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Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 16

Posted by A musing muslim On March - 28 - 2014 7 COMMENTS




I’m going to go out on a limb here, ok maybe my pointy finger, and say this was a good episode. To elucidate, I present the five Ps of this installment: pacing, Peer baba, product placement, property and paper wedding. Pay attention class you will be tested.

Pacing: Overall they picked up the pacing from last week which was a relief. There was a lot of pretty grief to fill many buckets (sigh, have to hand it to Sanam, she makes crying look practically ethereal and possibly effortless) and prescriptions of petty theft that you could draft a primer on evil in-laws. Stereotypes reinforced and checked off.

Peer baba: I called it! I predicted the Zalim saas and staircase last week so am patting my amateur Peer Baba powers. Thankfully it didn’t quite play out as I predicted, but I guess I am in on the trend on the season, hmm maybe I need to watch my tongue, or rather typing.

Product placement: Ok I can’t believe they missed an opportunity for the perfect perfume product placement! Mikaal Zulfikar we will buy your khusboo in droves. Despite my quickening heart rate at seeing Mikaal again (as well as a genuine and bankable marketing opportunity - Call me!) wasn’t that scene overly played out? What could have been a very tender moment was over explained which lessened the impact.

Property: And now to the most vile, though fairly predictable part of the episode equating women as property to be bartered and traded in this patriarchal game of Monopoly. It was frankly quite disgusting to see Daddy dearest seriously consider his vakil’s counsel and suggest that Zeeshan marry Romaisa, all in the name of family honour, more like keeping in all in the family.

This entire thought process of elder son or younger son? Who will be more secure with our jayadaat really made my bile rise. While all the family members (house help included) were moving the pawns around for best possible gain, not once did anyone say that Romaisa would never agree to this.

Though honestly, where is Romisa going? She even retracted her court case much to Khala’s consternation and is practically left to her in-laws mercies. If you can have her sign away her one shot at independence, why the need for the paper wedding?

Paper wedding: Also all this explaining away of this marriage as just a nikaah and paper wedding is quite despicable and thankfully Zeeshan says pretty much all that I wanted to when he says Mujhe is ghar aur masher par afssos ho raha hai ki bewa aurat apne bal bute par nahin ji sakti…Although he does know we are talking about Romaisa here right? He’s really attributing more intelligence to her than has been proved thus far.

Though am giving her brownie points (she has to eat something after all) for figuring out that locking the lock on the door is a better strategy than chair at the door.

While Daddy dearest was right to point out to Zeeshan ki aisa shaadiyain hoti rahti hain (case in point) However, I puke on the person who wrote that Utraan-inspired dialogue by Daddy dearest which to paraphrase, went something to the tune of Nabeel used to give you his cast offs so that you would take care of them.

I think Adeel was trying to hold back some of his own rising bile and his performance was on point. It helped that he’s got the moral high ground dialogues here. Now I know why he was chosen though –there is no nobler and more upright looking man than Adeel Husain to play these conflicted roles. Let he who is without Shukk be the first to cast a stone ….

Baz aukad cheezain logon se zayada keemti ho jaati hain…clearly is the moral of this family’s one track tale. I suspect fireworks ahead in the battle for the jayadat which in case nobody noticed isn’t really going anywhere.

Ok, test time folks: Spot the number of Ps in this review! Answers due in the comments.

MM (aka A musing Muslim)


Posted by Sadaf On March - 27 - 2014 19 COMMENTS

“Mein tum se nafrat karney mein Haar gaya hoon”

images (50)


This had to be one of the most heart wrenching episodes of Humsafar, I blame the entire team but mostly Sarmad Khoosat. People ask why I like certain directors and I ask them to watch this episode and then talk to me. This kind of episode requires control; control to keep the pathos without slipping into melodrama. The beautiful use of the OST, Mahirah,Fawad,Naveen and Atiqa’s acting hit every note at just the perfect pitch .Many times we forget to praise the producers of a serial ,let me correct myself here :producers such as Momina Duraid who have the rare ability to combine artistic vision and commercial viability are the ones which have raised Pakistani dramas to the level of success they are enjoying now. Otherwise we would all be drowning in the current sea of banality and TRPs , such daring , creative people are keeping excellence afloat.

Asher and Khirad are shown in perfect harmony in their anxiety and fears for their child. The scene where Asher finally lets go of any lingering resentment or anger he had towards Khirad is so wonderfully done. His hesitance to touch her and final acceptance that not to, is impossible for him brought a collective sigh of relief from the entire viewing audience..challo shukr hai we all said ..It can only get better from here.download (25) images (49)

Khirad breaks down several times in Asher’s presence but as soon as she realizes Hareem is out of danger her guard goes up again. Asher however has burnt his bridges, like most men he makes a decision moves forward .The scene of Khirad falling asleep while Asher tries to make sense of his feelings, his admission that basically he still cares for her drove me insane at the time! It was as if the whole resolution had been snatched away by an evil fairy, or a trick had been played on us viewers to prolong the show. Now however I think it was necessary. The way Khirad turned her back reminded me of all those times Asher had turned his back on Khirad when she had wanted to talk to him .What a good lesson for Asher. Despite seeing Khirad’s character was just as honest and straightforward as he had originally thought it never occurs to him to question what happened to split them apart.images (90)

Much as I loved Asher and Khirad’s scenes I have to say one of my all-time favorites has to be the Asher’s apology to Sara in the beginning of the episode. Fawad as the desperate father and Naveen the desperate lover, blew me away with their performances .I felt so much pity for Sara not least because understanding anyone’s pain, even Asher’s, seemed beyond her. She could barely stand the sight of him by the end of their conversation and look in Asher’s eyes as she refused to forgive him showed that he finally recognized her true nature.images (48) Meanwhile Farida’s plan is falling apart but she is nothing if not persistent, failure is just not an option. I found Farida’s character beyond the usual villainy in our dramas. There seemed to be a touch of almost clinical psychopathy about her, the inability to empathise , the single minded confidence in her own judgment and the sense of self entitlement that even poor Sara could not match. images (33)

written by Sadaf

Bunty I Love You Episode 12

Posted by RB On March - 24 - 2014 9 COMMENTS


Yeh BILU, BILU kya hai... Yeh BILU, BILU?

Last week I was rather cheesed off. Why you might ask? Well because of the jadoo-toona, wazifay-wala Babaji. This week Jamat-e-BILU (read: Team BILU) gives us a story so far fetched even those illusive Mohabbat ka Farishtas would find this a difficult pill to swallow (side note: Mujhe bhi Mohabbat ka Farishta bhaij dain).

I still don't see why we needed a Babaji (and please feel free to correct me). I'm all for desi twists and turns but common sense dictates that Bunty I Love You wasn't the place for this particular turn.

Oh well, one can wait and see. Point is do I really want to wait and see...?

This week there's more of the same old, same old. Dania's obsession with Bunty continues unabated, Zain remains as deceptive as a slithery serpent, Beenish is being set up for mohabbat road kill, and Bunty is stupider than I first thought. Move over Romaisa there's someone to take your crown!

1In a game of double-cross and dagahbaazi it is increasingly becoming difficult to figure out who's on who's side, who's good, who's bad, and I wonder if we can even think within these compact categories. Bunty is playing to Zain's tune and at the moment giving Dania what she wants, Dania - as untrusting and well-aware of mard ki fitrat as she is - just happens to believe him with a pinch of salt making one wonder where's the love?

Beenish, on the other hand, is the only one playing to her own tune (but if the trailer is to be believed she's in some deep, deep trouble next week!). Abdul Samad happens to be the chuppa rustam, he's on to something but question is what is it? He lies to Dania, he obviously know Beenish, and he even shoots Zain (there goes my reason to watch this series). Kyunnnnnnnnnn?

Let me take a moment here to elaborate. There is much in this series that I find difficult to digest: Why is Bunty a six-year-old girl in front of Zain all bed par lait kar phone par gup shup? Just give them a room already, please and thank you. Why is Zain pimping out his girlfriend? I mean what happened to the desi hero who'd rather die than see his lover's character being uchalooed in public. Why is Babaji so interested in Mehvish ko paisay "kyun diya thay" (exactly my question Babaji)? Aur Bunty kya cheez hai bhai? Hamay bhi bata do.

As if all that wasn't difficult I am now accosted by a good looking dalal. See I could stomach Bunty and Zain being in cahoots with each other and taking Dania for ride (with reservations of course!), hell I'd even be fine with them being lovers, but what I find wholly despicable is using a woman as a prop, and that I did not expect from HUM TV. Of course, they've done it before with Sameena Peerzada's character in Mera Naseeb yet it doesn't make sense here. Moreover, it reeks of cheap thrills, something I can expect from other channels but not HUM TV.

I will confess I liked this story but do I like where it's going...? The answer for now is NO

Allah'Talah nay farmaya hai ki jo sabar karta hai woh shukar karta hai. Mein umeed karta hoon ki humaray sabar ka HUM TV shukar manaye ga. Ussi hawalay say Dania ko apnay saat din kay sabar ka phal shukar mananay kay satth milay ga.

Agalya haaftay thak.



Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 15

Posted by A musing muslim On March - 22 - 2014 17 COMMENTS




You’ve got to hand it to the team at MSKSH they are doing such a consistent job being static that whether you started watching from the get go or five episodes ago, things are moving at the pace of a snail taking part in a sleep-walkathon. It takes commitment to be that sluggish.

So no surprises or prizes for guessing, it’s the same old, same old.

While Khala and Kahlu were busy keeping their property well-guarded, fielding Romaisa from assorted relatives who decided to come out of the woodwork and making sure the crores don’t slip way it was nice to see Romaisa actually pack her bags and leave. Of course not on her own mind you, since that actually requires, you know, a mind with some brain power to think that much – it had to be at the behest of the much needed mard.

Though poor Zeeshan  is up for a rude awakening if he truly believes his dialogue about her being an adult with the added ability of making her own decisions. Ha!

Zeeshan, in the spirit to right his family’s wrongs, has presumably been away from his money minded family for a long time is stunned by their vulture-esque tendencies. Daddy dearest too doesn’t escape blame since he only came looking for Romaisa at the threat of a lawsuit. And while Rabia isn’t too happy about him sacrificing his share of the jayadat, at least her reasons come from a place of doing what’s right.

Honestly I was beginning to think that her Shukki senses are tingling but actually I appreciate her reasoning that Zeeshan’s parents need to do the right thing and it is not for Zeeshan to have to shoulder these responsibilities.  I’ll admit that while her tendencies to be impressed by shiny objects was a little annoying in the beginning, her character is taking shape and of all the one dimensional evil folk that this drama  specializes in she may be even have two dimensions or heck, let’s be generous, even three.

I suspect that when push comes to shove, she may not want to play second fiddle to Mr. Humdardi.

With Romiasa’s return, the fish are fed and now the family knows of Nabeel ki nishaani and even that doesn’t seem to pierce her saas’s cold heart. Though if her own son’s death brought no sense of pain, this news isn’t going to have her emoting with joy or well anything else. Also since she and Rabia are clashing we might even see her shaatir side and hmm, is there anything else that could make her an even more zalim saas than she is? Romaisa better not be walking down any stairs with her mother-in-law….

So at the end of the week Zeeshan mulls over his responsibilities,  Rabia speak with heart and mind, Romaisa um, well, mopes and looks frail and pretty so well, yes, slow and steady wins - if the promo is to be believed - then Adeel?

MM (aka A musing Muslim)


Posted by Sadaf On March - 18 - 2014 15 COMMENTS



 This episode seemed like a race to a climax. The web that Farida had woven around Asher was well and truly unraveling and funnily enough not due to any effort on Khirad’s part. I remember thinking how stupid Farida was ,because if the ultimate goal had been to marry Asher off to Sara ,well how was she going to deal with Khizar when he found out ? To me that was an obvious plot flaw, then I realised that Sara was being used too and that she really was just a foolish bystander in all of this . Farida really didn’t think anyone was good enough for her “shaandaar “beta …love that dialogue but I am jumping ahead of myself.

Khirad stands up to Farida’s intimidation tactics and I think the entire viewing audience must have clapped when she said “ Mein tab darti thi jab mein aap ke betey ke saath rehna chahti thi ab mein lanat behjtee hoon aap par ,aap ke iss ghar , aur aap ke betey par”. Twice Khirad reassures Farida that she has no interest in staying with Asher and there is a change in her demeanor. The Khirad sharing the house with Asher before Farida came had softened a little, making him; even offering to cook but the cold harsh reality of life was brought back by her mother in law’s constant threats. As to Farida, well I had always thought her character would soften especially with her sick granddaughter but as we know she will break but not bend.images (19)

I kind of felt sorry for Sara who is her own worst enemy. Yes I know she is proud, arrogant and conceited but still here was her last chance and she let it go. Again her mother Zarina could have one to Asher and fixed the situation but no she sides with her blood ties rather than the truth and the rest now seems inevitable.video_xmqnqh

Mahirah and Fawad were totally fabulous as worried parents .Those scenes still brought tears to my eyes .Asher and Khirad, united for their child. The child actor who plays Hareem was so sweet; her sad little gaze at her parents after Asher announces she is going for surgery the next day was heart breaking. Poor Asher was having a hard time understanding the situation. How could the loving, innocent wife he remembered become the adulteress? The photo albums remind him of what his anger never should have let him forget. The entire audience is holding their breath, counting the minutes , the hours till the the truth is revealed.images (52)

Bunty I Love You Episode 11

Posted by RB On March - 17 - 2014 10 COMMENTS


One tight slap! I don't know about you but I've been waiting for this.

Bunty kitna baccha hai par baat to wohi hai na ki Dania ko bacchay say mohabbat ho gayee hai. As many of you have wondered what Dania sees in Bunty, this week, I ask the same question. I hope they tell us soon because I'm done wondering.

I know that this series gets a lot of criticism - Dania is a vamp and despicable, the story is not good, and so on and forth -  and until now I would have vehemently disagreed but after this episode I have my doubts. For a person to vouch for a character, series, and story they must have faith in it's message, and I'm beginning to lose that ever elusive thing called faith. Fickle you'd say but not really.

In a story that is different, innovative, and has a strong female lead (unlike the ones HUM TV shoves down our throats - Romaisa or Shabbi anyone), I wonder why we need a Baba to maaro some dum. Lagta hai Saba Qamar will always be plagued by Gul-e-Rana, what with all the Babas and dums, qaboos and qabzas, perhaps even a lonesome jinn. Isn't that what Bunty is? Jokes aside I am slightly disappointed with the turn in events. Although I'm not blind to what happens in our society and as hard as it is to believe when it comes to matters of love, life, and money we do like some divine help. Enter Babaji, whether he's a najoomi or a Pir I leave to your better judgment.

Khar dafaa karo.

Beenish, whom we briefly saw last week, is the cause of major turmoil in the life of Bunty and Dania. Dania doesn't want her as a tutor and Bunty is hellbent on proving Lady D wrong. Little does boy wonder know that jasoos Samad is ruining his game. Whether Beenish is here to stay or not, I don't know, what I do know (or perhaps can make an educated guess) is that she is no match for Dania.

As for Qutub, he surprises me every week, and this time around the surprise was rather dangerous. Really Q, with I want to take you to Babaji. So much for that wilayti uniform and gora manners, after all, aandar ka desi bahaar aa gaya na. Needless to say he seems very loyal to Dania especially after that phone conversation with Mrs. Chauhan (but why was he listening in?!).

Speaking of Mrs. Chauhan she was the this week's Big Hot Mess! Not one to take slander lying down we see a showdown between Dania and Mrs. Chauhan. Waise Mohtarma C. Zeb-un-Nissa kay saath itni hamdardi kyun? If you've ever wondered how women fight on desi TV screens forward 19 minutes into this episode. Chandaal, budiya, mein tumhara khoon pee jaoon gi, pagal khanay say baat kar rahi hai, and the clincher woh dekho Chauhan ki ex-wife ja rahee hai. Indeed, to quote Qutub, siraf Dania unka dimaagh durust kar sakti hai.

Finally, the chemistry between Zain and Bunty as co-stars is commendable. Zain comes across as the older, more experienced guy who can get away with calling him "Bunty darling" and "Mehevish ko bhool kyun nahi jata". In contrast Bunty seems to fluctuate between being apologetic, on the one hand, and afraid, on the other. His uncertainty plays off really well with Zain's sense of focus and one can actually feel the sparks. Now if only HUM TV wanted to be that innovative.

All in all a slow episode but by no means boring.

Till next week.


Muhabbat Subh ka Sitara Hai– Episode 14

Posted by A musing muslim On March - 14 - 2014 13 COMMENTS




Turns out that Rabia is the one showing folks the light. Who would have thunk it? She’s actually turning into a thinking person who, for a change, speaks her mind and is at least is trying to do the right thing.

While the rest of the khaandani folks play Chinese whispers and are bellowing empty threats about how dare she get involved in their appas ka massla and the like, how does it seem to escape them that they are

  1. all related and
  2. all live under one roof and that
  3. the disappearance of a bahu in iddat would not go unnoticed?

So while saas plays her zalim cards, why should the rest of the clan be left far behind? Hamna being pulled by Hassan’s manipulative strings, is the proud recipient of Romaisa’s belongings which leave a burn so deep on the other bahu that she is wounded by visions of money being pulled from under her, and everyone is nose deep in their calculations of their stake in the jayadaat.

This has been going on ad nauseam so nothing new and no nuance added because as all of us well schooled in the stereotype school of thought have been hammered with repetitive dialogues and scenes now imprinted onto our minds that most of the characters here just serve as an evil and scheming foil to Romaisa's innocence.

Hassan is concocting his own grand plans of laying his hands and family jewels on Romaisa. Of course he didn’t anticipate such a worthy and equally scheming adversary in Khala and by extension Khalu. While everyone is busy carving out their piece of the pie, the pie is now pregnant.

Romaisa in her depressed defeated state continues to pine for her late husband and despite seeing talons drawn and reaching out to grab her tries in her own half-hearted way to fob off Hassan, please Khala and retreats deeper into herself. Sanam Jung better do something about her monotone because despite the stacked vultures circling her with evil painted on their foreheads, I am hard pressed to sympathize with her.

And though Zeeshan is resisting being pulled back into the fold having to give up a career built on hard work and I suspect a desire to stay away from his family, you know he’s the noble sacrificing upright male who will be pressured into doing the right thing.

Yawn. Is anyone else as bored as I am? (I’m talking to the two of you who even bother to read this) I truly feel that am back in school with history homework though in all fairness I was learning something! I’m happy for the Nabeel reminisces because it means Mikaal is back however briefly. Am glad to see Adeel get more screen time but eye candy is not enough to hold this fluff together.

And as perhaps is as obvious by now frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!

MM (aka A musing Muslim)


Posted by Sadaf On March - 12 - 2014 5 COMMENTS



images (32)

In peace there's nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility:
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger;
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage ;

Henry V


Khirad may have been a little lonely in the last episode after all playing happy families with an estranged husband and very sick daughter cannot be easy. I have this fantasy in my head that if left to their own devices these two would have made it up , there anger melting slowly but surely. Khirad resolve had melted quite a bit ; last episode she made Asher tea and offered to cook dinner. However the reality of the situation is that they do not live in a vacuum, Sara is beside herself with rage and disappointment and immediately contacts Farida with the news that Khirad is back. At first Farida can barely credit Asher with that much independence of thought or subterfuge but like the best poker players she wants to bluff it out and see what she can get away with. Farida is such a wonderfully relentless evil character, who feels not aborting her own grandchild was an oversight on her part and is not for one minute guilty at causing her own son so much pain. Atiqa Odho made her if anything more palatable and did not allow her to disintegrate into a caricature either.download (15)

This episode belongs to Khirad, if anyone had missed the memo about this being Khirad’s story they should have got it now. When Asher asks her about Hareem’s delivery ,Khirad refuses to gain his sympathy or accuse him of letting her down. Mahirah was simply fabulous in the confrontation scene with Farida, without that intensity it would all fallen flat.images (34) Khirad tells Afsheen she is not expecting a reconciliation, she actually reassures Batoola Khala about the job loss and explains her decision to leave Hareem with Asher . Hareem and Hareem alone is her focus. At this point I am reminded of Kashaf Baji from ZGH who had a much better life but was convinced the world was out to get her. The reason I make this comparison was the spate of articles put up by so called liberals calling Khirad’s character regressive and Kashaf’s a symbol of modern independent womanhood. Khirad had literally decided never to depend on Asher again. She is impressed with him as a father but still finds him lacking as a husband." He did not protect me, he was weak" she tells Farida while Khirad defends her daughter like a tigress from Sara and her mother in law.

Asher is sinking further and further into a state of confusion. He expects Khirad to manipulate him, to play games, to show some part of what he has convinced himself is her conniving nature. He overhears Khirad’s conversation with Afsheen and far from being reassuring him it awakens more unease and perhaps a little disappointment in him. Farida has lost her son; the game is up, barring the details. Asher refuses to hear the allegations his mother keeps repeating against Khirad, breaking a glass because he cannot bear to listen. There is no doubt Asher is already softening towards Khirad despite his denials.images (33)

Poor old Sara, ( fantastic acting from Naveen Waqar)if only she would listen to her mother and move on. It feels as if this is less about Asher himself than her own ego: how could anyone prefer that backward woman over her? next week sees the return of Khizar (AAAARGHHH).download (14)

Bunty I Love You Episode 10

Posted by RB On March - 10 - 2014 5 COMMENTS


Games, games, games.

As if we didn't have enough games being played already we can add a few more to that list. Zain and Bunty, Mirza and Dania, Zain and Dania, Abdul Samad and Dania, Qutub and Dania, and wait for it, who's the new girl? So many twists and turns in an already spinning universe makes my head go GA-GA!

Hang on I've forgotten the highlight of this episode: THE BARISH SCENE! Daniaji mein nahi darta lekin aapkay mustaqbil kay liye mujhe darr lagta hai. After having left on a high note last week I'm wondering why we needed a rain sequence? Kyun? What purpose did it serve? Is dancing in the rain a defacto desi way of portraying age? If it is we need something new because it did not work here at all. As ravishing as Saba Qamar is even she can't pull off a 19-year-old-girl-dancing-in-the-rain look.

Instead what we got was a budi ghoodi, lal lagaam. Annnnnd ankhon hi ankhon mein ishara ho gaya because Bunty is ostensibly free now!

As soon as he gets the green signal, Bunty makes his way back to Mehvish channeling Tom Cruise circa Top Gun. Enter the girl who'll fix a broken heart. Speaking of broken hearts, are Zain Bhai and Bunty BFF's now?! Now that breaks my heart (if only you knew why). Whatever sinister scheme HS is plotting he does look good doing it. Although I'm not sure he knows who he's up against.

If there was any doubt that Lady D can have her cake and eat it too, then poor Mirza's fate should make us think otherwise. Not one to be slighted, Dania conveniently calls Mrs. M and has her hear the entire conversation that ensues over a sea facing restaurant. Saba Q looked perfect in the rather long kurta and tung pyjamas - her best outfit so far I'd say. I wish I could say the same for Mirza but he didn't look good and something tells me he won't be feeling very good either.

The number of times Patel's name was invoked you'd think he'd make a quick appearance but alas no such luck. I think he only shows up when Dania's in doubt and clearly this was not one of Dania's doubting moments. Poor, poor Mrs. Mirza, to be humiliated on the phone by her own husband must be such a shock though she did ask for it. Aa bail mujhe maar is a title thoroughly appropriate for her!

Mirza was the first pawn up on the sacrificial altar. Who's up next? Your guess is as good as mine.

A shout out to the DoP is in order. I have to say the camerawork is stellar! I wasn't enthralled by the story or plot this week but what kept my attention was the camerawork, so, kudos! The sequence with Bunty riding his bike as we see an empty Karachi residential street: Perfect! Also, whoever is working on the background music get full snaps up for including Nazia Hassan.

As much as this story might not be to everyone's tastes it does have some very redeeming qualities: excellent production values, good use of background score, amazing photography/cinematography, good acting, and a unpredictable storyline. Although I'm getting a bit antsy with the waiting.

Until next week, Raab Rakha.


Mahirah : Tuc the lighter side of life Finale

Posted by Sadaf On March - 9 - 2014 17 COMMENTS


download (16)

I think this was the "shakar jis ka tha intezaar" of the whole series of interviews that Mahirah Khan did .  The whole world was waiting to see the "reunion" of their favourite stars  aka Asher Hussain and Khirad after quite a gap and this fan was not disappointed . This was one of Mahirah's best shows partly becuase of Fawad's presence but also becuase Mahirah was actually in command  . The highlight  had to be the parody of Humsafar . Fawad was hilarious with his "mummy yeh aap kiya keh raheen hai?" and Mahirah looked zalim enough saying Farida's lines .This felt  like such a family reunion for obsessive fans (like me) of Humsafar  that I really found myself wishing  Sarmad Khoosat had been invited too, but then again that was not the essence of this show.

We did learn a few things ,things we had already guessed at but it is always nice to have a little confirmation:

Fawad said that if an actor is not comfortable on a set it shows in his work  and the audience picks up on it ,mentioning NUMM and ASHK as examples. I have to give him credit for being a very honest person  .

Fawad chose Zaroon over Asher but called "his' picture  "chichora" in the turki Ba turki round .

Fawad chose Salman over  Shah Rukh ( NOOOOO)

He chose  the atmosphere of the set of Akbari Asghari over Dastan

He accepts he mumbles his dialogues sometimes

Fawad knows his craft and agrees with me when someone beautiful like himself cries people care whereas if the team at Dp cries people shrug their shoulders and move on ...read into it what you will.new-8

As always Fawad and Mahirah shared great chemistry and were a pleasure to watch on screen .  Similarly Mahirah shared a great rapport with Adeel Hussain and Shehryaar , so they were my favouirite shows out of this series.Talking of the beautiful people I would have loved to see Mahirah interview Mikaal Zulfikaar . My favourite comments from Fawad had to be about Shaan and how if they were stuck in an elevator Shaan would talk about being in Films but there was no gaurantee that Fawad would be listening ...All I could think ( between giggling like a ten year old) was : you can take the boy out of Lahore but  you  can't take the Lahore out of the boy 

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