. She is full of advice for Kashaf on how to cook, clean and sew for Zaroon but nothing about trying to make a relationship with his family. Apart from the few scenes at the breakfast table where Kashaf politely ignored them, I see no effort on her part to build any kind of relationship with them and the way Zaroon acts; he might well be an orphan. From the hints we are getting the interaction will be negative, so I guess no great revelations there. I had expected Kashaf to at least spend a little time with Sara since Zaroon was close to her but perhaps that will happen later.

One thing I have to say is , is it me or do a lot of the conversation in this drama happen around beds , with people sitting on them eating on them , cleaning them up etc….? It could be just me. There were a lot of cute, romantic scenes in this episode, so please share your favourite one.

I am covering for Misty; she will be back next week :)


Written by Sadaf







Zindagi Gulzar Hai – Episode 19 – Of Rings and Roses

Posted by Maria On April - 5 - 2013 117 COMMENTS

waisay I am loving the safar from leechar and churail to husband and wife…phew!

In our TV dramas airing, all we hear and see our bad marriages, we hear about divorces, extra marital affairs, the saas-bahu conspiracies and God knows what else that one watching is left wondering that is that all to marriage and relationships? Rarely we see on our screens the idea of love after marriage, love being a great power to look past beyond people’s imperfections and accepting them for who they are. Our writers forgot that these stories exist as well, these people exist as well..two people who come from different walks of life, grow up, mature, see each other in different lights, have differences, arguments, yet they can accept each other and make life incredibly beautiful…and these essences and discoveries, life is truly gulzar or beautiful. thank you Zindagi Gulzar Hai team, starting from Umera Ahmad’s beautiful dialogues, to superb direction and incredible acting by Mansha Pasha, Sanam Saeed and Fawad Khan. I truly felt the power of love today, the subtle romance and how beautiful a relationship between husband and wife could be without making it seem like a fantasy : )

I came across a poem many years ago whose last couplet ended with:

Love is blind – I disagree

I do not feel that way

Love sees each and every fault

And Love loves anyway

In medieval times, a single rose stood for simplicity. In full bloom, red rose meant, “I love you,” and also stood for respect and courage. One can’t deny the significance of Zaroon giving a symbolic way of ensuring that in every gesture, every conversation, he wants to tell Kashaf “ I love you.” A love to a woman who is his center of gravity, as he so aptly puts it.  Today Zaroon buys a single rose for Kashaf, not a bouquet and Kashaf looks through the past, remembers the flirt who she has married, that she is probably not the only one who has received these flowers, yet despite knowing all of Zaroon’s past, his nature, his flaws, his faults, Kashaf can’t help but fall in love with Zaroon- or as they say Love sees each and every fault and Love loves anyway… but she is not going to let Zaroon know so easily, now will she?

Surprisingly for me the highlight of the episode has to be when Kashaf and Zaroon are trying their best to test each other by checking who will break down first and admit they were missing each other. The painful thinking expression on Zaroon’s face when he is driving back home and thinks “accident ho sakta hai mera, koi pata hot hai ajj kaal..kiya main usay phone kar loon.. nahi intezar karna chahiye… dekhta hoon kay miss karti hai kay nahi…” and on the other hand Kashaf is feeling pangs of “ahesasay juram” for not being able to stop Zaroon from leaving. For me these moments were very enjoyable and very heart lifting. I really like how Kashaf isn’t just ready to quickly say “I love you” back to Zaroon. Kashaf understands the enormity of what it means to say this phrase as she knows that she is still insecure, even though she feels the change in her and around her she knows these are very powerful words that shouldn’t be treated lightly – they come with promise and faith. And for Kashaf to understand and completely accept this form of love, she needs to completely build a very powerful trust and commitment with that person. Although she doesn’t minds Zaroon flirting with her…oh boy! :P

There were way to many beautiful moments in today’s episode and if I discussed every single one of them, i would be here all day so I want you all to tell me what was your moment? What dialogue moved you the most?

Funny things I took notice of:

-Kashaf ki Mendhi change ho gai do din kay baad …:\

-Yeh nazmabaad to koh kaaf kay pahar say bhi door hai …akhir Zaroon ko pohanctay pohanchtay raat ho gai!

-Why are Kashaf and Zaroon spending more time at Rafia’s home then their own home?

-Kashaf is a government official and so is zaroon, people where are your blackberries ? :

-Sidra i never want you to leave but but how is your husband in America?  :D

An accolade to Fawad Khan

There was once a long time ago when we fell in love with Hassan, then there was Ashar and then I look at Zaroon and one has to wonder, how does Fawad Khan do it? Every gesture of love, every expression, his smile and one has to wonder how on the earth is Kashaf resisting all this charm and energy. My vocabulary falls short in praising your acting Fawad Khan. You are an incredible actor and performer and no one could have made a better Zaroon on this planet.

Next Episode: I had this strange vision that if Zindagi Gulzar Hai was a Bollywood movie, we would have one song where Kashaf is wearing a green suit and dances and sings on “mar dala…mar dalllllla” you know because Zaroon nay kashaf koo apni muhabaat main mar dalla ;) :D BUT BUT that all being said how will Zaroon and Kashaf deal with all the troubles that harbour deep inside of them, Zaroon’s conservativeness and chauvinism and Kashaf’s insecurities and lack of trust.


So in terms of being on Team Z or K, think about the last scene where Kashaf and Zaroon talk about role of wife and husband and their responsibilities to each other and in life…who do you think had a better argument? Z or K. don’t forget to vote  and comment :D
until next time dostoon…zindagi gulzar hai…gulzar hai :D

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