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So after a really heavy episode last week, this one was laid back, which means ...
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This episode may well have been the turning point in Aunn and Zara's non relationship. ...
  This was quite a boring episode except for the part that Ishal finally talked it ...

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Rung Hum Sitaray Review Episode 10-11

Posted by Guest Reviewer On July - 28 - 2014 3 COMMENTS

"You should be more understanding, iss tara marriages kaam nahi karti Sania" -Rabia.


Episode 10:


As Rabia hears Sania telling her that although Zafar is an "extremely handsome husband", he's"laidback, has no ambition", Rabia says the above line to her. Sania doesn't expect Rabia to tell her this, jiski khudki marriage successful nahi rahi woh kaisey kisi aur ko nasiyat dera hai. No advice for me says Sania and with that, a hurt and upset Rabia decides to leave Lahore.


Sania sees a group of friends conversing and there she realizes how much she's hurt Rabia. We also realize that time goes by fast, friends stay behind or if they are still with you, the quality time you have spent with them has passed by.  What's great is that Sania apoligizes to Rabia and so Rabia decides to come back.


For a change, Sania herself plans to have dinner in a nice restaurant with her very sweet husband Zafar. Yay for the change!


The next scene is very cute and annoying at the same time. While Sania is talking to a doctor about getting on board for her new clinic plan, Zafar is watching tv - both of these things are happening in the same room. Having such a big home, Sania could've talked in another room - this is the annoying part. However, the way Zafar is laughing while watching tv was definitely the cutest scene I have seen of him.


Sania then breaks the news to Zafar -she's decided to resign from the hospital as she plans to open a new clinic. Zafar gets upset as he says: "You are never satisfied, you want more and more and more". However, still supports her.


We see Abeer and Aman's slight dislike for their mother. They draw a really bad picture of how they see Sania as and as Bajjo sees this, she tells them to never do such a thing again. The strict behavior of Sania on her kids is surely having a bad effect on them.


The episode ends with a brand new clinic being opened. It was really heart-warming to see that the clinic is called Maimoona Memorial Hospital, after Sania's mother. Wish Dr. Ashraf could be there. While Rabia is the marketing head and brings in the funds to run the clinic, Sania decides to talk to consultant doctors. She also plant to open up a specialized unit that works on bone marrow transplant surgery and on the disease her mother died with - leukemia.



Episode 11 highlights:


-Abeer is told by her teacher to be more confident.

-Dr. Ashraf, who is now Uncle Mahmood says a very beautiful thing about old age. “Burrappa aik acchi cheez hoti hai, purani yaad ko taaza karti hai”. Old age is seen in a negative light as old people don’t get much attention but Uncle Mahmood highlights something about old age which we may have not thought about: in old age, one thinks about the fun times in life, about the wonderful memories shared by family and friends.

-Uncle Mahmood wants Sania to give more attention to kids, “uske mahnati honey say khauf aata hai”.

-Sania is unnecessarily troubling Zafar on being “laidback” when infact he has a great job; he is a good father and a good husband.

-Abeer is worried that her teacher will tell Zafar about Abeer’s lack of confidence and so she and Aman pray that this won’t happen - a very cute scene takes place in which Abeer wraps around her and Aman a comforter to use as a scarf for their dua.

-Zafar gets a training opportunity in Germany for 2 yrs, he can get a promotion but Zafar wants to give time to his family. Sania on hearing this might let Zafar go to Germany.

-Abeer is really hurt by the “good for nothing” Sania said to Abeer, Sania’s discouragement has really upset Abeer, Zafar consoles her that“she’s the best”.

- Super sweet scene – Zafar’s birthday celebration –yay Sania was there to celebrate!

-Uncle Mahmood says “yeh jo ghosht-phost ka insaan hai, yeh rooh kay bagair kuch bhi nahi… Sania iss baat ko nahi samajhti nahi... usney apne aap ko robot banadiya hai” while Zafar replies “aap mujey aik baap nahi, pareshaan maa lagrey hai”.

-Uncle Mahmood: “har insaan mai aik maa aur baap chupa hota hai” which I totally agree with – both spouses should have mother and father like qualities and Zafar is a true example of that. He is not only there to partially provide financial support but also there to provide time and support to his kids. However, can we really blame the busy Sania?

- Dr. Azhar Siddiqui – new transplant physician makes his entry- who is actually  the director of Rung Ali Tahir and there the episode ends. Let’s see what changes if any he will make to Sania’s life. Will Sania be influenced by Dr. Azhar as he is a successful doctor while her husband is “laidback”? What do you guys think?

There we have another two episodes light as a phulki roti , no tensions yet. A sweet and supporting husband - Zafar, a strong willed wife  - Sania, an understanding mother-in-law - Bajjo --- a fresh script by Amna Malhi and Maliha Haider and smooth direction by Ali Tahir - Keep it up Team Rung!

Written by Aisha Kazi


~~Written by Aisha

LAA: episode 8 review

Posted by Sadaf On July - 27 - 2014 22 COMMENTS

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Somewhere deep beneath the layers of uninspired direction , lack of editing, bored actors and the monotonous sound of a man inexplicably singing “aaaaaaaaaa” every other scene there is an actual ,well thought out plot for Laa. What I don’t understand is why that wasn’t good enough for the director or producers to follow. Laa had a very promising start , with a different male oriented story line , a fresh set of lead pairing and what seems to be quite a reasonably good budget (a fortune if we compare it to an A&B production) but it has yet to find a way onto anyone’s must watch list.In his recent interview with the Drama Pakistani Team ,the writer Sarmad Sehbai has all but disowned this project swearing off giving any script of his away in the future . an edited article of that podcast appeared in the Express Tribune and a full podcast will soon be available at Drama Pakistan soon .

This episode was slightly better than last weeks which I am sorry I can barely force myself to think about let alone analyze. News spreads fast in Laa world , everybody and their aunt now knows that Dilaver Shah has a brother and everyone is taking as the absolute truth without asking for any proof or the slightest skepticism . Of course they probably googled it. In fact Dilaver is so impressed with this piece of information that he now doubts his own paternity and seems to be on a murderous quest for his long lost “brother”.

Meanwhile Naina is wearing an oddly placed duppattah in and working out in some strange park/gym ,because in one of those badly conceived coincidences that only happen in Laa, Laila meets her there and tells her that Danyal cannot breathe without saying Naina’s name. Now any normal girl would go home and say " I am sorry but I don't think I can go through with this wedding . Thank Goodness you guys have not sent out the wedding cards perhaps we can back out of this gracefully ." Not Naina she just shouts accusations and tears up wedding cards .

Finally Danyal asked the question he should have of Laila “who are you and why did we meet?”  Laila gave him a completely evasive non answer which he did not challenge so another opportunity lost. Well as I said underneath all this gumph is a well thought out story and if I have any patience left I will try to watch just to see what that is. I hate to write a review just to criticize, so until I find something better to say I won’t be reviewing this. At this point it all seems such a waste of what could have been something amazing.

written by Sadaf

Rung Hum Sitaray Review Episode 8-9

Posted by Guest Reviewer On July - 15 - 2014 24 COMMENTS
Salaams to everyone and I'll start the review by praying for all the difficulties Muslims, whether in Gaza, Iraq or in any part of the world are going through. May Allah SWT help all those Muslims be relieved of all problems in this holy month of Ramadan, Ameen.

In episode 8, we see Rabia, a childhood friend of Zafar but also Sania who comes to visit them. Rabia tells Sania that she has gotten a modeling offer and again, we see Sania motivating her to achieve a high quality profession rather than going in a profession that requires no effort. "This is just objectifying women, yeh nahi istamal karte woh log"  - referring to one's mind. Very good lesson for today's both male and female models, isn't it?
It was really nice to hear Sania praise Zafar: "He's an amazing father...he's a good husband... but still thinks - "Har cheez kay liye mujhe ussey push karne parta". 
The scene between Zafar and another employee was really funny: "Kya hai yaar, tum roz yeh files leke aate ho, tum thakte nahi ho" Imran Aslam nails the thakan wala expression:)
I finally figured out who plays Dr. Ashraf who is Sania's dad, his name is Mohammed Ehteshamuddin. What a brilliant actor he is. His love and support for his wife and his sweet tidbits of advice for his daughter are a delight to watch. As Dr. Ashraf and Bajjo are talking, he sees how tired Zafar is when he comes from work due to not only his job but also because he takes care of Abeer. He decides to talk to Sania about giving more attention to her home and family life: " Usney apne aap ko kaam mein masruf kardiya hai". However, in Rung, unlike other dramas, in which there's a conniving saas, we see a loving mother-in-law who tells Dr. Ashraf that since Sania is really busy, she's unable to give her family enough time. Bajjo doesn't instigate or taunt Zafar by saying that Sania doesn't do any house work and neither does she says these things to Dr. Ashraf. Sania, atleast for now should give as much attention to her family life and take some days off from the hospital.
As Rabia and her husband meet up with Sania-Zafar in a dinner, Sania tells Rabia and Shamil that Zafar is really irresponsible in taking care of Abeer and her house chores, after which Zafar still doesn't get angry at Sania. How sweeet:) The scene after is a wonderful one in which she realizes that she misbehaved with Zafar and shouldn't have said those things.
Sania then comes home to see her father and there Dr. Ashraf is lying in his couch to which Sania calls him a couch potato. After Maimoona's death, Dr. Ashraf decides to resign from the hospital, also resigning from his active life. He gives Sania a wonderful advice: " Balance - apni ghareloo zindagi mein aur professional life main". Surely Sania needs to set that balance because how much will she test Zafar's sweetness and his patience.
Time goes by and we see not only Abeer but also another child, Aman, added to the beautiful family. Zafar is busy spending great quality time with them. I must commend how beautifully Ali Tahir and his team have displayed the elapsing of time. The sweet moments Zafar is shown spending with his two kids was brilliantly shown as few years pass by.
What's brilliant about Rung as you guys read in my reviews is that there are a small but very cute and with natural touched moments such as the scene in the office between Zafar and his employee which happen to make my day. Another scene was when we see Dr. Ashraf lying in his couch but he looks like the cutest father with him wrapped in his comforter.
For episode 9, here were the highlights:
- Sania comes home from a very bad day at the hospital as a patient dies, takes out her  frustration on her family but the kids are super sweet and make a very cute "We are sorry Mama" poster.
- We see a scared Abeer who unlike her confident mother, is afraid to take part of a school play. I feel that only if Sania, instead of pressurizing her kids to be at the top should encourage them. It's interesting to see that Sania is doing what her mother used to do - just like Maimoona used to pressurize her Sania, Sania is doing the same and this is not having a good effect on Abeer.
- Rabia gets divorced after finding out that Shamil, her husband is involved with another woman. On finding out, Zafar is really hurt as Rabia is his childhood friend. The discussion here between Zafar and Sania is an interesting one. Zafar says: "Mujhe aik baat samajh nahi aati - shaadi kay baad yeh jo couples hote hai, are they really happy or they pretend?" We see so many forced marital relationships in our dramas today and Zafar questions this. Why marry into a family where either spouse or both spouses are not happy together? He also questions:
" Admi ki Shadi hoti hai, aur uski life perfect nahi hoti to iska yeh matlab nahi hai kay woh dusri larkiyo ki taraf dekna shuri karde?"
Imran Aslam flawlessly portrays the feelings one feels when a dear friend gets hurt.
- Rabia pulls up another interesting point: "Bachey hotey to Shamil ik baar zuroor sochta" after which Zafar tells her: " Mein aik jeeti jagti missal hoon, mein bhot chota tha jab mere baap ne mujhe aur meri maa ko chor diya tha, unho ne aik bhaar bhi mera bare main socha nahi".
- Sania has decided to have her own hospital and tells Rabia to move on.
Ok, so there we go, I hope more and more people tune into Rung as it is truly a heart-warming and hatkey drama. All actors have done complete justice to their roles, Rabia for one was very good.  Wonderful job Team Rung:)



~~Written by Aisha

LAA: episode 6 review

Posted by Sadaf On July - 13 - 2014 4 COMMENTS

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At this point I just want to sing Lalalalala laaa from sheer annoyance. After such a promising start this serial seems on a fast track to mediocrity; full of irrational reactions , trite clichés and perhaps the worst crime ( a HUM TV specialty) an over bearing  background score which ironically only serves to emphasize the weakness in the direction . Let me explain something to the powers that be: I do not need the man who seems to have a ladle stuck in his throat singing “AAAA..AA” every time Danyal ex –Malik/secret Sayyad is supposed to be upset .The actors expressions, his dialogue, the tenor of his voice and the context should be enough. The back ground music should be a subtle enhancement leading the viewer to the main action on the screen without overpowering the image.

This was the least engaging episode yet because so many of the situations did not make sense. Why did Laila drag Danyal to an orphanage, which seemed to have remarkably well fed and well-kept children (who seemed suspiciously like ordinary kids in a park)? Why would a well-educated, good natured man like Danyal suddenly react in such a cruel way, calling the children worthless, because their parents had rejected them?

Then we have Naina , who agrees to marry a complete stranger then suddenly refuses to wear the jewelry his family gifts her in favor of the Taveez Danyal gave her . This should have been a powerful scene but it seemed flat and unedited. It strikes me as incredibly strange that neither Naina nor her parents are interested in doing any background checks on Dilaver or even talk to him. Their biggest concern seems to be how elaborate or simple the wedding will be .The only interesting scenes are the ones with Khalid Malik, his Dilaver might be a cartoon but at least he is consistent.

This serial is well below the high standard HUM TV has set and despite all the money spent on the production at this point the story seems to be drowning in shallow water. Here is another example where the director and writer are not on the same page , so the essence of the story is lost.  Mikaal is a good actor and this serial’s major attraction, but just like Fawad Khan even he cannot make this into a silk purse. I will be watching next week in the hope of some improvement.

written by Sadaf


LAA: episode 5 review

Posted by Sadaf On July - 6 - 2014 23 COMMENTS

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Although I enjoyed watching this week’s episode of Laa, I cannot help but mourn the loss of depth in the story line. The initial episodes had seemed to promise a criticism of our cultural obsessions with Hasb o Nasab and cast but the moment Danyal turns out to be a secret Sayyad it made a farce of the whole question. I realise the point may have been that either way it doesn’t matter what Danyal’s heritage is but it seems too glib, too easy. So not only is Danyal a secret Sayyad but a ‘prince” of sorts: the secret son of a feudal lord who carry the special title of Gadi Nasheen i.e they are also spiritual leaders or Peer in the community from whom people seek Laa blessings and prayers. However he has no proof and cannot explain his difficulty to either Naina or Dilawer Shah who must be his Half-brother. Again Mikaal is making this entire situation work and proving again what a versatile actor he is.

I wish I could say the same about Sadia Khan who seems to let every other scene down. Both confrontation scenes between Naina and Danyal had the power sucked out of them despite Mikaal’s best efforts. I still don’t understand why Danyal cannot explain himself to Naina at least? I can put Danyal seeing Naina at Dilawer’s house down to plausible coincidence but him running a marathon behind her car to the main city of Nawab Shah makes the whole thing look silly. Surely there were better ways for the director to show these meetings and connections? Perhaps Danyal could have got a lift or something?images

The sudden connection Dilawer feels towards Danyal is reasonable enough but again it could have been more believable if they had taken a little time to build the relationship. Khalid Malik plays the archetypal arrogant feudal lord with a lot of gusto and actually makes the stereotypical role a little more palatable. We finally got to meet Daii Maa this episode as she chose Naina for Dilawer’s . this is where Seemi Raheel steals the show again with one glance at her new samdan's (daii Maa) simplicity leaving me with at least one smile for this episode . Daii Maa , played by Rabia Noreen, is (so far ) the villain of the piece. Naimat Khan tells Danyal that his daughter was killed as punishment for him not killing the infant Danyal.laa 3

 I have put all expectations of nuance and detail to one side and decided to sit back and enjoy the ride with this serial. The story still has a lot of promise and is still more engaging than the majority of serials on air.Mikaal is providing all the right star quality, the main cast has some good chemistry between them and I am hoping that Sabreen Hasbani’s role will come up with the depth . I think I mentioned in my earlier reviews that this story reminds me of the kind of action adventure stories I read as a child; Treasure Island, The hound of the Baskervilles, and the Moonstone and so far nothing has proved me wrong.

written by sadaf

Rung Hum Sitaray Review Episode 7

Posted by Faraz On June - 30 - 2014 9 COMMENTS
Salaams to everyone and a late but hearty Ramadan Mubarak to all readers

Once again, I hope more and more readers tune into Hum Sitaray's Saturday treat Rung. 

Wow, just loved this episode! The episode starts with Sania asking Zafar about his dad and we find out that he had married a second time and had left young Zafar and Bajjo all alone. This was a huge grief but it's really nice to see that Bajjo and Zafar have handled themselves with much maturity and haven't overwhelmed themselves with that sad part of life.
This episode focused on Sania and Zafar and their natural yet beautiful chemistry. Imran Aslam and Kiran Chaudhry portray a married couple that was free from the done-to-death marital relationships we see in today's dramas. In their conversations, I could feel for both Zafar and Sania, whereas in many dramas the viewer might feel for only one of the two spouses. Sania wants Zafar to ask his boss for a promotion and wants him to achieve a higher level in his profession, saying "Tumhe basically aik easy life chahiye".  Zafar replies saying that "Acchi kaasi job hai, I get paid well...toh- what else do you want?" Sania replies: "Status, position, power, more income, SUCCESS". The last word clearly describes Sania- Success. It's not that Sania only cares about success nor is she all about a materialistic world. She only wants a stable life for her and her family. On the same side, I feel for Zafar. He has a great position in poster service, the job is compatible with his timings and the pay is decent.
The next scene is really sweet. Zafar comes to Sania's office as a a surprise and wants to go out somewhere to eat, but Sania refuses as she is really busy with a surgical procedure. However, Zafar doesn't constantly argue with Sania on why she doesn't take out time for him but they make a deal that on her day off, Sania will cook for him and see a movie together. I love how they handle the situation instead of constantly fighting because if that was to happen, I would blame Zafar for not understanding that Sania is a doctor and that the profession demands a busy life. But Zafar is sweet and understanding, so  - no tension:)
It was really funny when Sania wakes up Zafar for a walk and he's sleepy to get up for it but when he does, he gets super tired and runs off to a resting area.
We also find out that Sania is pregnant however, is not ready to have a child. Zafar convinces her that together they'll be able to take care of any future difficulties. They get a really cute baby girl and name her Abeer.
Sania then again asks Zafar: "Does nothing motivate you to achieve something, something big?" Zafar replies : "I have achieved everything; I'm happy with what I have." It was really sweet when Zafar says : " I wanted you -you're with me, I wanted a good job- I have it, nothing else."
And another delightful episode passes by. Lovely acting by both Imran Aslam and Kiran Chaudhry. The beautiful write-up by Amna Malhi and Maliha Haider  and direction by Ali Tahir is highly commendable. Kudos to team Rung and hope it stays beautiful till the end. Do share your comments and I look forward to reading them:)


~~Written by Aisha

Laa Episode 4

Posted by RB On June - 29 - 2014 21 COMMENTS

As-Salaam-Walaikum, Khawateen aur Hazrat! Aap sabh ko Ramzan Mubarak!

I'll be filling in for Sadaf this week, so, any and all opinions are mine and not a reflection on Ms. S. It's been a while since we've met for a regular review. And boy does it feel good to be back!

Writing a review is never easy, writing a review for a series you don't watch is even harder, but the hardest of them all is when you dislike a series and you're supposed to write an unbiased review. So here I am stuck between a rock and a hard place (take note there is an "and" and an "a" in that sentence).

Much has been said and written about Laa. Sadaf gave us a very honest opinion elsewhere another blogger (in our rather small Pakistani blogger-verse) couldn't stop singing its praises especially those of "Sarmad Sehbai's well-written first episode". Now, call me blind but Laa is a big (not-so-)hot mess from the first episode on. The writing might be flawless (and I'll get to that) but the execution is far from it.

In my opinion, Sebhai's strength is his writing yet (and I speak only for myself) I am unable to see the power of his words in Laa. The magic of words, something our language has an innate ability to convey, is easily and very adroitly expressed by Sehbai. For instance, in Mah-e-Meer (and we've only seen the trailer) I can hear it, I can feel it, such that every nuanced rendition of the word chaand has a power to it that is indescribable. Loss, pain, pathos, suffering, these are just a few the emotions that his words have the power to convey. Then why does everything fall flat in Laa. Is it the delivery? Is it the execution? Is it the casting? Is it an emphasis on the visuals?

Sehbai's emphasis on the visuals is a recurring theme. We see it in Mah-e-Meer, we see it here, and I'm pretty certain we'll see it again. Now, I am a visual person, hello(!) I study architecture, so I'm fairly certain that I can maneuver my way around visual intricacies but when the visuals become overpowering at the expense of good writing, good acting, and good direction, then, I have my reservations.

Why do I have reservations?

Well let me start at the beginning of this week's episode. Everytime Daaniyal's BFF takes his name in that shrilly, high pitched voice of hers, every hair on my arms rises up like goosebumps. Dialogues that had (considerable) depth - what with that whole idea of Laa, a negation, a negative - were fed to us as though we were watching an episode of Sex and the City. Depth requires grittiness, depth is not pretty, depth is being hurt, depth is being vulnerable, and I saw none of the grime and grit in Danniyal's reaction. For a man whose life has been shattered, his world broken, Danniyal seems to be in a state reminiscent of a really bad hangover - his loss reeks of artifice.

Sorry Meekal even you couldn't pull this off with your dimpled and gora cheeks, as you rush off to the dargah to seek solace. Although you do look very good.

Now, I know the feeling, the number of times I've headed to Hazrat Nizamuddin for matters far less trivial than what Daaniyal has gone throughis testament to the power of belief, which I understand, but why, then, do I have a hard time watching it and (more importantly) believing it. I'm having a hard time empathizing with any of these characters and that makes for a less than stellar viewing experience.

If Daaniyal's shattered life lacks depth then Naina's heartbreak feels equally unreal. Sadia Khan comes across as very pretty mannequin with no capacity to emote. Harsh as this might be, I say this because it seems to be a recurring trend with HUM TV, the channel that gave us both depth and emotion in Humsafar, Shehr-e-Zaat, Dastaan, and Durr-e-Shawar, to mention but a few.  So why the likes of Laa, Ahista Ahista, and Janam Jali, and why now? Kyun? Have we run out of compelling stories? Are our directors on a sabbatical? Kya writers ki maat mari gayee hai?

With so much pain to draw upon all Naina and her mother can concentrate on is izzat wala khandaans. The number of times I've heard izzat wala khandaans at home with their rishtas makes me gag but another story, another time (woh kya kaha tha Manto nay...). Another sequence that could have been riveting and moving was Naina's acceptance of her mothers will - mein shaadi kay liya taiyar hoon aap jahan karna chahain kar dain. This scene could have made the entire episode had it been dealt with maturity. Instead we were served a melodramatic, background score-laden goodbye to Laa, Daaniyal's nishaani with Naina.

As if on cue enter trouble (with a capital T), which goes by the name Laila. Again bad casting here - this was a role meant for Saba Qamar. Laila is ostensibly the key to Daaniyal's questions but she also comes laden with a treasure trove of secrets. One of those secrets being Dilawer. This addition tightens our plot and we're slowly on our way to more drama, if only it was the kind I'd want to watch.

Till Sadaf gets back,

This RB signing off (Tweet me!)

P.S. Dilawer does carry that mustache off with panache.

LAA: episode 3 review

Posted by Sadaf On June - 22 - 2014 6 COMMENTS

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There is a corny old song which begins “you always hurt the one you love; the one you shouldn’t hurt at all” which like most clichés rings sadly true. Danyal is confused and angry but in the process he manages to hurt not only Naina but his parents too. I felt really bad for the Maliks, after so many years they are again childless as Danyal sets of on quest of self-discovery. I really wish Danyal had been kinder to his parents ,who actually love him more than anyone else in the world.Mikaal plays Danyaal so well that it is easy for the audience to connect with his dilemma, and we all know jab khoobsoorat log rotey hain tho hamdardi thori ziyada hee hoti hai.

Talking of beautiful people , Naina did not have much to say in this episode and actually did better than last week .Her struggle deciding whether or not to keep Danyal’s Taveez and her near silent disappointment played out well. Her mother played by the wonderfully expressive Seemi Raheel could not underplay anything and managed to keep me smiling.

So Danyal is not a Malik, that veil has fallen: so who is he? The only person who might know is Naimat Khan, the stranger whom Danyal keeps bumping into. Naimat Khan invites him to Nawabshah, telling him that that it is Danyal’s Taey Amma who is his biggest enemy .She wanted Naimat Khan to kill him but instead he was given into the safekeeping of the Maliks. In the tradition of a good mystery Naimat Khan refuses to tell him why or when this happened, saying “the time will come.” Danyal also meets another stranger played by Sabreen Hasbani at the train station. From the promos it seems their relationship continues to where Danyal visits her house. Watching Sabreen Hasbani is always a treat and I am sure her role will only add to the story. At this point, just like Danyal I am not sure who to trust. Naimat Khan might easily be manipulating the truth for his own ends and was the meeting between Danyal and Sabreen Hasbani’s character really just a matter of chance?

It is always nice to watch a serial where in the hard work has been done for the audience, so just sit back and enjoy the show. The threads of the story line are deliberately scattered but seem to be slowly drawing into a nicely woven narrative which is leading the viewer forward without the usual distractions of side tracks.

Sorry this review is late and a little short but hopefully there will be more to say next week.

written by sadaf

Rung Hum Sitaray Review Episode 1-6

Posted by Guest Reviewer On June - 18 - 2014 23 COMMENTS
Salaams to every one who is reading this review. This is my first time posting a review for a drama and hope you readers enjoy it. First of all, I would give a shoutout to Sadaf and RB for encouraging me to write a review for Rung. Likely, I wouldn't have written this review if it wasn't for those wonderful critics.
Okay, here we go. Rung airs on Hum Sitaray every Saturday at 8 pm. It is directed by Ali Tahir. I know that Ali Tahir was someone from Mikaal's family in Muhabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai. He was also Resham's scared husband in Geo Tv's Tar- E- Ankaboot. The write-up is by Amna Khalid Malhi and Maliha Haider. The drama stars Imran Aslam as Zafar, Kiran Chaudary as Sania, Asma Abbas as Maimoona who plays Sania's mother and I don't know they guy's real name who plays Sania's father but in the drama, he plays Dr. Ashraf. Shaista Jabeen plays Bajjo- Zafar's mother. I know people hate Asma Abbas from Janam Jali but to love how great of an actress she is, you gotta watch Rung.
6 episodes have taken place and it's a pleasure to say that I'm in love with it! Rung begins with the confident teenage Sania and her loving parents. Maimoona constantly advises Sania to achieve to highest level in education. She wants Sania to become a successful doctor. Dr. Ashraf, on the other hand, is more soft with his daughter. Like any father, he wishes the best for Sania but doesn't constantly place her under the pressure cooker.
On the other side is Shaista Jabeen as Bajjo and her son is Imran Aslam who plays Zafar. Imran Aslam is an excellent actor who's talent was wasted in Rukhsaar. However, he's back to being flawless in Rung. Imran Aslam plays Zafar to perfection. There's a charm yet maturity we see in his Zafar.
Zafar and Sania have been childhood friends as well as cousins,as their mothers are sisters. In a conversation, Bajjo suggests to Maimoona that when Sania and Zafar grow up, their marriage should take place. Maimoona, not being sure, says that she cannot make a decision right now as she wants Sania to pay attention to her studies.
As years go by, Sania and Zafar grow up and don't meet a lot as Sania is busy being a doctor and Zafar a businessman. As they do meet up in a celebration party kept for Sania becoming a doctor, Sania and her parents see how mature Zafar has become- pointing to the fact that Maimoona starts thinking about their marriage. The moment when Maimoona announces that Sania has achieved what she has tried so hard for was a moment to cherish. All the hard work of Maimoona paid off. The loving relationship between Maimoona and Sania is a delight to see. Also, we don't see much loving relationships in today's dramas.
As Sania starts her job at the hospital, her high confidence is challenged when the doctor in charge tells her not to think that she knows everything but Sania is headstrong and gives back a firm answer every time. It's fun to see a strong female lead, which Kiran Chaudary for a newbie brilliantly performs. She has also sang the ost for Rung.
The twist comes when Maimoona and Dr. Ashraf go to the hospital for a check-up as Maimoona experiences a minor pain- Maimoona has leukemia. The shocked expression and grief the couple expresses is flawless. Finally her daughter had become what she had dreamt of and the news of likely death had come upon her. Dr. Ashraf, being a very loving husband, starts thinking what he'll do without his beloved companion, which he delivers naturally. Finally we see a husband who considers his wife to be equal to him and the respect and love present in Maimoona and Dr. Ashraf's relationship is fresh to the eyes. Maimoona, as she is on her last stage, requests Sania to get married to Zafar, to which Sania - although hesitant at first - agrees to. The recent episode has shown their marriage and the next episode aims to explore Zafar's family side.
Rung for me is a very special drama. It not only offers a fresh out of the box story, the characters shower a sense of warmth and comfort in all directions. And hey,in today's world of scheming characters and "ghissi pitti" storylines, who doesn't want a natural and new script to delight themselves with. I am not guaranteeing that this drama will appeal to everyone. However, I assure that if anyone wants to watch something light yet brilliant in terms of emotions, natural characterizations, and a heartwarming story, I would sincerely recommend all drama lovers to watch Rung.
~~Written by Aisha

LAA: episode 2 review

Posted by Sadaf On June - 15 - 2014 27 COMMENTS

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Finally an entertaining family drama with interesting characters which addresses social issues without rubbing our noses in the sermon. Suffice to say I really enjoyed this week’s episode of LAA and any reservations I had last week are happily cast aside now all we need is a Taveez which makes sure that the quality of this serial and story are maintained and perhaps even taken up a notch or two to give it that sheen reserved for serial which we love enough to recommend to our friends or better still want to watch again and again just to relive the pleasure of a good scene.download (33)

Mikaal the actor is back, he is perfect as Danyal Malik. The first half of the drama showed us the slick city boy taking full advantage of Naina’s sudden attraction for him,playing her along to win a bet with his other talangey type friends. I simply adored the scenes of Danyal and Naina wandering around the back streets of Lahore’s famed Liberty market (which may well by my most favourite place in the world too). As usual Mikaal adds his own brand of easy charm to character which might come over as a little mean and carries the whole premise of the film ….oops did I say film ? Well it seems like one, with beautifully shot scenes, great production values and a story which has depth. In a few scenes that, flippant laidback Danyal Malik is gone forever when he overhears his and Naina’s father discussing the fact that he is adopted. Mikaal again brings the gravity necessary for such a life changing event without losing the essence of the main narrativeimages

Naina’s character is simply wonderful, Sarmad Sehbai has written a woman of substance who is strong and outspoken but does not cross the line to rudeness or vulgarity. Real women are like this because honourable women are not afraid to speak their minds or make decisions because they have their moral compass well set from the beginning. Sadia Khan is no doubt beautiful and her character has just the right chemistry with Danyal. She is playing Naina very well but here and there she does fall a bit flat.

We see flashes of the mysterious stranger and in the coming episodes we will probably find out who Danyal Malik really is. In the meanwhile a disappointed Naina must return home.

Will the real Faruq Rind please stand up and take a bow for this great episode and tell the guys who is directing Mere Mehrban to come and learn from him. I have to give a shout out to the Dop for a job well done and the person who did such an excellent job of=n the background music too. Qavi Khan , and especially Seemi Raheel just added more great flavour to the mix. Loved the exchange of looks between Mikaal and Seemi Raheel …simply brilliant! Well done team Laa,   you have me at least waiting with excitement for next week’s episode

written bySADAF


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