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Bashar Momin: episodes 24-25

Posted by Sadaf On October - 19 - 2014 14 COMMENTS





Bashar Momin is fast losing it's admittedly tenuous grip on reality. So,the long awaited explanation or back story for Bashar and his sisters crazy behaviour is revealed . Bashar's mother played by the beautiful Hina Bayat left his boring , much older and much poorer but oh so shareef father for her first love Zafar . who is a 'shaandaar mard'. In fact Bashar's Father Momin is so , so Shareef that he hangs himself in front of his desperate children because he cannot face the world.... leaving his innocent children to do it alone.Is it just me who sees this act as entirely egotistical and selfish ? Why not just divorce her and take care of your children ? Funnily enough I can't scrape up any sympathy for Momin or anyone else in Bashar's family. Last week I was worried about Rudaba's lack of intelligence  but this week Bashar and Tayaba win the prize for an combined IQ of less than 10. After punching and kicking Bulund in the stomache in full view of their entire family ,both  brother and sister are shocked and surprised that Bulund is angry . Way to go Bulund for chucking Tayaba out and leaving ,at least you have some sense.  download (48)

Lack of IQ sey yaad aya , Adil is quite happy to send his sister off to be raped by Bashar. Similarly Rudaba suddenly decides to get into the spirit of things and whips out an admittedly beautiful bridal dress sans sleeves and an incredibly low neckline. Oh dear  ,was this really Zanjabeel Asim's script ? Can this truly be the same writer who gave us Ek Nazar meri taraf ,Marasim and Saat pardon mein?BM ep25

I really wanted the scene between Bashar and Rudaba on their wedding night  to be sensitive and full of pathos instead it was sadly predictable and unnecessarily sleazy. What a disappointment when both Faysal and Rudaba  looked so gorgeous. Here was Rudaba's chance to act like a normal person , to show some kind of defiance , if she could not save her body at least save her soul. Sadly Rudaba has all the strength of a freshly made jelly and continued to appease and cower and of course weep in front of bad , bad Bashar. I have an idea that people like Bashar despise weakness and admire courage and strength. So Rudaba I have a message for you : He's just not that into you dear and even if he was ...your doing it wrong.

Hina Bayat was fabulous as the selfish mother obsessed with getting back to her true love Zafar . I ALMOST ( and I mean almost ) felt some kind of sympathy for  for her as she begged her husband for a divorce. Full marks to Hina and the young man playing the younger Bashar for great acting that saved these last two episodes from becoming a complete farce. Bashar's mother was cold and cruel, abandoning her children . She doesn't even care that Zafar has children and a wife either. Before dying Bashar's father makes Bashar promise to never marry a woman who loves someone else which is I suppose  is Bashar's excuse for his evil treatment of Rudaba. Sorry not buying it , not for minute. First of all Bashar forced Rudaba into this mess and most importantly Bashar really has no feelings for Rudaba in the first place.

Does anyone know when Bashar became a piano prodigy ? There were sweeping shots of him banging passionately away at the piano , watch out Van Cliburn is all I can say. The cutest moment had to be Bashar getting ready for his wedding , with his father's voice in the background ... yes Bashar you are handsome and you know it ;)

Annoying as this drama can be I still watch it with baited breath every week ( now I am worried about my IQ ) . Despite the awful , awful cinematography , senseless direction and regressive characterisations of women  it is still some how compelling enough to watch every week.

written by SADAF


Looking for Reviewers

Posted by Faraz On October - 16 - 2014 1 COMMENT

Dear all,

With the increasing number of Dramas and our readers asking for more and more reviews... I would like to give everyone of you a chance to write for Dramapakistani.net.. We encourage everyone to write reviews and share what they felt about a Particular Episode... there are no such rules for writing reviews.. the only rule is... just be brutally honest :) and say what you want to say.... review writing is not a special art.. all you have to have is passion of pakistani dramas....

you can express your interest by dropping a line in my inbox.  which is farazqadri@hotmail.com

Remember!!!! Anyone can Write.... Age. Cast, location, qualification. DOEST matter at all... What matters is the passion you carry ....

Bashar Momin: episodes 19-24

Posted by Sadaf On October - 12 - 2014 10 COMMENTS

Bashar Momin




There are few things in life which make me embarrassed to be a woman but Rudaba's character is pushing me close to the edge. There is truly such a thing as Beybasi ,translate it as desperation ,hopelessness or  complete dependence,  we can see it all around us in the eyes of many women ground down by circumstance , abuse , poverty , violence and a system which allows them no freedom of expression or movement. Rudaba , however ,is not one of those women . Rudaba seems to be an almost willing victim of abuse as if she enjoys the buzz it gives her .

From Episode 19 I had some hope of her growing or being something other than the generic "bholi Larki" : she seemed to be the only voice of reason in a bad situation . She wanted her brother happy , she was even willing to forget the Mr" Lay Lag special Snowflake"  Bulund and most importantly was quite happy to free herself from the Nikkah with Bashar . Sadly I had again overestimated her IQ which seems slightly less than my Cat Thomas who at least knows how to manipulate himself out of a bad situation.  Since learning of Rudaba's innocence and perhaps more importantly exactly how Tayaba manipulated him into marriage  Bulund decided on a surprisingly (for him) quite intelligent plan . He would wait for his child to be born , divorce his lying wife and marry Rudaba as soon as her Khula came through . This much logic and sense nearly made Rudaba ill so she reverted to "bholi larki" mode .... so Bashar succumbs to the very real pressure of both his sisters losing their husbands and Adil again hands Rudaba over to Bashar like piece of meat at the dinner table .

I can only long for the proud , honourable  heroines of past dramas , Khirad , Kashaf baji , Durr e Shehwar , Zara,even the manipulative Momina would never have met a kameena like  Bashar at her brother's door with the simpering looks Rudaba gave him in episode 23.  Kameena sey yaad aya ....Tayaba is doing a really bad Dur e Shehwar impression at Bulund's house but it is giving  me a good laugh ....Bulund really does deserve her ...

The rest of the story is grinding forward with a lot of time wasted on yawn inducing, long glances between Buland and Rudaba which only go to emphasise the director's lack of imagination . At times one almost wishes for a picture of a cat or baby instead, I mean they would fill in the time just as well and might actually be more soothing.My dear readers ,pity the poor viewers who having seen some merit in this actually quite  well written story, who  are alternately blinded by glaring flood lights or forced to squint through darkness and fake smoke in order to get through each episode .

Meanwhile Let me congratulate the actors for pushing through all this nonsense and somehow making it work despite the minefield of cliches . Faysal Qureshi is as usual head and shoulders above the rest of the crowed  ,lighting up the screen every time he appears. Yasir Mazar is such a great brother except when he isn't ;making him very  believable as a kind but ultimately weak man. Ushna needs some honing on those rough edges , there are times where she drives me mad but for the most part she has actually given Rudaba  more energy , strength and quite honestly charm than the character deserves.Similarly Sami Khan has made The awful Bulund a lot nicer than he deserves and  sstrangelyenough he actually has more screen chemistry with Sundas Tariq than Ushna.

Written by Sadaf 

( I am thinking of proposing a drinking game with BM : every time Bashar uses a chess Board we take a sip of Coca cola and everytime Rudaba flings herself somewhere to cry a sip of Seven up . You get a pakora everytime Buland and Rudaba stare at each other over five seconds :p      all suggestions welcome )



written by SADAF


Bashar Momin: episodes 14-19

Posted by Sadaf On September - 28 - 2014 18 COMMENTS

Bashar Momin


..Sharafat ka certicate  .... proof of innocence is hard to come by for Rudaba 

Credit where credit is due , The entire Bashar Momin team had the simple minded amongst us ( aka Me) convinced he was in love with Rudaba. I personally found the whole idea nauseating and was fuming by the end of each episode : why should Rudaba fall in love or even try to love a Man who had used her and her family so badly ?I was just watching to see how far they would go with this stereotype.  Faysal Qureshi played  the obsessed lover trope for all it was worth ,only jolting the audience out of its romantic reverie after dropping Buland and Tayaba off at the airport .  All Bashar wanted was a good husband for his sister , nothing more. Who was it who said this serial should be called Bashar and his sisters ,?......you win a prize for getting it before anyone else .

So poor Rudaba knew the truth from day one , she tried to explain to her brother and Buland but no one listened because being the bholi larki they all want her to be, her words , her lifelong principled behaviour counted for nothing in their eyes. Buland crown prince of kaano kache managed to believe at  least ten impossible things before breakfast in one episode  . Ok maybe I am exaggerating but for a supposedly intelligent Man he seems to have very little common sense. He sits with Adil and notices things are wrong but deducts nothing. He visits Bashar and immediately reconvicts Rudaba of being a whore at worst and a tease at best. I notice in this conversation that he and has no problem believing Bashar Momin a notorious criminal and relative stranger over the people his own father recommended. Then when the servant Ramazan Chacha "reveals the truth" he changes his mind again . Nice to know Buland is back on the side of the angels but even then he never thinks he might owe Rudaba an apology.

The best scenes from the last couple of episodes have been between Adil and Rudaba . Ushna and Adil have that whole brother sister chemistry down pat and lookk great on screen. they always have the most honest conversations too. Rudaba is not anidiot and does not fall for Ramazan Chacha's line about how Bashar will ..ahem 'become '  the prince of her dreams . She tells Adil straight out how happy she would be to get a divorce as neither of them have any feeling for each other . Maheen Rizvi has suddenly improved , perhaps she does miserable better than chalaq , whatever it is ,it's working .

That leaves Faysal Qureshi missing in action . Now I watched this serial on the premise that he was the main protagonist . So far he just looks like part of the side action in Rudaba and Buland's sad little love story . If I had MY WAY ; Bulund would have been played by Faysal who might have brought more depth to Bulund and Sami khan for a change could have actually played a darker role , showing  his versatility as an actor .I loved Sami Khan in Dil Mohalley ki Haveli , where his role was older , and  much  more complex The only interesting scenes with Bashar were of him describing his ideal life partner in strangely Freudian terms ... not sure if he was talking about his mother or what he wants in a wife ... the description sounded like the dreams of a psychopath rather than a normal person's wishes for a wife. We were teasesd with some interesting black and white (quelle surprise) but nothing substantial .... yet . So Bashar remains a bit two dimenional : one dimenion the batamees Don the other dimenion the caring brother .... still somewhat lacking.

No doubt Zanjabeel Shah wrote a fascinating story but I think the director and the writer's vision are not the same . The way some of the scenes are executed and what the dialogues are saying seems to be at odds at times . Sometimes I wonder who exactly was directing  this drama ...perhaps too many cooks spoiled the broth ?  Bashar Momin can be quite entertaining like Friday's episode and then it can be mindboggling as it was this Saturday ....What on earth was the purpose of that never ending eye lock ( I refuse to call it a gaze) between Bulund and Rudaba ? if anyone won that show down it was Ushna Shah whose bitter smile summed up Rudaba's feelings perfectly. My advice (always available ;) ... is leave those things to Star plus , they have more practise .

written by SADAF


Bashar Momin: Episode13

Posted by Sadaf On September - 13 - 2014 19 COMMENTS

Bashar Momin



After a hiatus of almost three months , Geo and Bashar Momin are back. Last time we saw Bashar   he was manipulating and negotiating his way to  purchase  Rudaba. Let's make no mistake that this was a transaction , like most modern day  bargains it involved a written contract  in this instance a Nikkah Nama and an exchange of goods and services. Rudaba's brother Adil gets  fifty per cent of Bashar's business ,and  a  happy life with his wife and child while Bashar gets Rudabba .  Rudaba had so many high hopes of her brother Adil , that it was sad to see how he let her down .yasir-mahzar-bashar-momin And that my dears is the problem with bholi larkiya . Rudaba is a good girl , she listens to her father , he makes a bad decision for her in the shape of russi run Bulund . Rudaba is a good girl ,she listens to her brother he makes a bad decision for her in the form of Bashar Momin Criminal at large . For some reason she refuses to use the sense she was born with and run , instead she allows herself to be blackmailed and cornered into a quite frankly disgusting situation , which is only made palatable on screen by the fact that Bashar Momin is played by Faysal Qureshi.

I was actually quite pleased to see Bulund at the wedding , guys like him deserve all they get and hopefully more . Supposedly Bulund is a  well educated man , who has seen the world ; yet since day one of his interactions with Rudaba he has given her nothing but trouble . At any point when Rudabba needed his trust or help, he let her down . Not only would he withdraw in a rage but would spend time 'punishing " her by giving her the cold shoulder and ignoring her even when she cut her hand. When Adil says , that he could hardly trust a Man  who ran off  to America ,abandoning his sister  in a fit of anger , it had an undeniable ring of truth to it . bashar-momin

The star of the show was again Zanjabeel Asim's fabulous well written script. The scene between  Rudabba and Adil was well written and well acted . Yasirr Mazar is impressive at every turn in this drama while Ushna Shah seems to carry her scenes with enthusiasm rather than skill . She has a lot of raw ,  talent which with some control and right director will  make her an even better actress one day. The highlight of the episode was not Bashar and Rudabba's Shadi ,but Bulund's confrontation with Tayyaba. Somwhere along the line Rudabba had used some common sense and sent Bulund an email explaining her situation . So when Tayyab follows him home after the wedding scene to dig her claws in , Bulund is forwarned and for-armed. Sami Khan did complete justice to this  well written scene that made me suddenly like  his character again.  I suppose we should have expected the wet towel that is Tayyaba to get herself into an accident only moments later ; she can't cross a road without a  bridge collapsing on her . Again in the final scene between Sami Khan , Yasirr Mazar and Maheen Rizvi , Sami Khan stole the show just by listening . There was sense of acknowledgement , of acceptance and even understanding in his expressions that  communicated more than words could.sundus-tariq-bashar-momin

Over all this was your typical Bashar Momin episode : high on melodrama , strange camera shots filled with mist and darkness and/ or candle light and overt styling  and a badly used  background score which sometimes distracts from the actual story. Some how it works , somehow it is entertaining but it could have been so much more . I wish they really had not spent so much money on the sets and the annoying hairstyles and especially not on the candles . Bashar Momin has a strong script , good actors and a competent director but it is all being drowned out by too many bells and whistles . Hopefully we will see more of Bashar next week  but one last point : women are not goats or sheep  who , if tied to something for long enough will eventually grow to like it . I truly worry when I see story lines where a women is forced to marry by an obsessive lover then grows to ..ahem like him .... that we are promoting a rape culture , a culture which almost justifies forcing women into a situation that they will supposedly get to like later . That is wrong and patently untrue.

I am covering for RB who will be reviewing next week

written bySADAF


Rudaba ki Shaadi: A Prologue

Posted by RB On June - 8 - 2014 23 COMMENTS

Another week passes us by and we have yet to see the next instalment of Bashar Momin. The way things are going I don't think we'll get to see anymore of BM till after Ramzan. Oh the wait! Chalo utni dair mein to entertain myself as much as you all I give you Rudaba at her wedding.

We all know how Rudaba ended up as soon-to-be-Mrs. Rudaba Bashar or need I rehash that sorry tale of sizzle and suspicion. Her misery reminds me of a rather telling comparison. Enter: Prison Princess. If you see that video you know that is not a happy bride, those, ladies and gentlemen, are not tears of joy. This is what we call dahaday maar kar roona. Now imagine BM and RBM on a sofa at their Walima, do you see tears of joy...?

Here's a couple who can't stand each other, doesn't display any emotion for each other, and is together solely because of conniving trickery. If only Rudaba could call a time out on her life. Instead they called a time out on Bashar Momin.

Oh well, till we see the crying bride and tamasha that follows.

Talk soon,

RB (Tweet me!)

Bashar Momin Ko Kya Hua?

Posted by RB On May - 30 - 2014 19 COMMENTS

Asalaam-walaikum Khawateen aur Hazreet. Peeshay khidmat hai Bashar Momin par tafseeli tabsara.

Oh wait... Bashar Momin to air hi nahi ho raha. Kisi sayanay nay sahi kaha hai ki bolnay say pehalay sooch laina chahiye kyunki kab kisi waqt Allah'Talah soon lay koi nahi janata.

Shayad peechlay haftay meray shikwa-bharay posts nay BM ki bolti-band kar di. Ab mein yahan (aur mujhe yaqeen hai ki siraf mein hi iss hal mein akelay nahi hoon!) soochtay-soochtay pareshan ho gaya hoon ki Rudaba bechari ka kya hua? Kya Buland wapis aa gaya? Aur agar aaya to usnay Tayabba say shaadi kay liye haan kar di? Koi laddaai hui ya hogi? Akhir dil ka mamla hai. Waise Sami Khan aur laddaai, chalo... dekhtay hain.

Kyunki aap sab say do haftoon say mulaqat nahi hui thi maine soocha salaam-dua hi sahi. Umeed karta hoon aap sab khariyat say hain aur khush hain.

Padtay rahain.

Bashar Momin Episode 14 Promo

RB (Tweet me!)


Bashar Momin Episode 13

Posted by RB On May - 18 - 2014 40 COMMENTS

Real man or no real man, I'm this close to being done with Bashar Momin.

I get the filmi, in fact, I like the filmi but filmi doesn't mean trashy. It doesn't mean blackmail, emotional or otherwise. And it certainly doesn't mean rape.

Week after week I've come here trying to spice up these reviews as much for your reading pleasure as for my own sanity. I assure you my intellectual calibre is far higher than enjoying the likes of Bashar Momin but like a bad Bollywood film it became a guilty pleasure. Alas, all guilty pleasures leave you with a profound sense of guilt, but they should never leave you with disgust, and so before I torture myself further I'm going to need some time to reconsider my own thoughts. Mull over them, if you will.

Emotional atyachar, blackmail, fear-mongering, rape or at least attempts to undermine the victim in matters of agency (whatever those might be), and copious amounts of subdued violence have left me in revolt. Yes, Zanjabeel Asim and Syed Ali Raza Usman you have baaghi on your hands. I revolt! I revolt! I revolt!

Till (and if) we meet again.

Rab Rakha and Shaba Khair

RB (Tweet me!)

Bashar Momin Episode 12

Posted by RB On May - 17 - 2014 18 COMMENTS

Cheap thrills.

Cheap, cheap, cheap. Did you miss that? Here I'll say it again: CHEAP!

Bashar is what Bashar does. As many of us guessed at the start of this rather downhill ride Bashar is indeed a chichora gunda who'll stoop to whatever level to get what he wants. My question though is does he really want Rudaba or is it just a matter of a game? Is he in it just to "delete" Buland from their conversation? Is he really in love with her? If yes, yeh kaisi mohabbat hai yaar?

In a quick flick of an eyelash Rudaba welcomes back Adil Bhai and simultaneously bids Buland adieu via Ramzan Chacha of course.

Bechari Rudaba. Bashar ka khauf has finally started to sink in on this pretty girl.

If Adhura Milan is like Bashar Momin, then, Bashar Momin is like the worst Balaji Productions soap opera. Theatrics. Hysterics. Melodrama. Of course, the saving grace here is that the camera doesn't jump in quick jerks with some heightened music thrown in to turn up the emotional quotient a few notches!

If I was a gora with no knowledge of Pakistani dramas I would easily think this is some trashy Balaji-inspired serial.

But I'm not, even though I see many similarities with our cinematic cousins across the Bahr-al-'Arab, I can say without doubt that Bashar Momin is definitely homegrown. It is Pakistani through and through and comes with Pakistani good, Pakistani bad, and Pakistani ugly. Our ugly is that we blindly want to copy what we see in India, Turkey, or the West, our bad is that we don't have the common sense to see the difference, but our good is that we have such a strong sense of narrative, of the importance of (a logical) story, which often times saves our disasters from being gigantic. Case in point, Bashar Momin.

This has been a up and down ride. I hate it but I watch it. I like it but I can't stand it. Confused much anyone? And I know I'm not the only one.

Seeing Rudaba run down those stairs and hug a figure that we obviously couldn't see (HELLO?! What're the odds that's NOT Buland?) was a tribute to Sanjay Leela Bhansali's chandelier-doused work. Those words, that confession and, oh wait, what is it that I hear: "I love you, Buland." Alas Rudaba too little, too late.

Buland's up, up, up and away leaving our damsel in the hands of a darinda, haivan, shaitan!

Although the story was slow, in fact, dragged at a snail's pace what I liked were the scenes between Bashar and Rudaba. Well acted and well-scripted.

Bashar ko apni ungleeyon par loogon ko nachana aata hai.

Accha, to aab aap Rudaba ko nachanay ki baat bhi kar gaye, Bashar Bhai. Did I say this before: CHEAP!

Come morning and we are still stuck on convincing Rudaba (she herself more so than us!) that Mr. Two-ex-girlfriends is gone. Again, the scene especially the framing on the landing was well executed (no, one can compete with the staircase from BILU!). I actually liked that A&B finally decided to use natural lighting along with their trademark angelic white waves! Rudaba's face as it caught the first hints of sunlight: beautiful!

With Adil back and Rudaba distraught is Bashar finally on a winning streak?

No, no, no we're yet to see Sahira in action. I love how Sahira says: "You should have offered an explanation", since when do men listen to explanations especially when they're angry, Sahira? (If desi dramas are to be believed!) Aur bohtan it seems has become the de facto way to malign a woman in our dramas. Bohtan, bohtan, bohtan.

Truth be told Rudaba you're better off without Buland. Can you imagine being married to a man who'd threaten to leave you for no fault of yours? Another piece of advice: SPEAK UP!

I'm wondering if Buland will be back. Gone so soon? Ab kya?

Happy reading,

RB (Tweet me!)

P.S. Bashar Bhai swimming bhi kartay hain. Oh my! Someone's paying attention to what a "real man" is supposed to be. Now if only there was a shark or better yet a snake.

Bashar Momin Episode 9, 10, & 11

Posted by RB On May - 11 - 2014 41 COMMENTS

Where do I start?

Between "kya filmi scene hai yaar" and "mehzbaan say mehmaan ka safar", I can sum this (un)holy triad as a road frequently traveled in our cinematic journeys.

The good thing about reviewing three episodes together is that it gives you (much needed) clarity. One can see odds and ends otherwise missed week-to-week. What I saw in these three episodes was the need for tighter editing because episode nine and ten could be clubbed together. The story would have moved quicker, faster, and left us (the audience) wanting: "Yeh dil mangay more" (too bad Bashar isn't a drink of Pepsi!).

In a nut shell, Rudaba and Buland fight and make-up, Rudaba finally lashes out at the Despicable Me Duo (aka Tayyaba and Bashar), Bashar succeeds in firmly re-enforcing doubts in Buland's head, and Rudaba is on her way to mazloomiyat or so it seems. Kya hua? Too much to handle, array abhi to kahani start hui hai.

We begin with Buland being more a jerk to his fiancé, Rudaba. What surprises me is that this is the guy who promised to uphold and honour the commitment his father made on his behalf. Was this end of your patience, Buland, because as an audience you're really trying ours. Do you see us giving up? At least not momentarily.

Tayyaba being all-over creepy was a bit shocking. I can see Bashar doing this (for some reason not that it justifies it!) but Tayyaba, I don't know, it just seems wrong-wrong-wrong! How far will this woman stoop for a maangnimehndi, and a man? She was creepier than Bashar, mind you - teasing Rudaba by clinging on to Buland, watching films together, calling him incessantly, showing up unannounced, annnnnnd making pudina-wala nimbu paani for him! Seriously?

Events in episode nine took a firm segue into the splitting Buland-Rudaba track. With jealousy firmly on the rise in all fards of this topsy-turvy house (no, not Pari she's perhaps the only sane one around!).

1With Rudaba's cutting her hand open on a piece of Baccarat crystal (aur kya hoga?) events are quickly set into motion that our lovers hoped/prayed/wished against. As Bashar drives Rudaba to the hospital, I cannot help but wonder why must they go down this path, but hey, as dramaland's favourite villain aka Khizer from Humsafar says: "All's fair in love and war."

If this is battle then lines are firmly drawn. Buland can't stand Bashar anywhere near Rudaba, our bhooli feels the same way yet Bashar Bhai gets his cake and eats it too!

In a series of events leading to the climactic "Main tumhe chood kar ja raja hoon" scene, Rudaba comes to Mr. Bakhtiar's residence (in the dead of night!) to return her maangni ki  angoothi not as Rudaba but as Tayyaba's elder sister's nand. ::insert eye roll here::

Accused of "emotionally blackmailing" her man-to-be  she quickly retreats back to her pinjara, a la Maison Momin.

What I find rather interesting is if Rudaba's allowed to go unaccompanied, unattended, ek-dum tanha and akelay to return her ring then why the fuss when she's there at 9:30 especially when Buland took permission to take her with him? Last time I checked an engaged couple have a right to privacy.

Although I'm not sure Buland's iradas were as nek as I think they might be. There are only two times when a house is lit up with candles and one of them involves praying, which Buland obviously didn't have in mind. So, to add a pinch of salt to their rendezvous, I was surprised that Rudaba didn't pick up on BB's intentions. Thanks to Sahira though, talk about opportune timing, she quickly comes to her senses.

Here, I'll momentarily dive into psychoanalysing Rudaba. She's not a bad girl, definitely not the Donna Summer kind, she's charming, sweet, and overall plain nice, which makes her an easy target or shall I say "sitting duck" for people to manipulate and take advantage of. No, no, khawateen aur hazrat be under no illusions, every single person in this series be it Adil, Buland, or Bashar has at some point used Rudaba's innocence against her. Sadly, for you Rudaba there's no way out.

Now, coming to the actress, Ushna Shah surprises me. There are moments when I think she's perfectly cast and then there are others when I find her lacking (for lack of a better word). And I guess there's something about playing innocent that only Khirad could pull off, and as much as I like you Ms. Shah (after all you're a Canuck!) Khirad you ain't.

Toot, toot, beep, beep!

Talking about bad, I absolutely loved how Rudaba FINALLY stood up for herself. Thank you GEO, aap jug, jug geo! Seeing her put Tayyaba and Buland in their place if only for a few, fleeting moments made me go: "Yeh dil mangay more!"

Alas, for you, Lady R, and for us that happiness was short-lived. Bashar schemes his way out of Rudaba's bedroom or was it bathroom in a scene that can only be pat-down filmi. Bye-Bye Buland, hello Bashar Bhai! Who knew "Bahi hoga tera baap" would be this literal an interpretation?

To chidko namak on this zakham, Bashar pops on over to be Tayyaba's himayti. With the deed done, words can only do so much, yet Bashar's words hold up better than Rudaba's. Why? Buland miyan aap apni manghaytar ki nahi lekin kisi awaara gunday ki baatein maan lain gay? Aisa kyun? It's not like you haven't been around the block. Nor does Rudaba constantly need to a testimonial. Are we six years old? Grow up and grow a pair, Buland, my advice to you.

Somewhere in Basharland, Adil and Sahira are on a world tour, from NYC to London Town, whatever happened to Toronto - I guess we're just not as appealing. Those ninety crores are one lucky makhluq not only do they get to travel the world they also have Yasir Mazhar managing them. Oh the joy!

Finally, here's tidbit for GEO TV. Don't run two episodes a week, you'll ruin the pace and momentum of this series. It's filmi, it's good, and taken in the right dosage like a cup of aged apple cider (I'm keeping it halal y'all!) it's perfect entertainment. Don't ruin a (reasonably) good thing.

Until next week,

Shaba Khair aur Rab Rakha

RB (Tweet me!)

P.S. That saanp is symbolic of Bashar Bhai's character. Let's hope that's the only thing it symbolises!

Update: Due to popular appeal this post appeared on HIP Pakistan.

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