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Jackson Heights – Episode 14

Posted by Sheeba On December - 21 - 2014 2 COMMENTS

With 10 episodes to go, Jackson Heights is finally picking up the pace again. Salma over hears Sikander talk about the jewelry (with Kash?) and realizes how naive she has been, even after 12 years of being married to the con artist known as Sikander. She did learn a thing or two from him though…getting Iman to ask her father to take her to school so Salma can take the jewelry back where it belongs, the bank was a nice save. Why Bhatti had to be involved, I do not understand.  Of course when she confronts Sikander and refuses to give the jewelry, she gets beaten up again…no surprises there. Run Salma run!! Why have I never seen Ali Kazmi act before? it’s like Sikandar’s role was tailor made for him. The creepy smiles, the back and forth between the fake sweet husband, and the wife beater, the mama’s boy, he switches between all of these roles without pause. This guy is incredible and MJ extracts the best out of him!

In the land of Bhatti and Kathy, Kathy seems Salma and Bhatti together at a cafe and I really thought she was going to give him a piece of her mind. To my surprise her entire behaviour changes after that. She was being very nice to Bhatti and wants to work on their marriage… but Bhatti is not in the mood. Perhaps seeing him with Salma gave her a new perspective? Perhaps there actually is love there somewhere? The immigration lawyer is there and the hearing date is near. The lawyer tells absolutely no fighting in front of the judge otherwise no citizenship. Kathy tells him that she has a concern he will leaver her just after his citizenship, which by the way is a very valid concern, especially after how mean he has been the last few days and given his growing proximity to Salma. Bhatti is just not someone I trust and Nouman Ejaz does a fantastic job with the over the top, many shades of gray character of Imran Bhatti. Low and behold, he calls Salma to complain about Kathy. I honestly was not expecting such a calm and rational response from her. Vasay gets full credit for this pleasant surprise. We finally see that American women really are afraid that as soon as their husbands gets citizenship, they will leave them. It happens all the time.

Speaking of marrying for citizenship, Jamshed and Michele are now actually a couple. She is back to work, nice to the employees and even the cabbies. She couldn’t care less about what people think anymore.  She tells Jamshed about how she used to be so nice in college and doesn’t know when she became bitter. Rizwan come back!!I
Nadir calls jamshed. Its his Nikah with Asma. Do we still have to put up with these guys? Can they please finally get married and live happily ever after far far away from JH? Anyways, Jamshed tells him that ‘Jamshed Apni maut khud hi mar gaya.’ Looks at Michele and says ‘tum woh kar rahe ho jo tumhe sahee lagta hai, aur mein woh ker raha hoon jo mujhe.’ 
When jamshed and Michele are out for a walk and sit down on a bench,  Cash sees them and there is a strange look on his face…I’m guessing there is a background to this also.

All in all t his was a much better episode of JH. The script was sound, direction was superb, which made watching it an enjoyable experience. The cast as always, was fabulous. Looking forward to seeing what’s next. Well done team Jackson Heights!

Sadqay Tumharey- Episode 11 Review

Posted by Kanwal Murtaza On December - 20 - 2014 2 COMMENTS

Jo tu Khalu se maang raha hai, wohh cheez tujhe Rabb se miljayegi. Love has the power to change people. Khalil is struggling with his volatile temper because he cannot make sense of Khala’s blatant rejection. I liked how he turned to namaaz to find some form of inner peace after that not-so-pleasant visit to see his beloved. The supporting cast has been very effective in taking the story forward and helping the characters discover themselves- Molvi Sahab’s soft words of encouragement was an interesting insight into a compassionate religious figure who is not blind to the power of love. Time and again we see skewed representations of Molvis that only add to our ever-growing feelings of apprehension. Shano is shown to be Allah-waali; her faith in Allah supercedes everything else. I think it is her faith in destiny that keeps her strong. There’s no denying that they are in love, yet their definition of love is not the romanticized version that has a strong, sometimes even overpowering element of lust attached. Shano trusts Khalil and Khalil in turn respects her and would never think of doing anything that could potentially taint her reputation. Kaptaan’s suggestion that Khalil elope with Shano is not only unthinkable but he considers it her beyadbi.


While Rasheeda continues to mock her, Shano tries to bridge the gap between them. She tries to hint at being friends with her mother. Shano knows that her mother will not allow this union to take place but more than her own pain, she doesn’t want to see her mother suffer. Rasheeda hasn’t made peace with her past; a past that continues to remain a mystery since she has never openly spoken about it. She feels that she was wronged- by her brother-in-law Sadiq, by her sister Inayat and by her saabqa mangaitar Abdul Rehman. She considers herself as a victim of circumstances and has been unable to overcome that dark chapter in her life. She plays her husband like a puppet, keeps a strict environment at home with her children- often lashing out at them to release her frustrations. This woman clearly has issues. Perhaps what was most disturbing was seeing her traumatize her son- behen ke ashiq se paise laiga, dalaali karega uski!


Khalil’s parents rely on Dr. Maqsood to keep Khalil in check. I think Doctor is a reliable intermediary and seems to genuinely care for the people who have so openly welcomed him into their family. Interpersonal relationships are a strong suit of Khalil ur Rehman Sahab. I love how he establishes not just the main characters but even the supporting ones. The end result is wholesome, well-etched characters with varying shades of grey that could represent any one of us, making them far more believable. When Abdul Rehman reacted with a sudden outburst, Dr. Maqsood calmed him down- yeh mohabbat se kuch upar ki baat hai; upar koi connection milgaya hai unka… Court marriage karaado un dono ki. At first, Abdul Rehman was opposed to the idea since he considers Shano as his own daughter but knowing that Khalil is at a stage where he is willing to do anything for her, he considers this as a plausible solution.


In retrospect, today’s episode seemed like the calm before the storm. There were some deep, almost filmi dialogues- Jahan daleel khatam hoti hai wahan se uski mohabbat shuru hoti hai; Shano bohut zaroori hai uskey liye; jaisey zinda rehney ke liye saans lena zaroori hai… Shano’s singing only added to the filmi quotient. I quite like the balance of satire/ humour. Yet another gratifying episode in my opinion and one that makes me look forward to the next especially seeing the promo that hints at a new entry. Allah reham karey uss becharey pe!

P.S. Our fabulous Sadaf is away on holiday so I’ll be filling in until she returns.

Kanwal Murtaza

Sadqay Tumharey:Episode 10 Review

Posted by Sadaf On December - 13 - 2014 7 COMMENTS







Abb Aisee hee episode banatey raho gey , Urdu tho kiya main angraizee bhi bholl jaaoongi …. With due apologies to Khalil ur Rahman Qammer Saheb for mangling his dialogue , but this seemed the only way I could express my delight , nay euphoria at such a fabulous episode .

One of the strengths of this serial is the great chemistry between Adnan Malik and Mahira Khan and with so many scenes between them this week how could anyone fail to be happy ? These two not only look fabulous but they act so well that what might look clichéd with another pair of actors takes on air of the sweetest authenticity. I was crying by the end of the episode …And fair warning to Hum TV and Khalil Saheb, if something happens to Shanno I will not be responsible for the violence or property damage that might occur afterwards.

Mahira is just so at home as Shanno, her expressions her body language; all makes this another memorable role. There is more to acting than mere technique, there is a point where the actor has to step over the threshold of reality and actually believe in the character that is written for them leaving all judgment behind. I think this is why I love all of Mahira’s portrayals, she jumps in and acts from her heart and that is what connects a viewer to a character rather than simply watching a precise performance.Sq101

I really preferred the Adnan Malik of this week, his handsome face lowered over math equations rather than talking back to his elders. Khelu looks best to me when he upholds the values he espouses. I so welcome the return of the gentleman to our screens. It may seem trite or I have been told “too good to be true” but isn’t that part of the purpose of the Arts; to inspire, to motivate and shape? If only we could see more of this kind of gentlemanly behaviour on and off screen.

Despite the distance, there was plenty of romance in the air. The strangest part for me was that Shanno’s parents let Khalil visit her in the first place, even if they didn’t want a tamasha at the front door. They seem a lot more liberal than most of the people I know. Abb I guess Dr Maqssod will come and dant me for “shucking” (is that a word … maybe not) since the rest of the episode was so perfect I will abide by Dr Saheb’s words and allow for literary license.


Finally we got some sense out of Rasheeda this week , she isn’t angry about losing Abdul Rahman Khaloo though she maybe a little disappointed ,  Sadiq Khalu ,Khalil’s biological father is the real object of her wrath  . Khalu Amin hasn’t got the sense to question his wife further for her exact reasons for calling Sadiq “dhokebaaz”,otherwise the truth would come out soon enough.  Either way no one is willing to go through a quick Nikkah to Shanno just to appease Rasheeda resentments. Shanno’s Tayya and Tayyami reject any suggestion that they would give up one of their sons into a loveless marriage. It was heartening to hear someone actually think about their children’s feelings. Neither Khalu Amin nor Rasheeda seem to care about their innocent daughter’s feelings at all. The saddest part is that Shanno herself accepts this. Despite the beatings and cutting remarks, she still loves her mother and accepts her fate with resilience beyond her years. I wish there were more teenagers like her, but of course these were simpler times …


This episode was a delight to watch and I can only hope the director Ehtashamuddin keeps up these levels of excellence. A good drama does not need lavish sets or gimmicks to make it work. Yes attention has to be paid to the lighting (call me crazy but I want to see the artist’s faces) and some of the mood has to be created with an authentic setting. Similarly makeup, wardrobe and continuity all play a part but they are not greater than the whole. The Scene of Khelu and Shanno sitting on an old bed in a small Punjabi village trying to resolve a math question was flawless because the director, the cast and the writer created such magic that everything else became irrelevant..

written by Sadaf Haider



Sadqay Tumharey:Episode 9 Review

Posted by Sadaf On December - 6 - 2014 38 COMMENTS





I almost did not write a review of sadqay Tumharey this week, simply because we are at episode and the story seems to be at a standstill. Much as I adore watching Mahira Khan (Shanno) and apney Khalil Badshah interacting on screen after nine episodes I would like to see something happen in the main narrative.

This week saw the after math of the fight between Khalil and Bahji Fayaz and his goons. Sigh ……there was a lot of macho swagger and posturing, most of it annoying. I don’t see Khalil as a particularly nice or good person at this point but that is how foolish young men are. This is an age group where action comes before words and much is to be learnt. Throughout this episode he seemed like the son in law from hell, challenging and threatening his prospective in laws rather than trying to be clever about things and achieve his objective i.e. marrying Shanno. Adnan Malik is best when he is one screen with Shanno or Dr Maqsood but he seems to not have that larger than life presence which allows certain actors like Faysal Qureshi ,Fawad Khan and of course Hamza Ali Abbasi or for that matter Nauman Ejaz  to carry off a potentially melodramatic situation and make it plausible . I still have some hopes of him, he is new and doing better than many others might. At the very least he has that air of naivety that made Afzal so endearing.SK44

This entire story is carried by the beautiful Mahira Khan .Fed up as I am of this slow story, I tune in every week to see Shanno: Shanno the patient, Shanno the brave, Shanno the honorable. Mahira Khan has worked hard on her character and it shows because it doesn’t show. Her acting is so natural and seamless, there is no trace of Falak or Khirad just the innocent gaon ki larki caught in a storm created by fate. No wonder Khalil is crazy for her.


So after the fight Khalil spends the night at his evil Khala’s house, who is ashamed enough to at least welcome him and take care of him. I was really hoping that more would be revealed about past events, that perhaps Rasheeda would speak up and give her side of events. If she was such a loose character and so uninterested in Khalil’s father as to have an affair with a middle-aged, married man then why is she so upset at losing Abdul Rehman? There is something missing in the story and I hope this is not going to be left untold but my hopes are fading fast. Sammiya Mumtaz had a lot more screen time but what can she do with such a cartoon? It was interesting to see Khaloo Amin questioning Shanno. Shanno has been treated well all her life and loved by her family but suddenly they are now her enemies?

I have to say the highlight of this episode was Irfan Khoosat.  Five minutes on screen with him was more interesting than all the manly posturing we are being forced to endure. Yes I agree with Dr Maqsood, Khalil needs to finish his studies and cut down on the cricket. I have a horrible feeling that poor Shanno for all her goodness is going to pay the price for Khalil’s mistakes.

The director has technically done a great job; each episode is a visual and audio delight. The production values are well above par.  However he has failed to bring out the dramatic tension or depth required to make Shanno and Khalil’s story important to the viewer. I really don’t feel any empathy or connection with Shanno and Khalil’s rather desperate situation and that is a major drawback. I remember weeping through most of Shehre e Zaat , laughing through Aunn Zara  getting mad as hell through Bashar Momin but here all I can say is …something better not happen to Shano … Overall, though the serial looks like Khaloo Amin’s Dhakka start car and needs a good push to move it forward.

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written By Sadaf Haider


Firaaq Episodes 11 & 12

Posted by RB On November - 30 - 2014 6 COMMENTS

Since, I’m all caught up with the last three episodes, I can work my way back in this review. Like Sadqay Tumhare, I’ll break two episodes in one and a separate review for the latest instalment. Now that the organizational formalities are over, let’s get to the topic at hand.

What just happened?

I was originally a little more than peeved at these two episodes till I saw Maa-jee dying and Payman running to Karachi, thus, realizing that episodes eleven and twelve weren’t really that bad. There was enough food for thought here, the progression was fairly decent, and the story was still on a track (whatever that track might be) till the pattari went haywire in episode thirteen (I’ll get to it shortly).

There are many things about that I like about Firaaq. I think it’s well-cast, in fact, it is amongst the best casting I’ve seen this year, truly. The acting emanates from the cast and clearly that’s not a problem either. There’s crisp camerawork with beautiful shots of Panama City, it seems, the cinematographer has utilized his location as a silent backdrop for the series. The background score is smooth and generally pleasing. Yet, there’s something off and this time around I’ll tell you what’s off.

Firaaq, I believe, is trying too hard. It seems like the director and producer have found a winning combination, a formula of sorts, that they think they can apply to any given story and it’ll be a win-win situation. Alas, if that were the case, then, Mohabbat Shubha Ka Sitara would have been a hit, Mausam would have been a hit, and wait for it, Ahista Ahista would have been a super-duper, groundbreaking series. In actuality, none of these series left a mark let alone break any ground, wohi same ghissi-pitti kahaniyanshoharshaaditalaqmazloomiyat. So, it begs to be asked what formula are we talking about anyways?

Clearly what works for one drama series won’t work for another. I had serious reservations about the authenticity of certain things shown in Dastaan (and perhaps I’ll come to this series in time), yet, I still enjoyed the drama, and what “winning” formula it had cannot be replicated for any other drama. Similarly, Durr-e-ShawarHumsafarKankar, and Zindagi Gulzar Hai had their own ups and downs, they cannot be repeated. Why won’t the head honchos at HUM TV get this once in for all? Do you even have a creative head? And if you do, please mujhe unki qualifications baatayein Actually rehnay dainkisi expensive sounding MBA ki degree say kuch nahi hotaNazar aur kuch haad tak tajurbay ko koi maat nahi kar sakta.

Barhal coming back to Firaaq, lagata hai Maa-jee ki surkh lal joday ki khawish unki doono bacchiyon par puri uttareen. Apni beti ko to shaadi ka jooda pohoncha diya tha ab apni bahu ko bhi wohi joda pehna diya hai. Aabis Raza’s choice of opening the episode with Shams, Maa-jee, and Sara was an excellent decision, as seeing all three happy faces really went a long way! Cybil might not be perfect but she brings such a genuine feel to Sara that I think none of the other actors have been able to bring to their characters. As Sara laughed her way out of the ghoonghat making Shams smirk was a beautifully scripted moment and equally well-shot. Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone is good but Cybil really works well with her co-stars. Plus, her wardrobe is perhaps the most understated, so much so that no matter what she wears she carries it off with panache. I still wish she would have stuck to English, if she isn’t comfortable with Urdu. I also wish she would have pushed herself just a bit, if only to shut the naysayers up! Junaid’s Shams is always the picture of manly resolve and well done too. I guess someone has to make up for the masculine quotient in the series.

With Shams and Sara back together things are looking fine for Maa-jee and Haider as well. Good news is just around the corner, Tabassum is going to be a Dadi and Haider a Dada. Yet again, Uzma Gillani and Syed Mazhar up the game a few notches, but that’s old news and rather obvious by this juncture.

The remainder of the episode was devoted to Imroze and his beemari, whether that sickness is shuk or cancer, I wouldn’t know. As much as I want to feel for Payman, all I can do is roll my eyes. Sorry, sweety, trying too hard. Get it?! Imroze’s birthday and that lovely cake with Rumi and Payman flanking him – what did you achieve, I wonder. Truth be told at times I think Imroze and Rumi are misali best friends ’cause no man would run away from his wife like Imroze does and to top it off hand the baton to his friend, then again, truth is stranger than fiction! What is this Kal Ho Na Ho? Momina Duraid bibi, we’re tired of Bollywood cliches, which is why we watch PAKISTANI dramas, please keep it real, naAkhir hooni ko koi nahi tal skata and as Imroze confesses his predicament and plan of action, the scene’s set for his rather memorable exit.

What next? More roona-dhoona, what else.

Come next morning Payman wakes up unaware of what is in store for her. And no amount of running out will change the fact that you’ve been dumped. Again, a sequence that was supposed to powerful, dramatic, and full of emotion felt like pandering to the audience. Dialogues, acting, movement, background score everything signalled to a heightened sense of emotion for the audience, yet, Sanam Saeed’s outburst, Uzma Gillani’s anger, Noor Hassan’s clam but guilty demeanour didn’t elicit a single response from me. This was where I knew this was a road downhill.

I will say that the dialogues were well-written, too bad they couldn’t convey what they were meant to.

No sooner is Imroze out of the picture everyone wants Rumi to be the next damaat. Again, is there a saving grace for Firaaq. I started with themes – confrontation, moments, relationships, ruptures, anger, freedom, and reconciliation – so it seems fitting to end with another. Lekin shayad mein khud nahi janata ki ab mein kya kahoon? Had I reviewed this episode a week back, I would have prayed for salvaging what is left, alas, having seen what comes next I can’t even end with that. Chalain, shayad humara safar yahin tak likha tha.

Umeed karta hoon Firaaq hum sab ki umeedon par pura utaray ga.

Tab tak kay liye.

Khuda Hafiz

RB (Tweet me!)


Sadqay Tumharey- Episode 8 Review

Posted by Kanwal Murtaza On November - 29 - 2014 11 COMMENTS

Mohabbat mein ilhaam na ho toh fittay moun mohabbat ka! This one line captured the essence of tonight’s episode. Ilhaam can be loosely translated as intuition. But upon further introspection, ilhaam is more spiritual than intuition. It has been defined as the knowledge inspired in the heart without any effort, learning or deducing by Allah or from the heavens. Such is the bond between Shano and Khalil- one that is sacred and pure. Who knew that the silent love that was instilled in her heart would one day cast its spell on her bachpan ka mangaitar- a man who not too long ago wanted to break free from this khayaali mangni. But now, she has completely taken over his senses and Khalil can think of nothing or no one except for his beloved Shano.


Khalil is on his way to prove a point- he will not back off. Shano is his and he won’t have it any other way. With Thekedaar Amin away in Rawalpindi, Rasheeda fears for their rakhwaali. Fayyaz Bha Ji is determined to send Khalil back- Chacha Ji ka hukum hai ke addey se bahar na nikley… For this reason, he has rounded up three of his goons hoping to scare him away. But Khalil isn’t afraid of taking on four guys at one time- Murder karne ka shauq nahin hai? Tu maaro na, hijron ki tarhan kharey huey baat cheet kyun kar rahey ho??? Agar mein bach gaya toh uski qasam, charoun mein se apney pairon pe ghar koi nahin jayega… You’ve got to hand it to Khalil-ur-Rahman for adding a dose of filminess yet making it seem so real. While Khalil is taking care of ‘business’, Shano tries to calm her nerves- Wohh samjhaney aur maar khaney hi toh aya hai. Dekhte hein ki uski laash ati hai ya Fayyaz ki… Wohh toh bas chaar hain, mohabbat mein toh sabse larhna parta hai… Despite her faith in Khalil, she clings on to the possibility that in the event that something were to happen to him, she wouldn’t waste a moment being without him and thus she is prepared to die in the way of love.

st 1452210_1517126798548357_998635896898827236_n

Often times, it is the women who are pressurized to bow down for the sake of their parents, or khandaan ki izzat. While Molvi Sahab was imparting knowledge about the rights of parents, Shano raises a very valid point- Yeh baat sirf betiyon ke liye hai, Molvi Sahab? Kal ke dars mein bataana Molvi Sahab ke jo apni beti ko dozakh mein daalke jayega wohh kahan jayega? Shano’s state of silent rebellion is becoming increasingly stronger. She doesn’t want to go against her parents but she questions their motives behind denying her the chance of happiness with Khalil. It is clear that Rasheeda planned this all along- she wanted to settle the score with her sister. She is still holding on to the grudge after all these years. Sadly, she can’t see beyond her personal differences. Rasheeda loathes Khalil because of her sister. She thinks seeing her sister’s son unhappy will hurt her sister and she can derive some form of sick pleasure from their misery. Rasheeda is the perfect example of a hypocrite- she appears overly concerned seeing Khalil show up at their door with bruises. She could’ve easily asked him to leave but instead she allows Shano to attend to his wounds while she goes to fetch him some doodh with phitkari. She allows the two of them to get close knowing full well that she will soon be tearing them apart.

1960102_1517134561880914_1514867266498136271_n 1456740_1517133948547642_4237062635624524784_n

By no means is this storyline extraordinary but the storytelling is profound. Each episode unfolds the story little by little and teases you to keep watching for the next installment. Khalil and Shano have the kind of romance that can’t be ignored. They are spiritually connected- they feel each others pain; they know what the other will do and when. Khalil’s dream sequence was brilliantly directed. The brief scene with the taangeywala was another interesting scene- the relevance of these characters and their selfless love for Shano and Khalil’s mohabbat is so pure and  innocent. Yet another beautiful episode of Sadqay Tumharey and 45 minutes well spent. What are your thoughts?

P.S. I am covering for Sadaf this week. She’ll be back next week to share her thoughts.

Kanwal Murtaza

Daay Ijazat jo tou

Posted by Guest Reviewer On November - 22 - 2014 2 COMMENTS

1st thing 1st. Day Ijazat jo tu is a glorious drama! And the credit must be given to Faheem burney for that.)

The lead pair of Sarmad (Farhan from Jal Band) and Ayla (Suhae ali Abro)  have beautiful chemistry. Infact it’s their chemistry that holds the story together. The pace is right. In fact it’s a very fast pace drama, unlike many of the recent dramas. The narrative is tight and you wouldn’t want to miss a single episode.


I really enjoyed the way Sarmad gets to see his daughter for the 1st time, the dialogues given to sarmad are really well written and touchy & Farhan has done complete justice to them
Suhai is turning out to be a gem of an actor. With time her confidence is growing as well as her dialogue delivery.
“Shaam tak wapis ajaaoon gee pakka”

One of the reason why I enjoy “Daay Ijazat jo tou” is because of the Siblings chemistry and the way their relationship is shown on the screen, I will reiterate it one more time. The dialogues are the highlight of this drama!

 “Agae aap??” Very emotional scene with Tahir bhai in hospital

“Mail aila say bahut piyar kerta hoon mager ab tum say bhi bahut piyar kerta hoon kyunkay tum nay iska bahut khayal rakha hai.” Very well said.
At this point, I am looking forward for the entry of the 2nd lead. Let’s see what he brings on to the table. On a different note. The editing needs a lot to be desired. Episode 10 looks haphazardly done. I hope the editors will look into it.
The Story is going great to my liking. The best part about is that they are not dragging it unlike most of the drama these days and that’s the USP of it. I really hope that this doesn’t go the “shikwa “way, where the heroin had young skin with white hairs as they wanted to show her old J or Ayla will not fall in love with a new character.. lets see what’s in store for us


Till end happy watching!


Written by Uzma





The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of dramapakistani.net.

Sadqay Tumharey:Episode 7 Review

Posted by Sadaf On November - 22 - 2014 8 COMMENTS




After watching this week’s episode of Sadqay Tumharey I am quite willing to forgive and forget last week’s. Without doubt this was a classic filler episode in which the story really did not move forward but what a pleasure it was to watch. This is pure entertainment, I felt lost in Khalil or Shanno’s happy little bubble. I even forget to be upset over the brutal way Shanno had been beaten by her mother only after the episode was over did I ask myself: should such a callous beating be treated so lightly?sk62

After swearing by her father that she could not love anyone but Khalil, Shanno is not surprisingly beaten black and blue by her vindictive mother Rasheeda. The marks are so obvious that she cannot go to college, which leads her friend Humaira to become suspicious.  Again Khalil Saheb presents us with a sympathetic rather than authoritarian Molvie, who on Humaira’s instigation comes to check up on his dars student Shanno. After giving her Dum wala Paani he gently reminds both Shanno and Humaira of their duty to their parents , that such engagements come and go . In his previous interview with DramaPakistani the writer has said that he writes such religious ‘Molvie” characters in such loving and kind vein because he wants them to be inspirational rather than unyielding and dominant figures they are often seen as.

Meanwhile Khalil’s parents return with the news of the rejection he was expecting and warn him not to visit Shanno’s village. Like most people their age Khalil and Shanno think they know better and neither is deterred. If anything both takes all the opposition as a challenge they must rise to. Again one of the best scenes this episode was between Dr Maqsood and Khalil…….I would say pure magic…

“ Jinno  key Sheher main Shehzadi ka haal bura hai…”

“koi Khaab ayya hai kiya”

“ nahi aik Khayal ayya hai………….. Vo Mohabbat hi kiya jiss mai ilhaam nahi aathi “

SKT Adnan

Khalil claims Khalu Amin is jealous because Khalil loves Shanno more than Khalu Amin loves her, his own daughter. It is a testament to the blind passion and bravado born of inexperience and the swirl of feelings that only a first, innocent love can bring. This whole episode was a sweet tribute to the patience, the courage and the strength that only such pure feelings can bring. There is no doubt in Shanno or Khalil’s mind as to their course of action; they just need the confirmation of each other’s feelings to risk everything. Kahlil, just like Afzal, is full of full of threats and promises and willing to stand up to anything verbal or physical. Bha ji Fayaz is waiting with a gun and Khalil is not afraid, though perhaps a wiser man should be.sk32

This episode was simply fabulous, both Mahira and Adnan were a pleasure to watch. Mahira is truly the powerhouse of this drama; her scenes keep my eyes glued to the screen, her expressions perfect; each nuance caught with ease. Adnan Malik and Shamil Khan are excellent. There is such a wonderful chemistry between all the characters and which is not always easily achieved. Khalil and the post man , Khalil reading Shanno’s letter were both sweet and had just the right touch of reality. Even Rasheeda and Amin seemed human this week. Khalu Amin actually defends his eldest daughter’s character and Rasheeda is shamed into some semblance of introspection a couple of times. I almost thought Rasheeda would sit down and talk to her daughter, woman to woman after catching Shanno singing about the “ zalim Samaj” to her mirror. The way she slowed down and almost seemed to  open up could have been a  great beginning and I am still holding on to a slim hope that the story behind Rasheeda’s animosity will turn out to be a little more nuanced than it has been so far. Take a bow Team Sadqay Tumharey , Director Ehtashamuddin , the Dop and have all made up for the mess of last week !

written by Sadaf Haider



Sadkey Tumharey:Episode 6 Review

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I feel like someone with good news and bad news. Being the optimist let’s get the good news out of the way. Sadkey Tumharey is a really entertaining way to pass a Friday evening. The story is warming up, it is generally beautifully shot and the actors play their parts with dedication and sincerity. Adnan Malik is just too cute: all that swagger and “Man Up” talk is typical of a young man in his early twenties. The real strength of Sadkey Tumharey is of course Mahira Khan; her Shanno is so endearing and the heart of the each episode. In each scene we see how Shanno is being torn apart by her duty to her parents and her teenage romance with Khelu. Mahira’s expressions, her body language capture it all perfectly. Out of all the other good performances I have to put a word in for the actor playing Dr Maqsood and Farhan Agha as Khelu’s father who are upping the charm quotient with in every episode. Sammiya Mumtaz is usually a good actress but she is hamming it up for Rasheeda Khala but I am guessing that is how the character is writtendownload (50)

While Khelu is waiting for Shanno’s reply to the letter he left last episode  ,his parents go to meet Shanno’s parents in order to ask for her hand formally . Rasheeda meets them well enough but allows her husband to reject the rishta. Khalu Amin brings his elder brother (father of Bah ji Fayaz ) to do the honours and insult Khelu’s family .Meanwhile Shanno has some questions for the local molvie which may explain some of the fraying family ties .I have to say the way Khelu and Shanno’s rishta is a matter for the whole Khandan is both amusing and so true to life. I just loved the seen when Mohammed Buta and Beyji came barging in to Shanno’s house .Again the scenes of Shanno’s Thaya ji and father rejecting the proposal were nicely done without resorting to melodramatic music so I suppose the director had to balance all he got right with a few mistakes this episode …. ..Just to keep it all fair ?

sk 6

Now the bad news. First we are treated to some badly arranged dubbing for Shanno as she explains the situation to her friend. I understand some times technical difficulties happen and perhaps the sound was lost, things happen but at least make an effort to get someone with a similar style of speaking. Such regionally accented Urdu for a simple Punjabi girl from an out of the way village beggars belief. Then we are treated to recap scenes in which Shanno and Khelu repeat everything that happened a few scenes back to their respective friends. Again I understand that these days a serial isn’t commercially viable unless it is so many episodes long and a few fillers have to be a put in now and then. At least Khalil Ur Rehman knows how to write the fillers well.

The real shocker this week was the badly arranged scene where Shanno exposes her mother’s (for want of a proper word) “Badkari” to the village molvie. Surely such an Alim who was explaining Sharia to her should have mentioned a few Hadith about covering other people’s sins so Allah would cover ours or perhaps some mention of honouring our mother’s might have been more to the point. So Rasheeda really paid for those slaps she keeps handing out to Shanno. Moral outrage aside, this was a really badly conceived scene. sk62Such a monologue might work in a book but it is incredibly confusing on screen. A few flashbacks or at least some different camera angles might have broken it up to something more digestible. If Hum TV could provide a chart, I would be immensely grateful. So far all I have managed to pick up on is that Shanno’s mother was 15 and was caught in inappropriately close situations with her brother in law at least twice. The rest was very confusing, so Sadkey Tumharey joins the dubious ranks of Numm and Dil Mohalley ki Haveli which also had strange, complicated back stories badly explained.

As far as I know Pakistani culture and especially the Punjab have a strong, set beliefs about genetics. How many rishta’s are rejected simply because the boy’s mother thinks the girl’s mother talks a lot an might be a little chalaq, so how did Khelu’s parents overlook such a strong character defect in Rasheeda and ask for Shanno in the first place?

After 5 great episodes which were fun to watch even if they were a little light on content this episode was a little disappointing. I am so hoping this was a temporary aberration and we get back to the fun , sweet well-made romance this was promising to be.

P.S Thank God I am not related to a writer ;)

Written by Sadaf Haider

Firaaq Episode 10

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Lo dekh lo aapna ghar. Koi nahi aaya. Na chor, na billi ka baccha.

The prodigal son returns! It seems we’ve now transitioned to reconciliation, to some form of closure.

Ten weeks in, Firaaq doesn’t cease to surprise me. Let me begin by reiterating, I have no problems with the acting (all of the actors are beyond reproach even the younger ones, moreover, I’ve been very open and accepting of the newcomer, Cybil Chaudhary, despite popular opinions), nor do I have any concerns about direction (Aabis Raza is on top of his game, perhaps, even better than Ehteshamuddin for Sadqay Tumharay), at the same time I’ve been floored once too often by the exceptional cinematography, crisp editing, and excellent use of background score (maybe a bit too much at places), so, I wonder like you what it is that’s off?

But before I get to that, let me pose a few questions:

Is Imroze picking a fight with Rumi over a misunderstanding not confrontation? How is it not, I ask you?

If doubting Imroze’s faith in Paiman, questioning Rumi’s involvement in the narrative, and asking why Sara reacted the way she did to Shams’ accusations is not about relationships, then, what – pray tell (preferably with no cheek) – is?

Is Paiman wanting to escape, Sara wanting a family, and Shams’ questioning his marhoom Abba-ji’s antics if only to conqueror his demons not about freedom?

What about Maa-jee, constantly at loggerheads with Haider, with Shams, with Paiman, are these not moments of rupture?

And finally, Shams’ return, is that not a step towards reconciliation?

Moments, relationships, freedom, confrontation, rupture, and reconciliation, like a circle we keep coming back to one or more of these themes. Whether the story has been seeping through a leaky cauldron or better yet been revealed to a select few amongst us (because as much as I see repetitive themes I’m not sure where Firaaq is headed, hence, the surprise!), point is, has it been evocatively expressed, both in the drama and in its many reviews?

Now, for some of us, three paragraphs for three episodes might suffice for a good review with andazas that are not galat. For others, thirty paragraphs on one episode might begin to touch the surface of what a good review should be. Between that three and thirty, there’s a large disconnect between good viewing and good reviewing. Good reviews are not about andazas and what’ll happen next rather they’re about synthesis and flow, about thoughts and being caught up in the moment, about enjoying the ride and the euphoria, about sharing said andazas, and then some. So, if sharing the themes that Firaaq consistently draws upon, as leaky as that cauldron might be, is about right and wrong, then, I’d like to bring you back to a space between that binary, the space where I’m at, and I hope you are too, because that is exactly where Firaaq is.

Firaaq isn’t about right or wrong, yes, there is as much right there as wrong, yet, it is about the journey, about the circumstances, and the consequences. Every character is on journey. Shams, for instance, is on a road that’ll lead him to forgiveness (for Maa-jee, for Abba-ji, for Haider, and maybe even himself) and also simultaneously acceptance (of Sara, of her needs, and of his fears). Similarly, Paiman is on a mission to grow as a person, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, and most importantly as a wife. A growth that she’ll encounter with tremendous change, and what is change but another way of phrasing rupture. Meanwhile, Imroze is on a road less travelled. His digression from a liberal, educated, and tolerant man into a suspicious, difficult, and inexplicable husband is a battle that rages deep within him.

Supporting these three characters are Sara, Rumi, Tabassum, and Haider.

Like the last four weeks, I’ll start with Uzma Gillani and Syed Mazhar. It’s no secret that I absolutely love the chemistry between these two, the comfort with which they interact – as Maa-jee gently touches Haider’s arm, as Haider mumbles his way to watching TV, as they share many a awkward silence – is what brings me back to Firaaq week after week. This is a coupling of chance and circumstance not of love or affection, but affection has grown and love has come from a commitment. The kind of commitment neither of the younger couples – Shams and Sara and Imroze and Paiman – are willing to make.

Inasmuch as this is a story about relationships, it is equally a story of juxtaposing said relationships. Maa-jee and Haider had a tumultuous marriage. Their’s was not a happy wedding. A bezaar aurat and a bekaar mard making a life together. Yet, they succeed and even though they aren’t the definition of thriving they’ve managed rather well. Their relationship has stood the test of time irrespective of their many differences. Can the same be said for Shams and Sara or Imroze and Paiman?

The former have separated so that they can figure things out, so that they may never fight again (to quote Sara). The latter haven’t even been married two months and the monster that is jealousy has slowly surfaced to the shore (along with disease). Is it not possible, then, that Firaaq is about comparing relationships – then and now? Why else would Maa-jee call Sara and tell her that koi bada tummy aamnay-saamnay na laye to tum saari umr khaafa rahe gaye.

From relationships we transition to confrontation. Imroze has had enough of his shukk, his bleeding nose, and most of all Rumi. So much so that he’s cut all contact with him. After a chillingly emotional conflict by the waterfront (rather scenic of Imroze, I have to admit), Rumi is no longer welcome in the doctor’s house, his life, and especially near his wife. The funny thing, though, is that Rumi actually enjoys spending time with Paiman as much as Paiman likes his company (and I know she only sees him as a friend). Do I see Paiman and Imroze as truly in love? No. Do I see Rumi and Paiman in love? No, but I see chemistry there, which I find lacking between the two leads. They look good together physically, Mohib is handsome man and Sanam is pretty girl but maybe there is more to come…

Since, we are on the subject of Rumi is he the Saif Ali Khan to Imroze’s Shah Rukh from Kal Ho Na Ho. Fess up, you know you’re thinking the same thing.

Finally, confrontation brings us to reconciliation or at least somewhere close. The sequences between Shams and Maa-jee/Haider were beautifully executed. I actually felt happy seeing Shams back if only for Tabassum. I liked the honesty that ensued and I hope to see how this track plays out with Sara back in the picture. So, what exactly is off? The last two weeks and all that talk about AIDS/HIV has left a bad taste in my mouth not so much at the suggestion but what actually ensued after. Akalmand ko ishara kaafi, as they say.

I think we’re back on track. A good episode with decent plot progression.

Till next week,

Rab Rakha

RB (Tweet me!)

P.S. A special thank you for the scene between Maa-jee and Haider on a bench by the water covered in a setting sun. Beautifully done!

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