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Darmiyan – Episode 4 & 5 – Review

Aamir . 1


I have been so busy from the last two weeks that not able to review Damiyaan episode 4. So i will review Episode 4 & 5 together.

Finally past is over and story has moved on further. Athough Aalia has not forgotten what happend in the past with her family. So she is ready to take revenge & it seems the only purpose of her life.

One thing i failed to understand is that how Aalia & Affaq are related. Are they married, friends or what?

The intersting part of Episode4 was the way Aalia planned to enter in Raheel and Nida life. She started by kidnapping Raheel’s son from his school. I was thinking that why she has taken this step ,she can simply goes to their home as caretaker because she has already seen the advertisement which Nida put that they are looking for caretaker. But may be because she wanted to won their trust first before entering into their lives. She succeeded to won Nida and her family trust by returing their kid to them.

The way Aalia created the whole situation and later on solved it peacefully was fully justified. She told Nida that she has no family and she worked as a school teacher which helped her to get Nida sampathy.  It would  definately helped Aalia to acheive for what she is looking for which is to destroy Raheel.

Episode 5 started off exatly what i predicted in the episode 4 Aalia came for job to Nida. Nida welcomed her at her place but she doesnot know it will destroy her life.

Aalia has taken first step sucessfully. She is trying to do so many things together which made me confuse what steps she will take further to take revenge of what Raheel done with her sister. Altough Raheel was not happy with the decision of his Wife Nida for trust Aalia immediately. He even insisted Nida to asked Aalia for her ID card which was later on provided by Aalia.

I think it would not be earlier for Raheel and Nida to catch Aalia and to get what is the purpose of Aalia to coming to their home. Even Raheel asked his friend to verify Aalia ID.

Now i will come towards the performances which are top notch indeed. Be it Sania Saeed in the role of Nida, she is simply amazing and doing her part flawless. Adnan sidiqqui as Raheel is doing great job as well. Sajida syed as Raheel mother is graceful but Its Syra Yousaf who is no doubt the lifeline of the Serial. She is lo0oking beautiful, stunning and doing her part with utmost ease. It is pleasure to watch her on screen after so long as she is very choosy about her serials.

Overall an amazing serial and what make it more amazing is its unique story.

Cant wait for the next episode Specially what further Aalia will do to destroy Raheel and Nida life.

Wait and Watch!!!

Written By:

Amir Basharat Butt


  • Dramiyan is a nice drama.i really liked your review on it.keep it up nice article :)

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