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Darmiyan – Episode-3 Review

Aamir . 1


Every one of us has experienced bitter memories. We wish to forget it, but, unfortunately, it still lies beyond our unconscious mind. We shed tears to things we reminisce, even after we “get over” with it.

The good thing about latest episode was that what Raheel did with Farishtey & her family finally revealed. I can,t belive how easy it was for Raheel to fall in love with Farishtey and all of sudden runined her life without her fault.

The whole restuant scene was just not justified at all. How come the stranger guy suddenly came to appologize  Farishte, when Raheel and Farishte were in the resturant. The whole scene really didnt make any sence to me. I feel pitty for Raheel who claims to love Farishte but lack of trust leads him to made Farishte Life hell.

What happend with Farishte and her family was really unfortunate . Her mother passed away, Farishte went unconisous, lost her mind and admitted to hospital . Aaliya visisted her sister to the hospital and she sees that Farishtey is still at the same place where Raheel left her. She is still thinking her marriage will happen. This made her to hate Raheel more and take revenge what he did with her sister.

Raheel on the other hand is living perfect life by having wife Nida played by Sania Saeed and two sons. He seems to have no regret about what he did with Farishtey in the past because he is happy living man with his mother, wife and two kids.

Sania Saeed has finally made a grand entry. As i mention earlier, she is playing wife of Raheel. independent working woman and is looking for someone to look after her family because she is so busy with her career that she cannot give enough time to home.

Moreover she doesn,t want to put all burden on her mother in law played by Sajida Syed. I think this is the best chance for Aaliya to enter her home to take revenge about what Raheel done with her elder sister and family. The episode ends on the interesting note showing Aaliya having newspaper in the hand in which she had definately seen the advertisement given by Nida about she is looking for someone to takecare her home and family. This is how Aaliya will enter to their house.

Adnan Siddiqui manages to perform very well with ease. Syra Yousaf was looking elegant and done her part effortlessly. Javeria Abbasi was very good . On the whole there were some loopholes in the direction but overall what made this serial uniqe is its content & different story.

I am looking forward to see how Aalia will effect Raheel and Nida happy marrige life.

Written By:

Amir Basharat Butt


  • Ayesha

    Nice Review Aamir.. Drama is going slow but as Syra is starring in it, i am sure there will be big surpirses in the upcoming episodes

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