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Daam Last Episode

Faraz . 4

18 Episodes of absolute thrill, true drama; captivating the viewers minds and thoughts for 18 straight weeks… mind blowing, amazing, sensational… Mehreen Jabbar and team – thank you!

Umaira Ahmed’s Daam thora hath kay tha… away from the cheap love stories and typical chichorapan of Pakistan TV. Daam was different and it truly deserved its spot as top or second best drama during the 18 weeks of its airing. Daam… you topped my charts!

Episode 18 didn’t come as a surprise to me. I had anticipated a sad ending, after all its written by Umaira Ahmed :) Actually, let me correct myself; it wasnt a sad ending, it was a realistic choice that Zara made. Zara is not just a character, she is an entity in herself. This was her life and she had had enough of people telling her what to do and how to live it. Be it her poverty that dictated her childhood or her mamoo who accused her of stealing, or her friend who bought her only meal each day, this adult Zara was not willing to bow down to any pressure. She decided… and Humayoon Saeed won the heart of our beautiful Zara! She is the selfless girl who sacrifices her happiness, her love for her family, for Seemi.

This drama takes us through a multitude of problems that have corrupted our society…. selfish relatives, the cruel class difference, the impact of bringing up a fatherless child (Fizza), the pains of poverty, the sacrifice of true love, the price of friendship- DAAM!

I will remember the last episode because of Junaid. Throughout the drama I had serious doubts as to why Adeel Hussain had been chosen to play the role of such a strong, sweet character of Junaid. This episode whitewashed all my doubts away. Adeel Hussain- you should be proud of your strong, powerful acting in Episode 18. It was simply breathtaking to see the strength and passion in your dialogues… I as a viewer actually felt the pain in your voice and it seemed as if you could feel Junaid’s pain as well. In no way did it seem fake or overacted. I loved every single of your scenes in the last episode… bravo!

Fizza, my dear headstrong “mentally disturbed aurat”! Unfortunately there are too many like you out there. I am glad that your character was so well played by Sanam Saeed. So many lives can be effected by one persons desires, wishes and ill motivations who never trusted men because “they are all selfish and arrogrant”. Truly, it is because of Fizza that Maliha, Junaid and Zara all suffered.

Finally, Maliha… my dear Maliha! Did Zara forgive her? Maliha is such a complex character. She offers a two faced apology, on one hand she accepts that what she did to Zara was unfair but she is also scared of Zara accepting Junaid and that ruining her marraige. She finally gets some senses knocked into her head and leaves Yasir, but its too late… Maliha “farishta say insan bangayee”… Dignity and self respect – to what lengths can one go to attain/ maintain that? Maliha was our answer; unfortunately she is a reality. This is a disease that has engulfed our society – it is suffocating and hopefully Daam’s strong message can change the perspectives of some people out there.

There are so many little details in this episode that are worth mentioning but I really dont want the reader to be bogged down with the little bits. Lets enjoy what we have… a true high quality drama, a drama that has created a class of its own, a drama that send shivers down the spines of its competitiors- Daam is a little masterpiece. Nimra Bucha, Sanam Baloch, Aamina Sheikh, Adeel Hussain, Sanam Saeed, Faisal Shah, Pari Hashmi, Ahmed Zeb… and the list goes on… you have made the last 18 Fridays a joy for me… you took me through your journey of love, pain, hatred, suffering, strength, respect, pride, selflessness, and forgiveness. Daam – thou shall not be forgotten :)

Mehreen Jabbar and her team – Congratulations on a great achievement!

Jewairia aka Desigirl

  • Hafsa

    very well written review

    i think Daam was one of the best dramas of 2010! it had humor and sadness and it was so realistic. i really enjoyed watching it,

  • mona

    Proud of you my people , although situation seem hopeless even inside ourselves,so many people are living in dark and dire condition, but when people like us still see sanguinity n hope left in yr eyes , our patience stumbles back to our missing road again…thanx to you True Pakistani People…One request i wld like to make to hum tv channel and all the Pakistani channels ,pls dont telecast Indian programs show or dramas, becoz its badly n roughly detracting our nation and the main purpose of Pakistan is fading …i hv stopped watching years back Pakistani dramas ,believe me it truly severely hurts, thrs no example left around to show our children who are WE ,and WHY are we called Pakistanis.and what made people like bano stand for Pakistan, pls you guys r in powering of helping us getting back to our true identity and values,and sacrifices still made for this country, like Dr.Afia,and thousands of people which no buddy is realizing…. anyhow, LOTS of thank you every body ,god bless you the whole team .I dont hv much to say abt the episodes of dastaan, becoz javeria has perfectly already voiced every ones views on each episode ,and i am speechless after reading her previews. thanx jeveria

  • Saadz

    I was actually missing Daam last night :( Loved the last episode. Watched it twice for the brilliant direction, acting, and so many poignant dialogues by Umera!

    I believe Mehreen knows EXACTLY how to handle Umera's stories without making them melodramatic. You can clearly see the difference between Daam and Quaid-e-Tanhai. The direction sets them poles apart from each other.

  • Ali Khan

    Worst ever drama just due to its last episode… Man i hate it… sara mood kharab kar dya!!! Itna acha drama oorr bass soo selfish these girls ….

    hahahahahh ;)

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