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Maat – Episode 23

Posted by SZ On February - 12 - 2012 22 COMMENTS

Can somebody please hand me a gun or just shoot me!! Why, why, did I allow myself to watch yet another episode of this no head or tail drama?? Can I blame this moment of insanity on the fact that it was a very long fortnight with no weekly fix of either the eye candy in Humsafar or yet another irrational twist in the crazy world of Kuch Pyar ka Pagalpan?? Or should I just admit that I watched it because with the drama drawing to a close, I kept hoping against hope that somebody would knock some sense into both sisters' heads along with bashing some into Faisal as well, and that the story would finally begin to show some signs of redeeming itself.

Alas, none of my hopes were realized. Aiman continued to draw long sighs and kept behaving like a righteous heroine of some ‘60s Lollywood/Bollywood movie. Suman continued her socialite lifestyle, although now there are some signs of doubt and remorse creeping in. Her friends are abandoning her and she is missing out on the love of her child. Faisal, well what can I say about him, continued his attempts to shut the stable door after the horse had already bolted – punishing Aiman for Suman’s misdeeds. What makes it extremely annoying is that nobody comes out and spells it out to him that it is entirely his fault that his personal life is in shambles. The girls’ mother and their khala both seem so ineffective in knocking some sense in Faisal’s head by telling him a few home truths. If there is something to be made out of all this, I think it’s a bit too late for any message to get across.

What is extremely problematic here is that rather than showing Suman as suffering due to her actions and Aiman as having triumphed, all we see is Aiman’s continuous suffering. Is there any end to her sorrows? If the point is to show Aiman happy at the very end and Suman as suffering, I’m sorry but in my opinion it has been left for a little too late. What good are the rewards if one is too old to enjoy them? What will Aiman do with Faisal’s love and respect, if she ever gets them that is, when she has already spent a lifetime being miserable? Where is her self-respect? And why do “good” girls have to be shown as suffering so much? Why is being a victim being portrayed as a good thing? Is it wrong for a girl to stand up for her rights?

Similarly, if Suman is to be shown as suffering at the end, where is the lesson in that? As far as I can see it, she has led a pretty cushy life so far. She has everything she wants and has managed to get away with every kind of misbehavior possible, without any immediate repercussions. So does it really matter that she is sad and lonely when older. Having left the moralizing till the very end, I think the story writer and the director have lost the impact that a story like this, if well told, could have had. The way it stands now, I don’t see anybody learning anything from this story. In fact, if given the choice between the victimized Aiman and the conniving/evil Suman, actually Suman would get my vote hands down for knowing exactly what she wants and not being afraid to go after it.  Not exactly the lesson the drama would want to put across, I’m sure!

Written by S Z ~

Maat Review

Posted by Faraz On October - 8 - 2011 20 COMMENTS

The promos for Maat really did have everyone excited for the drama. It stars Saba Qamar, Aamina Sheikh, and Adnan Siddiqui. The characterization seems really good so far. The acting of Saba Qamar, especially, is just so natural. The story is about a girl, Saman (Saba Qamar) who has high hopes to get married to a rich businessman. Aiman (Aamina Shiekh) is her sister, and her views are totally different. She will get married wherever her mom wants. She is the "good" type of girl who is every parent's dream. She does exactly what her mom wants her to do. Saman is completely on the other side. She does what she wants to do. She is outspoken, and she only befriends rich people. Eventually, Aiman's Khala asks for Aiman's hand without Faisal (Adnan Siddiqui), their cousin's, consent. When she later asks Faisal, he refuses, and says he always wanted to marry Saman. Khala doesn't approve of Saman's bluntness. She, hesitantly, still does ask for Saman's hand, and Aiman's mom refuses point blank.

Saman is asked whether she wants to marry Faisal, and she refuses, saying he doesn't wear expensive clothing, isn't rich, and she won't stay happy with him. Saman's mom tells that to Faisal's mom, and she tells Faisal all that. Faisal eventually agrees to marrying Aiman, and right then, he gets an opportunity to start a business. He starts sending expensive items through Faisal's mom, and Saman gets jealous from that.
Later, Saman's friend, Sheila's, cousin, Ibraheem, starts showing interest in Saman. She gets excited because he is rich, and later he gets engaged to Sheila. Saman gets jealous over that as well. Meanwhile, Faisal starts getting a car, and Saman is just burning up at this point. That is the story so far.
I think all of the stars have done justice to their characters. The drama itself just keeps getting better and better. Let's wait till next week to see what happens!
Written  By Hina .


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