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Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On August - 20 - 2011 16 COMMENTS

And just like that, another excellent drama comes to an end. With a happy ending no less! It’s been a while since we’ve seen such an all-around amazing serial conclude with a happy end. The end of most dramas are usually some sort of bitter reality. Happy endings are usually considered fake or unrealistic. So it would make sense that only an incredibly talented writer like Samira Fazal would be able to convey an ending that was both happy and realistic.

This serial has been amazing in its consistency. There was not one episode that didn’t keep viewers glued to their seats. But nobody’s perfect, and there are a couple of critiques I would make about the last episode.

Firstly, Nazia (Syra Yusuf) forgving her saas (Bushra Ansari) shouldn’t have been so sudden. I understand that Nazia was really angry at her in their previous meeting, but the scene between the two in today’s episode seemed a bit sugar-coated.

Secondly, I didn’t appreciate Imran Abbas’ acting very much during his ONLY scene in the episode (more on that later). It seemed a bit forced, and I felt as though he was trying a bit too hard to be emotional when he was talking about his father (Sajid Hassan).

Another problem I had with that scene was the fact that Shazia’s  (Sanam Saeed) son was in a pink blanket. Maybe I’m over-analyzing it a bit but it bothers me so much when there is a baby boy in a pink blanket or baby girl in a blue blanket. It’s not that hard of a fix! Another problem I had was that the names of either of the babies were never mentioned. Nazia’s daughter was just referred to as “Chhoti” throughout the whole episode. It would have been nice if we had gotten to know the names of the kids.

The last critique has to do with the fact that Shazia and Moiz were barely shown in the episode, and that Bari Ammi (Rubina Ashraf) didn’t have even one scene! It wouldn’t have changed the storyline at all if Bari Ammi had been in one of the scenes with Nazia’s mother (Samina Peerzada) and Phoppo Ammi (Sakina Sammo). And while I loved the directing of the last couple of scenes, especially Nazia and Shehbaz’s (Adeel Hussain) final meeting, I would have preferred if Moiz and Shazia had been shown somewhere as well. Shazia is a main character as well as Nazia. She should have had more of a role in the final episode.

I know that it probably seems as though I’ve done nothing but criticize the episode, but besides those four critiques, I thought the ending was just as superb as the rest of the serial. Adnan Ahmed’s directing has been impeccable throughout each and every episode, and the best thing he has done for the serial is the fact that he cast five new and fresh talents for the main characters. The contrast of the new talent with the senior actors such as Samina Peerzada, Sakina Sammo, Bushra Ansari and Sajid Hassan gave the serial a sort of edge that most dramas don’t have. Samira Fazal lived up to her reputation, and may have even surpassed it with the brilliant dialogues she has written. Only a writer of her caliber could have been able to keep the drama moving at such a fast pace without making it too rushed.

Syra Yusuf – No matter how many times I may have criticized her on her mediocre acting, I can’t deny that she has done an excellent job for somebody who had no prior acting experience. The role of Nazia may have been better in more capable hands, but Syra did her best through and through, which is a feat in itself.

Sanam Saeed – Nobody’s perfect, and while Sanam has had her weak points throughout the serial, nobody could have portrayed Shazia’s role as well as her. A job well done!

Imran Abbas, Adeel Hussain, and especially Imran Aslam have done a great job as well. Overall, a big salute to the entire team of Mera Naseeb! One of the best dramas I’ve seen in a long time!


Mera Naseeb Episode 18

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On July - 30 - 2011 1 COMMENT

I had expected this episode of Mera Naseeb to be sad. I, like, many other people had guessed that Fahad (Imran Aslam) would kill himself. But I don’t think that anyone had expected the depression they would feel after watching it all.

Fahad’s decision: was it right or wrong? Obviously, it was wrong. A haram death is wrong on all accounts. But after everything that Fahad had to face, it was the only option he saw. Fahad’s character has been scared and timid from the start. He doesn’t know how to stand up to his mom (Bushra Ansari), but can’t lose his wife (Syra Yusuf) and daughter either. And his mother…uff Allah, I don’t even know what to say about such a cruel woman. Suicide is never the answer no matter how hard it gets. But Fahad ki maa ne baat hi itni ghatiya ki thi. As Fahad said to her himself, “Main kahan jaon? Aap ne mujhe kisi k saamne moon dikhane ka nahin chhora.” He was helplessly crying in front of her, but phir bhi uss ki maa ne uss ke haal par rehem nahin khaya. “Tou kya karo ge? Apni maa ko saza do ge?”

And that’s just what he did. Aisi chun k saza di hai apni maa ko. But he didn’t think what effect this would have on his wife and daughter. His character had been shown as scared, and in the end he didn’t have the strength to face all the problems his mother had created for him. And after his wife had been disgraced throughout the whole city, there was no way to erase the humiliation they would have to face. In the end, his character was weak, and his mother put too strong of a burden on his shoulders. He wasn’t able to carry it.

But Imran Aslam justified the character through and through. His acting was impeccable, especially during the final confrontation scene between him and his mother. His expressions, tone of voice and dialogue delivery was spot-on. Overall, he did a beautiful job with his character right till the very end.

And then there’s Nazia. She’s finally had her daughter. But as was the case with her and Shazia, her daughter was born without a father. And maybe it’s just the trauma speaking, but she’s worried that her daughter’s fate will be the same as hers.
Syra Yusuf, I’ve said time and time again that your looks make you perfect for this role. I only wish that you had had a little more experience in acting before you were chosen in Mera Naseeb. A character like Nazia can’t be played by just anybody, and unfortunately…Syra is just anybody. She didn’t have the skills required to perform the character, and especially not the intense scenes in today’s episode. The scene with her and Shazia (Sanam Saeed) in the hospital would have been amazing if only Syra’s expressions and dialogue delivery hadn’t been so horrible. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t appreciate Sanam Saeed’s acting in this scene very much either. She seems to have a talent with aggressive, fighting scenes :P. Her acting was much better if it were to be compared to Syra’s, but still not as good as I had expected of her.

But one person’s acting shone throughout the episode, and that was Bushra Ansari’s. No matter how much we hate her character, I have to admit that her acting was phenomenal. The way she was crying made even me cry. And the scene was so powerful in itself. At some point in her life, Nazia’s saas had to step down from her pedestal. If only she had realized her faults before she drove her son to such an extreme decision.

Nazia’s story has taken a turn for the worst, and next episode Shazia’s story starts to go south as well. I just hope that Moiz (Imran Abbas) doesn’t turn out to be as weak as Fahad. And then Shehbaz’s (Adeel Hussain) proclamation. This serial has officially become my current favorite. Can’t wait till next week!


Mera Naseeb Episode 16

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On July - 19 - 2011 1 COMMENT

If I recall correctly, Shazia’s (Sanam Saeed) life was supposed to be in misery because of Nazia (Syra Yousuf), while Nazia was supposed to live a happy life. Then why is it that neither of their lives are going good?

Shazia’s predicament is that her husband (Imran Abbas) is just downright crazy. He hates his father (Sajid Hassan) and wants to be nothing like him, and yet he still is. Even after acknowledging this fact, he still doesn’t do anything to change himself. And poor Shazia still has to live with him for the sake of her child.

Shazia and Moiz’s part of the drama was beautifully portrayed in this episode. I’m not sure if it’s the directing or just the storyline itself, but this drama has had an incredibly smooth pace since its first episode. There are times when the story might seem to be going a bit too fast or a bit too slow, but for the most part, it doesn’t disappoint. Hats off to Samira Fazal and Adnan Ahmed.

And Samira Fazal has to be thanked once again for the beautiful dialogues she created for Shazia’s character in this episode. “Agar pyaar karna apne ikhtiyar mein hota tou har koi pyaar karne wala khush rehta.” This line pretty much sums up everything that Shazia feels for Moiz. And it seems that after these intense dialogues, Moiz finally realized that he needs to change himself for the sake of his wife and his child.

Another instance where Shazia’s dialogues were tear-jerking was when she said, “Main nahin chahti ke meri aulad tum se nafrat kare jaise tum apne baap se karte ho. Warna wo bilkul tumhari tarhan nikle gi.”

And then, after so much pain and tears, Moiz finally decides that he’s going to change. After realizing how much Shazia loves him despite everything he’s done, he decides to change. “Meri aulad ko mere baare mein kuch mat batana,” he says to her. He wants to start again with a clean slate.

Sanam Saeed, Syra Yusuf, Imran Abbas and Imran Aslam are all relatively new faces. And you can tell just by looking at the way they act. They don’t have that same polished feel to them as all of the senior actors (Sajid Hassan, Bushra Ansari, Samina Peerzada etc.) in this drama have. But the fact they are able to stand up and not be overshadowed by these actors is a great feat in itself. Their acting is phenomenal for such new comers.

So, no mention of Nazia anywhere in the review? That’s mostly because it seems next week is going to be all about Nazia. Fahad (Imran Aslam) said to her in this episode, “Lagta hai tum aur Shazia ne qasam khayi wi hai har kaam ko aik saath karne ki.” But I don’t think that that’s true at all. It seems that everytime a little bit of happiness comes into Shazia’s life, Nazia’s life is thrown into turmoil, or vice versa. Baba Ji was correct when he said that their lives would affect each other’s…but lagta hai ke Baba Ji qismat parhne ke waqt glasses pehena bhool gaye :P. Because I can honestly say that I have no idea what is going to happen next episode.

Nazia’s saas (Bushra Ansari) finds out she’s having a girl, not a boy. But Fahad knew all about this…so where does the divorce come in? I can’t wait till next week!


P.S Sorry for the late review, the site was having some problems. But we’re back now, so no worries!

Mera Naseeb Episode 14

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On July - 3 - 2011 5 COMMENTS

OK, so I know that I’ve said before that all of Nazia (Syra Yousuf) and her mother in-law’s (Bushra Ansari) scenes were too reminiscent of the typical saas-bahu story. But I’ll admit it, I was wrong!

While I would usually be turned off by a story involving saas-bahu problems, I really like how Nazia’s saas’s character is portrayed. She isn’t really a bad person, or ill-wishing towards her bahu…she just seems to have a problem with everything. Everything Nazia does or says is wrong in her book. However, I love the dialogues that Samira Fazal has created for her. “Nahin, chocolate mat dalna dood mein! Chocolate peeyo gi tou chocolate ke rang ka bacha nikle ga!”

And then the new problem: Nazia’s kid. Is it going to be a boy or a girl? As far as Nazia’s saas is concerned, it’s a boy no doubt about it. According to the doctor in the next episode preview however, it’s a girl. I can’t wait to see how Nazia’s saas is going to react when she finally finds out, but I’m also hoping that there won’t be too much of a reaction.

And now onto Shazia (Sanam Saeed), or more importantly, her insane husband Moiz (Imran Abbas). This guy has too many problems to count. He drinks, sits at home and does nothing all day while his wife works, and then beats her and calls her names when she gets home. Oh, and he’s also going crazy over his wife’s “cousin”. I mean, really? How low can you get? Poor Shazia spends all her time either listening to his insults or wiping his tears away. She made the right to decision in finally deciding to leave him. He didn’t deserve her.

And Moiz’s father’s (Sajid Hassan) dialogue when Moiz remarked that he was just like him was just perfect. “Tum meri tarhan nahin, apni maa ki tarhan ho! Besharam, nikhatu!” As far as I’m concerned, Moiz’s father is better than him. Yes, he beats his wife and insults her. But Moiz does that too. At least his father gave her a house to live in, and kept her izzat intact. Moiz on the other hand doesn’t seem to care if the world knows how he treats his wife.

And then the whole Nazia issue. I just don’t know what’s wrong with Moiz. Yes, Nazia’s pretty. But that’s all he knows about her! He has never even had a real conversation with Nazia, and yet he’s mooning over her like a lovestruck idiot!

So I know that I previously said that the director, Adnan Ahmed, wasn’t anything spectacular, and his directing was just so-so. But I have to admit that I was wrong about that too. The way that all of the scenes were directed, not only in this episode but the previous four, was pretty amazing. And another reason why I have to give it up for the director is because of the casting. Yeah, I know I’ve already talked way too much about the casting of Shazia and Nazia’s characters, but still, he did a pretty good job in finding people to fit their roles, as well as the casting for Fahad (Imran Aslam) and Moiz’s characters. And I don’t think anyone would have been able to portray the roles of Nazia’ mother-in-law and Shazia’s father-in-law better than Bushra Ansari and Sajid Hassan. All-in-all, I’d have to give the director a thumbs up.

I just have one little issue about today’s episode; when Moiz wakes up the next day after being drunk and Shazia asks him how he’s feeling, he replies that he feels great and energized and whatnot. Um…I’m pretty sure that most people feel horrible after a hangover. :P


Mera Naseeb Episode 10

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On June - 4 - 2011 3 COMMENTS

So we’re at episode 10 of Mera Naseeb…and the magic it had at its beginning has sort of died out in the last 3-4 episodes.

Nazia (Syra Yousuf) is in pain because of her saas (Bushra Ansari) and husband (Imran Aslam), Shazia (Sanam Saeed) is living at her mother’s house because Moiz (Imran Abbas) lost his job, and Nazia is angry with her mother (Samina Peerzada).

Most people enjoy watching realisitc dramas. But that doesn’t mean we want to watch dramas that have no entertainment besides everyday issues. Nazia has her whole saas-bahu thing going on, with a small little twist because of her previous relationship with Shehbaz (Adeel Hussain), who seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth. But that’s all there is to it. There’s really nothing else going on there.

Shazia’s husband lost his job, and the two are now living in a flat. Moiz has a new job, but it doesn’t pay as much as his previous one. I prefer Shazia’s story to Nazia’s. At least she has some sort of problem in her life besides the old saas-bahu fights! Moiz is unhappy because he is an idiot who doesn’t realize that Shazia is a great wife. He is still mooning over Nazia even though he’s barely ever talked to her.

And then there’s the story between Nazia and her mother. Chhoti Ammi doesn’t know what to do right now. Nazia hates her, and even Shazia realizes that something is wrong, and she blames Chhoti Ammi for it as well.  This is the only part of the story that is interesting. Nazia and Shazia’s parts were interesting too, but they get boring after a while.

And finally there’s the fights between Nazia’s saas and Fahad’s tayi, (Shagufta Ejaz). This is by far my favorite part of the drama. I have to give credit to Samira Fazal for the hilarious dialogues she has come up with. These two women are meethi chhuriyan, and do nothing but snipe at each other. Their characters, despite being a sort of comic relief, are also really realistic. There are people like this in real life, and if you think past their catty remarks, there is actually nothing funny about their personalities at all. Nazia’s saas will stop at nothing to have the upper hand, and poor Nazia is suffering because of this. It’s unbelievable how if a woman isn’t pregnant within 9 months of her marriage, there has to be something wrong with her.

Acting! Syra Yousuf has definitely picked up in the last 2-3 episodes. If she had had a side character, she would have been perceived as a much better actress. But as she has a main character, her role demands a lot from her. However, she is doing very well for a new actress. The scene between her and Phuppo Ammi (Sakina Sammo) demanded a lot of emotion, and though there could definitely have been improvement, Syra’s effort was good. Her acting is getting better and better with every episode, and I hope that she will have gained a lot of acting experience by the time this drama is over.

Imran Aslam is also a relatively new face, but you can barely tell that he’s new. He is doing a great job, just his role demands. Sanam Saeed, also a new face, is no less, and neither is Imran Abbas. All of the senior actors are performing great as well. I didn’t really think much of the director previously, but I do now. A lot of the scenes in episode 10 were very well directed, and as I just said, all of the actors are doing a great job despite being new, so the director has obviously done a lot of work with them behind the scenes.

Despite this serial being written by Samira Fazal, the technical aspects beat the story 10 to 1, and are mostly why I’m watching it.

Hoping the story will pick up soon,



Mera Naseeb Episode 8

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On May - 21 - 2011 2 COMMENTS

I think the new name for this drama should be “Shazia and Nazia: The miserable duo!” I liked the parts between Nazia (Syra Yusuf) and her mother (Samina Peerzada), and all of the parts with Shazia (Sanam Saeed). Nazia’s parts however I bit filmy for me. I get that her main problem right now is her saas (Bushra Ansari), but the whole saas-bahu scenario really isn’t what I want to see in such a great drama.

So Shazia and Nazia are, despite everything, married to Moiz (Imran Abbas) and Fahad (Imran Aslam), while Shehbaz (Adeel Hussain) sits in a corner and cries about his fate. Before analyzing the episode, I’d like to talk about Shehbaz for a second. Even though he wasn’t shown in this episode, he’s inevitably going to make a reappearance some time soon. And frankly, I’d rather he didn’t. I liked him at the beginning of the show, but…he’s gotten kind of weird as the episodes have passed by. And in the last episode when he was in a rage after Nazia’s wedding and was going around shouting “I’ll kill her!” my liking for him waned even more. This guy obviously has anger management problems. He loves Nazia, and yet he wants her life to be ruined because she doesn’t love him back. I don’t know where this drama is going to go, but I can already say that I don’t want Nazia to end up with Shehbaz. He’s obviously not good enough for her.

So we start out with Nazia. Her saas  turns out to be horrible. Well, not horrible per say. But she’s really strict, and wants everything to go her way. The first day of her marriage, Nazia knows that she’s going to have to change her ways in order to conform with her saas. And her husband Fahad isn’t a very big help either. He has the whole “momma’s boy” vibe, and, in his love for his mother, he doesn’t really care about Nazia’s feelings at all.

I said in the last episode that I liked Fahad’s character. I changed my mind. Throughout this episode, we saw that Fahad isn’t a very caring husband. This is only hinted at of course, but you can tell that he is going to get worse as the serial progresses. And he also seems to have a lot of insecurity going on. He keeps talking to Nazia about how beautiful she is, and how he doesn’t deserve her. When he is telling her that the only reason his mother picked Nazia as his wife was because of her beauty, and she asks “Laikin mere shoq, meri sochein?” he replies, “Woh kahan se beech mein agaein?”


Yeah, I definitely don’t like him.

Then we move onto Shazia. Her husband Moiz is really nice, funny, sweet, everything anyone would really want in a husband. Shazia is however, still having doubts about him because of the whole Nazia thing. She hints at this every now and then, but Moiz hasn’t mentioned anything, except for saying that whatever mistakes he made before his wedding aren’t going to interfere with his married life. Good for him! Out of all three of the heroes, I like Moiz the best so far.

But, Moiz’s father (Sajid Hassan) is the complete opposite of his son. He doesn’t know how to do anything except yell the most digusting insults at his wife, and remind his son that it’s because of his money that he is well-educated. Moiz can’t stand his father, and after a day where there’s a particularly nasty fight, packs his and Shazia’s stuff right away and gets ready to leave. He tells Shazia that he is going to try his best to always keep her happy, because he hates his father and never wants to be a husband like him.

Poor Shazia is really stuck right now. Her husband is vowing to always keep her happy, and yet she can’t be happy. The only reason Moiz is doing this is because he doesn’t want to be like his father, not because he loves Shazia.

All the actors are doing a fantastic job, so I must give credit to both them and the director, Adnan Ahmed. The only actor I would say that is excelling besides the senior actors is Imran Abbas. All the others are doing a great job as well, though. Syra Yusuf is doing much better than she was at the beginning of the serial, and hopefully she’ll keep raising her standard as the episodes go by



Mera Naseeb Episode 7

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On May - 15 - 2011 8 COMMENTS

Everything seems to be happening so fast in this drama that I’m regretting not writing a review for last week’s episode. So much has happened in just 2 episodes!

I have to say that I feel really bad for Nazia (Syra Yusuf) after watching episode 7. The poor girl is getting bud-duaein from just about everyone, even from Shazia (Sanam Saeed), her best friend!

And all of the misfortune being wished upon her aside, she’s just found out some mind blowing information about her mother (Samina Peerzada). I can’t imagine how she must be feeling right now. The guy she’s in love with hates her, her best friend is convinced that it’s Nazia’s fault that her marriage is ruined, and her mother turns out to have such a horrible personality that Nazia can’t even stand to talk to her. Oh, and the anxiety from getting married is there too.The most traumatic event I think has happened to her so far is what she has found out about her mother. It must be horrible to realize that the mother who was supposedly so pious that she couldn’t even stand the thought of her daughter talking to a man is really the exact opposite of what she appears to be. To find out that the people you thought were your parents really aren’t, that you’re illegitimate, is just like finding out that your whole life is a lie, which in Nazia’s case, it sort of is. And she can’t even defend herself in front of Shazia because it would break her best friend come half-sister’s heart. And on top of all that, Nazia is feeling really unloved. Her Phoppo Ammi (Sakina Sammo) told her this shocking saga of her mother’s bud-kirdari without even stopping to care what effect this would have on Nazia.

But putting Nazia’s turmoil aside, Shazia isn’t faring too well either. The man she’s engaged to, who, by the end of the episode has become her husband, is in love with Nazia. As Shazia said, “Agar mein jaa ke Fahad se kahoon ke tum Shebaz ko pasand karti ho, tou kya woh yeh bardasht kar pae ga? Koi bhi nahin karta. Tou mein kyun karoon?” Her life is in shatters, and though none of this is Nazia’s fault, Shazia is justified in blaming her. “Aisi bhi kya baat hai tum mein? Kya mein itni hi buri hoon?” For the first time in her life, Shazia is realizing what the difference in beauty between the two of them means, and it’s certainly not a pleasant experience.

And there are the three heroes. Moiz (Imran Abbas), Shehbaz (Adeel Hussain), and Fahad (Imran Aslam).

Moiz is just stupid. He’s seemingly in love with Nazia just because of one look at her, while he accepted Shazia after talking to her and getting to know her. It seems incredibly dumb that he would ask Nazia to marry him during the maiyon of his wedding to Shazia. However, as he said after the nikah and during the mun dikhai, he doesn’t want whatever mistakes he’s made before his wedding to interfere with his and Shazia’s married life. After hearing this, Shazia doesn’t go through with all things she wanted to say to him. She’s satisfied in knowing that he’s not going to let his liking of Nazia’s bother them, and hopefully he’ll stand by this decision in the coming episodes.

Poor Shehbaz is suffering because of Nazia too. However, unlike in Moiz’s case, he actually has a reason to be angry. He had wanted to marry her. She had agreed to run away with him. And then she goes and says no and gets married to someone else. This isn’t her fault, but Shehbaz can’t know that. All he knows is that Nazia agreed to marry him and then backed out, and he’s depressed and infuriated that she would do this to him. His rage was boiling out in this episode, but hopefully he will have calmed down as the story progresses. If he doesn’t…well, Nazia has another problem to deal with.

And finally there’s Fahad. He’s awe-struck at his good fortune, but he also realizes that Nazia doesn’t care for him, which is why he makes an agreement with her that she doesn’t have to accept him until she’s ready to. Fahad’s character I like, simply because he’s a seeda-saada guy who doesn’t really have any hidden motives or unnecessary  drama going on. He’s married to Nazia, and he wants a nice life with her. That’s really all there is to it.

And finally let’s get onto the acting. I really think that Syra Yusuf’s acting has picked up in this episode. She’s a new actress, pretty inexperienced, so her tone of voice and expressions haven’t really been meeting the requirements of the character. However, I must say that she did a good job with her acting in today’s episode. Shazia, Moiz, Fahad and Shehbaz’s characters all did a great job as well, particularly Sanam Saeed with her expressions when she was dressed as a dulhan and sitting on the bed.

I haven’t really seen anything extraordinary in directing though. The director, Adnan Ahmed, is good, but nothing special in my opinion. However, I have to admit that I liked the ending scene of this episode, and how we were shown the expressions of all the ammis after their daughters were married off. And the lighting, camera work and overall technical aspects of this drama have been marvelous. We need more dramas like this in Pakistan. Our image is being ruined with low budget soap operas with just about the worst directing and technical details. If we have Mera Naseeb type talent in Pakistan, we might as well show it.

Lastly, I’ve heard a lot of people saying that Mera Naseeb is too filmy and seems like some sort of a Bollywood movie. I’d have to disagree on this. We’ve gotten used to seeing drama with messages like Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon, Daam, Meri Zaat and Samira Fazal’s own Dastaan. We’ve forgotten that the main purpose of dramas is just that, drama. I’m sure this drama will have a moral thrown in somewhere, because all good stories do. However, the drama isn’t centered around the message. It’s about entertainment, and I am certainly entertained when I watch it.

Overall, I good episode, and I can’t wait for the twists and turns about to take place in this story. A salute to Samira Fazal, and all the cast and crew. You’ve created a masterpiece!


Mera Naseeb Episode 5

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On May - 1 - 2011 6 COMMENTS

Something I’ve been noticing about Hum TV dramas is that they all seem to have nice fast-paced stories. Mera Naseeb’s episode 5 was no exception, everything happened quickly, but not too fast either. I haven’t mentioned the directing at all yet, but that’s just because I haven’t seen anything special. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s not out of the ordinary in any way. The director is good, but he’s not super good.

So Nazia (Syra Yousuf) is officialy engaged to Fahad. Obviously, she doesn’t like this occurence. Shehbaz (Adeel Hussain) is a nice guy, he loves her, he has money, what more does her mother (Samina Peerzada) need? As Shazia (Sanam Saeed) said, “Aap log pata nahin har baat ko ana ka masla kyun bana dete hain.” Nazia finally agrees to run away with Shehbaz, something he’s thrilled about.

While that’s going on, Shazia’s mother Sajidah (Rubina Ashraf) finds a rishta for Shazia from America for some guy named Moiz. Shazia isn’t thrilled about this, but she doesn’t want anything to happen to her mother again. While at the library, she meets Moiz (Imran Abbas) and decides that she likes him. They  come with the rishta next day, Moiz sees beautiful, gorgeous Nazia, and everything goes wrong. He decides that she’s super beautiful and that he wants to marry her instead.

I feel bad for Samira Fazal, the writer, right now. This is a great drama, but unfortunately, the casting is screwed up. Like I said in my last post, Syra Yousuf was the best pick, in my opinion for Nazia, and Sanam Saeed for Shazia, out of all the actresses Pakistan has to offer. However, it’s not good enough. Nazia is supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous. While Syra Yousuf is really pretty, she’s not so haseen that whoever sets eyes on her falls in love. And while Sanam Saeed isn’t all that pretty, she’s not so ugly that nobody would want to marry her. Out of all the actresses the drama makers had available to them, I think they made a good choice with the casting. However, to somebody unaware of the fact that there weren’t a lot of choices for characters like Nazia and Shazia, it’s going to seem like bad casting.

The day of the maiyon, Nazia gets ready to run away with Shehbaz. However, they  get caught by Phoppo Ammi (Sakina Sammo) while Shazia is trying to sneak her out. Phoppo Ammi gets really angry and goes off on Nazia about how she always knew that her mother Salima’s influence would fall on her, and that this was all her mother’s fault. Nazia replies by saying that Phoppo Ammi has never liked her mother, and that she has nothing to do with Nazia’s own decisions. But Phoppo Ammi is so mad right now that she just can’t keep her anger towards Salima in any longer and just comes out with the real story about her animosity towards her.

Except just then, the clock strikes midnight and the spell is broken! :P

The episode ends at a cliff-hanger, and the audience is more pulled in towards this drama than ever.


Mera Naseeb Episodes 1-4

Posted by Sarah (Noorie) On April - 24 - 2011 1 COMMENT

Does anyone remember Samira Fazal? Yes, the mastermind who wrote Noor Pur ki Rani, Mera Saaein, Dastaan and tons more. Well, she’s back, with a brand new drama that after only 4 episodes is slowly creeping its way onto my list of favorites.

Firstly, I’m going to have to explain the story a little bit, because it’s very interesting and pretty different from most dramas.

So there are these 2 second cousins, Nazia (Syra Yousuf) and Shazia (Sanam Saeed), who are twins…but not twins. They were both born on the same day, but to different mothers. And, apparently, their destinies are intertwined. Everything that happens to the one happens to the other, and their fathers even died at the same time. They live with Nazia’s mother (Samina Peerzada), Shazia’s mother (Rubina Ashraf), and their phuppo (Sakina Sammo), whom they call their “Phuppo Ammi.”

Now here’s where things get interesting. In their family, when a child is born or an important event is about to happen, the family members always use astrology, or have istakharas done for it. So the mothers did just that, and found out that while Nazia is going to live a nice and happy life, Shazia is going to be in misery her whole life, because of Nazia. Shazia doesn’t believe in this, but Nazia does.

Shazia’s character is really  strong-willed. She isn’t afraid to mouth off to her mothers, and is a lot more adventurous than Nazia. She doesn’t seem to know when to stop talking, and you can just tell that she’s the type of girl who’s always getting into trouble.

Nazia, on the other hand, is really quiet and soft-spoken. Her mother is always telling her how to behave, and she follows everything her mother tells her to do. The two have a strange friendship, but it’s a strong one nevertheless.

Meanwhile, the 3 mothers all have problem of their own. Shazia’s mother is nice and amiable, is always keeping the peace between Phuppo Ammi and Nazia’s mother. These two fight a lot, and I suppose we’ll find out why soon.

Another interesting point: Nazia is very pretty, Shazia is much less pretty. And everyone knows it. Shazia doesn’t care, but everybody else seems to. But while Nazia has beauty, Shazia has money, and these differences are sure to play a big role in the future.

And then there’s this guy, Shehbaz (Adeel Hussain). Shazia talked Nazia into skipping college one day and going to watch a movie. Their mothers are very strict, make them wear burqas, and pretty much never let them leave the house. This is the first time they’re ever going to watch  a movie, and Nazia is really worried. However, she goes anyway, and they get into trouble with Shehbaz, the owner of the store. Long story short, they now owe him money. He comes to their college the next day to get it, talks to Nazia, and BOOM he likes her. Classic romance formula, nothing really out of the ordinary.

So Shehbaz likes Nazia, and he wants to meet her. He calls her and asks for him to meet her in a restaurant, and she says yes, thinking that he’s going to be asking when they’ll pay him his money back. However, when Nazia and Shazia skip college again and head over, he asks Nazia if she’ll marry him and if he should come with a rishta. She says yes, but then their Fatima Khala shows up, and the screen goes black. When it comes back into focus, Fatima Khala is dragging them into their house and tells their mothers her perception of what happened. Nazia’s mother beats her up, Shazia’s mother wants to kick her out of the house, and the whole thing is just chaotic.

I really don’t understand why these mothers are so crazy. They’re willing to kick their kids out of the house, and Nazia’s mother nearly killed her, just because…because what? Do they even know what happened? I hate this sort of mentality, in which what the parents think is always right. The kids don’t even get a chance to explain their situation.  As Shazia said, “Humari maaon ke dil nahin, sirf naak hain.”

Shehbaz and his sister Raafia come to ask for Nazia’s hand in marriage, and Nazia’s mother flips out. “Mithai ki dukaan?!” she screams, “Yeh din kaisey aya jab meri beti ke liye mithai waale ka rishta agaya?” Needless to say, Shehbaz and his sister are kicked out of the house.

So now Nazia isn’t allowed to go to college, and her mother is going to get her married with whichever rishta comes knocking. Shazia wants wants her to run away with Shehbaz, but Nazia doesn’t want to hurt her mother again, and says no. Nazia is soon engaged with some Fahad character, while Shehbaz goes around being crazy in love with Nazia.

And that’s where we are now. All in all, this drama seems pretty interesting. I was told by a friend of mine that Samira Fazal’s dramas are usually predictable, but I can honestly say that I have no idea what’s going to happen. I have assumptions of course, but there’s still a lot of variables to calculate in.

As far as acting goes, the three mothers are all doing a fabulous job, which is to be expected from such esteemed actresses. Adeel Hussain is doing a great job, but when we get to Nazia and Shazia, I have some reservations. Sanam Saeed is doing a pretty good job, although she slips up every now and then. Syra Yousuf on the other hand…well, she’s not  a very good actress. I didn’t think that she would be, to tell you the truth, as this is her first acting venture. It’s kind of sad that the main character of such a great serial is being played by such an inexperienced actress, but I suppose that she’ll have to do. With Nazia’s character, I think Syra Yousuf was the only person who could fit her physique. Firstly, she has to be super pretty. There’s tons of actresses that could fit that description, but then we move onto the second critique. She has to be very innocent looking, and around the 20-year old range. Here’s the part where any old actress won’t work. Keeping that in mind, I think that Syra Yousuf was the best choice for Nazia, acting skills or not.

This serial looks pretty promising, so we’ll see where it goes,


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