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Chup Raho Last Episode

Guest Reviewer . 3

OMG, I don’t know if should be happy that finally Chup Raho has come to an end or scream my head off for such a horrible, over dramatic ending. I can’t believe that Yasir Nawaz, being such a talented director could give us something so below average. As I mentioned in my last review, it was dragged on for no reason. However, I was at least hoping against hope that it would have a decent ending but in vain. Honestly for me, this was the most pathetic ending any serial could have.

First of all I didn’t understand that how did Numair get an access to Aazar’s personal email Id, and what amazed me more was Rameen’s behaviour towards Numair. How could she even bear to have him standing next to her after all that she went through. In this episode as well, Numair emails her as Aazar asking her to move to Lahore with Numair and the family without any apparent reason and she accepts it readily without showing any resistance and convey the idea to Manal and Numair the very next morning. Meanwhile, Manal finds out that Numair sends emails to Rameen as Aazar and finally explodes. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, it is revealed upon her that it wasn’t her sister but in fact her husband who was the real culprit and was in love with Rameen since the beginning. What shocked me most was Rameen’s willingness to go to Lahore despite Manal’s resistance and the sudden realization of her undying love for Aazar. Rameen’s emotions have fluctuated like anything in the last few episodes regarding Sheraz and Aazar and it actually drove me nuts. Just within few hours, they are all set to move to Lahore. I mean wow. However, in such a turmoil Manal calls Sheraz and informs her about Aazar’s death and while she is doing that Numair storms in the room and snatches the phone from her. Few minutes later Sheraz’s car intercepts Numair’s when they are headed towards Lahore. This scene should be awarded the worst scene of the year. Sheraz, Numair and Manal are screaming hysterically at each other and there is lot of nonsensical pulling and pushing going on. Rameen’s reaction was so strange, in fact extremely retarded. She refuses to believe Manal and Sheraz about Aazar’s death and believes Numair instead. Finally, with Numair’s slip of tongue, she gets to know the reality and gets out of the car immediately. Numair ends up in a mental hospital while Manal is shown sitting in the hospital praying for her daughter’s recovery.
I really don’t know what else to say except that it is so sad that Jibran syed displayed his best acting skills in the most awful play. This play could have proved to be a master piece if it was handled appropriately. For me, it turned out to be a huge disappointment and a sheer waste of an exceptional acting talent of Jibran syed and Sajjal Ali.

~Written by Falak


  • To be honest i did not like the subject of it. to me it just seemed sensationalizing a relationship,, Yes i know that this exists. yes i know the sali’s get harassed by their JI JA JI :) but thats not really all the time.

    Chup raho has started a trend and i am afraid like rest of the relationships which are being questioned, like sisters fighting for the same guy , or mother throwing out the bahu.. this one is going get famous and we will see many dramas on this now.

    Shabash!! :)

  • Thanks for reviewing this , if you look back I was reviewing it before .I even did a piece for Dawn on it but it turned into this mess and I could take no more . This serial had so much potential , great acting , good script writing and a powerful director so what the hell happened . It is as if some one deliberately sabotaged it or just said at one point ..who the hell cares …? I am really exhausted by Yasir Nawaz and Samira Fazal ..they should try working with other people for a change because they are not bringing out the best in each other . I understand not everything can be supremely intellectual but I have seen B grade dramas with better endings . What is wrong with actually punishing a monster like Numair ? WHY put the whole thing on his innocent daughter ? If the writer wanted to show Karma or Bad Amaal ki Sazaa then there are much better ways of doing it . I didn’t like the end of Humsafar either … crazy Farida deserved more than a visit to the mental asylum but apparently that is all there is in drama land .
    The topic of sexual assault is really important and relevant yet it has been treated very flippantly and lightly .. Totally agree , Falak How could Rameen possibly allow Numair to manhandle her and manipulate her it was Nauseating
    The only one to walk away with any kind of respect from this debacle is Syed Jibran for a knock out performance to be remembered .

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