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Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 23 FINALE

Posted by A musing muslim On May - 17 - 2014 15 COMMENTS


Honestly I didn’t see this coming so soon. You know, the light at the end of the tunnel, or perhaps in this case, little light but at least, the end. Well props for not stretching it to the current TRP max of 28.

This one belonged to Adeel Husain. His Zeeshan was firm with his parents and his sister and remained the voice of reason while most other folks addled brains were out to pasture and were also not afforded the luxury of voice or opinion. That he felt duty bound to take care of them in a loving and dignified way speaks to the fact that he must have been adopted because as we know all the other apples in this basket are rotten to the core. He did however, have the better end of all the stereotypes here.

Maham tugging at his heartstrings was the right touch of credibility and the slow pacing of the last few episodes brought home the fact that change is in store for Romaisa and Zeeshan though it is slow and will take time. So no rushed walking into the sunset ending but escape for Romaisa all thanks to Zeeshan.

And that troubling image this drama perpetuates is what is indeed shocking.

When Zeehan calls out her lack of anger at her situation as an abnormality, he isn’t far from the truth. Often the readers too have wondered about Romaisa’s intellectual capacitance and limited IQ and the directors lack of direction succeeded in making her look like a complete and utter moron. I think with her slow reaction time and brain processing prowess, am afraid she does have some serious issues. Drama shrinks must make a killing no?

Once an Allah miyan ki gaye, always a gaye – waiting for someone to either led her to slaughter or to the pasture. If character growth was too much to ask, the director refused to even give her a voice. Forget her own voice, she wasn’t even allowed to come to her own truths and realizations. And don’t point me to that lame voice over it doesn’t count.

All of her realizations were spoken by Zeeshan to which we got a halfhearted voice over of “Meine yahi socha tha….aur ye bhi meine baad mein socha tha…Theekh keh rahe hain app jo bhi keh rahein hain…” So poor orphan child first needed a man to buy her hand and then she needed another knight to save her from a life in the kitchen and its confines. Correction: moneyed men.

In case you missed it here is the moral of the story: Girls listen up your education, learnings from life and your very own self are nothing. Please hand in all degrees and head to the kitchen and cry into the kheema (saves namak). Sit quietly and wait for a man to come in and save you. Why speak when you can look pretty crying silent tears. In fact, don’t speak at all. Let the men do it for you na?

Do these directors, producers and channels even think for a second what images they are propagating? We live in complicated times and when Pakistani women are standing up for their rights these regressive mindsets are dragging them back to the 15th Century where Romaisa came from.

You would think that having women writer (Umera Ahmed) , producer (Momina Duraid) and director (Sakina Samo) would raise the bar on this project and allow for women’s perspective, sadly all they do is present the patriarchal values dictated by men. Or TRPS. Or both.

When you make an adaptation of novel (or is it novella?) that is already in print, the audience is looking for some vision and new interpretation to turn the written word to visuals. Any vision or novelty was sorely lacking here. These strong,  thinking, independent women who could have turned around perceptions, reduced Romaisa to property: first to be bought  and then bartered and in the end gave her no agency to her own life.

The lock, stock and barrel of zalim characters as a foil to a bechari mazloom ladki didn’t bring on the waterworks. Even with glycerin. Though of course, this is an Umera Ahmed drama so no surprises there. Only black and white, the good and the bad. Also thank you for making a primer on how to be a lalchi khala, mean step-sisters, zalim saas and nand along with lessons for evil bhabhi and dewar Next time at least try and introduce conversations that don’t just revolve around money or at least find some synonyms for jayadat .

Lack of nuance was the biggest misstep here. We need nuance to recognize ourselves in these characters. We all have daily struggles with good and bad and no one lives their lives as cardboard cutouts. Ok, ok I know.  Too much to ask.

I guess I started watching for the right reasons and there I was not disappointed. There was plenty of eye candy to go around. There were very few highs – all of them involving some combination of Nabeel and/or the dream team of Nabeel and Zeeshan. Though if you are going to show a man in uniform keep at it for more than 20 odd minutes out of 960 OK? (Petition for more Adeel here).

Nabeel was actually an awful character – as an enabler, harasser, buying his way through life. It was only because Mikaal Zulfikar added some nuance and boatloads of charm that it worked. Also, he has grown as an actor which was a pleasure to behold not that we need much persuading to be charmed by him.

Sanam Jung as Romaisa with her lack of expression could have done so much better if she was given some or any direction other than keep it stupid. Simple. Adeel Husain, terrific as always (see above). Only now I want to see him in a different role. No more second marriages and you have our permission, go on, be a bad boy for a change.

Over the top but highly enjoyable performances by Farah Shah and Mansha Pasha  along with that adorable little Mahum were also some of the highlights. But alas, all that eye candy wasn’t enough to hold this fluff together.

A big thank you to all the readers and commenters for sticking this through though we lost some very wise souls on the way. Lesson learnt. If eye candy comes in wrapped in regression then I am going to have to kick it goodbye. Hard.

On a more positive note however, I am now President of the Adeel Husain Fan Club so come on folks let’s get going. Petitions don’t sign themselves you know.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 22

Posted by A musing muslim On May - 9 - 2014 6 COMMENTS


‘Tis the season for silver linings. First here and now right here.

Last week saw a rather grumpy Zeeshan resisting every kind word or gesture from Romaisa but this week given his family’s apathy to his condition and little more than a formal hazzri he realizes his position in their hierarchy of work, shaadis and other assorted amusements of the rich and farig.

So after months of being ignored he seems to notice the one person who geniunely cares  and waits on him hand and foot (no pun intended) as well as a little heart melter. After all, who can resist that cute little pudding face? This drama wins the eye candy of the year award for the most good looking folks on screen in the span of 40 or so odd minutes

Zeeshan is melting his hardened demeanor and is it lovely to see him falling in love with Maham and her childlike innocent ways. This feels more real and believable than rising humdardi track that dramas are prone to exploring. The breakfast scene where Maham eyes his toast and juice, ends up grabbing his finger and when she falls asleep with him are fairly natural and as his falling in love with her has been gradual. So kudos for nicely written and executed scenes.

Zeeshan stands up (pun intended) to his family for both Maham and Romaisa which is nice to see. Now if only Romaisa could learn to stand up for herself without always needing a man to do it for her, how much more would we like her?

Zeeshan also realizes the unfair treatment meted out to Romaisa by his family and begins to set things right. A firm talking to his brother, the reinstatement of the fish tank, and his realization that all of Romaisa’s and by extension Maham’s life is confined to their room, and this house and their happiness remains locked up in her box of memories.

It was a quiet episode, with slow and gradual dawning of the realization of their positions and changing dynamics of their relationships. While Maham, as children usually do, is able to call him Papa and recognize his place, Romaisa perplexed by this change in Zeeshan dares not to even dream of the possibility of another man, another life. And if Zeeshan’s family has their way, she might be right.

The acting today – both by Sanam Jung and Adeel Husain was very good – muted, internal and quiet with moments of solitude that reflect their angst and transformation.

Now if only they reduced the screen time for the fishes, and had got to this point sooner, there would have been more of us swimming along.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 21

Posted by A musing muslim On May - 2 - 2014 9 COMMENTS


Hope you are all holding onto the tissues and/or glycerin because you will need one or the other.

Zeeshan is recovering from his gunshot wound, while his family hovers around him for a good three weeks. Or in drama land three minutes. How thoughtful and kind of them to show up to show off their concern. Back at home, he is forgotten and lays languishing in bed in a foul foul mood.

Shouldn’t pain killers make you more mellow and sedate? Clearly humdard(i) ka tonic also needs to be added to his medicine mix. Also to add insult to his injury, he has been pushed onto Romaisa’s never ending list of duties.

Well this at least serves two purposes – first it makes him aware of his family’s matlabi and indifferent ways and second it he gets to experience of Romaisa’s bedside manner and nurse skills. This episode succeeded a little better than last time to drum up some sympathy for Romaisa.

The scene when she is accused of being manhoos was handled particularly well with her walking away with the realization that Zeeshan is alive. Her lifeless eyes and tone on being told about her place in this household by the help no less, and with her conversation with her friend actually had some nice dialogues -Mujhe ab khud appne aap pe taraas nahin ata.., Biwi hoon unki magar mera koi haq nahin…Iss haqeekat ki duniya mein jiya nahin jata..for Sanam Jung to shine.

She may have questionable intelligence but at least she showed some understanding that money – the lack or abundance of- doesn’t solve your problems. But when will she learn that speaking up and asking for your right actually does?

Forcing Zeeshan and Romaisa and that cute little pudding Maham together, brings about a certain tension and unease in all of them. Zeeshan’s irritation and annoyance at his family’s indifference boils over into barbs at Romaisa and even Maham but his good heart and humdardi will shine through.

Soon let’s hope so that we have some silver linings in this dark depressing drama.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 20

Posted by A musing muslim On April - 25 - 2014 16 COMMENTS


There is good news and bad news. First the good news: my pleas for a non-linear narrative were answered- elsewhere.

Now the bad news, uff…where to begin? Is there anything other than bad news in this drama?

Romaisa continues in woe begotten bechari mode of being the help – cooking, cleaning, making chai, taking care of the kids. Not only is she pushed around by the adults here, but the kids treat her no better. At least she had the gumption to stand up for her daughter – who by the way, is totally adorable in those extra long kameezes just like her Mama!

Zeeshan despite wanting to stay away gets suckered into trying to stand up for her. Also clear is that he caves to pressure and doesn’t think much before he acts. Yawn, tell us something new.  Adeel and Sanam are both good but there is only so much they can do with these tired situations.

In other burri khabrein of the day, Romaisa is being judged by the maid for not missing Nabeel, being preyed on by expecting father Hassan. Not enough you say? Don’t worry there is more zulm in the form of usurping Nabeels bedroom with complete décor change. So long fishes and psychedelic wall paper….

Not doing anything for your tear ducts? Ok, how about locking her child in her room who falls asleep without khana? Ignoring her because she is busy handling others kids? Nothing? Accha, then evil saas lashing out at the little girl? Gosh you are being difficult aren’t you?

Ok wait, wait I got it! Zeeshan is shot thereby bringing full circle all of Romaisa’s fears about abandonment and having no man in her life? Great na! Oh…except, hmmm, yes, he has been shot before. But hey at least we are back on humdardi track and he will realize what a wonderful nurse, I mean wife she can be and they sail off into the sunset ideally with jayadat in tow.

Oh! Come on! Iss pe bhi aankh nahin baar aayi? No onion tears even? Crocodile ones? Bah!

Plan B: Break out the case of glycerin.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 19

Posted by A musing muslim On April - 19 - 2014 9 COMMENTS



Time marches on fairly quickly in this drama despite most the characters being stuck – read still discussing the cornerstone of this play jayadat, jayadat, jayadat. With Rabia out of the picture, Zeeshan bows to family pressure and marries Romaisa much to the glee of the parents and the consternation of everyone else.

However, Zeeshan is the only one afforded some character growth in this difficult position of having to accept his brothers wife and daughter. While earlier sympathetic to his bhabhi, he seems to be questioning his responsibility to them in this paper marriage.

Although no one really expects him to fulfill the role of a husband and father his conscience operates at a higher level than his  family and that seems to bother him.  Despite his firmly stating the above,  he is likely to be tugged by his humdardi strings as well as do the right thing being the good upright guy that he is.

Adeel Husain once again effortlessly embodies his character.

The zulm on Romaisa continues with her being treated as the glorified ayah, cook and help rolled into one. And if we thought the saas couldn’t be more heartless and evil than she already is, she deals a new one ordering Romaisa to move baby, bag and baggage to Zeeshan’s room. Why pray tell if she isn’t truly expected to be married to him? Did she even think about the poor fish?

While Maham may have grown, time stands still for Romaisa and this paper marriage changes nothing for her. Though she did whimper and try and tell Daddy dearest that she would rather not marry – as if she had a choice and anyone cared what she thought! Romaisa cries, stares at the night sky, bemoans her life and stares at her fate lines.

I suspect Sanam Jung is capable of much more and this reducing her literally to constant tears and stacking the deck so unfavourably against her takes away any empathy one might feel for her.

If only they had wrapped this up in ten episodes can you imagine the fast pace this drama would have had? Also why are we so wedded to linear narratives? With some imaginative and nifty editing you could have had an inventive non-linear storyline which could have played with past and present instead of this constant flashback mode.

Since no one is bothering to innovate with stories, come on at least up the ante on presenting them along with upping the editing chops. Sigh, if wishes were fishes…..

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 18

Posted by A musing muslim On April - 12 - 2014 19 COMMENTS



Well, that was short lived – a moment of silence for the death of sense and sensibility.  Ok well, maybe not so short since a span of a couple of months have passed – the baby has been birthed, Zesshan is back from his training and still not so much as a new topic of conversation been introduced by this family .

Seriously, if we had a penny for every time any character said jayadat, we could have eradicated meningitis by now. So in this battle for property which by the by folks,  is immovable and none of the recipients are in dire straits of money (for nothing) or haw hai mujhe appna soona beejhna padega position …Oh apologies, I am thinking logically. Never mind. Onward.

The parents are sharpening their blackmailing prowess and puppeteer strings to force Zeeshan to marry Romaisa while Rabia’s parents are holding firm in guaranteeing their daughters building bank balance. I guess it runs in the family, at least this family.

This tendency to constantly showcase second marriage as solution reeks of the worst way in which we misuse our own religion and traditions. If we constantly reinforce our own stereotypes, we really need to stop browbeating others for doing the same.  Whoops – sorry – reasoning again. Will try and keep any sensible thought from the picture.

Rabia, who had thus far done a volte-face  from her materialistic nature and tendency to be distracted by shiny objects, and had gotten points for being a sensible person, now reverts to her old self. Also I called it. Well I suppose four months of thinking straight can strain some nerve cells.  For someone who can hold down a house job, clearly she displays more independence and intelligence levels than we have seen thus far.

But of course the thought of working to supplement your hubby’s income instead of putting all your eggs in the property basket which again – sorry to sound like a broken record- is really not going anywhere-why! Perish the thought! Along with any ideas that marriage and relationships involve commitment, love and fidelity.

I think Mira Sethi did a fine job stating her selfish position and Adeel played out his dilemma to convincing effect.  Since he was the only character actually trying to come up with a reasonable solution while others around him are blind sighted by the P (or J) word, it was like hitting a brick wall every time he tried to inject good judgment (see above for how that’s playing out here).

I heart Adeel Husain for really making Zeeshan’s predicament feel real and believable but I really really want to see him in a different role minus humdardi and a flexible backbone.

And speaking of bending to the will of others, Romaisa remains drenched in misery possibly heightened by postpartum depression, and being the recipient of cast offs from this family. Continuing in that tradition, she’ll be married off without a whimper to Zeeshan.  All this forced doom and gloom is really making this a very heavy drama to watch – minus the emotional anchor .

The pallor of gloom only lifts when we are treated to flashbacks of Nabeel and only Nabeel.  Though could they really not have better dialogues? Sounds of fish in the water? Eh? We already have the trending Babajis, what now? Romaisa gifted with extra sensitive hearing even though she still has to be coached into how to have a conversation? Difficult to sympathize with her if she sounds this much of a dolt.

Well then points to Mikaal for his ESP then and being able to see the staying power of his character. Hmm I wonder what it says about a drama when the specter of the dead person is the only thing to look forward to?

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 17

Posted by A musing muslim On April - 4 - 2014 16 COMMENTS




Last week it was bile rising, this week it is spilling all over the screen as the toxic battle for the bewa begins.

Mercifully, we were actually shown the closest approximation to real, thinking folk in this episode in the form of Rabia and her parents. Without mincing any words and standing on the strength of their spines and strong dialogue and also some pretty good delivery too, the trio managed to spell out in no uncertain terms both the warped logic and matlabi intentions of Rabia in-laws.

Well done Mira Sethi, you were terrific.

The plot thickens. Well, mostly because she is pregnant and prize property and the men of the house think they all entitled to their share – though I feel compelled to ask again, where is she going folks?

While Daddy dearest is mulling over pressure tactics to arm twist Zeeshan into this money grubbying arrangement, the other two farig men folk have designs of their own.  Waleed is upset at being blind sighted yet again by his family in the search for safe keeping of Romaisa’s jayadat. Thankfully, his wife cuts him and his plans down to size and refuses as any sensible wife should, to give him permission to re-marry. Well, that and refusing to leave without a sizeable chunk of their property too.

Hassan is up to his old sleazy tricks of harassing Romaisa into submission.  Zeeshan too is troubled by the turn of events, but as is the case with most of Adeel’s characters, the situation strums his hamdardi chords and you can see the possibility hovering in his head.

Apologies to Adeel’s attempt at a menacing grimace but despite trying to sound aggressive and intimidating, I didn’t exactly read threatening in that scene. Perhaps having him in uniform would have done the trick, or fed my fantasies if nothing else.

As for the chattel, she truly is stuck in between a rock and a hard place as all her choices are quickly shot down. Please keep Romaisa away from her feather-brained friend too. Wherefore are ties of sisterhood? Despite what I thought was an unnecessary voice over, her flashbacks left her with enough of a will to live, even if it has been beaten down, trod upon and blanketed in grief by a sea of tears. Sanam Jung finally gets a chance to emote and it’s clear why they give her these frail, helpless roles.

What takes away from it somewhat are these supposedly innocent-sweet moments to try and show her naivety and end up making her look like a moron. Please keep those scenes to a minimum with the camera trained on Nabeel, since with every flashback I shed a silent tear for Mikaal’s quick exit.

Ok so the stage is set. Zeeshan has his inner strife to deal with and Romaisa is sufficiently suffering and brain washed into accepting him. Rabia, honey, as is the case with the shelf life of sensible characters, looks like we have to bid adieu to you. Here’s hoping you leave on a high note!

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 16

Posted by A musing muslim On March - 28 - 2014 7 COMMENTS




I’m going to go out on a limb here, ok maybe my pointy finger, and say this was a good episode. To elucidate, I present the five Ps of this installment: pacing, Peer baba, product placement, property and paper wedding. Pay attention class you will be tested.

Pacing: Overall they picked up the pacing from last week which was a relief. There was a lot of pretty grief to fill many buckets (sigh, have to hand it to Sanam, she makes crying look practically ethereal and possibly effortless) and prescriptions of petty theft that you could draft a primer on evil in-laws. Stereotypes reinforced and checked off.

Peer baba: I called it! I predicted the Zalim saas and staircase last week so am patting my amateur Peer Baba powers. Thankfully it didn’t quite play out as I predicted, but I guess I am in on the trend on the season, hmm maybe I need to watch my tongue, or rather typing.

Product placement: Ok I can’t believe they missed an opportunity for the perfect perfume product placement! Mikaal Zulfikar we will buy your khusboo in droves. Despite my quickening heart rate at seeing Mikaal again (as well as a genuine and bankable marketing opportunity – Call me!) wasn’t that scene overly played out? What could have been a very tender moment was over explained which lessened the impact.

Property: And now to the most vile, though fairly predictable part of the episode equating women as property to be bartered and traded in this patriarchal game of Monopoly. It was frankly quite disgusting to see Daddy dearest seriously consider his vakil’s counsel and suggest that Zeeshan marry Romaisa, all in the name of family honour, more like keeping in all in the family.

This entire thought process of elder son or younger son? Who will be more secure with our jayadaat really made my bile rise. While all the family members (house help included) were moving the pawns around for best possible gain, not once did anyone say that Romaisa would never agree to this.

Though honestly, where is Romisa going? She even retracted her court case much to Khala’s consternation and is practically left to her in-laws mercies. If you can have her sign away her one shot at independence, why the need for the paper wedding?

Paper wedding: Also all this explaining away of this marriage as just a nikaah and paper wedding is quite despicable and thankfully Zeeshan says pretty much all that I wanted to when he says Mujhe is ghar aur masher par afssos ho raha hai ki bewa aurat apne bal bute par nahin ji sakti…Although he does know we are talking about Romaisa here right? He’s really attributing more intelligence to her than has been proved thus far.

Though am giving her brownie points (she has to eat something after all) for figuring out that locking the lock on the door is a better strategy than chair at the door.

While Daddy dearest was right to point out to Zeeshan ki aisa shaadiyain hoti rahti hain (case in point) However, I puke on the person who wrote that Utraan-inspired dialogue by Daddy dearest which to paraphrase, went something to the tune of Nabeel used to give you his cast offs so that you would take care of them.

I think Adeel was trying to hold back some of his own rising bile and his performance was on point. It helped that he’s got the moral high ground dialogues here. Now I know why he was chosen though –there is no nobler and more upright looking man than Adeel Husain to play these conflicted roles. Let he who is without Shukk be the first to cast a stone ….

Baz aukad cheezain logon se zayada keemti ho jaati hain…clearly is the moral of this family’s one track tale. I suspect fireworks ahead in the battle for the jayadat which in case nobody noticed isn’t really going anywhere.

Ok, test time folks: Spot the number of Ps in this review! Answers due in the comments.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 15

Posted by A musing muslim On March - 22 - 2014 17 COMMENTS




You’ve got to hand it to the team at MSKSH they are doing such a consistent job being static that whether you started watching from the get go or five episodes ago, things are moving at the pace of a snail taking part in a sleep-walkathon. It takes commitment to be that sluggish.

So no surprises or prizes for guessing, it’s the same old, same old.

While Khala and Kahlu were busy keeping their property well-guarded, fielding Romaisa from assorted relatives who decided to come out of the woodwork and making sure the crores don’t slip way it was nice to see Romaisa actually pack her bags and leave. Of course not on her own mind you, since that actually requires, you know, a mind with some brain power to think that much – it had to be at the behest of the much needed mard.

Though poor Zeeshan  is up for a rude awakening if he truly believes his dialogue about her being an adult with the added ability of making her own decisions. Ha!

Zeeshan, in the spirit to right his family’s wrongs, has presumably been away from his money minded family for a long time is stunned by their vulture-esque tendencies. Daddy dearest too doesn’t escape blame since he only came looking for Romaisa at the threat of a lawsuit. And while Rabia isn’t too happy about him sacrificing his share of the jayadat, at least her reasons come from a place of doing what’s right.

Honestly I was beginning to think that her Shukki senses are tingling but actually I appreciate her reasoning that Zeeshan’s parents need to do the right thing and it is not for Zeeshan to have to shoulder these responsibilities.  I’ll admit that while her tendencies to be impressed by shiny objects was a little annoying in the beginning, her character is taking shape and of all the one dimensional evil folk that this drama  specializes in she may be even have two dimensions or heck, let’s be generous, even three.

I suspect that when push comes to shove, she may not want to play second fiddle to Mr. Humdardi.

With Romiasa’s return, the fish are fed and now the family knows of Nabeel ki nishaani and even that doesn’t seem to pierce her saas’s cold heart. Though if her own son’s death brought no sense of pain, this news isn’t going to have her emoting with joy or well anything else. Also since she and Rabia are clashing we might even see her shaatir side and hmm, is there anything else that could make her an even more zalim saas than she is? Romaisa better not be walking down any stairs with her mother-in-law….

So at the end of the week Zeeshan mulls over his responsibilities,  Rabia speak with heart and mind, Romaisa um, well, mopes and looks frail and pretty so well, yes, slow and steady wins – if the promo is to be believed – then Adeel?

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 14

Posted by A musing muslim On March - 14 - 2014 13 COMMENTS




Turns out that Rabia is the one showing folks the light. Who would have thunk it? She’s actually turning into a thinking person who, for a change, speaks her mind and is at least is trying to do the right thing.

While the rest of the khaandani folks play Chinese whispers and are bellowing empty threats about how dare she get involved in their appas ka massla and the like, how does it seem to escape them that they are

  1. all related and
  2. all live under one roof and that
  3. the disappearance of a bahu in iddat would not go unnoticed?

So while saas plays her zalim cards, why should the rest of the clan be left far behind? Hamna being pulled by Hassan’s manipulative strings, is the proud recipient of Romaisa’s belongings which leave a burn so deep on the other bahu that she is wounded by visions of money being pulled from under her, and everyone is nose deep in their calculations of their stake in the jayadaat.

This has been going on ad nauseam so nothing new and no nuance added because as all of us well schooled in the stereotype school of thought have been hammered with repetitive dialogues and scenes now imprinted onto our minds that most of the characters here just serve as an evil and scheming foil to Romaisa’s innocence.

Hassan is concocting his own grand plans of laying his hands and family jewels on Romaisa. Of course he didn’t anticipate such a worthy and equally scheming adversary in Khala and by extension Khalu. While everyone is busy carving out their piece of the pie, the pie is now pregnant.

Romaisa in her depressed defeated state continues to pine for her late husband and despite seeing talons drawn and reaching out to grab her tries in her own half-hearted way to fob off Hassan, please Khala and retreats deeper into herself. Sanam Jung better do something about her monotone because despite the stacked vultures circling her with evil painted on their foreheads, I am hard pressed to sympathize with her.

And though Zeeshan is resisting being pulled back into the fold having to give up a career built on hard work and I suspect a desire to stay away from his family, you know he’s the noble sacrificing upright male who will be pressured into doing the right thing.

Yawn. Is anyone else as bored as I am? (I’m talking to the two of you who even bother to read this) I truly feel that am back in school with history homework though in all fairness I was learning something! I’m happy for the Nabeel reminisces because it means Mikaal is back however briefly. Am glad to see Adeel get more screen time but eye candy is not enough to hold this fluff together.

And as perhaps is as obvious by now frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!

MM (aka A musing Muslim)

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On Feb-29-2012
Reported by Faraz

Ik Tamanna Lahasil Si – Episode 2

On Oct-11-2012
Reported by Ghada Qaiser