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Daay Ijazat jo tou

Posted by Guest Reviewer On November - 22 - 2014 1 COMMENT

1st thing 1st. Day Ijazat jo tu is a glorious drama! And the credit must be given to Faheem burney for that.)

The lead pair of Sarmad (Farhan from Jal Band) and Ayla (Suhae ali Abro)  have beautiful chemistry. Infact it’s their chemistry that holds the story together. The pace is right. In fact it’s a very fast pace drama, unlike many of the recent dramas. The narrative is tight and you wouldn’t want to miss a single episode.


I really enjoyed the way Sarmad gets to see his daughter for the 1st time, the dialogues given to sarmad are really well written and touchy & Farhan has done complete justice to them
Suhai is turning out to be a gem of an actor. With time her confidence is growing as well as her dialogue delivery.
"Shaam tak wapis ajaaoon gee pakka"

One of the reason why I enjoy “Daay Ijazat jo tou” is because of the Siblings chemistry and the way their relationship is shown on the screen, I will reiterate it one more time. The dialogues are the highlight of this drama!

 "Agae aap??" Very emotional scene with Tahir bhai in hospital

"Mail aila say bahut piyar kerta hoon mager ab tum say bhi bahut piyar kerta hoon kyunkay tum nay iska bahut khayal rakha hai." Very well said.
At this point, I am looking forward for the entry of the 2nd lead. Let’s see what he brings on to the table. On a different note. The editing needs a lot to be desired. Episode 10 looks haphazardly done. I hope the editors will look into it.
The Story is going great to my liking. The best part about is that they are not dragging it unlike most of the drama these days and that’s the USP of it. I really hope that this doesn’t go the “shikwa “way, where the heroin had young skin with white hairs as they wanted to show her old J or Ayla will not fall in love with a new character.. lets see what’s in store for us


Till end happy watching!


Written by Uzma





The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of dramapakistani.net.
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Sadqay Tumharey:Episode 7 Review

Posted by Sadaf On November - 22 - 2014 4 COMMENTS




After watching this week’s episode of Sadqay Tumharey I am quite willing to forgive and forget last week’s. Without doubt this was a classic filler episode in which the story really did not move forward but what a pleasure it was to watch. This is pure entertainment, I felt lost in Khalil or Shanno’s happy little bubble. I even forget to be upset over the brutal way Shanno had been beaten by her mother only after the episode was over did I ask myself: should such a callous beating be treated so lightly?sk62

After swearing by her father that she could not love anyone but Khalil, Shanno is not surprisingly beaten black and blue by her vindictive mother Rasheeda. The marks are so obvious that she cannot go to college, which leads her friend Humaira to become suspicious.  Again Khalil Saheb presents us with a sympathetic rather than authoritarian Molvie, who on Humaira’s instigation comes to check up on his dars student Shanno. After giving her Dum wala Paani he gently reminds both Shanno and Humaira of their duty to their parents , that such engagements come and go . In his previous interview with DramaPakistani the writer has said that he writes such religious ‘Molvie” characters in such loving and kind vein because he wants them to be inspirational rather than unyielding and dominant figures they are often seen as.

Meanwhile Khalil’s parents return with the news of the rejection he was expecting and warn him not to visit Shanno’s village. Like most people their age Khalil and Shanno think they know better and neither is deterred. If anything both takes all the opposition as a challenge they must rise to. Again one of the best scenes this episode was between Dr Maqsood and Khalil…….I would say pure magic…

“ Jinno  key Sheher main Shehzadi ka haal bura hai…”

“koi Khaab ayya hai kiya”

“ nahi aik Khayal ayya hai………….. Vo Mohabbat hi kiya jiss mai ilhaam nahi aathi “

SKT Adnan

Khalil claims Khalu Amin is jealous because Khalil loves Shanno more than Khalu Amin loves her, his own daughter. It is a testament to the blind passion and bravado born of inexperience and the swirl of feelings that only a first, innocent love can bring. This whole episode was a sweet tribute to the patience, the courage and the strength that only such pure feelings can bring. There is no doubt in Shanno or Khalil’s mind as to their course of action; they just need the confirmation of each other’s feelings to risk everything. Kahlil, just like Afzal, is full of full of threats and promises and willing to stand up to anything verbal or physical. Bha ji Fayaz is waiting with a gun and Khalil is not afraid, though perhaps a wiser man should be.sk32

This episode was simply fabulous, both Mahira and Adnan were a pleasure to watch. Mahira is truly the powerhouse of this drama; her scenes keep my eyes glued to the screen, her expressions perfect; each nuance caught with ease. Adnan Malik and Shamil Khan are excellent. There is such a wonderful chemistry between all the characters and which is not always easily achieved. Khalil and the post man , Khalil reading Shanno’s letter were both sweet and had just the right touch of reality. Even Rasheeda and Amin seemed human this week. Khalu Amin actually defends his eldest daughter’s character and Rasheeda is shamed into some semblance of introspection a couple of times. I almost thought Rasheeda would sit down and talk to her daughter, woman to woman after catching Shanno singing about the “ zalim Samaj” to her mirror. The way she slowed down and almost seemed to  open up could have been a  great beginning and I am still holding on to a slim hope that the story behind Rasheeda’s animosity will turn out to be a little more nuanced than it has been so far. Take a bow Team Sadqay Tumharey , Director Ehtashamuddin , the Dop and have all made up for the mess of last week !

written by Sadaf Haider



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Sadkey Tumharey:Episode 6 Review

Posted by Sadaf On November - 15 - 2014 18 COMMENTS



I feel like someone with good news and bad news. Being the optimist let’s get the good news out of the way. Sadkey Tumharey is a really entertaining way to pass a Friday evening. The story is warming up, it is generally beautifully shot and the actors play their parts with dedication and sincerity. Adnan Malik is just too cute: all that swagger and “Man Up” talk is typical of a young man in his early twenties. The real strength of Sadkey Tumharey is of course Mahira Khan; her Shanno is so endearing and the heart of the each episode. In each scene we see how Shanno is being torn apart by her duty to her parents and her teenage romance with Khelu. Mahira’s expressions, her body language capture it all perfectly. Out of all the other good performances I have to put a word in for the actor playing Dr Maqsood and Farhan Agha as Khelu’s father who are upping the charm quotient with in every episode. Sammiya Mumtaz is usually a good actress but she is hamming it up for Rasheeda Khala but I am guessing that is how the character is writtendownload (50)

While Khelu is waiting for Shanno's reply to the letter he left last episode  ,his parents go to meet Shanno's parents in order to ask for her hand formally . Rasheeda meets them well enough but allows her husband to reject the rishta. Khalu Amin brings his elder brother (father of Bah ji Fayaz ) to do the honours and insult Khelu's family .Meanwhile Shanno has some questions for the local molvie which may explain some of the fraying family ties .I have to say the way Khelu and Shanno’s rishta is a matter for the whole Khandan is both amusing and so true to life. I just loved the seen when Mohammed Buta and Beyji came barging in to Shanno’s house .Again the scenes of Shanno’s Thaya ji and father rejecting the proposal were nicely done without resorting to melodramatic music so I suppose the director had to balance all he got right with a few mistakes this episode .... ..Just to keep it all fair ?

sk 6

Now the bad news. First we are treated to some badly arranged dubbing for Shanno as she explains the situation to her friend. I understand some times technical difficulties happen and perhaps the sound was lost, things happen but at least make an effort to get someone with a similar style of speaking. Such regionally accented Urdu for a simple Punjabi girl from an out of the way village beggars belief. Then we are treated to recap scenes in which Shanno and Khelu repeat everything that happened a few scenes back to their respective friends. Again I understand that these days a serial isn’t commercially viable unless it is so many episodes long and a few fillers have to be a put in now and then. At least Khalil Ur Rehman knows how to write the fillers well.

The real shocker this week was the badly arranged scene where Shanno exposes her mother’s (for want of a proper word) “Badkari” to the village molvie. Surely such an Alim who was explaining Sharia to her should have mentioned a few Hadith about covering other people’s sins so Allah would cover ours or perhaps some mention of honouring our mother’s might have been more to the point. So Rasheeda really paid for those slaps she keeps handing out to Shanno. Moral outrage aside, this was a really badly conceived scene. sk62Such a monologue might work in a book but it is incredibly confusing on screen. A few flashbacks or at least some different camera angles might have broken it up to something more digestible. If Hum TV could provide a chart, I would be immensely grateful. So far all I have managed to pick up on is that Shanno’s mother was 15 and was caught in inappropriately close situations with her brother in law at least twice. The rest was very confusing, so Sadkey Tumharey joins the dubious ranks of Numm and Dil Mohalley ki Haveli which also had strange, complicated back stories badly explained.

As far as I know Pakistani culture and especially the Punjab have a strong, set beliefs about genetics. How many rishta’s are rejected simply because the boy’s mother thinks the girl’s mother talks a lot an might be a little chalaq, so how did Khelu’s parents overlook such a strong character defect in Rasheeda and ask for Shanno in the first place?

After 5 great episodes which were fun to watch even if they were a little light on content this episode was a little disappointing. I am so hoping this was a temporary aberration and we get back to the fun , sweet well-made romance this was promising to be.

P.S Thank God I am not related to a writer ;)

Written by Sadaf Haider

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Firaaq Episode 10

Posted by RB On November - 10 - 2014 7 COMMENTS

Lo dekh lo aapna ghar. Koi nahi aaya. Na chor, na billi ka baccha.

The prodigal son returns! It seems we've now transitioned to reconciliation, to some form of closure.

Ten weeks in, Firaaq doesn't cease to surprise me. Let me begin by reiterating, I have no problems with the acting (all of the actors are beyond reproach even the younger ones, moreover, I've been very open and accepting of the newcomer, Cybil Chaudhary, despite popular opinions), nor do I have any concerns about direction (Aabis Raza is on top of his game, perhaps, even better than Ehteshamuddin for Sadqay Tumharay), at the same time I've been floored once too often by the exceptional cinematography, crisp editing, and excellent use of background score (maybe a bit too much at places), so, I wonder like you what it is that's off?

But before I get to that, let me pose a few questions:

Is Imroze picking a fight with Rumi over a misunderstanding not confrontation? How is it not, I ask you?

If doubting Imroze's faith in Paiman, questioning Rumi's involvement in the narrative, and asking why Sara reacted the way she did to Shams' accusations is not about relationships, then, what - pray tell (preferably with no cheek) - is?

Is Paiman wanting to escape, Sara wanting a family, and Shams' questioning his marhoom Abba-ji's antics if only to conqueror his demons not about freedom?

What about Maa-jee, constantly at loggerheads with Haider, with Shams, with Paiman, are these not moments of rupture?

And finally, Shams' return, is that not a step towards reconciliation?

Moments, relationships, freedom, confrontation, rupture, and reconciliation, like a circle we keep coming back to one or more of these themes. Whether the story has been seeping through a leaky cauldron or better yet been revealed to a select few amongst us (because as much as I see repetitive themes I'm not sure where Firaaq is headed, hence, the surprise!), point is, has it been evocatively expressed, both in the drama and in its many reviews?

Now, for some of us, three paragraphs for three episodes might suffice for a good review with andazas that are not galat. For others, thirty paragraphs on one episode might begin to touch the surface of what a good review should be. Between that three and thirty, there's a large disconnect between good viewing and good reviewing. Good reviews are not about andazas and what'll happen next rather they're about synthesis and flow, about thoughts and being caught up in the moment, about enjoying the ride and the euphoria, about sharing said andazas, and then some. So, if sharing the themes that Firaaq consistently draws upon, as leaky as that cauldron might be, is about right and wrong, then, I'd like to bring you back to a space between that binary, the space where I'm at, and I hope you are too, because that is exactly where Firaaq is.

Firaaq isn't about right or wrong, yes, there is as much right there as wrong, yet, it is about the journey, about the circumstances, and the consequences. Every character is on journey. Shams, for instance, is on a road that'll lead him to forgiveness (for Maa-jee, for Abba-ji, for Haider, and maybe even himself) and also simultaneously acceptance (of Sara, of her needs, and of his fears). Similarly, Paiman is on a mission to grow as a person, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, and most importantly as a wife. A growth that she'll encounter with tremendous change, and what is change but another way of phrasing rupture. Meanwhile, Imroze is on a road less travelled. His digression from a liberal, educated, and tolerant man into a suspicious, difficult, and inexplicable husband is a battle that rages deep within him.

Supporting these three characters are Sara, Rumi, Tabassum, and Haider.

Like the last four weeks, I'll start with Uzma Gillani and Syed Mazhar. It's no secret that I absolutely love the chemistry between these two, the comfort with which they interact - as Maa-jee gently touches Haider's arm, as Haider mumbles his way to watching TV, as they share many a awkward silence - is what brings me back to Firaaq week after week. This is a coupling of chance and circumstance not of love or affection, but affection has grown and love has come from a commitment. The kind of commitment neither of the younger couples - Shams and Sara and Imroze and Paiman - are willing to make.

Inasmuch as this is a story about relationships, it is equally a story of juxtaposing said relationships. Maa-jee and Haider had a tumultuous marriage. Their's was not a happy wedding. A bezaar aurat and a bekaar mard making a life together. Yet, they succeed and even though they aren't the definition of thriving they've managed rather well. Their relationship has stood the test of time irrespective of their many differences. Can the same be said for Shams and Sara or Imroze and Paiman?

The former have separated so that they can figure things out, so that they may never fight again (to quote Sara). The latter haven't even been married two months and the monster that is jealousy has slowly surfaced to the shore (along with disease). Is it not possible, then, that Firaaq is about comparing relationships - then and now? Why else would Maa-jee call Sara and tell her that koi bada tummy aamnay-saamnay na laye to tum saari umr khaafa rahe gaye.

From relationships we transition to confrontation. Imroze has had enough of his shukk, his bleeding nose, and most of all Rumi. So much so that he's cut all contact with him. After a chillingly emotional conflict by the waterfront (rather scenic of Imroze, I have to admit), Rumi is no longer welcome in the doctor's house, his life, and especially near his wife. The funny thing, though, is that Rumi actually enjoys spending time with Paiman as much as Paiman likes his company (and I know she only sees him as a friend). Do I see Paiman and Imroze as truly in love? No. Do I see Rumi and Paiman in love? No, but I see chemistry there, which I find lacking between the two leads. They look good together physically, Mohib is handsome man and Sanam is pretty girl but maybe there is more to come...

Since, we are on the subject of Rumi is he the Saif Ali Khan to Imroze's Shah Rukh from Kal Ho Na Ho. Fess up, you know you're thinking the same thing.

Finally, confrontation brings us to reconciliation or at least somewhere close. The sequences between Shams and Maa-jee/Haider were beautifully executed. I actually felt happy seeing Shams back if only for Tabassum. I liked the honesty that ensued and I hope to see how this track plays out with Sara back in the picture. So, what exactly is off? The last two weeks and all that talk about AIDS/HIV has left a bad taste in my mouth not so much at the suggestion but what actually ensued after. Akalmand ko ishara kaafi, as they say.

I think we're back on track. A good episode with decent plot progression.

Till next week,

Rab Rakha

RB (Tweet me!)

P.S. A special thank you for the scene between Maa-jee and Haider on a bench by the water covered in a setting sun. Beautifully done!

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Sadkey Tumharey:Episode 5 Review

Posted by Sadaf On November - 8 - 2014 28 COMMENTS



The problem with reality is mostly it is improbably strange or just too banal to write about. I think by sticking a little too close to the actual events and allowing for the fact that no serial is commercially viable without at least 22-24 episode Sadkey Tumharey is in real danger of becoming a drag. This week’s episode was mostly a delight to watch but towards the end I felt like the kid who spends too long at the mela and gets sick of the rides and sweets.

Mahira Khan was the star of this episode, the girl can act. Shanno facing Khalil, Shanno facing Bhaa ji Fayaz and then, the best scene, Shanno, facing off with her parents. That one scene between Rasheeda and Shanno gave this entire episode the required depth and anchored it firmly in the audience’s consciousness just as it threatened to float away on a cloud of mushy sentiment and romance. So Khalil is at Shanno’s house to give her a letter proclaiming his love and most importantly he wants an answer. Now here is that rare thing that is often missing from stories these days ….consent. Thank you Khalil ur Rehman Qamar for as usual drawing a portrait of a woman who knows her mind. She is not afraid of Bhaa Ji Fayaz and is not going to be cowed into a corner by anyone, not even Khalil. This girl knows she has a right to say who will be part of her life and if she cannot assert herself openly just like any teenager she tells her mother she will kill herself with a perfectly straight face.images

Just like last week, Rasheeda is a cartoon witch who has suddenly woken up one morning and decided to be evil. If she was so against Khalil’s family why did she put this whole engagement idea into her daughter’s mind in the first place? Perhaps we will find out when the “asli ‘Sheeda comes out next week but so far it makes no sense that loving parents would suddenly turn into tyrants.

Forget Shanno, Bhaa ji Fayaz and Khalil look well on their way to being best friends … well maybe not. Their sequence was so funny: Mukarram Kaleem , impresses again with his perfect comedic timing and deadpan responses to Adnan Malik’s chalaqiya.   For me Khelu came  across as a bit of a jerk facing off with Fayaaz especially the sudden fast bowling scene .Adnan Malik is for the most part very convincing as Khelu but this is his first serial and he is a little shaky here and there. The song could definitely have been pictured more subtly, perhaps with less Shah Rukh Khan and a little more Adnan Malik. Message to Adnan: you have quite a surplus of charm and good looks already stop gilding the lily.SK44

Again a captivating and fun episode but the story really does need to move forward faster. I am beginning to suspect this serial is more than a little geared to the new Indian Market for Pakistani Dramas. There is no harm in that so long as the producers remember the reason that market opened up in the first place : depth and content. India has plenty of good looking actors and actresses and are experts in brightly lit , highly contrived scenes of annoying cuteness already , please Pakistani drama makers don’t  fix what isn’t broken .



Written by Sadaf Haider

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Firaaq Episodes 8 & 9

Posted by RB On November - 7 - 2014 13 COMMENTS

Till the week before last Firaaq was on a high not because of the chemistry between our lead couple, no, nor was it due to the compelling plot twists (or lack thereof) rather it was because of Uzma Gillani and Syed Mazhar Ali. I've had my eye on both the elder actors from day one and they certainly didn't disappoint whether it was the ill-fated jhaddoMaa-jee's very many confrontations, or Haider's stolen moments with Tabassum. Is it any wonder, then, that the one episode they fail to appear is the one episode that fails to elicit a response?

Chalo, momentarily brushing aside their absence, what the... what just happened?! Suspicion, disease (HIV no less!), and dhoka kahan say aa gaye? Usually firaaq between me (as for many of us) and a drama series arises mid-way but this journey was just too good to be true. Yes, yes, I know there is more to come, and I'm not complaining about pace or narrative, what I have an issue with is the choices - adultery, disease, and lack of trust. Here, let me elaborate.

First things first, are all the male leads in Pakistani dramas blind? Aap-janab aandhay ho kya? Seriously... seriously?! Well since we're here, we might as well go down the road of insecurity, suspicion, and mistrust. I'll start with Imroze solely because he's the character that frustrates me the most. For a psychologist he seems rather bad at his job (not that we were in any doubts about that, just ask Sara), but basing his entire misplaced sense of shukk on two things: overhearing a conversation between Roomi and Shams and putting two and two together in his pretty little head. Any man who doubts their wives fidelity especially by having an affair with the likes of Roomi or Khizer (yes, Ashar I' m looking at you!) is beyond me. Painter, single by choice, in his early 30s, good looking, charming... HELLO!?

Do the f****** math! Really, Imroze, really?!

As if love, lust, and dhoka weren't enough to shake things up we're now bombarded by a mystery illness. A bleeding nose, sudden bruises, tiredness, and a loss of appetite (for whatever reasons!) sends our resident doctor (with a Ph.D. mind you) on a scare about HIV. What in heavens name is Mustafa Afridi smoking? Janab, sorry to say this is in very bad taste. First, throwing every scientific and rational bone out of his body Imroze is all of a sudden doctor extraordinaire - he can himself without waiting for the tests to come back. Fear, I get, it makes us think, do, and act in ways we normally would not. Given Imroze's current shukki situation, I can understand why he's paranoid, but seriously with those voiceover as he looks into a mirror.

Mujhe bhi batayein kya nazar aaya, Imroze miyan, HIV kay ilawa...

I get they need a reason for Imroze to be the dark horse, I get that sickness coupled with doubt propels the narrative, but what I don't get is why this? I don't see the point, I don't see the reason, and I don't get it except as a means of schooling the audience. How many time do we hear the dreaded HIV word on primetime television...? Yeah, you guessed, NADA! I wonder, whatever happened to decency? Whatever happened to common sense? More importantly, whatever happened to good taste (to put it simply)?

For these two reasons alone, I find the last two episodes utterly and thoroughly lacking not because of acting, editing, or direction but because of FLAWED plot points. Where and how did shukk come into the picture? What about disease, how does that factor in? I guess all will be revealed in time...

If Imroze, Paiman, and Roomi are a perfect example of what not to do in drama again, then, for the love Allah, Shams is finally reconciling his differences - with Sara, with Haider, with Maa-jee. And high time too! His brief meeting with Haider in the midst of suburban Americana (those plaza malls be everywhere!) led to a fruitful meeting with his Abba marhoom's gori. What I fail to understand is how come Tabassum looks old enough to be the sautan's daughter? Again, a lack of logical conclusions. Regardless, that's one battle won and Shams can move on as can Haider and Maa-jee. Seeing him make his way to his childhood home was a welcome relief. A well-shot sequence with cuts back and forth with the walk in the park, I loved this brief distraction from suspicion and (if haven't said this enough already) disease.

Sara seems to be AWOL but I think she's playing the angry wife for the time being. Also, from the sounds of it most people are happy at this absence (too bad it didn't take the series where they wanted it to go). I, for one, miss Cybil's calming, composed, and somewhat rational presence (notwithstanding the brief jhooti harkats). When are you coming back, Ms. Chaudhary?

As always the elderly couple steal the show but I'll spare you my gushing this week instead I'll concentrate on things that need a urgent rehaul to bring things back on track. First, lose the disease angle. HIV is not a joke and certainly not one that needs to be used as a plot point. Impose could be suffering from high BP, heart disease, cancer, what have you, why this particular ailment. And I'll tell you why I'm up in arms about it. Not because I think Muslims don't get AIDS (really with that reasoning?!), I actually see no reason for Imroze to even suspect that unless like Paiman's infamous Abbaji he's hiding something. AIDS/HIV is a threatening disease that can have consequences on a person that many amongst us cannot even imagine, to make it a cheap plot point when people are actually suffering from stigma is in my opinion shameful.

Imagine seeing a plot line that makes light of issues like rape, violence, terrorism, and that list is endless, how would that feel? We are a society constantly besieged with dark and menacing social issues, does portraying a happily married man having doubts about his wife's fidelity help? What purpose does him doubting his health really serve -for the narrative, for the series, for HUM TV, and for us the audience (it does lead to a series of ignorant and despicable comments)?

For a series that remains on point in terms of direction, editing, acting, cinematography, and background score, I am amazed at the turn of events. Moreover, these two episodes could have easily been tightened into one big hiccup, so we could all move on. Alas...

I hope this isn't my last review (I doubt!), if it is, I wish you all a pleasant viewing journey.

Till next week,

Rab Rakha

RB (Tweet me!)

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Sadkey Tumharey:Episode 4 Review

Posted by Sadaf On November - 1 - 2014 37 COMMENTS



“ Mohabbat Say ajazi seekho ,gharoor naa seekho .Khudaa ki taraf deykh ,khalaa ki taraf na deykh” –Dr Maqsood

I think Dr Maqsood was the voice of reason this week and crystallised what a lot of the audience have been thinking since the start of this serial. Khalil definitely made a mistake in not greeting his Khaala and Khalu appropriately and acting like a spoiled baby at the wedding only sealed the impression. Dr Maqsood had so much good advice this week that I could not help thinking that this is Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar Saheb’s analysis of events, after many years have brought perspective and experience has brought wisdom .I always think it is very brave of anyone to write autobiographically; to allow the glaring lights of other people’s opinions to shine on a very personal history is not easy. I have to give the author great credit for that.sk42

Khalil has fallen hard for Shanno, all it took was a few glances and I have the feeling that like most ziddi people he might not have fallen so quickly if he hadn’t sensed Rasheeda and Amin’s hostility. All these strong emotions are making him irritable and angry but on the plus side his batting averages are going up. He knows he is in a fight for Shanno but first he wants to make sure Shanno is on his side so he persuades his friend to visit Shanno on a day he knows her parents will be out at some funeral.


Meanwhile Shanno is being menaced by her creepy cousin Fayaaz played by the totallyUncreepy Mukarram Kaleem. Great to see him again .In a way I don’t blame Fayaaz , who could fail to be interested in Shanno ? Beautiful, sweet and caring, she is a prize. I can hardly believe she is related to Amin and Rasheeda. This is a flaw in an otherwise good story. Shanno’s parents are being presented as almost cartoonish villains when it is quite obvious to the viewer that their antipathy is reasonable. These are normal people who have raised their daughter with love and affection, why should they give her to someone like Khelu who has no job but lots of nakhras and not enough manners to greet them with respect?  The deeper reasoning behind the situation is that Rasheeda was engaged to Khelu’s handsome father but ended up married to Amin ,which it seems has turned her bitter and twisted in side .I am not saying it cannot happen but perhaps more nuance was required in depicting this.Next week’s promo shows Rasheeda talking to herself about like some child’s version of a witchy relative which only proves the point.

SK 41

As Dr Maqsood says Shanno really is the most beybas out of all the characters . She has no rights , she is not allowed a preference. Again Mahirah looked great in this role ,striking just the right notes of hesitance and excitement ,fear and hope that a girl might have. I just wish the characters would at least use Punjabi accents , only the bus drivers and tanga wala’s give us any proof the serial is set in that part of the country . If I am not mistaken Irfan Khoosat is the typically well informed local Tanga walla who takes Khalil to Shanno’s house. I hope he has a bigger role than just those scenes.SK44

Adnan Malik is looking good and playing his role well, especially in the cricket scenes. I loved the Bus journey, it was hilarious to see the two Baus from Lahore in fancy sunglasses in a bus full of normal less “dressed to impress” crowd. As usual Ehtashamuddin manages to capture the serious tracks of the storyline well but falls flat on the little asides and humour. Nothing heavy handed was required just good use of the background score or a little music here and there to set the mood.  I kep thinking of Aunn Zara which had great lines and visual jokes which its director Haissem Hussain managed to highlight without being overbearing. Having said that, over all this was a fantastic episode so thank you Ehtashamuddin and the Sadkay tumharey team.

download (50)


Written by Sadaf

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Rung – The Beautiful and Incomplete Colors‏

Posted by Guest Reviewer On October - 26 - 2014 13 COMMENTS
I love my family and I'm still in love Zafar. Meri saari zindagi aik movie ki tara chal rahi thi, I'm back into reality"
As I recently caught up with Rung, I was in tears. Sania's self-centered and harsh character has taken a 360-turn into a character filled with guilt and realization. Guilt of being involved with a man who has no sense of morality, Dr. Azar. Realizing that she herself has broken apart her home filled with beautiful and diversely different colors.
 I will give the highlights of each episode, from episode 15 to episode 18 (episode 19-22 are coming up).
Episode 15: "Maine aik beggar ko boht buri thara jhara hai". Yes, Sania realizes that she has spoken so badly with a ghareeb insaan who is not even asking for money but is just cleaning her car while she's in traffic. When Dr. Azar hears this, what does he say? That people have choices and that the beggar made a choice to beg. No he did not make the choice to be a beggar, Dr. Azar.  No one chooses to be a beggar or a maid or any other low profession. Abeer on the other hand finally makes a friend and we see her in the episodes ahead of being  an extrovert. Lies also begin as Sania hides from Zafar the bracelet Dr. Azar gifted her. Hey, agar kuch galat nahi kara to kyun chupana?  Ghalat hai isliye bracelet chupare hai.
Episode 16: "Do you even remember that you are married?"  Rabia was truly the heroine of this episode. A big applause for her confrontation with Sania. Sania only thinks about her desires and has completely forgotten the fact that she has a loving family. Does she remember the last time she spent quality time with Zafar? Does she remember any comforting moments with her children? 
Episode 17: Abeer and her negatively influential friend lands Abeer in some serious scolding from Sania but the loving father, Zafar is there to the rescue. It's a wonder how a mother has no love for her children. Zara sa bhi pyar se bhaat nahi karti hai Sania apne bacho say. 
"Tumne unko iss qadar dara diya hai kay unki personality damage hogayi hai!" Zafar shouts. Yes, Abeer is scared to even be in front of her own mother, she hesitates to talk to her. 
Episode 18: Yaad hai kay Zafar nay episode 16 me kya bola tha? "Jis din serious hogaya boht bura hoga" The big secret of Sania's affair with Dr. Azar is out! And Zafar's patience and being taken for granted breaks apart. Boht bura hi hua. The kids and Zafar hear Sania crying out to Dr. Azar that she is tired of the boring life and can't take it anymore. Finally Zafar says all those things to Sania that he should have told her long time ago: " Humlog to tumpe boht zulm karte hai, because Dr. Sania is always right, bache to tumhare liye sharmindigi kay bias hai!" Sania always treted her family members as if they were no one to her. She always was embarrassed of her children and husband. It's a wonder how Sania's mother  Maimoona was never like this. She was strict with Sania but never harsh. 
Rung is a colorful journey where we see variety of differing colors: Zafar you can say was once green with a peaceful and laid back attitude but now he's blue with sadness of Sania breaking apart his home. Sania was once yellow shining with her ambitions but now she stands as black as those ambitions have left her with darkness. Abeer was pink with the joys a child should be engaged in but is now left with no colors as Sania's harsh behavior as Zafar says " has damaged her personality" .

Please, please please tune into Rung, ikdum alag sa drama:)
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~~Written by Aisha
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Sadkey Tumharey:Episode 3 Review

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It was obvious last week that Khala Rasheeda was going to be the zalim samaj ki dewar between Khelu and Shanno and now there is now doubt. Khalu Amin maybe a bit mean but mostly he seems a bit of a bumbling fool under the thumb of his chalaq wife. Zalim samaj ko bahana koi na koi tho chahiye so what have these two got against Khelu ?  Well for starters Khelu has one nakhra after another and is like a lot of young men his; age quick to anger and full of himself. Next there is the matter of his job … he doesn’t have one and is still in college but then Shanno is still in school. The real reason is much simpler than all of those combined …Money. Shano’s parents want to marry their daughter to someone with money or prospects and in those days the people with that were like Chacha Firoz’s son, who had gone to Dubai.sk32

I think this episode belonged squarely too Shanno and her mother Rasheeda. ‘Sheeda is not the first mother in the world to treat her daughter like a commodity but it still felt cruel.  Samiya Mumtaz adds much needed depth to this story and being the good actress she is avoided becoming the overt villain yet. However her invitation to Khalil’s well-meaning parents may well cancel that impression out fast .Mahirah was again the main attraction of this week’s episode. Poor Shanno, the good girl caught in the middle. This is a time without mobiles and internet and not much television; a close, insular sheltered world. It is not hard to imagine why Shanno has set her heart on Khalil and as she tearfully reminds her mother, Khalil was chosen for her not by her. I probably will hate Rasheeda in a few episodes but at this point her dislike for nakhrila Khalil and possessiveness of her daughter seems reasonable. I wonder what would have happened if this mother had the sense to actually reason with her child rather than slapping her into submission?sk31

Though I know these things are not necessarily shot from start to finish, but Adnan Malik seemed a lot more confident in this episode. His Khalil is kind of cute and actually quite naïve despite all the akkar mazaji and laad. His interaction with Shanno was so minimal they were hardly together for more than a moment and yet the attraction is clear. Shanno may not have met Khalil much but she knows him well enough , standing in the stairs listening to him refusing to eat like a five year old it doesn’t worry her as much as her mother’s behavior.

Again this was a colorful, well-crafted episode that is holding its audience’s interest throughout. Well done to the director Ehtashamuddin for capturing the some of the essence of that time and class. I have never seen the rasam(#not Punjabi enoughL…. ) shown in this episode so if anyone has any knowledge please share it. The only thing missing is perhaps some more of Khalil ur Rahman Qamar wonderful dialogues. I can understand the need to show rather than tell but just a little more would not have hurt.download (50)





Written by Sadaf




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Firaaq Episode 7

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Mein azad hoona chahati hoon.

AzaadiKhudmukhtari. Freedom. Independence. A few weeks ago, I suggested that Firaaq was about freedom, and ghooma, phira kar baat wahin aa gayee hai. Even though the narrative clearly singles out Paiman, as she is the lead protagonist, in this elusive search, I would venture that every character is in search for freedom. Maa-jee from the demons of her past, unka mazi; Sara from her mistake of soliciting Imroze's advise; and Shams from his fear, his security, of what a child might do to him.

I left off last week fawning over Uzma Gillani and Syed Mazhar Ali, so this week I'll pick up exactly there. It is clear to anyone who might regularly watch Firaaq, that both the older actors have performed their roles par excellence. Haider's emotional state at the thought of losing the woman he is in love with despite her very obvious flaws had me break out in a tear or two (shhh, it's a secret!). His tears, his gestures, his words, waqai Haider saab aap shaitaan hain ya koi farishtaa? Every week Haider and Tabassum give us a peek into a relationship that's not perfect but still qayam. In a day and age where divorce, separation, egos, and azaadi are notions that govern even the simplest of minds, seeing these two stick it out together, if only out of some warped sense of commitment, makes me smile.

As Haider sheds a tear on behalf of a woman he's unable to understand yet still cares for, as Maa-jee comes to one difficult realization after another and acknowledges him for the person he is, the man he is, now this is what I wanted to see on my television screen all year. I want to cry with Tabassum, I want to feel her pain, her longing, I want to travel with her as she transitions from a bitter, lonely, and angry woman to a loving, caring, and forgiving mother she can, and I hope she will be. Every dialogue that these two share is rendered to perfection. Again, thank you Uzma sahiba and Syed saab for you excellent performances!

The thought of Maa-jee passing away, and I can only say this in Punjabi, tussi tay meray trrah kad ditta. The one character I hope (no, pray!) that they don't kill off at least not till they've arrived at some form of closure is Maa-jee. Her life has been incomplete in so many ways that I want her character to have some semblance of peace, some modicum of sakoonLekin iss ghar mein (in fact, zindagi meinhai koi sakoon? Is this offer of peace, this offer of re-conciliation, a step towards that ever-elusive thing called peace of mind. Indeed, like Haider, I can't help but say: "Maine hameeshan tumhe samajhnay ki bahut koshish kari hai lekin aaj tak samajh mein aa nahi saki."

Maa-jee ek kaisi paheli hain?

These realizations - of who you love, what you care for, and what did all this anger achieve - came at the cost of great confrontation and with it even greater ruptures. Paiman left not only Maa-jee and Haider, but also Shams and Sara. For her, all I have this week is a song, I hope you'll see that azaadi (freedom) isn't necessarily the same as khudmukhtari (liberty):

The other rupture that threatens to escalate is between Shams and Sara. Shams' stubbornness, his inner sense of mardaani, cannot handle being challenged by not one but two women, his sister and his wife, both of whom have left him. One because she doesn't want to be controlled, the other because she is tired of being ignored. Like Maa-jee, Shams is left to face his own demons and as Sara says, to find himself. Junaid Khan's Shams is perfect every week. His acting never disappoints (truly!) but it never really gives one that oomph factor. Nonetheless, I'm enjoy seeing him on screen especially with Sara, those two are meant to fight! Cybil, I believe gets a lot of flak for her accent, for her delivery, for her acting skills, etc. etc., but I like her as Sara. She's not timid, she's not submissive, and she speaks her mind, which is what Sara's character needs. For what it's worth, Ms. Chaudhary, I think you're fine, and with time you'll be more comfortable in front of the camera. Haters gonna hate, right?!

With all this action ensuing, I can't help but think that Rumi is at times used as a prop. As a person to seek advise, as a person to shout at it, as someone to fill in the scenes - what is his storyline?

Yet again a well-scripted, tightly knit, and well-edited episode with compelling dialogues and good direction. Firaaqkhawateen-o-hazraat, is a must watch!

Till next week,

Rab Rakha

RB (Tweet me!)

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