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Daag Episode 2

Sadaf . 5

Another good episode. Now why do I feel surprised? This drama has one of the best directors, a cast of serious minded, talented actors like Fahad Mustapha and even the new comer Meher Bano is so comfortable on screen she might as well be a veteran. I can hear all the dialogues clearly and no one is wearing too much makeup while they do the dishes say. Well let us just say the promos were not too promising, and yet here we are.

Having been to a girl only school I can understand some of the trepidation Umaima’s character is feeling entering a co educational environment. The stage is set for her meeting with Fahad Mustapha’s character Murad who sees her walking by,adjusting her dupattah and is immediately smitten. While Murad is thinking only of the shy girl he saw at college his cousin Deeba is dancing attendance at his house  The more she chases him the harder he runs , I cannot help but feel sorry for Deeba ,well played by the pretty Sana Askheri. If only they could understand the meaning of the word “no”. Despite being let down at every opportunity by Murad her attraction knows no limits. Even her mother is taken aback when Deeba asks her to make sure the rishta is Pukka and I am left asking myself whether she is blind . True love however needs little prompting, after two limited meetings between Umaima and Murad ,there is a firing incident in Karachi and Murad drags the reluctant Umaima on to his motorbike and drives her home. Deeba’s mother is suitably aghast when she sees a strange man dropping her daughter off and by some strange coincidence Umaima’s fiance Mushtaq also sees them.

Mr Haseeb has got to be one of the worst screen fathers I have ever seen, he is constantly weighing the burden of having three daughters and feels he should mention it to his wife at least twice day in case she forgets. I can only see this as a kind of Na shukrapun towards the gifts Allah has given him. There are several dialogues and attitudes in this drama that are beyond merely annoying, they are actually frightening. Murad’s mother tells Deeba that “larkiya yunhi pall jati hai”, girls just grow up like say weeds in the garden but boys need effort and care.Then there is Deeba’s mother who is happy to flaunt her wealth to attract a suitor for her daughter. All of this is distasteful and incredibly demeaning for women. I am hoping there is some object lesson in all of this, that these dialogues are being used to expose this kind of regressive and I might add UN Islamic thinking.

The so far one sided romance between Murad and Umaima looks as if it’s got a lot of rocks and rapids to navigate but it looks  sweet and natural. After watching a few episodes of  Mera Saaien 2 I forgot what an effortlessly good actor Fahaad Sir is .Thank goodness he is back to playing normal humans though his characterization of  Malik Wajahat’s  psychopathic son was a wonder to behold.

This was, as I said earlier a good episode which moved the story forward and not once was I tempted to press the Fast Forward button With all the block buster’s and excitement on Saturday night this drama is a welcome change of pace, telling us about the lives of real people with all their oh so recognizable problems and dilemmas.


Written by Sadaf ~

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  • Sadaf

    Fahad's older sister is Yasra Rizvi and I totally agree ,she is really good. As to Umaima she was not that scared that when she got home ,I think she is getting a little more worldly :)

  • Mona S

    Finally watched the episode now. Thanks for the review Sadaf.

    The funniest s ene was when Murad is driving Deeba on his bike, she keeps putting her hand on his shoulder & he keeps shoving her off. Deeba is one dheet person.

    Why does this actress, Playing Umaima, has the same sad, scared expression on her face throughout the entire episode?

    I really like the actress playing FMs older sister, sorry forgot her name. Her expressions & dialogue delivery is spot on.

  • @Sadaf- Lol thanks :*) Yay! Happy if you meant what you said ;)

  • Sadaf

    Ghada you are too cute for words ! This must be how I sound every Tuesday when I'm begging them to give AShk a chance , but I probably am not as sweet as you.. I agree , Fahad Sir is handsome and a good actor … Happy ?

  • Ghada Qaiser

    Nice review and I agree with all that you said :) Meherbano is already so good at acting and she's new! Fahad Sir is a natural :) He's so cute and today, he looked even cuter! Main kiya keroon! The chemistry between Murad and Umamabis really good so far. And I agree when you said the promos didn't look great but I had to give t a try since Fahad Sir took this role and he does choose to do different kinds of roles. I am really looking forward to the next episode. It looks interesting :) Loved all the scenes when Fahad Sir kept thinking about Umama :) So cute!

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