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Bari Apa – The Finale

Posted by Fatima Awan On February - 16 - 2013 31 COMMENTS

So, Ghazanfar actually just felt sorry for Zubeida all this time! What Ghazanfar said seemed nothing more than a blatant lie which he told to get himself out of the entire situation. There were so many times he actually went out of his way to be there for Zubeida without even telling Firdous about it and it was quite obvious that he was not doing all of it out of sympathy or only because Zubeida was his wife’s sister! Everyone had a happy ending except for Zubeida, who made a total fool out of herself and thought she could still start all over again. I think Zubeida did not seem like a normal person at all today or in the previous episode, she needs to see a psychiatrist ASAP ;). The saying that you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone holds very true for Zubeida. Zubeida’s confession that Ghazanfar still loved her and she wanted to be with him proved to be the final nail in the coffin. I guess Farman needed to hear that from Zubeida herself in order to believe it.

Bari Apa proved to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions; there actually were times when I was so into the play that I thought I was better off distancing myself from it! And that could be the reason why some of the reviews were very blunt. There was actually a time when I was in love with Zubeida’s character and found justifications for her behavior but I obviously know better now. I do think though that Ghazanfar got away with just as much as Zubeida tried to get away with, the only difference between the two was that Ghazanfar was wise enough o save his home and Zubeida’s overconfidence in Ghazanfar proved to be fatal!

Nauman ijaz played his character so well; I honestly did not think he would fit in so perfectly in this role. Savera Nadeem proved yet again that she is exceptionally talented; she breathed life into Bari Apa’s character. What an outstanding performance from her, she never fails to impress and is always a delight to watch. Arjumand Rahim was extremely well-suited for her character and I have never liked her better in any other role. Ayesha Khan was the perfect choice for playing Neelam. There were times especially in the last few episodes when Waqas Khan’s dialogue delivery failed to leave an impression but overall he performed his character superbly too. We seldom get to watch plays in which the leading cast is so perfect.

There were certain scenes in particular in this drama that I won’t be forgetting for a very long time, the credit for them goes to the entire team, the writer, director, actors and the production house. The episode in which Zubeida found out about Neelam was one of the best episodes of the serial. The scene in which Neelam and Eesa come to Farman’s house for Sharmeen’s proposal was beyond perfect. The way all the different characters were interrelated and the manner in which the story gradually unfolded was absolutely brilliant. The young actors have a long way to go and I wish them all the best, I am sure they will do great in their upcoming projects.

Thank you Samira Fazal for keeping us glued to our Televison screens; this was one play that did not allow me to switch channels for even a few seconds, because every dialogue and every scene was a must watch. Kudos to Saife Hassan for doing an amazing job and giving attention to every little detail. MD productions plays always have the best picture quality and simply loved everyone’s make ups all through the play, the person who was responsible for the make-up also deserves due credit. A very special thanks to all  our readers who took their time out to read the review and  for sharing your thoughts on this thread. Samira Fazal ji you have been very kind and I cannot thank you enough for engaging so actively in the discussions as often as you could, your presence made the experience extra special.


Fatima Awan.

Bari Apa – Episode 21

Posted by Fatima Awan On February - 9 - 2013 40 COMMENTS

After everything that happened in today’s episode I am not really sure where to start from. We could all tell from the precap what was going to happen next but I must say that the developments in today’s episode took me completely by surprise. I absolutely loved the way Zubeida’s secret was revealed, excellent work by Samira Fazal, she definitely is gifted when it comes to adding the most surprising/shocking twists to a story. Way to go!

First thing is first I loved everything that Firdous said to Farman and the way she walked out feeling helpless because she was so sure that Farman would not react even after she said everything loud and clear was also very real. It showed how frustrated and tired she was of this whole affair and telling Farman everything was her last hope. The way Farman went from being slightly doubtful and fearful to being totally convinced that his wife really had feelings for Ghazanfar and would gladly leave him was also very nicely done. All the scenes were well thought out, beautifully written, wonderfully acted out and directed to perfection.

Even after everything that has happened Zubeida chooses to close her eyes to reality. Although Ghazanfar has told her that he cannot marry her in so many words but her over confidence makes her believe that once Farman leaves her Ghazanfar will accept her. Zubeida seemed like a woman possessed today, she did not want to listen to anyone, all she wanted was to be out of Farman’s house and to be with Ghazanfar. Zubeida is using this whole issue once again in her favor although she is the one at fault. It seems like this was the opportunity she had been waiting for. Zubeida does not think for a minute about Sharmeen and how she would feel about everything that has transpired. Just like always she tells Sharmeen her side of the story. If Zubeida could not live with Neelam she could have said it before but then things were fine between Firdous and Ghazanfar and she didn’t think she had a chance. Zubeida no longer even cares about what people will say if Farman divorces her. I can’t believe she is the same Zubeida who went out of her way to finalize Sharmeen’s engagement and ask Neelam to come stay with them only because she wanted to look good in front of family members. Ghazanfar also leads Zubeida on in his own subtle way so he would be just as shameless as her but not as foolish as her!

I must add here that Neelam playing the referee when Farman was about to divorce Zubeida was actually quite frustrating but the precap suggests that this wake up call was just not enough for Farman and Zubeida will tell him off once again before he finally realizes what a fool he has been.

There were a few minor things that seemed out of place in this otherwise perfect episode like Neelam’s hairstyle going from half tied to open within seconds, it didn’t really fit in the situation. Farman saying that Sharmeen was not home when actually she was sleeping because it was after all past 10 o’clock. Zubeida telling Ghazanfar that they could have gotten married if he had taken a stand at that time and later on Ghazanfar saying to Zubeida that she was the one who refused to marry him.

Overall, today’s episode was thrilling and I really enjoyed the way everything was executed. All the actors did a fabulous job and the direction and script was top notch. The next episode promises a lot more drama and I can’t wait to find out how Ghazanfar reacts when Zubeida turns up on his door step. The woman obviously has no shame; she is so blindly in love! Farman finally admitted he has been beghairat and bewakoof, so that is a relief but I am waiting for the day when Zubeida will realize how unfair she has been to her husband and child. No matter what happens in her life she continues to think that she cannot be wrong. Really looking forward to the next installment.


Fatima Awan.

Bari Apa – Episode 20

Posted by Fatima Awan On February - 2 - 2013 18 COMMENTS

Bari Apa yeh candle light dinner tu aap ko buhat mehnga pare ga! I am actually glad that Zubeida showed her true colors today and any reservations or doubts about her feelings for Ghazanfar are clearly gone. Firdous stepped in at the right time and I can hardly wait for her to speak her heart out to Farman, it is about time that someone told Farman the truth about his wife. The way Zubeida/Ghazanfar/Firdous story moved forward today was absolutely thrilling and we know for sure now that Zubeida is the kind of woman who would happily get her sister divorced and live happily ever after with her husband. It seemed like Zubeida had been waiting for this opportunity all along and although before Zubeida always wanted to be in the house to monitor what Farman was doing but now that she has Ghazanfar all to herself she could not care less. As far as Zubeida is concerned Neelam can have Farman and his wealth if Zubeida can have Ghazanfar in return! Now we know where Sharmeen gets her twisted thinking from! I really felt for Adeel today but if he is wise he will walk out of this relationship and save himself from becoming another “Farman”!

So Neelam has enough money to live a comfortable life, which would mean that the only reason Neelam continues to live with Farman is because she loves him…well Neelam’s love for Farman gives the phrase “love is blind’ a whole new meaning! After what Farman said to Neelam today she really should go to her relatives because if she continues living with Farman it will only go to show that she has absolutely no self-respect. Farman may change his opinion about his wife though once he sees Ghazanfar and Zubeida together but even then Neelam deserves someone who would value her…well every woman does!

The ‘excuses’ Zubeida gives for taking care of Ghazanfar were very lame and both of them knew it only too well that Zubeida was not doing all this because she thought she owed it to Firdous.

Sharmeen’s personality is just as complicated as her mother’s; on one hand she says she is getting married to Adeel so that the family will be united again and on the other hand she will do anything to convince her mother to break the engagement! She is after all Bari Apa’s daughter and feels no shame in taking credit where there is no credit due!

bariThe entire episode was beautifully directed but I liked one scene in particular where Eesa says goodbye to Sharmeen; the part where he walks away and Sharmeen drives away in her car. The location was beautiful and it was perfectly timed. Savera Nadeem, Waqas Khan, Arjumand Rahim, Nauman Ijaz and Ayesha Khan in particular were superb today and their acting makes this show a treat to watch. Syed Jibran is also doing a great as Shakeel. I am eagerly looking forward to the next episode since it should be very action packed.



Fatima Awan.

Bari Apa – Episode 19

Posted by Fatima Awan On January - 27 - 2013 9 COMMENTS

This latest episode focused on the aftermath of Adeel and Sharmeen’s informal engagement and there are a few things I am quite sure of by now. The first thing is that Zubeida definitely gives more respect to Ghazanfar’s opinion than Farman’s, she did not even bother asking her husband before saying yes to Ghazanfar, only Farman sahib can put up with something like this! Secondly, Ghazanfar is not as fair and just as he would like people around him to think. He is ‘supposedly’ taking a stand for Adeel and Sharmeen only because they want to get married to one another and whatever anyone says is not going to change Ghazanfar’s decision but at the same time as Zubeida pointed out that Ghazanfar was willing to get Sharmeen married to Adeel even when she told him that she was interested in Eesa only because Zubeida wanted things that way. Firdous is right in taking a stand and she knows only too well that this whole affair is about much more than Adeel and Sharmeen’s happiness. Thirdly, none of the grown ups really care about the kids and what they want. Farman, Zubeida, Ghazanfar and Firdous; all of them hold their own interests, egos, pride and relationships closer than their kids and that actually is very sad.

All it took was a phone call from Eesa to change Sharmeen’s mind once again, which only goes to show that she really does love him but it is too late now since Zubeida has distributed mithai in the family so there is no going back. I really think that the Eesa/Sharmeen track is going around in circles. Although, Neelam asks Farman to talk to Zubeida after Sharmeen shares with her how she felt about the engagement but Farman will never take a stand for anyone, not even his own children.
Zubeida knows that she is cheating on her husband by holding Ghazanfar so close to her heart that is why she goes to meet him or call him every time Farman is with Neelam that is her way of getting back at her husband. Zubeida wanting to take care of Ghazanfar while Firdous is away just went to show that she is enjoying the situation and would like it if Firdous does not come home anytime soon. When Shakeel asks her to talk to Ghazanfar she refuses by saying that it is their personal matter but still feels that she needs to look after Ghazanfar because she is the reason Firdous left!

After watching the last two episodes I have to say that it is so difficult to side with any character. Everyone is being selfish and very difficult! I can only say one thing that I am glad I am not part of any of the two households.

Fatima Awan.

Bari Apa – Episode 18

Posted by Fatima Awan On January - 20 - 2013 17 COMMENTS


I think the term Dil e Nadaan means my foolish heart or perhaps we could stretch it to, my innocent or even naïve heart. This may be Adeel, Sharmeen and Essa’s excuse since they are young and inexperienced,  but echoing Fatima’s sentiments last week ; what excuse do the adults in this serial have for not learning anything or maturing?  Ghazanfer is still playing Sir Lancelot to ‘Zuby’s’ Guinevere, Firduase refuses to use the sense she was born with and as to Farman, well I think major shock therapy is in order .

I think it is quite obvious to  everyone that Firdause is her own worst enemy , if she had not made a fuss no one would be the wiser as to Adeel and Sharmeen’s date and things would have probably fizzeled out in time. So her intervention allows Ghazanfer to ask for Sharmeen’s hand for Adeel even though he knows firsthand how much the latter loves Essa. This is what really struck me as strange at first,  then his curious conversation with Zobeida cleared everything up. Ghazanfer is so stuck in the past that he really cannot see Zobeida but an image he created of her twenty or more years ago. He even says he does not want the mistakes of the past repeated and the look on Zobeida’s face was like a sleeper waking up from a dream. Suddenly a whole new scenario seemed to be opening up before her eyes. Savera Nadeem is simply fabulous and so is Anjuman Rahim, both are flawless in their portrayals.

Two relationships have been nicely contrasted in this episode: Zobeida’s secret relationship with Ghazanfer and Farman’s open relationship with Neelam. The degree of self-delusion and self-righteousness displayed by Zobeida and Ghazanfer is laughable, dono sab se ziyada akalmand bannay hai. Now I understand why they like each other so much, both are very self-assured and confident in their own judgment. Neelam and Farman however, are like most God fearing individuals self-critical and unsure. Farman deceived Zubeida by marrying Neelam in secret; I wonder how he will feel when he eventually discovers the depth of Zobeida’s attachment to Ghazanfer?

So Essa and Sharmine had a silly fight and pretended to hate each other and now, contrary to Mr smart alec lawyer Ghazanfer’s intention, he is putting Adeel into Farman’s role. Why does everyone say Sharmine is a nice girl? Where is she nice? She has an affair with one guy, uses a friend to make him jealous; when that does not work she manipulates her cousin instead. That sounds rather characterless to me. I want to praise the actor playing Essa , he has improved so much since the First episode and I am now glad he did this role.

This whole episode was excellent, just had me glued. Aisha Khan, Nauman Ejaz, Waqas Khan are just so good. The direction is perfect and I even managed to bardasht Sharmeen and Adeel today.

I am covering for Fatima , so I apologise if I made any mistakes or left anything out because this was a bit of a spur of the moment thing . Fatima will be back next week. :)

BY Sadaf    


Bari Apa – Episode 17

Posted by Fatima Awan On January - 12 - 2013 18 COMMENTS

It is almost funny how all the grown ups in the play do not act like grown ups at all and turn towards their kids for advice and solace. I strictly believe that children should be kept out of family politics as much as possible and they should decide for themselves who stands where in their life but I have seen many such mothers in particular who like Firdous and Zubeida share every little detail about what happens in the family with their children and even take advice from their children. The promos may have suggested that Bari Apa was going to end up ruining Firdous’ house but I am guessing nothing like that is going to happen since Zubeida is quite happy with having no ties with Ghazanfar and Firdous was probably referring to Adeel wanting to marry Sharmeen or just voicing her insecurities when she tells her mother that her sister ruined her house, like I always say I could be very wrong of course! I must give credit to the person responsible for the promos because they hardly ever give the story away.

The child star playing Farjad is too cute and sweet and the way he remembers and delivers his dialogues is nothing short of a feat for a child his age. Neelam’s conversation with Farjad was heart wrenching, what could be worse for a mother than to know that her child feels that his father does not love him enough.

The way Farman blamed Neelam for Zubeida’s ill health was way too much and I am glad that Neelam finally decided to leave the house. Although what Eesa said to Farman and Zubeida was quite satisfying and it actually did wake Farman up from his slumber but I would have liked it better if he took Neelam with him. Sharmeen may have a soft corner for Neelam but she treats Neelam the way her mother would like her to treat her. Sharmeen is a perfect example of how some grown ups manage to create a monster out of a beautiful child. When Sharmeen shouts at Neelam, she was merely spitting out all the poison that her mother has been injecting in her and I don’t blame Sharmeen one bit.

Why is Sharmeen leading Adeel on when she has no real interest in him? I really feel for him although Mustafa Changezi is doing a great job of slaughtering the character. Out of all the three youngsters he has to be the weakest link.

Zubeida’s hairstyles today seemed to be inspired from Neelam’s, I wonder if that was intentional! The play needs a twist at this point; we may see a change in Farman’s attitude towards his son and Neelam in the next episode.


Fatima Awan.

Bari Apa – Episode 16

Posted by Fatima Awan On January - 5 - 2013 26 COMMENTS

There were no new developments in today’s episode but like every other episode of Bari Apa, it was very engaging and I like how the story is slowly moving forward without putting me to sleep. Like the previous few episodes we saw Neelam trying very hard to stay out of Zubeida’s way and explain herself to her every time something went wrong. At the lunch table when everyone praises the food and the maid declares that it is Neelam who did all the cooking, I found it rather odd that Zubeida did not even know who was cooking in the kitchen all this time. I wish Zubeida had done something more useful with her life than controlling the people around her with her husband’s money. She has so much spare time; she could have used all that money to start a business. But that is not possible now since Zubeida has to stay in the house in order to monitor her husband and his second wife. When Zubeida shouted at Neelam (yet again) for cooking the food, I thought just maybe Farman would speak up but I guess that is not happening anytime soon!

Zubeida’s mother wanting to invite Neelam over for dinner was another thing that seemed somewhat strange because Zubeida told her mother just how miserable her life was because of Neelam when they met in the previous episode. I really liked the dinner scenes though; the conversation was very interesting indeed. Firdous’ sole purpose in life is to prove that Zubeida lied and the discussion between the mother and daughter that followed was one many of us can relate to, indeed there are many such discussions between family members after family dinners. I am not sure about Zubeida but we all have a Firdous in our family; someone who lives on gossip and is particularly obsessed with a certain member of the family! The only reason Zubeida goes ahead with the ‘dawat’ is because she does not want people to think that she is a bad person; Zubeida has definitely not learned her lesson.

Zubeida is very lucky to have a daughter like Sharmeen who respects her mother so much and would do anything to please her. Zubeida would have never allowed Sharmeen to talk to Adeel but the only reason she did so was to put Neelam down and exercise some more control on her. The last time Neelam told Eesa about Sharmeen’s outing, I liked it because the intentions were good but this time around when she called him to tell that Adeel and Sharmeen were in the room, it was very inappropriate.

Firdous was absolutely right in saying what she said to Ghazanfar and that was exactly the reason why he was so annoyed with it. The only reason Ghazanfar cannot hear a word against Bari Apa is that he still has a soft corner for her and not because he does not want his wife to go around gossiping about her older sister. The play ended at an exciting note and I am guessing that Firdous’ insecurities are getting the best of her. I do not expect Zubeida to come and see Ghazanfar in the middle of the night since she has to stay home and guard her own husband; I could be very wrong of course!

Bari Apa is definitely going strong and there is so much that needs to be sorted out in everyone’s life, I have no idea where the story will go from here and I am definitely looking forward to the next episode. Like always, the script, direction and acting was spot on with the exception of Mustafa Changezi in particular. The Sharmeen and Adeel scene could have been very cute since it was very nicely written but the acting killed half of the fun.


Fatima Awan

Bari Apa – Episode 15

Posted by Fatima Awan On December - 29 - 2012 19 COMMENTS

Bari Apa is one of those very few plays on air nowadays that keep you glued to the TV screen right from the get go, very happening indeed. Zubeida has turned into a very typical, jealous and insecure pehli biwi and she seemed more like a drama queen today with all her rona dhona and silly politics. The jah o jalal that she once had seems to have disappeared but Farman sahib still does not have the courage to go against Zubeida’s will. We saw Zubeida trying every possible trick in the book from emotional blackmail to blaming Neelam of ulterior motives to have her way and she is slowly losing my vote. Savera Nadeem was exceptionally brilliant today just like all the previous episodes and Nauman Ijaz plays the “lover boy” with perfection. Ayesha Khan was also superb all through today’s episode. Neelam decides to stand up for herself but it does not take much to make her back off. I did feel for her today for the first time because the poor girl does not have an ounce of courage and she knows only too well that Farman may not even think twice before leaving her if she gives him a tough time.

Farman realizes that he should be giving Neelam more attention and time but that is not going to happen without Zubeida’s approval. When will Neelam ever see Farman for what he is; a coward man who can never take a stand for her. Zubeida kicks Farman out of the room and he feels like an embarrassed toddler. I was hoping that Neelam would be able to make Farman stay in the room at least but I guess that is not happening anytime soon. Until now I have always liked Zubeida’s character despite of all her arrogance and selfishness but all that she did today really did not seem like Zubeida at all but it seemed like something that any typical woman would do in order to get her husband’s attention. Zubeida is acting more like a controlling mother at this point than a wife and Farman sahib is the perfect “mama’s boy” who can be manipulated easily.

Sharmeen’s opinion about Eesa changes when he comes to ‘rescue’ her but her mother tries her best to convince her that Eesa’s feelings for her are not genuine. Zubeida obviously does not care about anyone’s happiness and only wants things her way. People like that can never be happy or satisfied with life because you cannot possibly control everyone and everything in your life. I do not live in Karachi so I have absolutely no idea but I always wonder if all the couples go to the sea view for “outings” since that is where all the couples end up in our plays.

The next episode promises more drama and I have to say that I am enjoying every minute of this play. The twist and turns come at the right time, the story is very engaging and the direction is perfect. It is also interesting how all the different characters and tracks are linked to each other. Today’s dialogue of the day had to be the one when Farman tells Zubeida “apna dil nikal ke ap ke qadmo mei daal du”, when just a few minutes back he was telling Neelam how he was looking forward to happier times with her once Zubeida gets a little less insecure! Every character in this play is one in a million. I am eagerly looking forward to where the story goes from here.


Fatima Awan.

Bari Apa : Episode 14

Posted by Fatima Awan On December - 22 - 2012 36 COMMENTS

Mein jis ke saath bhalai krna chahti hun wohi mera dushman bun jata hai, yes Zubeida has done a lot of things for many people in her life, like she mentioned today that she gave up her studies so that she could take care of the house and her siblings but the problem is that her intentions were never pure. Whatever she did her entire life was in order to gain control of other people’s lives and not because she cared for the people around her. So in my opinion a lot of Zubeida’s hard work went to waste because people saw through her and could not appreciate all the good she did. The story revolves around Zubeida so there would be no point in questioning other people around her like Firdous for instance who are just as selfish and have not even done much for the family but still are not being deprived of love like her! The kind of control Zubeida wants to exercise on Neelam is just plain unreal and she really needs a reality check. No matter how docile someone maybe no one puts up with all that Zubeida is putting Neelam through and I am waiting to see how things change in that household. In any case I would not like Zubeida’s house to be totally taken over by Neelam but I would like it if Zubeida could change for the better. But then the prospect of the two wives living happily in the same house seems strange too. All through today’s episode when I watched how the situation changed  in Farman’s household in just 24 hrs I was wondering how will all this mess get sorted out. A person like Farman should not have gotten married for a second time in any case. Neelam said in today’s episode that she could not take a stand in front of anyone and that could precisely be the reason why she got married to Farman, it must have been an easy escape from all her problems. I must add that Neelam tried her best to stay out of trouble but there is no way in the world that Neelam can make Zubeida like her or approve of her and she also won’t let her leave the house, so for now it is a no win situation for Neelam.

Zubeida tells her mother that her husband’s second wife has made her life a living hell, so why is she still keeping Neelam in her house since it is no longer about keeping faces? I think she only wants Neelam to stay in the house now so that she can keep an eye on her husband and ensure that he does not get to spend any time with Neelam. When I saw Farman going berserk trying to deal with both his wives, I could not help but think “serve him right’! How good was the scene where Neelam runs to hug Farman and he pushes her away, brilliantly done I must say.

The little kid playing Farjad is just too cute for words and he deserves special praise and tons of candy for doing such an amazing job with those few dialogues he uttered in today’s episode. The child is a born actor and just too adorable. Come to think of it he does look a lot like Fahad Mirza.

Sharmeen tries very hard to forget Eesa and in her attempt to do so she does something very foolish. Will Neelam and Eesa rescue her and get her back on track? I hope so. I just hope Zubeida does not blame Neelam for Sharmeen’s latest adventure too. When will Farman ever take a stand for his second wife? And if and when he does I have a feeling that Zubeida will learn to compromise. The friend with whom Sharmeen talked to on the phone did not look her age at all.

Zubeida finally finds out about Riffat’s job when her mother spills the beans while covering up for her son. If more married women have Mother in Laws like that, this world would be a much better place to live in.

This latest installment of Bari Apa was very engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed Farman being caught between his two wives. Noman Ijaz, Savera Nadeem and Ayesha khan were brilliant as usual. I have absolutely no idea what the next episode has in store and that is one of the most amazing things about this play. Thank you Samira Fazal for yet another exciting and engaging serial and a big thank you to Saife Hassan for doing a great job with directing the play.

Fatima Awan.


Bari Apa : Episode 13

Posted by Fatima Awan On December - 15 - 2012 38 COMMENTS

Farman sahib deserves an award for playing with words and very easily managing to get the wrong point across, on purpose of course! This latest episode opened with Farman informing Neelam that all their troubles were over because Zubeida had decided to forgive and forget but is it really so? Absolutely not! Why couldn’t Farman tell Neelam the truth so that she could be better prepared for what was coming her way? Neelam thought that Farman had tried very hard to convince Zubeida and therefore she must think that he will support her in the future too. Had Neelam known the circumstances under which Zubeida allowed Neelam to come stay with her, I wonder if she would have decided to go live with her. Farman really should have thought everything through before following his wife’s orders and somehow thinking that his life would be any easier if Neelam and Farjad started living with them.

We all knew till now that Bari Apa is arrogant and selfish but after everything that I saw today I must say that she is very hollow too. Zubeida goes out of her way to host a welcome party for her husband’s second wife and then insists that Farman should pick Neelam from the parlor because log kiya sochay gay. One would expect someone like Zubeida to not care about people at all but the fact is that the only reason Zubeida is doing all this is because she does not want to give people anything to talk about and in my opinion that makes her very foolish too. I expected her to be a little more sensible than that. Zubeida’s grand plan is to create misunderstandings between Farman and Neelam and see whether that works out in her favor. Neelam on the other hand believes in sabr and isteeqamat approach, although Eesa disagrees with her but she is not the one to listen to him.

Ghazanfar and Firdous finally decided to talk but not much good came out of it except that Firdous apologized and promised to zip her lips. Ghazanfar’s explanation of how he had to be there for Zubeida and could not tell her sounded very right and that is what I expected him to say but the fact that he got Zubeida gajras while he was at it and also called her Zuby twice does not help. Firdous is justified in feeling the way she does but she needs to change herself a little for her husband. Ghazanfar and Firdous have to be one of the many odd couples in this play!

The “kids” in today episode were well just kids! Mustafa Changezi looked very cute but his dialogue delivery was beyond disappointing. Sara Khan was just as unconvincing and Fahad Mirza’s acting did not impress me much too today. If I had a choice, I would have definitely fast forwarded the Sharmeen/Eesa/Adeel scenes. I find it difficult to feel for any of the three because the acting is below average and I can barely sit through their scenes.

Zuebida’s family’s meeting with Neelam goes exactly the way she planned it but in the end Zubeida probably realizes not much good came out of it. What did she really get out of all this? Her family is just going to discuss Neelam and her household even more now. The next episode promises more drama and I have to say that I am dreading the scenes with the youngsters in them, they ruin everything for me. All the other actors were simply brilliant as usual and I really enjoyed Firdous’ pheet pe mukaa dialogue…Firdous is definitely funny if nothing else, quite a character I must say. I am waiting to see how the choti biwi manages to hold her ground and how many more games does Bari Apa has up her sleeve.

Fatima Awan.


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