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Coke Kahani Episode 12

Sheeba . 9

“Amma sandal maregi, girlfriend goli maregi, no fantastic man, no fantastic.” Another fantastic episode of Coke Kahani Current and Good-do are such great additons.  Episode 12 starts out with Jugnoo Uncle teaching Beydil  to cut and clean, in preparation for the cooking lessons that are about to come. Poor Beydil though, he hates the smell of seafood and doesn’t do well when given shrimp to clean. His first taste test also fails. I’m sad Jugnoo Uncle is leaving but he promises Maria that he will definitely come for her and Beydil’s wedding. It was so nice to see that once the lessons are done both him and Beydil find that their original opinions about each other were really wrong. Loved the scene when they hug it out and Jugnoo Uncle takes his chef hat off of his head and puts it on Beydil’s head. That entire scene was very nicely shot. I really like how everyone treats each other with such love and respect.

Another great story line in the play is the Rayaan, Current, and Good-du story. Rayaan is adamant on getting these two to get back to school. He has gotten the test forms and will even submit it for them. Loved the look of gratitude on Current’s face. The two are surprised that someone will go through all this trouble just for them. Rayaan and his parents are all in on helping Current and Good-du pass the test so they can further their education. The look on Nusrat Aunty and Mutmaeen Uncle’s face was priceless when they see Rayaan teaching them. They are so proud of their son. I love this kind of stuff…it is much more realistic than kniving sisters and saas bahu serials. Waise speaking of Mutmaeen Uncle, he has started lifting with a trainer. Per bechare, he can’t eat anything…in fact ab to woh ‘saans bhi kifayat shari se le rahe hain taake calories na barhein.” He also finally takes his hair piece off as he realizes he is still handsome without it. Nusrat Aunty bari khush theen waise :)

Next story is of Ruqaiyya and Saad. Ruqaiyya tells Zoya that she knew why Saad took her out and that it was the best day of her life. However she says that he was too late since she is leaving next week. Saad really wants to express his love for Ruqaiyya and doesn’t want her to leave. We also learn that Ruqaiyya’s mom doesn’t like Saad and hasn’t since they were little…oh oh Saad…ab kya hoga? Btw, is it just me or doesn’t Ruqaiyya’s mom look like she should be her grandmother? A little too old to be her mum in my opinion…Nani yes, Mum, no.

Last but not least, the story of Zoya, Asfand, and Maya. Zoya is scared that the finance of the restaurant aren’t what she initially thought. She also is scared that her father will be disappointed in her. Asfand however is very supportive of Zoya. He also tells her that if her mother had really wanted to leave, she would have with a sprained ankle. What I don’t understand is when Maya was asking what was going on with the paintings, why didn’t Asfand answer her? Why was he being so rude? The when he goes to ask her about the exhibition, he expects her to be all normal? Aur Maya ki wohi rat ke unhe wapis jaana hai. Maya, Tanhaiyan – Naye Silsile 2 ki Alishba se kuch zyada he impressed hain lagta hai. Wapis jaane ki rat he khatam nah hoti hai. But in my opinion the recent spat is Asfand’s fault. I feel screaming at the video and telling Asfand to talk to his wife!!

In conclusion like I said above, another fantastic episode. I love all the lessons on how important education is and the emphasis on how one can (and should) go back to school at any time…the subtle hint on keeping fit by exercising and eating right. Coke Kahani is very intelligently written and nowhere do the writers insult the audiences’ level of comprehension and IQ. Everything is simply stated. Again, all the characters are just amazing. Shamim Hilali is one of the most graceful ladies I’ve seen on television and she is fantastic as Nusrat Aunty. She has such a calm demeanor. Even Current and Good-do do complete justice to their roles. Direction wise Mehreen Jabbar rocked it this time. Entire team just rocks and I am hoping that there will be Coke Kahani 2. I actually tried finding fault with the drama, but honestly couldn’t. Great job team Coke Kahani!!

Written by Sheeba Khan


  • yasir rana

    hey misty …i did not have much to do with the concept/story..that was developed by MJ, adeel farhan, M.Ahmed …I just developed a few characters with the help of M.Ahmed …and linked them to some people in real life …like saad, ruqaya and rayan, current(you wont believe it but current is also for real haha), guddu …besides i always take inspiration from F.R.I.E.N.D.S ..nothing beats that humour ! …..and thank you for taking so much interest …il miss reading your reviews and comments !

  • Misty

    Thank You Yasir for being so kind and coming here and replying to our inquiries. I had a question, how did you guys come up with the concept? I know Saad you said was based on a friend of yours, what about others?

    Also what i love about CK is that the friendship is so genuine and it feels real both in terms of dialogues and character interaction. Sadly same cannot be said for other dramas *cough cough* ZGH :P

  • yasir rana

    thank you misty ..and i say that on behalf of the whole CK team ..appreciate it guys :)

  • yasir rana


  • yasir rana

    guys!! thank you :) …now i feel ahmed sahab and i owe you guys more on the lines of this…CK2 i can not promise ..and hopefully we'll try to collaborate on something like this in the future :)

  • Misty

    Ab to hum saans bhi kipashari say lay rahain hain kay kahin calories na bhar jain !

    HAHAHAHHHA this was my favorite line from the episode. *sigh* Sheeba I can’t believe next week CK is going to be over. 13 episodes was too short for this wonderful play. It has made us laugh and reflect at so many little things.

    I was not really expecting much from this Rayaan teaching part but I think it is such a positive message to send out that by doing small acts of kindness, not only we make things better for ourselves and others but we also strength our society. I think for me one of the best moments of the episode had to be when Mutmain Uncle finally takes his toupee off and hands into nurat apa and off he goes! Also poor Beydil I totally can feel his pain… I hate the smell of seafood as well but I could feel how proud Maria and Jugnoo uncle must be of Byedil achieved cooking something he truly despises.

    Lastly about Saad and Ruqia track, I am predicting but I hope I am wrong, I don’t think we will see them get married. Maybe their marriage track will be for CK part 2 :D Have your read the alchemist? Its one my fav book of all times and in it there is a wonderful concept that your true love will never get in the way of fulfilling one’s dreams. If it does, its not true love at all. I think Saad will realize Ruqiya really wants to go and study abroad and he won’t ask her to stay. I think it will be great if the writers show this because when two people love each other, it should be on equal terms and not one of them has to make all the sacrifice. I am really looking forward to seeing how the whole story wraps up. Its been a pleasure reviewing, reading your reviews and all the comments. As I said before in my reviews, my biggest fondness for Coke Kahani however comes from the fact that i can play this story in any part of the world, be it in America, Europe, Asia etc and the narrative and characters are universal, and so are their underlying emotions. What can I say, I love CK :D thank you MJ, Yasir, Ahmad Uncle, Farhan Alam and the rest of the team. It truly is a piece of art. Take a bow guys :D

    and then …Bahi lover bahi hai!

  • Amna

    This really is a fun drama to watch….ck n anc r two plays u can watch with a huge smile on your face….it is v intelligently written, well directed n superbly acted.

  • Absolutely agree Faraz!! These two need to collaborate again. Something on the lines of 'Dil Chahta Hai' would be awesome! CK 2 is a definite must.

    Oh and I messed up…Mumma is not Ruqaiyya's mum, she is her nani :(

  • Faraz

    Another great review of another great show :) the highlight of this episode has to be Rayaan teaching guddo :) it sent positive vibes to everyone.

    I have always beleived that education is the only way to bring the revolution everyone claims of…

    its so heartening to watch small lessons told in very simpler way. i am really impressed by Yasir;s idea. and the way Ahmed sb makes them watertight..

    I seriously hope they should write more stories. something on the likes of male bonding. because thats a wonderful subject. college humor. not the kind that we are alien to. but the kind that is real.

    I am going to miss Coke kahani . it is going to be a cult drama for sure.

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