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Dastan Episode 2 Review

Faraz . 29

I have just finished episode 2 and I can’t stop praising the work of the director in this one, I know it’s a fantabolus novel with a tight screen play. However it’s only the director who has converted the soul into reality. Wonderful stuff

The wedding bliss came to an end in this episode however I just couldn’t stop myself praising the art work and lavish sets this drama has. But more importantly it was the camera work as well the direction that impressed me the most. There are at least 3 scenes which are worth discussing.

The rukhsati scene where bano and Hassan are talking to each other is wonderful. The expressions and the whole effect that the director created were wonderful. It would actually bring back the memories of watching devdas(SRK) and Parineeta. I think Fawad was brilliant in the scene as well as sanam baloch , The expressions and the class that fawad portrays in that scene was top notch, the expressions as well as the reactions by bano were something that only a actor of class would carry out and they both did it with so much ease.

The 2nd scene was when Hassan as well as bano couldn’t sleep because the romance bulid up session they have just had in the wedding. The only thing that was brilliant about it was the way bano wears the duppatta :) I think that was extremely sweet as well as romantic, and we actually  kinda miss the shyness and  traditions we had back then, in all honesty I think our traditions have always been sweet, and something to cherish about. We don’t find them now adays do we? :)

The 3rd scene is when suriya wakes saleem up:P okay I think that scene was only there to portray the kind of romance they had back then which sounds very very sweet J I am not that old so can’t exactly tell you if that would have really happened to a newly wedded couple but my dad tells me that back then the newlywed bride and groom would actually feel shy to talk to each other in front of their parents :) hahaha…okay let’s not smile about it… every era has something special in it.

However something that I would want to confess and say is, before Dastan I had never seen any of the previous plays of the director. And when I was watching dastan I would say to myself, who is this guy? How long has he been in the industry? Why cuz I am boom dazzled by the direction. This guy is a genius, and I think with this serial, Haissam has taken a really big leap. This serial is a step to superstardom and also will open new doors and vistas for him as director. The execution to the script, the top notch cinematography and a gifted art of storytelling will make this guy surpass most of his peers in the industry and I truly believe that Haissam should direct a movie! Not now may be 4-5 years from now.

The only thing that I would have really wanted the production house to work on were dialogues, I miss dialogues. So far the only dialogue that I have liked in this serial was in episode 1” Iqbal kay khawab say bara koi khawab nahi”. I felt that the interactions between Hassan and bano could have become a classic if there were really really supper dialogues.or may be I am being too hard: P eeee yeah I know I am very very tough but kya keroon aisa hi hoon mein :P

  • SK

    Loving it all over again!!

  • Mona S

    I'm having such a good time rewatching Dastaan everyday. What a wonderful television experience. Thank you so much Hum tv for putting it up again.

  • Oo

    It is creating the same magic as it creats the first time i watched it. Hasan- Bano are out of this world.

  • Sadaf

    I have just rewatched episode 2 My God , kamal hai bas kamal hai . Beutiful as kf i am watching a dream of a time long past .

  • cheena

    dastaan drama dekhne k bad sanam aur fawad mere favourite ho gaye hen

  • Rubab fatima ghouri

    sanam u r my favorite actress i looking very nice in this serial and fawad is owsam .fawad aur sanam ki jodi lajawab ha.

  • Shoaib Awan

    Awsome Novel … awsome drama serial … i would like to appreciate all the work done by the whole team of the drama serial … specially the director … beside that Fawad & Sanam baloch are looking gr8 & there work in the play is quite appreciable.

  • Abbas Shiekh

    I absolutely agree with the review. Till now i haven't seen anything this classy on screen. It is more beautiful then indian flicks aka parineeta and devdas. Now we have our own dastaan. I just wish that the rest of the episodes are going to be as great. Fawad and Sanam chemistry is outstanding. I have fallen in love with their romantic scenes. Hats off to haissam hussain for making a classic. After noor pur ki rani, he has delivered another great project.

  • thank you Ali :)

  • muneea Shah

    A good pat on the back to the cast & crew of Dastaan. The director has done an excellent job.

  • Ali

    Welcome Samira!

    and great to know u r here. i m a big fan of yours right from meray paas paas. Keep it up.

  • rt now they are dumbfound.. when ppl fall in love they forget how to speak.. aur phir kuch dinoo baad banda kehta hai.. ha'ay wo bhi kya din thay ke sanam chup rehtay thay….


  • Faraz

    Thank you all for visiting the blog and taking active part in the discussion

    @samira: Dhasoo dialgoues honey chahey baba… remember taj mahal, mughal e azam, jodha akbar, and devdas? all of them had brilliant dialogues. having said that its too early to talk abut dialogues :) per trust me.. dialogues dhasoo hotey to classic hojati serial or i should say landmark.. see this the thing.. a histroical serial is not like regular dramas. historical serial should take the viewers by storm.. ek ek scene, ek ek dialogue should leave the viewer spell bound.. Dastan has that power specially the interactions between sanam and fawad…

  • read*

  • and yes do the novel "Bano" !!

  • thank you Ali :) .. ya you are right you dont need dialogues everywhere.. infact dialogues sometimes kill the beauty of the scene.. and to tell the people ke phir is dramay main mera kia kaam hai to bhaee script writing actually comprises of 2 things.. dialogues and screen play. you all know what dialogues are and screen play is everything that is happening in the scene. time, location, actors, what they are doing in the scene, how a certain dialogue has to be delivered, all of this is written in the screen play. if you look at a script you will see that it is a whole serial on paper. then this is given to the director who uses his creativity, intelligence and imagination to make it better. so faraz yes dialogues are not dhansoo but they are not needed right now. filhaal just enjoy the beauty of that simple age.. :)

  • Ali

    @urooj u can get the song on
    Its a great and colourful drama and i hope they follow they novel because if they do people are going to love it even more because it is not only based on the creation of pakistan but also a comparison of why we got pakistan and what we did after getting it.

    The locations are brilliant and the direction also excellent. and romance so beauifully portrayed without any physical contact like old ptv dramas. and this is so much more beautiful way to show it then the way its shown nowadays.

    If the dialogues are less it adds to the beauty of it- like noor-ul-huda shah so aptly said a couple of weeks back thats its easier to express something through words but it takes an expert director and actors to convey the message without dialogues through expressions.

  • sundus

    wow man, u write good!!…. i love dastan. i am glad we have something of such high caliber on our own TV screens… thanks to HUM TV for kicking out starplus from our house!!.. way to go dastan!!!

  • Saadz

    I was intiially relunctant to watch this drama as it seemed like another period partition story but Haissam has done such a wonderful job here! I am really enjoying the old world charm of this one along with the ghararas, burqas, and traditions. It brings back the memories of the Bajjia plays way back when. :-)

    Fawad and Sanam's chemistry is SPOT on! Great casting!

  • Urooj

    i want the title song for ma cell ring tone …could anyone help me to how i get its audio song???

  • Urooj

    Whole team did Amazing job. I don’t have words to…….

    It’s superb, awesome and fantastic & the song is so fascinating wow

    Wish u all best of luck

    Dastaan <3

  • ahsun

    lovely romance build up between fawad and sanam…fawad is a bundle of talent! i hope we get to see more of him in other dramas as well!

  • parish

    Gosh i love your reviews so much!!!. Dastan is a wonderful drama, so much rich in colors, with so much romance.. i wish things could have been kept like that, but i guess its just time.. i really like the way you have discussed the 2 scenes about the duppatta stuff,, it very sweet of you.,

  • Kahs

    The review is wonderful, exactly how i see it!!

    The main point in 2nd scene you did highlight is how Bano drapes her dupata on her head was excellent. Also similar in the 2nd last scene were she comes in the room and is lost and sees Hasan and her mother tells her to drape her dupata on. <– The director has done a wonderful job portraying these scenes exactly how it would have been in those days.

    We can see a sense of reality in the drama.

  • Rabeel Tariq

    the best drama ever i have seen. especially Sanam Baloch is soooooooooo cute, i just adore her and her chemistry with Fawad. both are best in the drama from their looks to their dressing and their acting.

  • Mehwish Islah

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it this will immense module of drama history . i wana say congrats to momina duraid haissam hussain samira fazal razia butt sanam fawad n entire cast of it.

  • Halima Asad

    i think sanam dies and then he marries the other girl….thats what i think,lets see wat happens…

  • Hira Imtiaz

    i've watched DASTAAN 3 times now…fawad was looking so gud in that black sherwani n in the whole episode…sanam was looking as usual gorgeous…this drama has something unusual in it…when u watch it then its 2 hard 2 get over it…

  • Sana arain

    Sup3rb chemstRy In B/w FaWad n SaNam…………..

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