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Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat Episode 13 Review

Posted by Maria On July - 6 - 2012 8 COMMENTS

So I had to watch the episodes two times without forwarding through most of it to ensure I absorbed all the hangama that occurred today. Today’s episode like last episode contained less humor and dwelled mostly on serious things and well I was not expecting a lot that happened today to occur well IN today’s episode!

To restate my shock, let me make a point form list of all that happened:

  • Saima Chaudhry and Faree D fly off to Faislaabad to see brother bahi jaan (or Chaudhry sahib ) in the hospital
  • Meekal has a heart to heart with Annie and the conversation solidifies her thoughts and feelings towards him.
  • Saima Chaudhry and Faree D plan to confront Malika Rani at her “beooteey salon” and convince her to step down and of course she doesn’t budges –even after Faree-D’s unconvincing attempts to strangle her…
  • Sila verbalizes her feelings aloud to Laila about the dark side of marriage. Azar tries talking to Sila and she gives him a cold shoulder
  • Annie sits both Vicky and Laila down and screams at them to get a life- er I mean she tells them to get over their big humungous idiotic egos and get married already and spare the rest of us from their further drama and thank god we will be spared because hallelujah they both decide to get married phewwww
  • Annie wears even brighter clothes making us all happy at DP & announces that she accepts Meekal’s proposal *gasp*
  • And behold Saima Chaudhry blackmails chaudhry sahib into signing her forms and stands up for election against Malika Rani arriving on a Rikshaw (driven by Faree D, although I was expecting more of them to be riding a horse due to Faree D’s long boots and tights…Oh well!)

So I said earlier that it was a very happening episode yet I felt it was too rushed and left me a little bit hazy and confused. As I just stated everything was rushed. Where is Arfa, Annie’s mom? She was nowhere to be seen throughout the episode? Didn’t Annie discuss any of this with her dad? And Faree D and Saima Chaudhry suddenly forgot all about Annie and dived into election mode. the whole riskshaw drive was not even remotely funny (can someone explain the humor in that scene to me?)  how Bobby D will take the rejection (maybe that’s a premise for next episode???). I wonder also what happened to Fawad Khan’s overhyped cameo appearance…

All the above things aside I am going to share my favorite scene which was conversation between nani and Faraz. I am going to try to pen my thoughts about what really struck me about this scene. I loved how Faraz said that he feels guilty for not being able to defend his wife and shows remorse for that even though nani reminds him that it wasn’t his fault because he chose to stay quiet because as he was not fully aware of the situation between Imran, Sadaf and Rabia. i liked how Faraz did not over react because he trusted his wife so much. This scene showed a completely different perspective on desi men because we are so used to having weak male characters, which are easily manipulated by even the tiniest situations!

All in all glad Vicky and Laila can get on with their lives… what was your guy’s favorite scene today? Any moments that you felt really stood out? Do share!


Written by Maria Khan

Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat – Episode 12 Review

Posted by Maria On June - 29 - 2012 10 COMMENTS

I am still struggling to put my head around today’s emotionally charged episode of Annie Ki  Aayegi Barat. If the last few episodes had focused on Vicky Laila triangle and the constant struggle of all ristha walays to impress Annie’s mom, this week however the episode constantly struggled around each character’s conflict in dealing with the blitz that had engulfed Wadi Amma’s household.

Today’s episode was a happening episode and I am glad that all characters were given ample time to present their conflicts and struggles.  Annie’s mother is almost confused as to what to do with Annie’s three proposals and Annie’s answer to who she accepts have become a ticking timebomb. Laila and Vicky both in understated ways, present their harboring feelings for each other. Annie is shown to know that Sila is more than just friends with Vicky. Faree D is out and about trying to impress Annies’ mom with how much “dolaat” they have in England (doesn’t helps though, while you get happily robbed in streets of Karachi). Chaudhry sahib lands himself in the hospital from all the political “pressure”. Saima Chaudhry was the only source of humor as she tries her best to convince Rabia, that Vicky would be the perfect groom for Annie.  Sadaf catches Imran and Rabia having lunch together (assumes the worst) and makes her way to Rabia’s house to insult and accuses Rabia right in front of Faraz.  Sila and Azar’s constant battle of corporate seniority come full circle and Azar finally loses it.

My two favorite scenes had to be today when finally and behold Amma Waddi comes and lands back exactly as everything around Rabia is going wrong. I don’t know but I have a feeling that Amma Waddi is not exactly Ms. Amma Waddi anymore but has arrived from Paris as Mrs. Bhanji :D  Her handling and talking to both Annie and Rabia won my heart. Sometimes it is so wonderful to have someone older around you that can take charge of a situation when everything around you is crashing and Amma Waddi did just that without creating more melodrama. The second scene that I thoroughly enjoyed both in terms of acting and presentation had to be Sila and Azar’s struggle to maintain equal status in a workplace. Azar’s ego is deeply bruised as other employees (even while joking), maintain that he has lesser authority than his wife. He finally loses it out all on Sila. Even though Annie is meant to be a comedy series, I am very glad that this issue is being addressed as more and more woman join the corporate workforce and work alongside their husbands.  Let’s see how the writers resolve this particular conflict!

Next weeks preview left me very very confused, why are Faree D and Saima Chaudhry choking someone and who is that mysterious person? Did any of you catch that?

Written by Maria Khan

Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat – Episode 11 Review

Posted by Maria On June - 23 - 2012 8 COMMENTS


In the last two episodes of Annie Ki  Aayegi Barat, there has been way too much happening  and I am going to put it our right now that the drama is at point where it has to many characters and too many complications that the story is not coming as cohesive anymore. Some beloved characters like Sukhi Taka Nabeel are all missing in action. BUT all things aside I am so glad someone finally mentioned Faree-D’s long boots that have been bugging us all. Saima Chudary you won my heart when in last episode you said that “tu ghoora kithay park kar kay aye hain (where have you parked the horse). Take that Faree D.

While last week’s episode spared us the Vicky -Laila track, majority of today’s episode continued on with Vicky and Laila’s jealous charades.  Chaudary Sahab who is has been trying his level best to settle differences between Faree D and Saima Chuhadry, finally managed to put his foot down and partially succeed before he left for Faisalabad to tackle the brick wall, Malika Rani.  On the other hand, Azar and Sila are getting caught up in corporate office politics and Azar’s ego is clearly rattled as Sila’s opinions are more valued by Yosuf and Co. The other marital problems are highlighted by Behrooz Subzwari and his wife Sadaf’s crumbling marriage due to her various miscarriages. Last but not least the monopoly over Annie has come to full circle and everyone is trying to impress Annie’s mom either by luring her with a brand new car or impressing her by giving a diamond set,  so she can giver her daughter’s “hand” for rishta.

At this point I want to elaborate the problem with having too many tracks running in one story:  In the beginning Annie ki Ayegi Baraat, the story flowed very cohesively but since there are so many characters and so many problems that the real focus on Annie’s budding relationship with Mikaal is just lost. In the past few episodes we had maximum one to two scenes between Annie and Mikal. If most of the episodes revolve around Vicky and Laila, shouldn’t it be called Laila ki Ayegi Baraat? Plus Annie spends more time with Vicky anyway. It’s never made clear in the drama as to what exactly her intension of hanging around with Vicky is? Is it to make Meekal jealous or she really does has a soft spot for Vicky. What exactly did Bobby D like about Annie, we had only one scene between them and he is going latoo over her. At least we know why Saima is after Annie for: for Kan-aaday ka passport but why is Faree-D after Annie? What exactly does she sees in Annie?

Although I am not too fond of the direction of the story right now, I still love all the interactions between Faree D and Saima Chaudhry . How will they collaborate? Next episode, the dynamics change, ab Ainny kay aa gain hain teen teen rishtay and let’s see if Faree D and Saima Chaudhry can twinkle twinkle their way to  remove the star ” Meekal.”

Written by Maria Khan




Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat – Episode 9

Posted by SZ On June - 10 - 2012 6 COMMENTS

Can Laila and Vicky just get on with it? I am so totally done with their vacillations. Add in to this Faree-D’s tights-n-boots brand of crass humor and you have on your hands a perfect recipe for a flop serial. Faree-D’s ridiculous tripping over the footboard and falling into the bed sequence and Vicky’s never ending flashback (3+ minutes!), at the end of the episode, underscored all that has gone so wrong with this serial. What had started off on such a promising note, a delicious blend of comedy and social critique, has now sadly degenerated into inanity and ridiculousness.

Other than the Laila/Vicky dragfest, not much really happened. Chaudhry Sahab is still in Faisalabad trying to figure how to best handle Malika Rani’s decision to contest the election as an opposition candidate; Faree-D is still in process of asking for Annie’s rishta; Bobby-D’s figuring out how to launch his music career in Pakistan; Naani has apparently left for London; and Aarfa has decided that Mikaal is a perfect match for her daughter. Don’t let this listing make you think that this was a happening episode – it was not.

The one bright spot in an otherwise disappointing episode was the Annie/Mikaal shopping trip. Yes!! Finally Annie went shopping! Although she ended up buying only one outfit, nonetheless this outing made for some sweet moments between Annie and Mikaal. Sadly though, even this little flicker of an interesting moment was cut short by the Laila and Sila’s arrival – they needed to get Laila’s engagement outfit altered. Aargh! Can this girl just get engaged already?

Ho-hum as the whole episode was, the award for the most thoughtless/idiotic sequence must go to the bomb scare moment. Saima Chaudhry/Faree-D’s rivalry over Annie’s rishta  leads Saima to order her henchman to plant a firecracker at Rabia’s house. Meanwhile she convinces Chaudhry Sahab to call in a bomb threat to Rabia! Say what?? Given the present situation in Pakistan, where bomb explosions are de rigueur and newspapers are filled with daily stories detailing the tragic loss of hundreds of lives, this was so not funny… Very, very disappointed!


Written by SZ~ sz.reviews.dp@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter:  SZ_DramaPakistani  (@sz_dp)

Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat – Episode 8

Posted by SZ On June - 2 - 2012 5 COMMENTS

 A lot happened – Azar started working again, Naani left for London, Laila is on the verge of getting engaged to Adeel, Vicky is trying to come to terms with his latent feelings for Laila, Faraz has started shooting for his film, Annie is definitely interested in Mikaal, Arfa likes Mikaal as a possible son-in-law, Faree-D has her eye on Annie as a prospective daughter-in-law, and Malika Rani announced her political candidacy – but somehow, somewhere, something was lacking. The narrative didn’t flow as smoothly, the comedy seemed forced, and the situations appeared too contrived … in short this was a strictly ok episode.

In trying to analyze why this episode didn’t work for me, the one major reason that stands out was the focus on Laila and Vicky. Unfortunately this is the most non-happening pair amongst all the hundreds of pairs in this series. Their track has been dragging on for so long that I have lost all interest in the are-they, are-they-not interested in each other, or when-will-they realize they love each other not the other randomers around them. I just hope they come to a decision, one way or the other, and act on it ASAP, so that we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief and move on with the rest of the story.

Topping the list of the pairs I DO want to see more of are Naani and Bhanji. Naani’s is such a refreshing character – an ultrachic, independent woman, whose knows her mind and nothing will stop her from getting there. Samina Ahmed is superb as the classy Naani. And where is Mr. Bhanji? Waiting for Naani in Europe? Why do I think Faraz knows more than he’s letting on?

The other pair that is kinda sorta coming together now is the Mikaal-Annie pair. I like the sparks between them. Shehzad Shaikh is good, but still not quite there as the uber-cool superstar Mikaal. Navin Waqar is a lot more convincing and confident in her role as Annie.

Nothing really stood out in this episode. Behroze Sabzwari’s entry failed to make an impact. Saima Chaudhry’s pyar ki nishani act felt very flat, and so at the end of it all I was left with the by now routine gripes: Why does Annie not buy new clothes, her mom clearly has gone shopping for herself, kuch beti ka bhi khayal kar leti… Why does Faree-D not stop wailing, and why O why can she not change out of those boots/tights combo…

I hope the narrative picks up pace when the Chaudhry clan lands in Faisalabad and the weather there forces Faree-D to change her getup. Also hope Taka and Sukhi will be there in Faisalabad to liven things up. Finger crossed for the next episode!

Written by SZ~ sz.reviews.dp@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter:  SZ_DramaPakistani  (@sz_dp)

Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat – Episode 7

Posted by SZ On May - 30 - 2012 10 COMMENTS

Finally got around to watching this latest episode and I have to say Saima Chaudhry you’re still numero uno. Faree-D is good no doubt, but Hina Dilpazir has some ways to go before she can match Bushra Ansari’s seemingly effortless portrayal of our favorite designer from Faisalabad. Faree’s wailing, funny the first time, was seriously getting on my nerves this time around. Hasn’t she done this a few hundred times already? I was so glad when Rabia shushed her very firmly – high time somebody gave the lady from Birmingham a shut-up call.

Apart from my irritation with Faree-D, I enjoyed the latest chapter of this madcap caper. Bobby-D was his usual kewl self, his samosa rap not so much. Mikaal seems to have settled in well and is now busy charming the ladies of the household. Well, all except one, Annie. But it’s a case of the lady doth protest too much, methinks. Whether Mikaal is seriously interested in Annie or is just flirting with her, out of sheer habit, remains to be seen. The other couple, Laila and Vicky, is seemingly going nowhere. Laila gets hyper-excited every time she meets a good-looking guy, Mikaal this week, and Vicky just seems to be generally disinterested in this whole shaadi business. Perhaps, Laila’s phone call to Adeel will now shake him out of his stupor. And the better half of the third couple, Amma wadi, is still adamant about her visit to London. I don’t know why she hasn’t gone as yet, but I do hope her trip happens soon. I’m missing the old-world charm of Mr. Bhanji.

Speaking of missing, where are Sukhi and Taka?? My most fave jori has been MIA for the past few weeks. Could they be brought back from wherever they’ve been sent – we’re missing them!

The good news this week was the possibility that Azar might soon be off the jobless list. Whether he accepts this offer or turns it down, because of his ego, is a question-mark till next week. But it was good to see that at least his relationship with Sila hasn’t suffered too, too much, although there is still some resentment there. Ahsan Khan is very good here in his very small, but meaningful role. And yes, I would like to see more of this pairing, Alishba and Ahsan, in future serials, they’re very cute together.

I don’t know how many noticed, but during his phone call with Shahrukh Khan, Javed Shaikh referring to himself as Javed rather than Faraz. Another blooper occurred when Mikaal listed Aina as a Waheed Murad starrer. This serial has been so well-done so far that to see two bloopers, that too in the same episode was a little surprising.

These issues aside, this was yet another fun-filled episode, which ended with Behroze Sabzwari’s unexpected appearance. Is he an old flame of Rabia’s? How will Faraz react? Way to stir the pot guys!

Waiting to see what happens next!

Written by SZ~ sz.reviews.dp@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter:  SZ_DramaPakistani  (@sz_dp)

Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat – Episode 6

Posted by SZ On May - 19 - 2012 10 COMMENTS

This has to be the funniest episode so far! The fortnight long wait for the clash of titans was so worth it! Saima Chaudhry has finally met someone who makes her looks so understated that it has to be seen to be believed. The absolutely OTT Faree-D, the D a short for her last name Dharala, complete with her strange combo of a desi/British/Punjabi accent, the over teased hair, and the skintight pants and boots, is a sight to behold. Saima Chaudhry’s stupefied expression, as she watched Faree-D rap with her son Bobby-D, conveyed my thoughts perfectly: Is this woman for real?? Hina Dilpazir, welcome to Annie ki Aayegi Baraat – you fit in just perfectly!!

Apart from the excitement stirred by Faree and Bobby’s arrival, this episode also delved in to the stresses that Sila’s job has introduced into Azar and Sila’s marital life. It will be interesting to see how this young couple manages to ride out this difficult phase in their relationship. I hope that Azar gets this job that he has applied for. Clearly sitting at home is not helping him get over his feeling of unworthiness. Adding more fuel to the fire are Laila’s silly comments. Honestly, can she be a bit less chichori? First she cannot decide whether she likes Adeel enough to marry him, then the minutes she meets the rich and suave Yousuf,  an old class-mate of theirs, she is immediately smitten. Girl, you need to grow up – asap!

As for the other two ladies, who are yet to commit to serious relationships, Naani has decided that she is going to London. Needless to say this sudden desire to meet the Queen has the whole family in a tizzy – what is Naani thinking of? On the other hand, there are definitely sparks between the charming superstar and the business like assistant director. Now that Mikaal is moving in with them, I wonder how long will it take for Annie to succumb to his charm, and can Mikaal stop flirting long enough to commit to a serious relationship?

Fabulous as she was today, I sincerely hope that Hina Dilpazir is able to continue maintaining the delicate balance between acting and over acting. At times today, she seemed to be testing the limits, but I am keeping my faith in Hina, Marina and Nadeem’s ability to keep Faree-D from turning into a caricature. Vasay Chaudhry was great as Bobby-D. Among the older gang, everybody else was their usual meticulous self. I really do wish though that Navin Waqar had gone out and bought a new wardrobe.

All in all another great episode; after a whole fortnight of watching weeping and sobbing women, Annie is such a breath of fresh air – great job once again by the entire team!  

Written by SZ~ sz.reviews.dp@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter:  SZ_DramaPakistani  (@sz_dp)

Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat – Episode 5

Posted by SZ On May - 6 - 2012 6 COMMENTS

Saima Chaudhry is so awesomely funny! I was in fits as I watched her throw a hissy fit at Chaudhry Sahab for daring to invite his sister from Birmingham to visit them in Pakistan, never mind the fact that the poor guy probably had no say in the matter from that end either. Bechare Chaudhry Sahab! Now that the “shehsawar” Faree-D is here, he’s gonna get it from both sides. Can’t wait to see how Brother Bhaijaan keeps his brain and ears intact when both ladies get going – full on tamasha shuru!

The brief glimpse of Faree-D, Hina Dilpazeer with her spot-on accent, and her son Bobby-D, the rapper (leather gloves in the Karachi heat – was he serious??), has whetted my appetite for more. Hina Dilpazeer is such a talented actress and I am curious to see how Faree-D handles Saima Chaudhry. Looking forward to the clash of titans next week!

For a while now, many of us have been hankering for a light-hearted romantic drama, and here we have not one, not two, but three full-fledged romances just about ready to take flight. The yet-to-bloom romance between Mikaal and Annie is cute to watch and has me waiting for more. Shehzad Shaikh is yet to impress me, but his interactions with Navin Waqar do have me aww-ing. Apart from the Annie-Mikaal story, we have the superbly done Naani-Bhanji budding romance. It was funny to see her reading War Games, when Bhanji came to say goodbye. Why do I get the feeling that Naani will somehow convince herself to convince Mr. Bhanji to change his plans … what do you guys think? And the third love story is between the two friends who are yet to figure out that they are already so much more than friends – Vicky and Laila. Although Dareecha turned me off this pairing so bad, that I couldn’t stand them in the first couple of episodes, but now they are slowly and gradually growing on me. I must say that I wish that our actors would realize that much as we like them, we do not want to see them in every play, every day on our screens; case in point, Sana Askari. I had really liked her in the earlier Baraats, but now that she’s seemingly present everywhere, I do not care much for her at all.

So yes,this was another highly entertaining episode – looking forward to the fireworks next Saturday!

Written by SZ~ sz.reviews.dp@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter:  SZ_DramaPakistani  (@sz_dp)

Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat – Episode 4

Posted by SZ On April - 29 - 2012 10 COMMENTS

The one thought that kept reverberating through my mind as I watched this latest episode of Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat was: How soon can we nominate Saima Chaudhry as the head of our beloved country? No, don’t laugh… I’m totally serious! The gusto with which Saima scheduled and ensured the opening ceremony of her boutique was something to appreciate. I was/am totally in awe of her single-minded pursuance of her goal. She does not let minor issues like Vicky’s casual attitude or the unenthusiastic laborers and workers stand in her way; if other won’t do it, no worries – Saima Chaudhry’s here. Without any fuss, she just gets down to it, picks up the broom, and is ready to tackle the job herself. Oh, how I wish our benighted politicians would take a leaf out of Saima Chaudhry’s book and tackle our country’s problems with a similar single-minded zeal and devotion. I tell you I’m one of her biggest fans and the day she runs for political office will be the day I will be the first in line to vote for our favorite designer from Faisalabad – Saima Chaudhry! Bushra Ansari is brilliant! Can I say this often enough? Probably not!

Even as it is Saima Chaudhry who compels me to tune in every week, the other tracks are equally interesting. This week, Sila started her new job, and just as Rabia had predicted, the job is very demanding and doesn’t seem like Sila will last too long. Nonetheless, the larger issue here is that the misunderstanding between Azar and Sila was happily resolved. It was very heartening to see Azar happily taking care of the baby while his wife was getting ready to leave. It is great to see such positive messages being sent through these little vignettes. Ahsan Khan and Alishba make a great on-screen pair and should come together more often.

While the younger couple had just about resolved their differences, the yet-to-be oldest couple on our screens these days, Amma Wadi and her adorable suitor Bhanji were also trying to work through their differences. Methinks Mr. Bhanji has almost gotten through Amma Wadi’s defenses, his charm has worked its magic, and seems like Amma ji’s just about ready to come around.  Don’t go abroad Mr. Bhanji! I just love their scenes together and they have such awesome chemistry, some of our younger on-screen couples should take lessons from these two veterans. Samina Ahmed and Manzoor Qureshi are superb together!

This episode also marked the entry of the newest hunk to join the cast – Shehzad Shaikh. Given that he is playing the role of the hotshot model Mikaal, I had wondered whether the writer and directors would have him make a hero-wali entry. And, sure enough, he did ride in on a bike with his windswept hair and charming smile. This was supposed to be a huge WOW moment, but somehow it didn’t work for me. Shehzad is definitely charming, but still lacks the charisma that will definitely be his in a couple of years’ time. That aside, his scenes with Navin Waqar definitely had sparks flying, and I can hardly wait to see the two butting heads – the oh-so-cool superstar going up against the I-don’t-give- a-damn assistant director. Looking forward!

Time seems to fly when I watch this show and the ending always takes me by surprise – it’s like nothing’s happened and how could it end. It’s only when I sit to write, that I realize how much was actually said and taught in such a short amount of time and so beautifully. Excellent job once again by Marina Khan, Nadeem Baig, Vasay Chaudhry and the rest of the cast and crew. Keep ‘em coming guys!

Written by SZ~ sz.reviews.dp@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter:  SZ_DramaPakistani  (@sz_dp)   

Annie Ki Aayegi Baraat – Episode 3

Posted by SZ On April - 22 - 2012 10 COMMENTS

Wah! Saima Chaudhry ji, the young at heart designer from Faisalabad, kya baat hai aap ki! Once you set your sights on a goal then nothing can faze you – be it the setting up of your fashion house, or the launch of your designer lawn, or getting that young twit of a second wife out of your husband’s life. Stamping out all opposition like a bulldozer you almost always succeed in your mission – and now that you’ve set your heart and mind on making Annie your bahu, God help both Annie and her mom Arfa!

So yes, this episode revolved around Saima Chaudhry’s endearing and absolutely hilarious whole-hearted pursuit of Annie, which basically meant that poor Arfa found herself roped into designing the interiors of Saima’s fashion outlet, and Annie found herself invited to a movie night with Saima Chaudhry. Here, I have to confess to being a closet admirer of Saima Chaudhry, for her single-minded devotion to the achievement of her dreams. She makes me believe that nothing is impossible in this world – truly a role model for the many of us who give up on their dreams so very easily.

Even as Saima Chaudhry’s track was the central attraction, there were a couple of other very well addressed issues that deserve mention as well. Just as we had suspected last week, Sila’s desire to work, did not go down well with Azar at all. The crass manner with which Sila handled this whole situation, and the way Azar reacted to it, showed their immaturity and insecurity. Here, we saw Rabia coming into her own as a mother and handling the whole issue ever so maturely. Rather than stirring the pot further, she talked separately to both Sila and Azar. These conversations, though laced with humor, were handled very sensitively, no lecturing or pointing fingers. How I wish our other TV land mothers and mothers-in-law would take a leaf out of Rabia’s playbook.  Similarly we saw Rabia and Faraz telling Arfa to relax and take it easy with Annie, regarding the issue of her marriage. Valid advice there!

Sukhi and Taka’s track provided the “awww” moments in the episode; physically mismatched as they are, they make such an adorable couple. I absolutely love the fact that Sukhi is so secure in her self, she is not bothered by her weight, and that nobody else around her seems so to care either. She is beautiful and lovely just the way she is, there is no need to change to please the society at large. Yet another valuable lesson taught.

This was another fabulous episode from Marina Khan, Nadeem Baig & Co. Vasay Chaudhry deserves special mention for his humorous but purposeful script. The actors, led by the inimitable Bushra Ansari, were in great form. Among these, for me, Saba Hamid, Ahsan Khan, Uroosa Siddiqui, and Navin Waqar were the standouts today. Eagerly looking forward to the next installment from these Baraatis.

 Written by SZ~ sz.reviews.dp@gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter:  SZ_DramaPakistani  (@sz_dp)   

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