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Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai – The Finale!

Posted by hina On September - 27 - 2012 17 COMMENTS

Finally, another much-awaited serial has come to an end! Though YPNH had it’s ups and downs, I have to admit, the last episode blew me away. This is probably one of the dramas of the season that actually portrayed the idea of women being strong, rather than further degrading them. The finale wraps up really well in my opinion and I loved it throughout.

Before I get to the final episode, let’s have a recap. Does anyone else remember the guy who Shumaila dumped in the beginning of this series? Yeah, well he’s been back for a couple of episodes and has been blackmailing Shumaila into paying him so that he can live in luxuries or he tells Saim everything that went down in between them. As much as Shumaila tries to get away from him at this point, he keeps calling her back, stalking her, etc….you know, the usual. :D

Haleema has decided to move on with her life, leave Saim and Shumaila, and find a talent within her that she can use to support her and her children. She also uses the help of Zunaira and generally, is leading a really successful life. I’m glad Haleema decided to take a stand against Saim and show her willpower to move on. After her abusive relationship, she finally lashed out and stood up for herself. Job well done!

So, the finale was fantastically done! Shumaila is caught by Saim with her ‘old boyfriend’ and  he suspects her true intentions. In reality, she was trying to get him to stay away from her, but she was caught by Saim, who was less than forgiving towards her. After the series of these events, she’s landed in the hospital in a coma. Saim also, remaining heartless, divorces her there and tries to go back to Haleema, who keeps her head up and refuses. The simple question and highlight of the last episode:

“Agar maine yeh sub kiya hota, tou kya aap mujhe maaf kertay?”

said so much in a sentence. If the tables were turned, would Saim have forgiven Haleema? As Saim ashamedly shook his head, Haleema, dignified, replied with a smile and just one word: Khudahafiz.

I loved how they showed Saim pondering Haleema’s personality change, but didn’t elongate that scene. Loved how the drama ended with *spoiler alert* the OST playing in the background, and may I add – at the perfect pitch, so that it didn’t overpower the flashbacks playing as well. Loved, loved, loved it!

The wonderful portrayal of Haleema is one aspect of this drama that I loved. Where she used to be the timid, obedient wife who was secretly being abused, she is now a woman of self-respect, dignity, and success. She didn’t show any signs of wanting to be with her husband again after all she went through, and she kept her head held high the entire time. Basically, she could care less about Saim at this point. Also, when it came to Shumaila, her feelings were indifferent. Well, not exactly indifferent, but more that she cared, but she couldn’t forgive her for what she did to Haleema and that’s what I liked. Normally, in the last episode everyone hugs and they’re all a great big family again. Haleema however, may care for Shumaila, but she can never forget the betrayal she went through. I loved how she asked Sabi if she should talk to her as a sister or a sautan. It’s true and it was a very realistic approach to such a situation.

There were some….bloopers should I call them, or things I didn’t understand in this episode. One, if Shumaila was diagnosed with a coma, then why was Sabi talking to her as if though she could hear him, and why were they showing flashbacks from her end? Correct me if I’m wrong, but in a coma, isn’t the patient not able to see, hear, and comprehend what’s happening to them physically? It’s just like a deep sleep right?

Second, how was Haleema praying in the waiting room? Was it in a private area or like in Shumaila’s room? It seemed odd for her to just start praying in the middle of the room – not that it’s a bad thing, but it just seemed a bit off. She could have just prayed in the room that Shumaila was in, or you know, somewhere else. It was just a very minor thing that I caught up on, not a huge deal though :).

These two points aside, the team has done wonderfully! I loved this story, even though it got a bit annoying in the middle. However, I hope these directors, producers, etc…don’t overdo the topic of “sisters” and ruin the beautiful bond there is through these types of dramas. It’s already happening, but hopefully, people will take note and won’t overuse it. To the rest of the team, you all did a fantastic job with these issues that are happening in our society. Couldn’t have come up with a better ending! Every character seemed to take his/her role perfectly and they put a great effort into it! Loved it all, and good luck in the future!

In conclusion, if you dropped this drama in the middle, just watch the last episode. It fit everything perfectly and you definitely won’t be disappointed. Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai = Outstanding finale! :)

Written by Hina :)

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Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai – Episode 12

Posted by SZ On July - 19 - 2012 15 COMMENTS

Whoa! All of a sudden the story has picked up pace and travelling at warp speed. In this latest episode we went from Shumaila shamelessly throwing herself at an unbending Saim, to Shumaila’s hospitalization on account of an overdose, to a fighting match between Saim and Zunaira, to a still completely unsuspecting Halima making soups for the bechari beemar Shumaila, Halima continuing to ignore Zunaira, to Saim and Shumaila holding hands and leaving the city un-chaperoned for a few days away at a “doctor’s conference.” Phew! Seems like somebody realized ke serial ko khatam karna hai tau jaldi bhai now let’s wrap this up…

I have been a committed follower of Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai from the beginning. Faiza Iftikhar’s story is interesting, and the characters very well-fleshed out. I think Saba Qamar’s been exceptional and her pairing with Junaid Khan pairing a great one. Mawra is good; Humaira Zaheer has been superb and Kiran Khan has also given a very good account of herself as Zunairah. Despite all these positives, unfortunately, the serial has been unable to make its mark, and failed to reach its full potential, and for this the main culprit has to be the slow pace of the onscreen narrative,. The dragging has led to the once relatable characters turning in to jokes.  This latest speedup is a classic case of too little too late, but let see how we go on from here.

Though I appreciated the buildup and enjoyed the character development, there are many times when it seemed like Halima and Saim were running around in circles, without any real attempt to address the issues between them. Many of their interactions could have been shortened to ensure a tighter narrative. Also, a change of settings would’ve helped greatly and added a much needed freshness. Considering that most of their interactions took place within the house, the tedium of watching the same grievances being aired in the same settings also lent an air of been there seen that to their scenes.

Similarly Shumaila’s story. I understand that her first affair was intended to create a reason for her stay at Halima’s house, but that part should’ve been shortened considerably. In fact, rather than watching her with her loser of a boyfriend, I would’ve appreciated an insight into her mental makeup– what causes her to look to obviously unsuitable men to complete her. What attraction does a married man like Saim hold for a young attractive educated girl like Shumaila, surely she can hold out for better options? It couldn’t just be the money, because her first boyfriend had nothing. Given that she is educated and on the verge of a not only a successful but a highly respectable career, why is she willing to throw all that aside? Some insights into her mindset would’ve helped add a measure of sympathy/empathy for Shumaila’s character, making this a more balanced narrative.

Even as I have enjoyed watching this story of  Saim and Halima’s marital problems, an issue that has been nagging me throughout is the way Shumaila’s education has been used as a device to move the story forward. This is extremely disturbing. Considering that the most of our viewers still reside in rural or not highly urbanized areas, a vast majority of them not very educated, and many among them still hold conservative views regarding girls’ education. Keeping these demographics in mind, I am really perturbed by the frivolous way in which Shumaila is shown to bunk classes, use her studies as a ploy to gain Saim’s attention, waste a valuable internship opportunity to get closer to Saim, and finally overdosing on pills… surely an educated girl, particularly someone who’s made it this far, has a brain, presumably?? What kind of a message is this sending to lower-middle class parents thinking of sending their daughter to college… If I were a parent in that position, and watching this serial, I have to say I would be having second and third thoughts …


Written by SZ~ sz.reviews.dp@gmail.com

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Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai – Episode 10

Posted by SZ On July - 6 - 2012 3 COMMENTS

Another week, another interesting episode as Saim and Halima’s marriage continued to unravel. Seeing the many problems between the couple it appears that this relationship never really stood a chance. It’s not just the differences in their education, thoughts, and likes and dislikes, but the fact that both don’t realize that a relationship needs work, a lot of time and effort to understand each other. It seems that from day one the very complexed Saim had decided that Halima was not educated and unsophisticated, hence unworthy of his attention. Halima, on the other hand, decided that being a good wife meant maintaining a well-run household, cooking good food and keep the mother-in-law happy. Once these opinions were formed, nothing seems to have been able to budge both parties out of their respective corners. Saim never helped Halima gain confidence by praising her efforts, or tell her how he liked things done. Halima also has been unable to mold herself into the kind of wife Saim desired. This gap in communication has left the door wide open for others to enter and create havoc – enter Shumaila.

Shumaila is a very interesting character. Here is a girl who is being handed the opportunity of a lifetime to gain an education and make something of her life. But interestingly, all she wants to do is to hang out with friends and look for a husband. Typically, in our serials, girls from Shumaila’s background are shown as desirous of getting a degree and working, while their parents force them to get married. Here, it is completely opposite. Shumaila’s entire family is behind her to get her medical degree, but all this silly twit wants to do is to find a husband – why?? I’m at a total loss to understand the reasoning behind this. I understand that she is a foolish girl who probably views life through rose-colored glasses and is in all probability blind to her sister’s miserable life, but still I wish we had more of an insight in to her character, and most importantly she should not have been shown as a final year medical student. As a doctor in training, I’m sure even the most witless person would have been hard pressed to ignore the harsh realities of life. Granted that it was easier to show her as a doctor so as to create some compatibility with Saim, but again this makes Shumaila’s character a bit hard to swallow.

This incongruity aside, I like the way different issues of marital life are being highlighted by Faiza Iftikhar. We see many day-to-day realities depicted, and the character maintain their ambiguity. Even as I feel sorry for the naïve and abused Halima, I want to shake her really hard for her blindness to what’s going on right underneath her nose. Similarly Saim’s mother is seemingly good, but is she? Shumaila is an idiot, but I keep wondering what is it about her past that she is continually looking for a man to love her. Has she grown up with the feeling of being unloved and unwanted by her parents? Has she always felt inferior to her sister? Mawra is doing a great job as Shumaila. Saba Qamar is good as Halima, and Junaid Khan is doing justice to the very complex character of Saim.

So far Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai has been holding my interest, but now with Shumaila having shown her hand openly, rather than spending too much time on continuing to show Halima as a victim, I would like to see her coming into her own and finding her voice, such that there is a lesson to be learnt here. We have seen way too many dramas with stories dealing with husband/wife/other woman triangle; I hope this one is different in that rather than just talking about it, we are actually shows a solution to the problem. Looking forward to seeing what Faiza Iftikhar and Fahim Burney have in store for us next week…


Written by SZ~ sz.reviews.dp@gmail.com

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Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai – Episode 9

Posted by SZ On June - 28 - 2012 2 COMMENTS

Starting off on a rather slow note, with many a hiccup in its initial episodes, Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai is shaping up to be an interesting story. Having successfully set up the context of Saim and Halima’s dysfunctional marriage, today’s episode revolved around Shumaila’s ensconcing herself into the household, and focused on the growing attraction between Saim and Shumaila even as the two ladies of the household, Halima and her mother-in-law, remained blissfully oblivious to the sparks between the two.

Saim is one heck of a complexed and insecure man, for whom professional success and material wealth have not been able to cure his childhood fear of being  found lacking. Hailing from a lower-middle class/middle-class family, he has worked very hard to escape his less than elitist background. Now that he has scaled the peak of professional success, his marriage to the unsophisticated Halima is a constant thorn in his side. No matter how hard she tries, she can never measure up to the impossible standards set by Saim. Hence his initial interest in the seemingly more compatible Zunaira. But, as Saim’s response to Zunaira’s rejection of his proposal illustrated, this is a man with an inflated ego, needing constant reassurance he is always right and is special. This is where we see Shumaila stepping in. In sharp contrast to high school grad Halima, Shumaila is studying to be a doctor. Her ostensible sophistication (they share a similar choice in Western films), her overt gratitude, her flattery, her over-eagerness to please him, and attempts to gain his attention act as a palliative to Saim’s massive ego, which has received a massive blow after Zunaira’s rejection.

Halima, on the other hand appears completely unaware of the going-ons between her cousin and husband. Having gotten rid of Zunaira, the only person who was willing to help her, she is back to again being the doormat wife and docile bahu,  manipulated by the self-serving advice of her mother-in-law. Rather than questioning Saim’s mellowed behavior, Halima seems to be in a dream world of her own where she sees Saim softening towards her.

In an otherwise very nuanced story, I cannot help but question Halima’s simple-mindedness. Are wives really that blind to the reasons behind their husband’s mood swings? Unsophisticated as she might be, is Halima really not seeing the chemistry project unfolding in front of her eyes? As for Saim, given his insecurities and complexes, his roving eye, and his obvious unhappiness with Halima, surely he was not just twiddling his thumbs all these years waiting for Zunaira to show up. There have to have been other women in the interim – why have we not heard any reference to his past affairs? How could his mother and wife not know anything?

Caught right in between the troubled husband and wife is Shumaila. An immature girl, clearly not having learnt anything from her past experiences, she is playing with fire again. Watching her today, it seemed like she wasn’t consciously trying to wreck her sister’s life, but more like weaving a romantic fantasy around the suave and rich Saim, where there is no place for Halima. From the precaps it seems that Shumaila’s fantasy will get a jolt when Halima finally catches on and her brother Sabih steps in to the picture.

Overall, I enjoyed the mellow pace and the gradual buildup to the explosion expected next week. Faiza Iftikhar’s story is paced well, and I like the way Fahim Burney is narrating it onscreen. Saba Qamar is exceptional as is Junaid Khan as Saim. Fabulously as he is doing, after having seeing Junaid in back to back abusive husband roles, I only hope that he is able to steer clear of being stereotyped, playing the same role again and again. Mawra has really impressed me as Shumaila. Humaira Zaheer is fantastic as the good, but only as long as things go my way, saas. So, yes, enjoyed this episode, and looking forward to more next week.


Written by SZ~ sz.reviews.dp@gmail.com

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Yahan Pyar Nahin Hai – Episode 7

Posted by SZ On June - 14 - 2012 5 COMMENTS

Wah! I was so cheering for Shumaila today as she fired her loser of a boyfriend. Yes! Girl, you made up for your earlier idiocies by sternly informing that wannabe lover of yours that you were legally an adult and would have no compunctions in reporting him to the authorities if he tried to pull any underhanded stunts. You then were gutsy enough to remorsefully acknowledge your mistakes and return home and apologize. That took a lot of courage, and for that I commend you! Mawra was good as Shumaila today.

If Shumaila’s realization and her repentance made me applaud, Halima’s depression really saddened me. She, who had been so happy in the last episode, was down in the dumps. Her burgeoning self-confidence shattered yet again, after listening to her mother-n-law’s well-intentioned but ultimately self-serving advice. Here, I must commend Faiza Iftikhar for writing such a nuanced character. Ostensibly very supportive of her daughter-in-law, before the last episode we would’ve had no problems seeing her as the whiter than white mother-in-law, but as was beautifully shown last week, this as a character who is very grey. She is not a bad person, in fact she loves her daughter-in-law and has no problems defending her against her son, BUT, as long as neither of these threatens her sense of self. If anything appears to even remotely upset the status quo, then she will go to any lengths to restore order to her universe. Humaira Zaheer is excellent as the subconsciously conniving mother-in-law. Having sensed the unwelcome changes in Halima, she first subtly turned her against Zunaira and then hit the final blow by telling her about Saim’s infatuation.

Saba Qamar has truly impressed me in this serial. I loved her in Dastaan, but after seeing her in a spate of negative roles, I was really turned off, but here she is fantastic as the subdued, browbeaten spouse. While everything appears glittery on the surface, the big house, successful husband, fabulous mother-in-law, the perfect children, nonetheless Halima is hiding a dirty secret – her seemingly charming husband is emotionally abusive, leaving no stone unturned in making her feel unworthy and useless. She is clearly not stupid, because we see her with her children, decorating Zunaira’s house, and offering very mature advice to her uncle and aunt, but Saim has done such a wonderful job of decimating her self-confidence that she really thinks she’s unworthy. Hopefully, Shumaila’s move to their house and Saim’s roving eye will be the jolt she needs to wake up and stand up for herself. This episode ended on a very interesting note and I’m waiting to see whether Shumaila has matured enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

Although I really feel for her character, I have one big peeve against Halima: why the heck doesn’t she change clothes?? Today she was wearing a brown kurta the entire time, even in bed, and changed only when she went to her uncle’s house – no wonder Saim can’t stand her! I really hope somebody takes pity on her and gives her the memo that the most important thing in any relationship is to shower and wear fresh clothes on a daily basis!!

And, finally Saim … Junaid Khan is really good as the seemingly soft, cultured, sophisticated man of the world, but behind closed doors he’s an arrogant, crass bully. I am looking forward to seeing if/how Saim tempers his natural boorishness to impress Shumaila.

Overall, this serial seems to have (hopefully) overcome its initial hiccups and is now unfolding smoothly as a well-told story of the stark realities of Halima’s seemingly perfect life.


Written by SZ~ sz.reviews.dp@gmail.com

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Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai – Episode 6 Review

Posted by Maria On June - 7 - 2012 6 COMMENTS

A few days ago, I met my family doctor at a conference and she inquired about if my mother had started to pay attention to her own health as she recommended.  Towards the end of our conversation, she said something that came back to me while I was watching the new episode of Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai today. Said that she believes that in our South Asian culture, a woman’s everything in the world revolves around her husband, kids and if she lives with in laws then they also require attention. A woman in our society and culture feels guilty or is made to feel guilty if she pays attention to her needs, her space and she is deemed selfish if she chooses those paths. These wise words from my doctor were applicable to poor Haleema’s dilemma today especially when she thinks aloud: “Aik aurat kay liye sab say ziyada ahem kiya hai us ka ghar, us kay bhacay, yaa bachoon ka baap? ziyada zaroori kiya hai, aik man chahi dil pasand bewi ki haisiyat pana? ya phir ideal zimidar bahoo ka certificate hasil karna?”

I have been rather critical of Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai in my previous reviews because I felt that the story was mostly at standstill and I had enough of Saim’s repetitive dialogues and we, viewers weren’t given much access to Haleema’s thoughts, her insecurities into staying in this emotionally abusive marriage. Even Shumaila found herself in Drama Buff’s smack attack ladies volume II. Well boy has the drama changed since last episode and I am very interested to see where Saim-Haleema-Shumaila triangle fits in and how exactly will the narrative move there?

Continuing from last episode, Zunahirah (played brilliantly by Kiran) has taken steps forward to ensure and instill some much needed advice to Haleema about Saim’s and her marriage. Saim finally talks to Zunahirah about his intensions and as predicted she is not only taken aback but also tells him loud and clear that if she had gotten married to such a third class man, she would have divorced him in three days, not three years. We are still not spared from continuous taunts towards Haleema by Saim, however Haleema has started to listen to Zunahirah’s advice and is trying to take out time for herself, only to displease her MIL. On the other side, Shumaila although has gained trust of her family, she is still oblivious from Arsal’s hidden motives, and finally escapes from her house, intending to elope with Arsal through a court marriage. I am glad to see her having second thoughts about her running away like this.

Did I say before that I love Zunahaira’s character? She is my type of girl; she is such a great addition into the drama. I really like her voice of reason and explanations to Haleema and Saim. I was very impressed with the way she convinced Haleema that her mother in law doesn’t really loves her as a real daughter. Haleema is her need and if she had given Haleema that space and helped her come to Saim’s standards, their marriage wouldn’t be on rocks today. Zunahaira’s character is very rare to see on our TV screens. I love the fact that she is happily divorced and doesn’t hides under a rock due to this fact and is clearly empowered, intelligent and very observational. If this was some typical desi vamp character, she would be planning on eloping with Saim and what not.

I hope we see a changed Halima soon, and I really hope Zunahiarah isn’t really flown back to be taken out of the picture.  Looking forward to next week.

written by: Maria Khan

Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai Episode 4 Review

Posted by Maria On May - 24 - 2012 3 COMMENTS

Today’s episode of Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai was a continuation of episode 3.  Sabhi is still angry about Shumaila’s proposal to the “lafanga munda.” Saim is still dwelling on about losing Zunhairah and thinking 24/7 about how he married a jahil aurat, oh and the never ending taunts to Haleema . Saim’s mother is constantly talking to herself and suspecting that Zunhairah is trying to cast issues between Saim and Haleema’s marriage (as if their marriage was not already on rocks).  Zunhairah has become a marriage councilor between Saim and Haleema. Shumaila continues to win the award for being the dumbest female character of year.  Finally, we see a very assertive, loud and purposeful side to Haleema when she confronts the “lafanga munda’s”  mom (sorry Its been 4 episodes but I still feel like I have not been able to catch onto the boys name)

I think I already discussed the pros and cons and negative aspects of the story enough to make someone’s ears bleed.  Before, I began to watch today’s episode, I reminded myself why on the earth did I wanted in the first place to watch the drama. It was mostly because from the promos it looked like Haleema will take a stand finally to Saim’s emotional abuse and also that Faiza Ifthikhar has more rounded off sensible endings (e.g. Mohabbat Roth Jaye Tou etc). This drama hopefully provides a platform to give a positive and strong message to those women who find themselves stuck in similar situations and maybe a more positive solution (YES hopefully better then Mere Qatil Mere Dildar)

My favorite scene today had to be when Haleema intelligently wards of the rishta lady. Today was the first time we are shown a very assertive more forceful side of Haleema, so different from the one that has been revealed to us so far.  I wonder why Haleema never unveils herself and her true potential to Saim and agrees to be a silent victim of his abuse. If there is a back story to that, i think this could have been a perfect time to introduce this background information.

On a happier note I am really glad and excited that the real drama is now about to begin and now as a viewer, I am provided with ample opportunity to guess what happens next, instead of the story going off toward  a completely predictable tangent.  From the looks of the promos and from what I can assess, Zunairah will completely refuse any of Saim’s advances towards her and this will open up Shumailas entry into Saim’s life. What exactly does Shumaila do that Saim is gravitated towards her (even though he clearly states that he detests Haleema’s family).

Written By Maria Khan

Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai- Episode 3 Review (When vampires roam DP)

Posted by Maria On May - 17 - 2012 12 COMMENTS

Today while writing the review for Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai Episode 3, I was exclusively joined by a ninja vampire who roams the greasy streets of Pakistan in order to suck the blood out of actors, writers, directors, crew members and characters that grace our TV screens everyday.

Hey buddy, welcome to DP drama reviews, thanks for joining me today.  While my day is just beginning, how is the night time treating you? I hear it’s the most active time for you to roam, you know you must be quiet hungry; I hear there are way too many good dramas gracing our screens today. Any thoughts on whose blood you might suck tonight or maybe not…?

You know you are right! There have been too many good dramas on our screens lately and I am merely reduced to snacking on most nights (weekends are the worst…my stomach grumbles loudly during those nights BUT while there might be some really PRODIGIOUS  dramas gracing our screens out there, the trash also thrown out by production houses has no limits. It’s like they invite us creatures to “open blood-sucking-bar party” so we can chug all the blood we can! So all in all I never really go hungry, for example tonight is my night! Please I have very little time so let’s hurry this up…

Yes, yes of course, so I watched Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai just a few hours ago, I am not sure how I feel about it so far… I mean we are on episode number 3 and hmmmm I am still kind of sitting on a fence. Maybe because I really like Faiza Ifthikhar and Saba Qamar and they both have produced such wonderful stuff. Ninja vampire please don’t give me that look, I know how much you dislike them!!! I am sure you go hungry on those nights where one of these two is part of the drama team?

Forget about sucking blood from these two personalities, I wouldn’t touch these two with a 10 foot pole BUT for some reason my leering long nailed finger is quivering tonight in order to taste their scrumptious blood. You know I still have to wonder how many times one single dialogue can be repeated throughout three episodes. Its reminding me of a nightmare I had where I was trapped in Hamoon jadoogar and bil batoori’s cave and they were sitting in front of their black handi constantly repeating “jahil gawanar aurat… jahil gawanar aurat… jahil gawanar aurat… jahil gawanar aurat… jahil gawanar aurat…”

Well let’s not get sidetracked with your nightmares! While I agree with you about repeated dialogues I wanted your insight into progress of this episode, I mean what makes you feel that all the people involved in the making of this play need to have their throats scratched by your um shiny pointing teeth?

Now we are talking and my mouth is watering already. As you must have noticed:

Character issues:

We already have established from past two episodes that Saim’s character seriously has superiority complex issues and putting his wife down is his favourite hobby. And then we have a wife who enjoys being put down (and has been doing that for past 7 years.). What is missing in the story or character development is we never really get insight into Haleema’s thoughts or why she never says anything back to her husband or tells her chacha chichi about the situation in her home. Apnoon ko apna kehnay ka kiya faida when you are not able to share your sorrows with them.

Similarly, we have Sabhi who is acting like an archetypical desi overprotective brother and you berated Shumaila’s character in the last review enough times. My only problem with all characters is that they all seem too black and white and combined that with weak and too much OTT acting…it is quite a charming combination to turn off viewers. Although throughout the episode I was very fascinated by Saba Qamar’s perfectly French manicured nails. They reminded me off…

Getting past Saba Qamar’s French Manicured nails ….let’s keep this conversation on track shall we?

Sorry sorry, did I go off a bit track there…There was no progress of the story until the very end. The episode was divided into three scenes, most of whose content could have been edited. We find out that Saim had initially proposed to Zunnairah but she refused. Zunnairah is also very outspoken about her thoughts and also crosses the line with Saim, which makes  viewers realize that Saim’s ideal partner might not exactly be right for him as he envisions. Taking a turn into Shumaila’s life, I was glad that she had some slaps to knock sense into the thick head of hers. Maybe her brother should have wrung her neck right there (but then there is so much ample blood supply that comes from Shumaila alone that I wouldn’t want it to go to waste…khair the episode ends with Saim realizing that he is still young and zinda dil and will not have jahil gawanar aurat for company anymore… (But catch the twist, he is still not going to give up on his first wife because although she is jahil gawanar and has takiyanosi sooch BUT “house and children are disturbed” when she is not there! ..wah wah wah… sooch par daad deni chahiye…), well I can go on and on about negative things, any positive vibes you received from the episode?

Not really I think with weak characters, weak acting combined with pretty untreatable and predictable story, I am trying my best to think of positives but I can’t seem to highlight any!  We are already into three episodes and it shouldn’t take that long for some real action to happen. As Zunahirah said “sitaroon say agay jahan aur bhi hain…” Until next time Ninja Vampire while I pray that this drama gets better and all characters and their actions are justified and some common sense knocked into each one of their heads. Thanks your exclusive insights into tonight’s episode of Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai… I don’t know should I be glad or be sad in informing you that you are going to have enough blood supply to last you for next few weeks…hopefully production houses learn not to take their viewers for granted and start to produce more thought provoking dramas… 


Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai – Episode 2

Posted by Maria On May - 10 - 2012 3 COMMENTS

We are now into second episode of the drama and I would describe the current pace of the drama as: na doob raha hai na ubhar raha hai. I am hoping it’s not one of those dramas that take 10 episodes for the real story to begin.  Today’s episode was character driven rather than narrative driven settling onto stark contrast between Haleema and Shumaila and further shed light on Saim’s frustrations into a marriage he is trapped in. We also got a glimpse of Sabhi has a over protective old brother who suspects Shumaila’s is involved in some different “extracurricular activities” at college which is very unsettling for him.


-No blaring OST or over the top dramatic music that distracts from the dialogues.

-crisp editing, the transition between the different scenes is smooth and well placed

-I have not seen Mawra in any other dramas but if she can get me to absolutely dislike her character; she is definitely doing something right with her acting. The chichorapan attitude or the “eye rolling” is definite addition to Mawara’s dialogue delivery. Saba Qamar was spot on as usual and you could see the pain and subtle indifference in Haleema’s expressions as Saim constantly insulted her. Junaid Khan also has improved quite a bit from last episode but he is still not there yet (Junaid needs to improve his ability to vary his voice with his expressions so they all his emotions don’t seem flat or same)

-One character that I have come to absolutely love is Kiran Khan’s portrayal of Zunairah. Although I didn’t really like her in the first episode, I was struck by her charm and personality. Her character influences Saim without coming off as dominating, nor does she asserts her opinions on him. I also liked how she points out that he is jealous of his wife’s close relationship with his mother and she fails to understand why he would think that is the problem. From a reviewers perspective, she is the only character (in my opinion) that stands out from the rest in terms of authenticity because the rest of the characters are placed at extreme end of spectrums (either they are too holier than thou or too irrational). I know now why Saim must have been very infatuated by her aurora and personality. Excellent work Ms. Khan!


-There weren’t many negatives that I could find in the episode BUT my big issue is the with placement of the narrative. There is really no mystery and the story just seems very flat at times. In this world of hypermedia where we can forward through most of the episodes, I think our directors and writers really need to understand that they can lose many viewers within the first 3 episodes if the story doesn’t picks up.

-My praise for Mawara’s performance aside, but her character is someone that should be on DB’s list of top smack attack female characters. Woman you are in medical school, yet you manage to act worse than a 5 year old. A guy clearly tells you that he is after your money and sugar coats it with love and you believe him with closed eyes. No wonder your brother doesn’t trust you.

-The repeated use of dialogues is also a major turn off for the viewers. Like Haleema my ears are becoming indifferent to the constant taunts (e.g. jahil gawar aurat) thrown over and over again by Siam. The whole time I was thinking, why he couldn’t enroll her in university or college when she got married to him?

It seems from next week’s preview that we finally see a showdown between Shumaila and her brother and I am waiting to see what was it that compelled a very assertive Saim to bow down to his mother’s wish to marry Haleema. How will Haleema view Zunairah with regards to her and Saim’s shaky marriage?

Written by Maria Khan

PS: I don’t know but is it a fashion statement in Pakistan to go out for a drink with your lab coat on?  : P

Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai – Episode 1

Posted by Maria On May - 3 - 2012 9 COMMENTS

Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai written by Faiza Iftiqar, directed by Fahim Burney, starting Saba Qamar, Junaid Khan, Mavra, Huaira Zaheer, Farah Zeba first caught my eye during its first promotional posters and teasers posted on facebook and numerous websites. The first teaser trailer had “The Tudors” music background running behind Saba Qmar’s forlorn voice considering what relationships in life are most important to a woman. Other teasers while didn’t give much of the story, showed foundations of a troubled marriage being shaken by abusive husband and selfish relatives. Since I am currently enjoying Bilqees Kaur written by Faiza Iftiqar, I was very interested to see how she would tackle the subject of abusive relationships between husband and wife and hopefully give proper and clear messages to those who are in similar situations and how to deal with them.

In the first episode we are introduced to all the main characters and there is ample information given about each one of them without dwelling to much in the past. Saim (Junaid Khan) and Haleema (Saba Qamar) have been miserably tied together in holy matrimony for past seven years arranged by Saim’s assertive mother and Haleema loves paternal aunt and uncle. Saim has no inclination towards his wife and throughout the episode never loses any opportunity to humiliate her not considering she is also the mother of their two children. Haleema’s cousin Shumaila (Mavra) is a medical student and yet manages to act like a six year old child with her antics and is apprehensive of all the praise bestowed upon Haleema especially by her parents. Shumaila’s brother Sabih and Haleema’s cousin however is very fond of Haleema, and is aware of the harsh reality of Haleema’s married life which he does not share with the rest of the family. We are also introduced to a happily divorced Zunaira (Kiran) who was Saim’s old love interest and has come back to add oil to already burning fire in Saim’s heart and change his view on marriage.

The positives of the episode and drama in general so far:

– Finally, a drama that is based on a story of marriage between two people that are poles apart both in education, social status and clearly are unhappy with their married life. I am very interested to see how Saba Qamar’s character will further develop as she always does not puts up with Saim’s constant taunting (as evident by the shirt scene today) and whose side Saim’s mother will stand up for.

-Very well showing and not telling about how and why Haleema and Saim’s marriage came about to be. There wasn’t too much dwelling in the past, yet we are shown through different character interactions and conversations about background of Saim and Haleema, while also giving insight into both of their characters and why and how they act the way they are portrayed. Saim’s frustrations are clear as he never wanted this union in the first place projecting his frustrations and anger out on his inert wife. Since Haleema in an orphan raised lovingly by her chacha and chichi and as they have found the best match they could offer for their niece, she is unable to share her misery with them and most of the time dwells on being the victim of her husband’s constant taunting and abuse. Clearly, her mother in laws support is not enough.

The Negatives:

– Did we really need a kiss on the cheek or forehead or whichever direction it was between Saim and Zunaira while they greeted each other?

– I really don’t get the point or need of Shumailas character in the narrative because I think having a sister/cousin ruining an older sibling’s life or getting hooked to their husband has been done to death in Maat. Sadly Shumailas character is nothing short of what Saba Qamar’s character was in Maat. Both characters are selfish and dwell upon materialistic means and needs to please themselves. It is hard to believe that Shumaila is portrayed as a medical student.  If the narrative had to proceed to the point where another person is the final breakup cause of Saim and Haleema’s marriage, then Zunaira was the perfect candidate. This would have made the story a little bit more realistic then including a saman like character (a little hard to swallow.)

-The acting: I could not decipher Junaid Khan from his current role in Mata – e- Jaan as Adam from Saim’s Character. Junaid Khan really needs to explore different role options and his acting still has to grow on me. His dialogue delivery is still very flat and still has not changed from Mata-e-Jaan.

-Although Saba Qamar’s acting is spot on as the victimized wife, I could not get my head around her character because in my mind her portrayal of Saman is still fresh and alive from Maat. The rest of the actors aren’t exactly delivering their lines with intensity that is required.

From next episode’s preview it seems like the drama’s narrative will pick up and we get to see more action and will be introduced more widely to Saim’s frustrations.

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