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Coke Kahani Episode 5 – Reflection is the word!

Maria . 4

Maya finally makes it to Pakistan, stares Asfand down, threats to take zoya in less than two days with her and then injures her foot, setting precedent for her to now stay longer in Karachi. The question on everyone’s mind (including Maya herself), will she actually make her relationship amend with Asfand ? Will she play a role in renovating Alfanso? Can Zoya with the help of Alfanso’s employees manage the renovation of restaurant and also amend her parent’s relationship in 15 days??? Oh and someone please explain to me why does Jugno uncle wants to learn German so badly? :P

The highlights of today’s episode were three scenes in particular for me.

1) As always it is such a treat to watch Nusrat Appa and Mutmain Uncles scenes. Their little quips and reflections are hilarious as ever.  Nusrat Apa’s theory is that now that Maya is here, finally the ice will break between her and Asfand. Mutmain Uncle counter attacks her thoughts by reflecting on the fact that maybe the reason, why the restaurant failed to make any income was that Asfand refuses to charge his lady customers. This scene is particular had me rolling with laughter.

2)  There was some very aesthetic beauty to the scene when Maya wakes up and touches Zoyas face in so much affection and then looks out the window to see Asfand drinking a cup of tea in the garden (only to choke on it after he realizes that Maya is watching him). Hey but we learned that Maya isn’t and wasn’t always this bitter. Just somewhere along the way, Asfand and her lost the touch of affection (as reflected by Zoyas conversation with her dad while playing chess).

3)Coke Kahani is supposed to be a light hearted comedy show, but today I was so moved by this scenes, that I was almost reduced to tears.  When Maya turns the TV on and is shocked by violence plaguing our cities and our country, Zoya  nonchalantly turns the TV off and announces to her mother that “mom yahan par yeh har rooz hota hai.” Have we become so immune to living in violence that nothing moves us anymore? Have we forgotten the value of life, or has life just become the cheapest thing in our homeland?  Like Maya, many who live abroad or come to visit Pakistan are shocked at the utter cruelty, violence and vehemence that is so pandemic and has become a norm but what about people who live through this experience every day? Kabhi bijli nahi hai, CNG nahi hai, cell phone band hogain hain, youtube ban hai, cable tv strike par chala jata hai, aj idhar bomb dahmaka howa aur kaal wonder Rayaan plans on running away.

The beauty of Coke Kahani is that without being over dramatic and using a sledgehammer approach it discusses these problems and not only that but also reflects on how we can make a difference and work on them.  Charity begins at home and we need to change ourselves first, make our relationships better, strength our ties with each other, open up our mind to new ideas and let our youth take charge. And that is where Coke Kahani (piyar say CK) towers above all the giant missiles and heavy depression pills airing on TV.

Thank you MJ and team!

P.s. favorite lines time!

Nusrat Apa: Awaz main dard aur neeyat main sachai ho to toofan toot jata hai, maya to phir aik aurat hai

Mutmain Uncle : Yeh app siraf hamaray mamlay main hi nabeena hain, hamaray galay main jab bhi dard howa, app nay garam pani ka glass pakraya aur ghararay kara diye

 Nusrat Apa: beechari atay hi phisal gai

Asfand: ji mujhe dekhte hi

Mutmain Uncle : Yeh bhi ho sakta hai kay Asfand Sahab apna pair torwaa kar doosray bistar par bayth jain

Mutmain Uncle : Koi baat nahi Asfand kay sath rahoo gi to mirchoo ki addaat par jai gi

Nusrat Ap: Asfand Mujhe behan kehta hi nahi hai, samjhta bhi hai

Mutmain Uncle : haan is umar main hamain bhi koi aatiraz nahi hai :P

Mutmain Uncle : in ka restaurant isi nahi chalta, bahi sahib kay dil main ariyaan chalti hain, khwateen sain paisay mangtay howay


Written by Basanti


  • AM

    Btw…I really have to say. Mehreen Jabbar is really quite a wonderful director and much better and configuring and layering visuals compared to the big names out there. what a breath of fresh air.

  • Annie

    Great review Maria (once again :))! I love how everything in CK is so nicely packaged in 16-18 minutes. How I wish all our dramas were less than 20 episodes long and crisply edited!

    I love the Mutmai'n uncle and Nusrat aapa quips too. I always wait to hear what Mutmain Uncle will reply back with after Nusrat aapa had made some comment. Even their interactions with near and dear ones are hilarious like when Maya tells Mutmain uncle to change his wig out.

    And yes I absolutely went AWWW on that scene where Maya caressed Zoya's face when she woke up in the morning Sweet! :)

    Let me savor the next 8 episodes of this wonderful Kahani while enjoy you all's reviews. It's definitely set a new benchmark (I hope!) for Pakistani tv.

  • Faraz, i am basanti now :D :P no i think its a internal document :D please refer to it every time the review is delayed :D

    talking about CK, all my friends absolutely love it! its a great show and like said it has this cotton candy effect that stays with you for a long time :) and i was going to mention in my review that why why does Faisal Rehman looks so much like Nicholas Cage..bohat reflection aati hai na?

    but for me the most insightful and rib tickling conversations are between Mutmain Uncle and Nusrat Apa! kiya jodi hai bahi :D

  • Faraz

    Maria :P you should also share your pie diagram that describes why you were late in reviewing. i think it was very creative.

    Coke Kahani is a such a wonderful Story. its a kind of story that slowly grows on to you. Many of my friends are loving it. and most importantly the message is also going across without any complications.

    the best part of Coke Kahani is that, even though it boasts of names like Faisal Rehman , Sonia rehman , It actually the younger ones who are doing the real job.and this is the quality of an experience actor. they make others shine. faisal rehman is our Nichols Cage! :P

    PS : i know this is irrelevant. but to all the Man UTD fans.!!!!! hail thy red devils!! Hail thy Van Persi!!!!!

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