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Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 19

Posted by A musing muslim On April - 19 - 2014 1 COMMENT



Time marches on fairly quickly in this drama despite most the characters being stuck – read still discussing the cornerstone of this play jayadat, jayadat, jayadat. With Rabia out of the picture, Zeeshan bows to family pressure and marries Romaisa much to the glee of the parents and the consternation of everyone else.

However, Zeeshan is the only one afforded some character growth in this difficult position of having to accept his brothers wife and daughter. While earlier sympathetic to his bhabhi, he seems to be questioning his responsibility to them in this paper marriage.

Although no one really expects him to fulfill the role of a husband and father his conscience operates at a higher level than his  family and that seems to bother him.  Despite his firmly stating the above,  he is likely to be tugged by his humdardi strings as well as do the right thing being the good upright guy that he is.

Adeel Husain once again effortlessly embodies his character.

The zulm on Romaisa continues with her being treated as the glorified ayah, cook and help rolled into one. And if we thought the saas couldn’t be more heartless and evil than she already is, she deals a new one ordering Romaisa to move baby, bag and baggage to Zeeshan’s room. Why pray tell if she isn't truly expected to be married to him? Did she even think about the poor fish?

While Maham may have grown, time stands still for Romaisa and this paper marriage changes nothing for her. Though she did whimper and try and tell Daddy dearest that she would rather not marry – as if she had a choice and anyone cared what she thought! Romaisa cries, stares at the night sky, bemoans her life and stares at her fate lines.

I suspect Sanam Jung is capable of much more and this reducing her literally to constant tears and stacking the deck so unfavourably against her takes away any empathy one might feel for her.

If only they had wrapped this up in ten episodes can you imagine the fast pace this drama would have had? Also why are we so wedded to linear narratives? With some imaginative and nifty editing you could have had an inventive non-linear storyline which could have played with past and present instead of this constant flashback mode.

Since no one is bothering to innovate with stories, come on at least up the ante on presenting them along with upping the editing chops. Sigh, if wishes were fishes…..

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Koi Nahi Apna – Episode 2

Posted by Sheeba On April - 18 - 2014 1 COMMENT

I could have written this review without even watching the second episode as it was that predictable.  Alvira finally convinces her father to meet Hamza. Dad goes in to the meeting with the mind set that he will convince Hamza to leave Alvira by bribing him with any amount of money needed. Upon meeting Hamza, he does exactly that...and Hamza does exactly what we all thought he would do; tell him that he loves Alvira and doesn't care about the money and promises that one day he will give Alvira everything that her father has given her. Hamza tells Alvira of her father's intentions, she confronts him, he says no to them getting married and she goes on a hunger strike. Her father finally says fine, but after she gets married the condition is that she will have  nothing to do with him or his money.

Back in Hamza's household, (I feel this scene needs to be mentioned). When Hamza is making tea, the kitchen cabinets are locked because apparently his mother doesn't trust the help who has been there for 7-8 years. Who locks kitchen cabinets? I'm confused...if you don't trust the help, even after she has been there for years, why is she still there? Seriously, I have never seen or heard of that.

Anyways, Hamza has somehow convinced his mother to go to Alvira's  house for the rishta. As soon as she sees their house, she is instantly impressed. Alvira's family is a little reserved, and when she mentions that to Hamza when they are home, he tells her that they aren't happy with this marriage.  Khaire the mother has conveniently forgotten about her sister and wanting her bhanji to be the bahu since she saw the wealth Alvira can potentially bring.  She speaks to her parosan about it they talk about how "poora ghar jahez se bhar jaega aur Hamza ko to set kara deinge..."  Bechare have no idea that Alvira is coming without any jahez or financial support at all (which should really be the case in every wedding).

Like I said in the beginning, extremely predictable, plus all the promos pretty much fill in the gap of what might not be so predictable. Next week I'm guessing we will see some saas bahu conflict of kuch diya he nahi apni beti ko. 

Bunty I Love You Episode 15

Posted by RB On April - 17 - 2014 2 COMMENTS


Where do I begin?

Dania is still playing "A Fool in Love", Bunty is having pangs of heartache (more like heartburn, if you ask me!), Beenish can't act to save her life, and Zain looks good even in a hospital (some people have all the luck, shucks!)

What can only be described as an exercise in patience (yes, our patience!) Bunty I Love You continues to make me wonder how quickly a story can go all (fifty!) shades of wrong in a matter of a few episodes. I was (confession time!) on the BILU bandwagon when it first started, I loved Saba Qamar's character, I liked the originality of the story, I was even willing to look past some dreadful fashion choices (yes, mango vest, orange nighty, and white scrunchie, take a bow!) only to be bombarded with this.

Is it a mid-life crises? Perhaps, it is at Episode 15 because the story doesn't seem to elicit much response from other than a simple meh. Take note, khawateen and hazrat, that "meh" is quite the commodity these days (but I won't go there).

Let me quickly round up the meh-inducing bits from this episode.

First up, Dania and that dining table (whatever happened to the staircase?), both of whom are stuck at "tumhe mohabbat ho gaye hai na". Here's a word of advice Ms. Patel - he's not into you. Get over it. Go find yourself a boy toy who'll stay aka Bunty's Sufi brother (although I'm sure your nineteen year self isn't into the hirsute and grizzly).

Speaking of grizzly I hope babaji has something else in store because those seven days are up, which means someone's coming to a grizzly end. Any guesses? Is it Babaji - hunted down by Dania and her pack of not-so-wild dogs? Maybe Qutub - he's the one who led her there? You think Bunty - a sense of divine justice? Hmmm... choices, choices. How about all? At least this way we'll end the series on a high note.

What high note you ask? In search of mohabbat, peeps!

That ever elusive thing called love has once again escaped our damsel in distress, Beenish. Good thing she realised what she was signing up for. Bunty's greed came out for all to see, Beenish included. And what do you know the small time mobile chore has a heart.


I would love to go on but I just can't. Till next week.

(Not so) Happy reading.



Posted by Sadaf On April - 16 - 2014 6 COMMENTS


One of the strongest and perhaps most prevalent threads in the tapestry that is South Asianculture is the belief divine or karmic retribution. The subcontinent has little patience for “the randomness” of life explanations and open ended philosophy of the West: we look for finite conclusions to finite situations. Now I realise this put the producer and director between a rock and a hard place, Farida had to be punished without knocking into that other pillar of our society: honouring your mother. One of the main underpinnings of the Humsafar story is that Asher trusted his mother above his wife Khirad. So I think they chose the easier option and gave Farida a nervous breakdown rather than allowing her to be abandoned as in the book.

images (58)

Asher never willingly confronts his mother despite the absolute confirmation of her guilt. He blames himself, bangs his handsome head on a barrier before jumping into a car to fetch Khirad. He can barely meet her gaze now knowing how abominably he treated her but manages to cook up an excuse to bring her home. Again he does not confront his mother or blame her till she starts haranguing Khirad at the door.  I found this the most disturbing part of the finale.

Fawad, Mahirah and Atiqa had us enthralled. I am sure the entire country held its breath when Asher said “Bas Mummy Bas” ….” Hareem meri beti HAI, agar iss baat ka koi saboot nahi hai tho saboot iss baat ka bhi nahin hai key main Baseerat Hussain ka beta hoon “  Even then Farida is not willingly to accept any guilt or shame “ tum ,tum mujhe galiy dey rahey ho..?” I have to commend Atiqa Odho for carrying off that entire mental break down scene alone in her room but for me this was not a satisfying conclusion to her track.download (19)

The best of this entire episode was the reconciliation between Asher and Khirad, beautifully done; it has to be one of my favourite scenes out of all the dramas I have ever watched. Fawad and Mahirah carried the whole thing off with such subtlety; we could see the ebb and flow of their emotions as Asher negotiated his way back into Khirad’s life. The shake of Khirad’s head had him worried but then she admits that she is tired of struggling through life without him. I know some people think Khirad should never have forgiven Asher but as Farhat Ishtiaq herself has said “Khirad and Asher loved each other so there was never a question of them not reconciling” I really don’t think Khirad let Asher off the hook that easily, the ending scene shows it took time for them to reach some kind of level of trust.download (20)

Poor Sara was in my opinion unnecessarily killed off and I think Khizar, who played the most iniquitous role in the entire plot against Khirad was let off too easily. Zarina really did pay the heaviest price for her really quite minimal involvement. Farida never really lost Asher but Zarina lost her only daughter. Again Hina Bayat’s scenes were heart breaking so there really was no need for that awfully fake wail of “saroooo” each time she picked up her daughter’s framed photograph. Perhaps I really am a little absolutist but let’s just say I would not have cried too hard if Khizar or Farida got accidentally run over by a bus.images (22)images (96)

Of course I adored the final scene of the happier family running around in the rain and despite my reservations about Farida I was left with a happy smile by the end of the program. I hope all our regular readers and commenters have enjoyed watching this serial again as much as I did. This serial, these characters, will always hold a very special place in our hearts. It is a rare event when all the factors that make a serial come into such perfect alignment. The writing, the production, the direction and the fabulous acting of all the parties made this show iconic and an unforgettable part of our culture.

I have the last episode of Humsafar on DVR so I watched it just as it was broadcast, sandwiched between promos of Bilqees Kaur, Durre Shehwar and Mata e Jaan Hai Tu. This really illustrated how spoiled we were: Daam on Sundays with Kuch Pyaar ka Pagalpan during the week .In my naivety I imagined that such rivers of milk and honey were unending and being the eternal optimist I am still hoping that those days will return. The singular most powerful achievement of Humsafar is that it managed to unite a huge, diverse and geographically fractured viewing audience around its characters. Despite all the options available to the viewing audience both in Pakistan and outside it .Despite the slews of gyrating naked images from Bollywood or the even more graphic violence and sexuality presented to us from the English language channels so many people from so many diverse backgrounds chose to watch this simple story sans any intellectual frills or flowery dialogues. And that ladies and gentleman is the power of love. download (9)

written by Sadaf

PS a shout out to all our old reviewers of Humsafar when it originally aired SZ , DB and Faraz ..It is easy to review something after you have watched it from beginning to end a thousand times but reviewing it the first time is more difficult .I loved readibng all your work :)




Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 18

Posted by A musing muslim On April - 12 - 2014 18 COMMENTS



Well, that was short lived – a moment of silence for the death of sense and sensibility.  Ok well, maybe not so short since a span of a couple of months have passed – the baby has been birthed, Zesshan is back from his training and still not so much as a new topic of conversation been introduced by this family .

Seriously, if we had a penny for every time any character said jayadat, we could have eradicated meningitis by now. So in this battle for property which by the by folks,  is immovable and none of the recipients are in dire straits of money (for nothing) or haw hai mujhe appna soona beejhna padega position …Oh apologies, I am thinking logically. Never mind. Onward.

The parents are sharpening their blackmailing prowess and puppeteer strings to force Zeeshan to marry Romaisa while Rabia's parents are holding firm in guaranteeing their daughters building bank balance. I guess it runs in the family, at least this family.

This tendency to constantly showcase second marriage as solution reeks of the worst way in which we misuse our own religion and traditions. If we constantly reinforce our own stereotypes, we really need to stop browbeating others for doing the same.  Whoops – sorry – reasoning again. Will try and keep any sensible thought from the picture.

Rabia, who had thus far done a volte-face  from her materialistic nature and tendency to be distracted by shiny objects, and had gotten points for being a sensible person, now reverts to her old self. Also I called it. Well I suppose four months of thinking straight can strain some nerve cells.  For someone who can hold down a house job, clearly she displays more independence and intelligence levels than we have seen thus far.

But of course the thought of working to supplement your hubby’s income instead of putting all your eggs in the property basket which again – sorry to sound like a broken record- is really not going anywhere-why! Perish the thought! Along with any ideas that marriage and relationships involve commitment, love and fidelity.

I think Mira Sethi did a fine job stating her selfish position and Adeel played out his dilemma to convincing effect.  Since he was the only character actually trying to come up with a reasonable solution while others around him are blind sighted by the P (or J) word, it was like hitting a brick wall every time he tried to inject good judgment (see above for how that’s playing out here).

I heart Adeel Husain for really making Zeeshan’s predicament feel real and believable but I really really want to see him in a different role minus humdardi and a flexible backbone.

And speaking of bending to the will of others, Romaisa remains drenched in misery possibly heightened by postpartum depression, and being the recipient of cast offs from this family. Continuing in that tradition, she’ll be married off without a whimper to Zeeshan.  All this forced doom and gloom is really making this a very heavy drama to watch - minus the emotional anchor .

The pallor of gloom only lifts when we are treated to flashbacks of Nabeel and only Nabeel.  Though could they really not have better dialogues? Sounds of fish in the water? Eh? We already have the trending Babajis, what now? Romaisa gifted with extra sensitive hearing even though she still has to be coached into how to have a conversation? Difficult to sympathize with her if she sounds this much of a dolt.

Well then points to Mikaal for his ESP then and being able to see the staying power of his character. Hmm I wonder what it says about a drama when the specter of the dead person is the only thing to look forward to?

MM (aka A musing Muslim)


Posted by Sadaf On April - 9 - 2014 7 COMMENTS


This episode may well be an argument against sending your children to Ivy League Universities. In between crying myself into exhaustion I managed to get incredibly frustrated with Asher; despite all the supposed critical thinking skills and analytics he should have learnt at Yale, he still needs a full confession from his mother to believe in Khirad’s innocence. Sarmad, Fawad and the Dop do a masterful job of showing Asher fighting himself over the growing holes in the story he had accepted against his wife and here lies the crux of the matter: why were they just holes? Any sane man would have questioned Khizar, any sane man would have questioned his mother or at the very least questioned Khirad.download (16)

There are two letters in this penultimate episode and full marks to Mahirah who managed to bring just the right amount of pathos to those lines. The end of her letter leaving Hareem with Asher asking permission to speak to her daughter occasionally and begging him not to cast aspersions on her character always has me in tears .The second letter and the way it was presented is a tour de force. So much of the power of this old fashioned story of love and betrayal lies in the modern way it was shot and the way the director visualised each scene.Farida’s confession can be heard in real time but Asher is shown listening and walking at a slightly slower speed as if he is slowly waking from a dream or breaking free of the alternate reality he had held on to for so long. This episode was skilfully edited and each track skilfully woven together so at no point did anything become overbearing or the audience left wanting.download (15)

images (22) There are two camps in my household: team sympathy is me who feels Sara should have lived and team Judgment aka my husband who thinks that was the only logical end to the Sara-Asher-Khirad love triangle. Either way we both agree that Hina Bayat tore our hearts out with her performance in this episode. She is an amazing actress and an asset to any production lucky enough to have her. That telephone conversation between Farida and Zarina was amazing and then her grief as she sat in her dead child’s room. Bass kamal hogaya.images

 At this point Humsafar had the entire nation (Including the non-resident diaspora) in its thrall so when the producers (?) decided to increase it by one episode there was much gnashing of teeth. As I remember it (do correct me if I am wrong) there was also a religious holiday which meant that the actual finale was delayed by yet another week. Considering the merciless way perfectly good serials are being diluted now it seems our disappointment was misplaced. The finale did require two episodes or at the very least an hour and a half “super episode” to tie up all the loose ends.images (94)

Now my complaints which my poor husband has to sit through each time:

  • Why on earth did Khirad leave her child to the tender mercies of Farida? The woman was a monster and Asher was not going to be home all day.
  • Tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him, tell him for the love of God, tell him.
  • Who is looking after Hareem when her guilty as hell father runs of to Hyderabad?
  • What is wrong with Asher, why can’t he question his mother?
  • How is that four foot ka Security guard going to “throw six foot of well-honed muscle that is Khizar out exactly?images (96)

There are people in my house who insist that this should all be swept away under the blanket term “dramatic licence” and yes it did make for the most amazing viewing. I know this is a long review but I cannot resist talking about Asher and Khizar’s confrontation. Finally........... Asher did what he should have done in episode 11.

written by  Sadaf

Bunty I Love You Episode 14

Posted by RB On April - 7 - 2014 26 COMMENTS


Awoooooooooo... Una Loba's on her way peeps but I digress...

We definitely had some bang, bang action this week! Between confessions, letters, and chilla-nashini this was one time-pass episode, and one too many if you ask me.

Before I begin recounting the rather compelling (or lack thereof) events in this week's episode let me begin by asking the drama Gods a few timely and (at least in my opinion) rather apt questions: Why are you punishing us? What have we done? Why are we being bombarded with the likes of Roamisas (Mohabbat Subha Ka Sitara Hai), Rudabas (Bashar Momin), Sabas (Bhabhi), and Danias (Bunty I Love You)? You think the men are any better...? Here, choose from this selective list: Bashar (Bashar Momin), Etesham (Shukk), Shahabb (Aseerzadi), Zain (Bunty I Love You), and Asad (Maang)? Which will it be: a gangster with a penchant for shouting or a spineless son/husband/brother ::you may insert male relation of choice::?

None... why? Don't float your boat? You think they float ours...? And this is not the end of it.

As if the leading characters weren't enough we have sasumas from hell. Sasurjis that aren't far behind. And husbands that use the dreaded (or not so dreaded depends on your perspective) talaq-talaq-talaq card at the drop of a false eyelash. In this topsy-turvy universe where things like insaaniyat (humanity) and yaqeen (faith) are nowhere to be seen what are we supposed to infer? We are instead flooded with scenes of betrayal, infidelity, and suspicion, our channels thrive on the obscene (and no I'm not referring to the HUM Awards - really with calling them obscene?! Get a life people!), cheap, and for the most part ridiculous, while our "critics" turn a blind eye at a self-destructing drama industry.

Whatever happened to unique and innovative stories? Why can't I see a woman like Dania survive and succeed without a man in her life? Why can't I see Romaisa living happily with the support of her sasural in the aftermath of Nabeel's death? Why can't there be a Seherish who'll let go of 'Sham and his house? Why can't Sania leave for Australia and start life afresh with a gora (::insert dreaded shudder::)? After all, I want to see my experience reflected in the dramas that I willingly (or sometimes not so willingly) choose to watch.

Our language (Urdu) has for the longest time adapted to the challenges modernity has thrust on it. Beginning with Amir Khusro who gave us the qawali with its many layers of meaning to the Urdu novel that became a benchmark in documenting urban social life, literature - adab - had kept pace with changing times. It was with these changing times in mind that Nazir Delhvi penned Mirat ul-Uroos and Bina-tul-Nash. Similarly, it was to cope with changing civil and urban structures that Manto, Chugtai, Premchand, and (Qurratulain) Hyder spoke of men, women, society, and everything in-between.

Where are their lessons? Have we forgotten them in a race for TRP's and advertising revenue? Has money become the end-all and be-all for our channels? Let me assure you ARY, GEO, and HUM TV - a good story speaks for itself - it doesn't need expensive sets or fancy camerawork, what it needs is a strong plot with enough food for thought, it needs actors that are willing to believe in the script and perform to the best of their ability, directors who can bring out the best and when needed the worst in their cast, and editors that can do their job without interfering hands from the suits above.

So, dear drama Gods, if you're listening, please, I implore you, deliver us from our misery.

Now back to scheduled programming. We start with Zain looking sultry and seductive as he blackmails Beenish, little does he know Abbuji is on his way! In what can only be described as half-assed "act"-ing we have a showdown between Zain and Abdul Samad only to have the former rushed to the hospital and the latter to a lockup. Asal kahani to ab shuru hui hai!

Beenish is this week's budding Nancy Drew. Girl has a honing device installed cause there is no way in hell anyone could find those letters but she manages, and finds two at that! Special shout out to the writer! Khalil ur-Rehman saab every time we hear a letter penned by you there's so much pain and pathos in it. Job well done ! Now if only Beenish could spruce up her act.

Elsewhere Ma'am Dania and boy-toy Bunty continue to annoy with their does-he, does-he-not story. All I can say here is that Dania might truly be in love (and hats off to Saba Q. for pulling this role off because I crack up every time I see Bunty's face!).

What's up with the dargahs and Babajis? Daniaji you're already frequenting babaji, you're on some stepford wife version of repentance (seriously I though she was doing yoga!), do you really need to visit a dargah in this already complicated picture?

Speaking of complicated, SHO sirji twadi tay khar nahi. Tussi kithay phas gaye oo? Kinno-kinno phadoo gay? Zain, Bunty, Dania, Beenish, Abdul Samad...

If there's really someone they should catch it is Bunty. I confess I have no idea where this story is going (which in many ways is a blessing) but from what I can gather Bunty is capital-T trouble! Escape while you still can Beenish!

Until next week,

Happy reading!


Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 17

Posted by A musing muslim On April - 4 - 2014 16 COMMENTS




Last week it was bile rising, this week it is spilling all over the screen as the toxic battle for the bewa begins.

Mercifully, we were actually shown the closest approximation to real, thinking folk in this episode in the form of Rabia and her parents. Without mincing any words and standing on the strength of their spines and strong dialogue and also some pretty good delivery too, the trio managed to spell out in no uncertain terms both the warped logic and matlabi intentions of Rabia in-laws.

Well done Mira Sethi, you were terrific.

The plot thickens. Well, mostly because she is pregnant and prize property and the men of the house think they all entitled to their share – though I feel compelled to ask again, where is she going folks?

While Daddy dearest is mulling over pressure tactics to arm twist Zeeshan into this money grubbying arrangement, the other two farig men folk have designs of their own.  Waleed is upset at being blind sighted yet again by his family in the search for safe keeping of Romaisa’s jayadat. Thankfully, his wife cuts him and his plans down to size and refuses as any sensible wife should, to give him permission to re-marry. Well, that and refusing to leave without a sizeable chunk of their property too.

Hassan is up to his old sleazy tricks of harassing Romaisa into submission.  Zeeshan too is troubled by the turn of events, but as is the case with most of Adeel’s characters, the situation strums his hamdardi chords and you can see the possibility hovering in his head.

Apologies to Adeel's attempt at a menacing grimace but despite trying to sound aggressive and intimidating, I didn’t exactly read threatening in that scene. Perhaps having him in uniform would have done the trick, or fed my fantasies if nothing else.

As for the chattel, she truly is stuck in between a rock and a hard place as all her choices are quickly shot down. Please keep Romaisa away from her feather-brained friend too. Wherefore are ties of sisterhood? Despite what I thought was an unnecessary voice over, her flashbacks left her with enough of a will to live, even if it has been beaten down, trod upon and blanketed in grief by a sea of tears. Sanam Jung finally gets a chance to emote and it’s clear why they give her these frail, helpless roles.

What takes away from it somewhat are these supposedly innocent-sweet moments to try and show her naivety and end up making her look like a moron. Please keep those scenes to a minimum with the camera trained on Nabeel, since with every flashback I shed a silent tear for Mikaal’s quick exit.

Ok so the stage is set. Zeeshan has his inner strife to deal with and Romaisa is sufficiently suffering and brain washed into accepting him. Rabia, honey, as is the case with the shelf life of sensible characters, looks like we have to bid adieu to you. Here's hoping you leave on a high note!

MM (aka A musing Muslim)


Posted by Sadaf On April - 2 - 2014 33 COMMENTS

images (11)

“Mein tumhein khud maaf kar raha hoon”


“aap ki iss ala zarfi ka shukriya.......ab hum chalein ?”


Now that Hareem’s operation is successful Asher realises that his wife and daughter may leave at any moment. He tries to connect with Khirad who cuts him off at every point because she has quite sensibly decided never to rely on this man again. The scene where Asher takes he hand and Khirad pulls it away, covering it with her duppattah stood out for me more than the later sequences of Asher sitting on the stairs or even of him crying in front of a mirror in the hospital washroom. It took a long time for someone as supposedly intelligent as Asher to finally question the events which led to his current state of misery. He just cannot reconcile the simple, honest girl he married or the dignified, honorable woman before him with the conniving woman he saw at Khizar’s apartment. However that level of critical thinking doesn’t last too long, one glimpse of Khizar and a few choice words from his mother set him straight back to square one.images (59)


When I first watched this episode I was quite literally hopping mad, “akhir Kiyun ?” I shouted at the TV screen. After watching countless drama serials and Bollywood movies I had been conditioned to expect reconciliation the moment ‘The Man’ realises his mistake. Most of them allowed for a few dialogues expressing some perfunctory doubts on the injured heroines part as in “Aap ney mujhe bohat satiya hay Murad/Abdul Wajahat” before she forgives and forgets. Although I have to give Asher full credit for being able to “forgive’ his wife for what he thinks is full on adultery and admitting that despite that he still loves her; this time around I could not help feel disgust for  his sheer arrogance in not doubting his version of events. Not once does he ask Khirad what her side of the story was except as a sneering taunt about what happened to her honesty?images (56)


images (57)           Fawad and Mahirah were amazing in the sequence by the shore which required so many changes of mood and expression, all of which needed to look spontaneous. Asher swings from comand, to plea to anger and again to plea and again to anger and finally desperation as he tries to gather his scattered emotions. Endearing one minute and exasperating the next he began to sound like an unhappy little boy whose toy wouldn’t work. Being a failed literary snob I would like to compare it to Darcy’s initial proposal to Elizabeth Bennet in its passive aggressive, subtly insulting intensity and tone. Khirad was quite right in rejecting Asher while it did my feminist heart all kinds of good to see the look of control and power on Mahirah’s face.

            As usual we must spare a moment for Sara and her descent into a self-destructive spiral of spite and jealousy which will not allow her to live in a world where her wishes are not fulfilled. Again I wonder whether her Zarina did the right thing by never addressing how ridiculous Sara’s assumed victimhood was; neither did she try to right the wrong she acknowledges she had a part in.

images (58)There are times when we have to support the better side of a person no matter how much we love them. The promos for the next episode pointed to another suicide attempt and this was not part of the novel. I still wonder if Humsafar would have been better if they had stuck to the original story for Sara. images (47)

written by Sadaf


Bunty I Love You Episode 13

Posted by RB On March - 31 - 2014 27 COMMENTS


Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang.

Now if only the episode could live up to that tag line. I've given up on Bunty I Love You. On the bright side I didn't have to anticipate with bated breath till eighteen episodes to then be assaulted by the likes of Shukk.

First things first, I don't know about you but I am so, so glad that Zain is still around even if he ends up in the hospital next week. Killing him would be synonymous with killing off the only good "actor" in this series notwithstanding Ms. Qamar's flawless performance as a cougar. What began as a promising story (and it truly was for our mashra) has gone down (yet again!) in the (in)glorious if somewhat predictable flame of TRP's and chichora thrills.

Although they do say a phoenix rises from its ashes whether Jamat-e-BILU (read Team BILU) is the ash or the phoenix I leave up to you to decide.

Yes, yes, I give you a review even though I could sum it up in three sentences: Dania's still hot and bothered for Bunty, she's still lootaooing her fortune, Zain's a bad boy, and Beenish makes a badass comeback as NMA (Not a Mazloom Aurat). Still want more? Fine, read on...

After thirteen weeks I can say without any doubts that the DoP loves to frame Saba Qamar. We see Dania sleeping (quite a few times mind you), walking up the stairs (or down whichever way floats your boat), rocking cheetah print "night suits" or lounging on sofas with said cheetah print, and there's even a seductive lip bite thrown in every episode or two (more on said lip bite shortly).

BILU 23Our Lady of Cheetah Prints, it seems, is wallowing in a false sense of victory. Beware, my lady, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. And your lovely head bears the burden of a rather fat fortune, Rs. 28 crores to be exact!

With all that she has - beauty, brains (that one's somewhat debatable), money, and then some - what she sees in Bunty is beyond me and honestly speaking I'm done caring. Whatever it is she wants, good for her, bas tussi meta khaida chaddo. Every time Bunty cringes, I wonder how Dania thinks he's sharmila (get it?!) and bhola bachcha. Oh well truth is stranger than fiction they say.

Bunty though is definitely not as bhola as Dania seems to think. Meeting Beenish (did anyone see the dupatta clad aunties in the background - all shades of bahaar too!), threatening Zain, making plans, yes, the usual in dramaland reality.

I liked Abdul Samad's track - his confession, his scenes with Beenish, and his own doubts and insecurities were a welcome sigh of relief in an otherwise khushfehm universe. Did he really doubt his wife? Sad but I guess within the general framework of BILU's storyline: everyone is shakki and needs constant reassurance (Team Shukk you need to come take tips here, for starters, hire a detective before jumping to conclusions).

As for Zain, I like all his scenes and not because of that five o'clock shadow. Azfar Rehman adds not only sizzle to the screen, which I have spoken about in the past, but he also has a definite screen presence. Even if he's the bad guy I still want to see more of him than boy wonder (literally!) Bunty, which says more about the casting than anything else. For instance, the scene with Zain playing Sherlock in search of Abdul Samad was a treat - Rehman looked good, he kept his strut subtle (take note Zeeshan!), and it was shot outdoors. So much better than all those dark, dingy night clubs Dania frequents.

The scene, as you can gather, is set for some bang, bang action. Here's hoping we see some next week.  Also, I hope some of you have been to HobNob...? ::wink::

Until then happy reading.


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