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Mastana Mahi Episode 8

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On July - 15 - 2011 3 COMMENTS

I’ve had generally positive thoughts towards Mastana Mahi, but I have to say that this episode was incredibly slow. The direction byRoomi Insha during the story-telling scenes was just beautiful, and the transitions between the present and the flashbacks was great as well. But Aalin’s (Mehreen Raheal) story took up just about the whole episode, even though it could have been told a lot faster.

I did, however, like how even after so much time had passed after her and Mike’s (Imran Peerzada) divorce, she still believed that it was his fault that they were no longer together. It took Adal (Fahad Mustafa) convincing her for her to realize that she herself didn’t want to live with him anymore. Hats off to Samira Fazal for showing her psyochological progress throughout the whole ordeal.

Besides that, nothing much happened in the episode. It was slow, and I found myself wishing that the story had progressed more.

Mehreen Raheal’s acting was very good in this episode. My biggest problem with her is usually her dialogue delivery, but she did a pretty good job this episode, and her expressions were really believable as well. Imran Peerzada’s dialogue delivery really irked me in all of his scenes, as his voice was completely monotonous throughout the whole episode. The best acting in the episode by far was Fahad Mustafa’s, his expressions being his selling point.

All in all, the episode was pretty disappointing. Hoping the story will pick up soon,


Mastana Mahi Episode 6

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On July - 3 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

As I said before, I thought that Mastana Mahi had been going a bit too slow, and this episode was no exception. Way too slow. Sure, it was interesting. A drama written by Samira Fazal can’t be boring! But the way it was moving was a bit too slow for me. It seemed that for the most part, the episode was about Adal (Fahad Mustafa) trying to reach the lighthouse. This part of the episode was dragged out a bit too much in my opinion. And we couldn’t even look forward to watching the conversation that was supposed to occur between Adal and Arleen (Mehreen Raheal) because he never reached the lighthouse in time! :P

I guess that the director Roomi Insha was trying to make the whole lighthouse thing really suspenseful and dramatic, but I think it ended up being more boring that interesting. But I have to admit, the way the scenes in which Arleen was sitting there waiting were very well directed.

As far as the rest of the episode goes, I’d have to mark the first scene between Adal and Arleen as the best. The fact that Arleen was angry at Adal and not willing to forgive him for disappearing and leaving her alone made me pretty happy. Too many times, drama writers often forget to think about how a normal human would be feeling after something like this happened. Showing that Arleen wasn’t just going to jump up and get excited now that Adal showed the mark of a very talented writer.

Oh, and let’s not forget the new character that was introduced! A woman named Lily (Deepti Gupta), who was kicked out of her hotel room because of Adal. She doesn’t have a job, smokes, drinks, can’t afford to pay her rent, and being a prositute is pretty much the only work she knows how to do. And yet, Adal still manages to make friends with her. We’ll see in the upcoming episodes where this friendship will take them.

And then there was Julie (Anita Camphor), the owner of the crappy hotel in which Adal was staying. Her and her…boyfriend I guess (Saife Hassan), are con artists, and trick Adal into renting a room in their nasty hotel for a week. I don’t know why, but I really liked Adal’s dialogue when he first met Julie, “Aisa mahaul tou mainey Pakistan main bhi nahin dekha!” I don’t know, I guess I like it because it implies that Pakistan isn’t the only place with slums and bad conditions.

Mastana Mahi hasn’t had just one main message in it. There have been a bunch of morals, but they haven’t been completed. The age difference thing, like between Arleen and Mike, the politician thing, the child marriage thing…saare adhure reh gaye hain. This could go one of two ways: Either all the morals that have been started will get closure at different point through out the drama, which could turn out to be a really interesting new style, or they’ll never be completed, and the viewers will be left saying “Wait, woh waali kahani ka kya hua?” We’ll just have to see as we go along, but I expect that we won’t be disappointed.

The dialogue when Adal first comes to the hotel: “Saali Indian hai.” “Saali hogi teri maa.” A bit too much, don’t you think?


P.S Am I the only one who was staring at Arleen and her aunty (Simin Raheal) – aka Mehreen Raheal’s mom – because they look so much alike? :P

Mastana Mahi Episode 5

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On June - 24 - 2011 4 COMMENTS

We’re all the way up to episode 5 in Mastana Mahi, and yet there has only been 1 review for it. Why? Because it was a review of the first episode, which a lot of people had been awaiting eagerly. Unfortunately, it disappointed. The story was slow, and stayed that way within the passing episodes. Adal (Fahad Mustafa), the character everyone hd been waiting for, seemed to be more a side character, while the whole drama seemed to be centered around Arleen (Mehreen Raheal). I think that what really got people excited for this drama was the promo in which Adal is giving a speech, the speech of none other than Benazir Bhutto herself. This promo is what first got me interested in Mastana Mahi, and perhaps the reason I have been disappointed with it is because this part of Adal’s life hadn’t been shown. But that all changed in this episode.

Adal Saeein comes back to Pakistan! His car drives up at a gorgeous haveli, where his mother (Sakina Sammo) is waiting for him. He’s greeted by flowers and smiles, but he doesn’t have time to chat, for his uncle’s rally is going on right at that very moment. Adal rushes over, with just enough time to catch the end of the speech. And the second he steps into the tent, BOOM!

What happens? A bomb blast, of course. Adal is knocked unconcsious, and wakes up to find himself in the middle of a wreckage. Roomi Insha’s directing and Fahad Mustafa’s acting made this scene incredible. Flames burning everywhere, people running, bodies lying scattered all over the place. The brilliance of the direction can be seen by just looking at the detail put into the scene. When Adal wakes up, somebody is slapping his face to make sure he’s alive, and then runs away again. Just a random citizen who was listening to the speech, making sure his beloved Adal Saeein is alive before running away from the wreckage. Great job Roomi Sahab! And the confusion was clear on Fahad Mustafa’s face as he looked around the burning tent. This expression quickly changes to horror as he sees his uncle lying dead next to the podium.

And his death is the turning point in Adal’s life.

Adal’s mother: Uff, itni jahilana soch? At first I thought that she must be representing a woman growing up in the atmosphere of politics without ever actually learning about them. But then Adal says “Aap itni parh likh ke itni jahil baatein kaise kar sakti hain?”

But his mother is a politician. “Hamara khoon nahin hai, siyasat hai. Hamare seene mein sirf aag hai.” Even after earning so much education, it all comes back to politics. “Hum siyasatdaan hain, phir kuch aur banay hain!” Tou yeh hota hain siyasatdaan. I have to admit, Adal’s mother is firm, fierce, commited to her profession. This is shown in part by Samira Fazal‘s dialogues and Sakina Sammo’s superb acting.  She has been a politician since birth, and unlike Adal, loves politics. “Hamari jaanein apni nahin hai, awam ki hain.” This was a simple dialogue, but carried the whole idealogy of these politicians. Awam first, us later. If only every Pakistani politician had this idealogy. In fact, if only ONE Pakistani politian thought like this, it would be a great improvement. But why, if these people care so much about the awam, do they do these disgusting and jahil things behind the awam’s back?

Samira Fazal, it seems that no matter how much praise is given to you, it’ll never be enough. Yes, I thought that the story was slow. But the dialogues have been amazing from the start, and now that the story is at such a high point, they’re extremely riveting. “Life is not fair,” Adal’s mother says. “Yeh aap mujh se keh rahin hai,” Adal replies, “Usse tou fair unfair ka kuch nahin pata!”

I was hoping that Adal would say no, would refuse to ruin the life of an innocent little girl, but he didn’t. He married her, and then ran away. And that’s it. Adal can now go and marry whoever he wants, live his life outside of his mother’s little web of politics. But that poor 10 year old girl who just got married…well, as Adal said himself, “Usse apne gudde guriyon ke khel se fursat mile tou usse ehsaas ho ke uss ke saath kitna bara zulm horaha hai!”

Adal is going to get into more trouble next episode, as his life takes him to yet another chapter. I for one, am waiting impatiently for what’s coming next!


Mastana Mahi Episode 1

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On May - 28 - 2011 3 COMMENTS

Samira Fazal seems to be giving us hit after hit…Mera Saeein, Mera Naseeb, and now Mastana Mahi.

Episode 1 was pretty good in my opinon. I didn’t think that it was really mind-blowing or anything as I had been expecting. However, from all of the promos, it seems that the story is going to pick up and become pretty interesting as the story goes on, so we’ll see. The main characters of this show so far are Adil (Fahad Mustafa), and Arleen (Mehreen Raheal). Okay, so I’ll admit that I wasn’t happy to see Mehreen Raheal in the cast. Fahad Mustafa is one of my favorites, but her…well, I don’t like her acting very much. I mean, in Dastaan, the drama in which every actor was at its peak, her acting was pretty bad. But she did a pretty good job so far in the first episode. Maybe she got acting lessons, or maybe she just got better with time. Yes, the director probably did do a good job with her, but I don’t think we can give him all the credit, as Mehreen did a pretty bad job in Dastaan even though it was directed by Haissam Hussain. Whatever the case, I’m hoping that Mehreen Raheal will be able to perform as well as she has in the first episode as the show goes on.

So Mehreen’s character Arleen is a girl who was born in…wherever they live. I don’t think it was mentioned in the first episode where the story is taking place, but if anyone knows please feel free to leave a comment. Anyway, she was born in this place and has lived here her whole life. Her family is Pakistani, but she doesn’t consider herself so. And she has a boyfriend who is about a million years older than her. He has been divorced before, and has a daughter who is about the same age as Arleen, maybe a year or two younger. Arleen is engaged to him, and her father can’t stand him and doesn’t want her to marry him.

Fahad Mustafa’s character Adil is from Pakistan. He came over to…wherever they live, so that he could go to college there. He meets Arleen while taking pictures, as it seems to be a hobby of his. They become friends, and it’s obvious that Adil likes her. And that’s all that has happened in the first episode. It’s a pretty good start in my opinion.

I don’t really like the character of Arleen. There’s nothing wrong with being open-minded, but she is a bit too open-minded. But I think I’m going to like the message that her character is going to bring. Her father is expecting her to not marry her 600 year old boyfriend because he is not Muslim. Arleen replies “Meri closet mein aik dupatta nahin hai, mainey kabhi Quran nahin para. Just because my family is Muslim, I’m Muslim?” You can’t expect your kids to follow the rules of Islam if you never teach them what Islam is. Living abroad, I’ve seen things like this happen all the time. Hopefully, Arleen’s character will showcase a good message for everyone.

I have a feeling thart Adil’s character is going to have some sort of backstory. The conversation between him and his mother (Sakina Sammo) doesn’t really give much information, but it’s just a hunch.

The director, Roomi Insha, has done a fantastic job so far. Just the first couple of scenes, in which Adil is going around taking pictures, have shown that this drama isn’t going to disappoint us directing wise. And the DOP seems to be doing a great job as well, as the techincal aspects of the show seem pretty spot-on. Let’s hope that this drama of Samira Fazal will be as good as the previous we’ve seen.


P.S Dastaan’s Sohail Haider is back with another hit song! Can’t get it out of my head!

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