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Dayar E Dil episode 33 review Finale

Sadaf . 40


One thing is for sure Wali Bohat acha hai aur Wali ki Dulhan Faraa Suhaib Khan bohat achi hai . after the ups and downs of the last five or six episodes I had been a trifle suspicious about the finale but despite the predictable happy ending it still held a wonderful thrill of anticipation, a delightful surrender to that never  old-fashioned feeling of love

I counted  to 33 and then divided by 4 , yes ladies and gentleman we have been with Dayar e Dil   just over 8 months , one week over to be precise.  Just like any relationship we have had our ups and downs , there was the halcyon beginning in which we were completely enamored , then there was the realisation that there might be problems , then the reevaluation phase : is this worth sticking with after all ? Then came Faraa and Wali and we decided, hey , perhaps it wasn’t a bad decision to stick together after all , even then we had our blow up ,when Wali abducted Faraa and we almost , almost left…damn it .There were some uneven rocky roads to travel where sometimes we were up in there in love again and other times, we were just mad as hell at why things didn’t go as per the plan  way but we held fast and what a fabulous finale we got in the end .

The first few minutes into this episode I was a bit  apprehensive and to prove a appoint there was Faraa , dry heaving oops crying in front of Agha Jan because  Wali  was ignoring her over some gajjer ka halwa she had made . As usual we were not shown this whole incident but left to infer it and as usual I was left asking akhir kiyun ?  Hamara Qasoor kiya hai ? why couldn’t we have had those cute scenes in place of a lot of the Tajamul scenes or perhaps in place of the those endless breakfasts ? Then all of a sudden Team Dayar e Dil decided to get their act together . Pardon me for stumbling into a well made , sharply scripted beautifully picturised finally with some pitch perfect acting from Osman Khalid Butt and Maya Ali . We knew Wali was playing with Faraa and it was delicious fun to watch her squirm not because she deserved it as a punishment but simply because she needed to woman up and choose the Man in her life rather than looking around for straws to hold on to . It was hard to blame her , after her history with Wali she probably felt she had no ground to stand on but she has been so blind . How could Wali be doing everything only for Agha Jan ? Why would a Man put himself in the line of fire , put up with all the Moiz business and a mother in law like Roohi and even defy his mother, if he didn’t care about you deeply ? Faraa needed to step up and make her declaration of intent because when you are really , truly in love there is no such thing as ego. Maya Ali has proved herself to before and is an excellent actress who ,with a good director can make any role work .

I just loved how Wali was watching and playing with Faraa , this was probably going to be the first and last time Faraa would ever let him gain the upper hand so easily so why not enjoy it . I was so busy with the WaFa interaction I forgot about our abnormally subdued Roohi and the sudden ease between her and Arjumand . That is where good direction comes into play . Keep the audience focused on the foreground and the background flows by with little comment . Who apart from me wanted to see a  more contrite and hesitant  Roohi  ? Even when Wali announces his he wants to marry Faraa , true to style Roohi is not at all humbled or silently grateful that despite her best efforts her daughter was getting her dream come true. Instead we got a very matter of fact , well that’s good then kind of attitude ,so Roohi is consistent if nothing else. As usual all the genuine warmth came from Haveli waley .

After Wali and Faraa , Abid Ali have the best chemistry with basically everyone . This whole story would have fallen apart if AghaJan had not been so worth all the love and attention his grandchildren lavished on him. Abid Ali is always nothing short of magnificent , underpaying and bringing on the power just as needed in a near flawless performance. Even Bairam and Agha Jan relationship seemed to have a spark of realism .  So Agha Jan calls Wali over to rein him in but never quite succeeds . I liked how Agha Jan let both Wali and Faraa find their own way , he wants to protect his granddaughter but is wise enough to know that Faraa must cross that bridge alone otherwise there would always be a seed of doubt in Wali’s heart when things got tough , that maybe . just ,maybe this was all just a big compromise after all .

The best scenes were of course between Wali and Faraa this week . after some cool , well-played understatement Osman Khalid Butt brought out the full intensity of Wali’s feelings for Faraa this week . 8 Months is a long time and Hamarey Wali has been waiting much , much longer. He has to push Faraa right to the edge , before she breaks but when she does there is a look of such sweet expectancy and yearning on his face that I can hardly believe this is the Wali who keeps teasing Faraa about her being outspoken and batameez. I guess its fair to say OKB is  simply fabulous at  emoting, what others take a page full of dialogue to explain the audience can understand by looking at his eyes OKB is a real star whether it is mischeif or passion , quiet desperation or complete sang-froid , he can pull it off with ease.Hamara rishta Kayam rakna Chahtey ho ?……….  The quiet affirmation from Wali was beautiful and powerful, giving that whole scene more of an impact than any lambey speeches. Is it me or did Wali really give Faraa a “medal ” for her daring to come and sleep in his room ?  It seemed like the director deliberately cut off the  scene rather sharply … or is it may fevered Victorian mind , that thinks a kiss was suggested ?   Apart from the constant crying , Maya Ali was superb too matching up to Wali in almost every scene . Her desperation to stop the divorce , the Freudian turn into Wali’s room (master stroke Farhat Ishtiaq !) and her slow dawning happiness at finding that for all her losing she had already won were great to watch . I think that we talk a lot about Osmaya and OKB ‘s chemistry with Maya but here it was illustrated to perfection . Director Haseeb Hassan captured this deeply personal and passionate moments all the depth and focus that made this ending magical .  This is the power of Farhat Ishtiaq’s writing . She writes about love so movingly there is no need for vulgarity , exposure or anything inappropriate , the passion is in the feelings of the characters for each other and the lack of physicality and sense of control only work to distill those feelings even more .Intimacy is inferred rather than overt making it all the more powerful.

I was not a puddle of mush when Wali asked why he cannot make such “haseen Ghaltiya” but by the time OKB said told  Faraa “Ghalti sey apni sahee Jagaa pey aagaee” , I had definitively gone into a semi liquid state . Breaking into this reverie , Agha Jan asks what exactly Faraa is doing in Wali’s room , this time of the morning ? The  old sparring teasing Fara and Wali are back , taking Agha Jan’s attention ,far far away from the ahem ….situation …..  This is the great thing about this relationship it is that rare thing in Pakistani dramas , a love between couple who are on the same level , who consider each other equals withouth the usual patriarchal deference to an older husband and a naive young wife . Wali maybe the better person, but having seen Faraa at her worst he also knows her at her best , he knows her heart and accepts her lock stock and barrel.  Faraa  also knows what a perfectionist  Wali is , how domineering he can be but she cannot think of living without him . Needless to say I loved this episode and simply because it was so beautifully written and equally well-directed and acted that I am forced to say it could have been like this every episode you know …. We could have cake everyday, I mean every week if only we didn’t have to stretch things and could focus on the main players.

I am not one of those people who hated the  back story , I think a lot of the back story was a necessary introduction and set a great stage for Wali and Faraa . My main complaint was that Roohi and some of the back story seemed to overshadow the WaFA story . I suppose it is a question of balance. Who could forget Ali Rehman as everyone’s favourite Suhaib ? what a sweetheart , I cried my eye out when he his character died so again a round of applause for him and his stand out performance . That unforgettable last hug for Behroz …forever in my memory . Moiz beychara , the convenient villain we all watnted to slap , Great job Ahmed Zeb for making us hate Moiz ! Hareem Farooq  and Mikaal Zulfikar have also been outstanding and I loved their performances again : applause . I think Sanam Saeed was good in the first 12 episodes , playing her character with sincerity but towards the end she could not give her character any nuance and that maybe due to Farhat Ishtiaq who needed to give Roohina’s character some growth or maturity if not out right change. Having said that, this must was an amazingly plotted drama with two of everything , be it deaths , funerals , kidnappings or nikkah’s . Such plot progression is challenging to say the least but Farhat Ishtiaq kept the audience connected despite our complaints for 8 months . If she tortured us with breakfast scenes she is also then one who wrote  lovely scenes of Fara and Wali in the garden and everywhere else , Behroz and Roohi , Suhaib and Arjumand and of course Agha Jan . she is the one who created these wonderful characters we have loved.  I have not always been happy with director Haseeb Hassan because I felt he missed an opportunity or two ( the horse ride and the haunted house )but then there have been times that he has manged this story with such excellence and  proficiency that he was able to make the predictable thrilling  and compelling in  a way few others can .Haseeb Hassan has managed to bring out some great performances from his actors and where I have complaints , I also loved the beautiful picturisation of the scenery of Baltistan (hats off to the DOP for a fabulous job !!) and my favourite scenes of Wali and Faraa arguing in the garden and so many others . Take a bow team Dayar e dil ,not perfect but a wonderful serial that we just couldnt stop watching .

By Sadaf

  • Anu

    Dear Sadaf…
    I just got done watching Diyar e Dil … thanks for the suggestion!!! omg this is my next addiction following in toe with Humsafar and bin roye!! was eeeeeeven better in some parts!! The story moved in a fast pace, the scenery, marshallah… was sooooo good!!! And the couple! omg.. what chemistry!!! The director has captured it quite well!!! Loooooooved Agha Jaan!! when I saw the first portrayal of his, did not quite like him but, omg did I warm up to him or what??? loved his scene with Farah… that heart touching, heart wrenching khushboo wali scene!! This time when I visited my mom, we had that kinda scene, she turned blind recently and when she felt me, she said, it reminded her of being with my dad…. ahem ahem… I am very feminine…. but that feeling!!! I had to pause and empty my box of tissues!!! those haseen waadiyaan…. My next birth, I want to be born to a very progressive, well cultured pashtun family, so I get to live there!! so pretty and untouched!!! I wish I could just go and sit in front of that jheel… reminded me of spots from Switzerland!! And the haveli,…. that in itself was like a character! just like Farah, I thought those Pashtun’s were very hatta katta in attitude, and personality etc, but this side of theirs was beautifully captured by the director!! the writer…. Farhat ji… unki taareef mein ab kya kahoon??!!! Marshallah!!!
    Sadaf… you know before the second week of Jan of this year, 2017, had no idea about Pakistani serials… now I feel I am like a part of you guys!! I am a Hindi speaking (multi lingual) tamil Brahmin from south India…. who wants to visit and live in Pakistan to experience the culture there!!! I am enjoying my Urdu speaking moi!!! My list and repertoire of these serials are increasing in lightening speed, and I am recommending them to all my serial lovers!! I am such a huge convert!! I have never watched serials, though watch a lot of movies in all languages! so this is huge!! my next on the agenda…. is to read your reviews episode by episode. do you have it here for Diyare dil??? I saw the couple of them in DAWN… very very well written dear!! keep up the good work… do you live in the US or in Pakistan?? if US, please lets connect, would love to meet with you!!!
    lots of love….
    Anu :)

    • Anu

      I found all the reviews here and cant wait to get started!! I wanted to add…. I wish they could have treated us to more scenes of the couple getting married, living together with everyone in that haveli, she graduating, ended with the sister’s wedding, these two dancing away in a bubble of their own filled with love and happiness!!! we could have feasted our eyes on the mischievous couple!!! Farhat… aap sun raho ho naa?? next novel ;) this way they could have made it an easy even number of episodes!!! just my thoughts…. one can dream…. hahahahaha

  • Nihad

    Hey Sadaf! I know I M TERRIBLY late to this wonderful site, which I recently discovered and no matter what after going through all this, I just couldn’t resist lool. I agree to all glitches and disappointments that we had to go through while journeying through this drama but the end was a rare piece of delight both for the eyes and the heart, I still go back and watch the last episode sometimes ;)
    and yes I LOVED YOU REVIEWS! I just stumbled upon one and then my god, I made sure I go through all of them inspite of my assignments deadlines and yes I aint guilty because it was worth it ;)

    Initially, when I completed the drama, I was CRAVING to discuss it with someone and then later everyone just thought it was a bad idea lol people just watch and forget but to come across this site which contains a wholeee group of my type of people with exactly the same complaints, joys, and views I was elated. I regret not coming here earlier man. and wow quiet a lot no of bhaarat waasis are here ;) haha so m not the only indian here.

    And yes! lets not forget the captain – YOUU! l love the way you bind every one together here. Indeed you are a star Sadaf, mashallah, you have a way with words and expressions I must say. The eloquence and the flow is just fabulous!

    Okay coming back to diya re dil, yes the last Shahrukh version of OKB got me drooling and I got forever hooked to his irresistible charm, but I did feel that he did owe farah an apology for all the trouble and pathar ke sanam attitude. like no matter what, he could be there for her in times when she had no one except Agha jaan, How could he not melt and keep his burning ego aside and comfort a bit ?
    lol too much to ask for, because I think the last episode is the only piece of cake that director Haseeb Hassan wanted the audience to hog on, because he has been a miser in that haha

    But all in all its a fabulous plot and we just had such amazinggg characters whom we can never forget, its just engraved in our hearts for the longest time to come. so yaay!

    *I still cant get over my joy for finding this place, haha its like being lost ina kum ka melaa and then reuniting all over again*

    ps – I hope no one thinks m insane, for commenting on such an old thread, man Diyaredil can do that to you *sigh*

    • Sadaf

      hi and better late than never . Glad you enjoyed the reviews and watch this space … maybe something good will be coming up !

  • Simi

    Loved your reviews Sadaf. I’ll actually miss them. I think only your reviews made me watch the drama though i cheated a bit I only watched after WaFa part began.
    Just one thing, is this just me or they made OKB look specially dapper for the last episode. He seemed to be glowing, his clothes cooler, hair trimmer!!! :P

  • SK

    Beautiful final episode! Wish we had more episodes like this!
    Lovely review, you have always been honest with the good bad and the ugly!
    Inhated the Wali threats and violence and forcing her to the haveli which this surely could have done without but you rightly pointed out he never forced her to marry or stay with him. I just so wish they had eased on the dramatics in the Tajammul family , but alas.
    Great performances by OKB, Abid Ali and the director did manage to get everyone to act get well and we also got a treat for the eyes with the cinematography but too many crazy bumps along the way to fully enjoy it …
    So what’s the next great drama?!? Any recommendations?

  • Sadaf

    Thank you everyone so sorry for the late , haphazard replies I was in transit to and from Lahore

  • Roh

    Beautifully summed up, Sadaf. Thank you for the treat of just coming back here and reading from you week after week. I have missed your sense of humour and I have had some hearty laughs in the last few weeks for sure. It was so nice interacting with all of you again.
    I have to be honest and say that these were the best parts of all the episodes for me personally.
    The last one had nothing for me and I caught myself yawning many times. I guess they put in too much “cuteness” in the finale, and it was expected.
    When the episode began with Faara whining again with tears, I was expecting Tajamul and family to arrive and bid farewell to us with screen time too. Thank God that didn’t happen. At least something was unpredictable.
    I watched a full drama (though lagging behind many times) after a long time, and I’m sure going to miss my Wednesday mornings reading and replying here.

    • Sadaf

      Thanks for reading Roh , I know you didnt like the drama too much so that means a lot ! Well I think this was just a different generation , millenials like Wali and Faraa are cute thats hiw they roll ……Asher & Khirad were a tad serious if we think about it … But deeply sincere

  • Kiran Akhtar

    A delightful review Sadaf :), thank you so much for coming up with brilliant reviews week after week. I enjoyed reading your reviews as much I enjoyed watching the drama.

    This drama has been a treat to watch not just because it was a very well made serial but also because we didn’t have anything else worth watching on TV :). So it was very easy and convenient to look forward to Tuesday nights, now it is so hard to imagine Tuesday’s with no DED :(

    I loved this episode and agree with everything you said, the story came full circle, the family was reunited and Agha Jaan had his wish granted, being surrounded by all of his children and seeing them happy was all his heart desired. I agree, he was at the center of this entire play and without him DED would not have been the same. What I loved the most about him is the fact that Farhat Ishteyat didn’t make him a cliched dada, he could come to his grandchildren’s level and discuss the problems they were facing. He knew both his sons were dead so Wali, Zarminay and Fara needed a father figure, a best friend, an advisor in their lives…he filled that vacuum. He guided them not just in the matters of the world and life in general but also in the matter of the heart :), how cool a granddad is he .

    And yes, that scene between Wali and Fara…I have a feeling ” wo scene Pakistani TV Ki tareekh main sunaihray Haroof say likha jay ga “, it will not be forgotten for a long long time and we will be making comparisons and references to it in the future. Team DED has set the bar high.

    • Sadaf

      Kiran thanks for reading and I loved your reviews and comments too . Theyalways gave me more to consider and your own unique perspective . Agha jan was a total sweetheart and a bit of an unintentional monster … MR. Wodehouse from Emma ?

  • MZ

    Salam! *Nothing Gold Can Stay*
    Firstly a huge shoutout fr *YOU* my phenomenal reviewer! 33 wednesdays were a true a treat! i have been following probably 5 reviewers bt the mst bestest one is you fr sure & i mean it. Honesty, witt, sweetness, critical view,diff ways to sum up etc are all present in ur review with balance! So huge thnks! As u stated its a journey of 8 mnths & fr me it was a big learning & growing experience. being a newbie in literature, it was a wonderful journey indeed & will surely miss it! hope we will remain intouch.
    Now cming to writer Mam FI, i second u w wat u said! Her writing does hav sum magic tht u easily can connect. All those dreamy heroes r only available in dreams & cums as limited time offer on screen. However i truly Love her heroines, they r real & cnvey positive msgs always. There r flaws yet they r admirable. Frm novel & drama I absolutely love the fact the urge in Fara to make things ri8 fr herself although she went thru alot bt her growing journey is good! Her desperation to be with Wali was so adrble cz now she knew tht he is a true gem & she now thinks tht life would b nthng if Wali is nt by her side. No hypocrisy, pretends & loyalty r some qualities of Fara! Well at tyms i do get annoyed w the tracks bt all is well tht ends spectacularly well!

    Coming to brillliaannttt perfrmnces which made this play wrth watchng & ppl stayed w it tll the end bcoz of these perfrmnces. SIR ABID ALI (our v own teddy bear AJ) ufff im shrt of adjectives to describe his perfrmance. A huge shout out to Hareem Farooq (fr being sweeto, rebellious & mst of all thanedaar mama bear), MZ (fr tryng smthng new & ws really good) & this man bcoz of him i cried buckets & he stole hearts in jst 9 eps, the 1 & only ALI REHMAN!

    OHKAY so i was actually in happy shck & wasnt in suituation to explain my feelings. The scene when i was reading i imagined Osmaya doing comes real so perfectly, im all in aww! ye wish poori hui meri! *dead*

    Coming to some details i absolutely loved in the epi were the perfect glowing face wali thruout although makeup ws a bit more bt loved it, messed mascara & beggy eyes of fara, shiny nose whn she ws sleepng, Meenays “kiya”, the blue colored clthes of WaFa showing loyalty,trust confidence & white fr peace,remedy by wali fr fara & yes tht Wine glass of water how cool to use wine glasses fr every day use! (thnks 2 serena hotel) etc

    AHEM AHEM…. I was Officially dead & still, Whaatttaayyy scene! it was jst beyond perfect & those slight chnge of expressions, (wali whn talking abt moiz, blushes of fara, victry & cnfrmation expressions, da last big smile on my fav trio….) uff hand hold, tht gazing, small bickering, loved each & evry bit!
    The beauty lies in the fct tht it was an arrnge marriage & so mny problems bt bth WaFa accepted each other by their own heart & mind, the last has scene spokes volumes! every emotion was so true & how strng is their bond!

    After 25 years new Behroz & Suhaib bond is made…

    Haseen Ghaltiyon ka talent Fara k hi pass hai, to ghalti se shi jaga(dies) to tht maturity, love, sincerity, trust,loyalty, happy teared eyes of wali & yes i counted 5 tyms “i love u” 2 hw mch fara is chnged, whn she wokes up she frstly took her Scarf , uff i was wishing k jhoota khana khaate huay zarooorrr dekhate & so cupid tht Nafrat ki Inteha is related to not eating Gajr ka Halwa uff cnt get enuf (dyng again) to those winning & reuniting smile on WaFa uff so perfecto….

    Yet again i wished dere shuld b a scene of Arju-Fara (sw8 1)

    Mariyam Nafees my munchikn as Zerminay was thoroughly enjoyable & did an awsum job as Meenay!

    OSMAN KHALID BUTT, i strted calling him THE BIG MAN left me speechless w his outstnding perfrmnce. Evry inch of his face emotes + how much groomed he looked thruout (the hero luks 2 admire)! simply phenomenal !
    MAYA ALI fr potraying the vague, conflicted FARA brilliantly (minus cryng) & her take matches to an extnt w my imagination of FARA so thumbs up!
    BIG HUG & thnks to bth of them fr holding & keepng the audience glued to the show.
    Regarding dere chemistry again im shrt of adjctives! Where ppl r sharng DDLJ new video I ws lyk see here see here hw DAZZLING the duo (OSMAYA) are! HI5 the no 1 jodi!
    Good direction by HH & gud luck fr Tera ghum aur hum & Sanam! Take a bow team ded
    & loads of hats off, bows, prayers & thnx to my mst faves Osman & Maya!
    My slogan was “WALI JAAN & FARA BAE”

    complains remained the same.. Easily can avoid Moiz Track, the M’s annoyed me da mst + nt a top prfrmnce by SS!

    In the end, Loads of prayers & take bow fr being a gr8 reviewer SADAF! thnx =D

    • Sadaf

      Mz dear your comments are adorable , thank you so much for reading . Wow is it really 33 episodes ? I swear I was dead after those scenes .. Maar daala maar daala ! You have bern sich a source of info about the novel and your comments such a pleasure to read ! The big question on everyones lips is where can we get a Wali ? Farhat Ishtiaq is spoiling us with such characters , but I think there if not the total package there is some Wali in all the best Men out there ..

  • sff

    Omg!! Look who just commented!! Is that really him, sadaf?!
    I was actually wondering where had OKB disappeared to last night(I mean from the virtual world of twitter and fb) instead of basking in the well deserved glory of the success of DED finale episode.. but alas he at least made time to read ur review!! That goes to show how well u write sadaf! I watched the episode maybe twice but read ur review maybe 3 to 4 times.. that’s how awesome u write, masha Allah. . !! Btw after having heard it umpteen numbers of times by now u should have known that its farah behroz khan.. she cannot be farah suhaib khan cos in that case she CANNOT become farah wali khan!! Hehe

    The finale episode of DED had such a dreamy quality.. its probably the most beautiful ending to a drama that I have seen.. It was unexpectedly so intense ( full credit to OKB s expressions) and loaded with romance that its hard for me to believe that the earlier few episodes are from the same drama.. lolz!

    I really wish they had shown the halwa and cake scene as well.. I am so tempted to discuss it here.. but maybe I shouldnt.. We must mist start a group to discuss the novel now that the drama has ended.. The ending in the novel and that in the drama are more or less the same except for a few minor changes..

    Special mention for suhaib.. like u mentioned his death was shocker for me also.. missed him a lot for quite a few episodes..

    Maya Ali and OKB share an amazing chemistry! U know if they were in India by now they would have been asked if they r seeing each other or something! But I guess press/people in pak are very conservative that way.. (its a comment in the passing not meant to hurt anybodys sentiments, thank u) that comment in no way takes away the credit from there acting skills .. amazing performances by both of them one week after another.. gonna really miss them so bad!!

    Also m gonna miss ur reviews sadaf.. and also gonna miss commenting as well..

    I guess its time to say good bye to DED.. well and for good. . !

    • Sadaf

      If only the Pakistani oress had that kind of reserve and dedication to avoiding cheap speculation .. Well some parts do . Thank you SFF , yes I would like to know the nitty gritty of the changes from the novel too

  • aClockworkObi

    Sadaf: thank you. For your honesty, for the vote of confidence (and, whoa – the generous praise), for the detailed and on-point analyses. It was a pleasure reading your reviews week after week; you know I always value your opinion.
    My deepest gratitude to all the commenters; reading your POVs – the praise, the gripes, the critique, was wonderful. Am grateful (most of) you think I did justice to Wali.

    • Sadaf

      Thank you for Wali . He was a bit of a prig to begin with and he did say beloved cousin a lot aah but he was so much more . Strong in character , loyal , kind and not bad to look at …. Most of all despite the non sequitor kidnapping he gave Faraa a choice … Jinsey mohabbat kee jaati hai oonsey zabardasti nahi kartey . :)

    • GG_Sophia

      I have great respect for directors, script writers as well as actors who can say so much with their body language, facial expressions and the tone of their voice. The last half was just that. Beautifully done.
      This is something script writers and directors need to comprehend globally. The power of words is much more than the power of actions.
      I just watched “Goyaa” and then had to go back and watch “D-e-D” last episode for mental cleansing :)
      Keep up the awesome work Osman!

  • afia

    Sadaf, love your review. You say it all so well…agreed with everything. Inspite of starting off with Fara crying some more and Arju-Roohi shown as besties (why wasn’t anyone sitting on one side of the dining table?), the ep became great just as soon as all the Wali Fara scenes started. How I wish they’d concentrated on this good stuff more and let the side shows been just that.
    Adored the confessions of love. OKB was awesome, specially when he grabbed Fara’s hand :) Wah kya style tha!
    Par as much as I like Wali (trying my hardest to forget the kidnapping:|) awesomeness toh khatm thee on Agha Jaan. Abid Ali was by far the best thing in DeD…it was such a treat to watch him. In the last ep, it was good to see AJ in good health finally :) turning up in all the right places at the right time- Shukar hai it was AJ and not Arjumand who finds the two lovebirds in the room…warna yeh rishta toh phir jeapordy mein par jata!
    Inspite of all its issues, will miss the show on Tuesdays.

    • Sadaf

      Thanks Afia for this and SO Much more :) I think at this stage Arju bhi chup karr jaatti , Wali was on a bit of an express train with no stop … ahem ..apni sahii jagga …..

  • Rads


    Perfect review of a perfect episode! Beautiful beautiful words. Bless you dear lady!

    What a brilliant finale! Excellent writing by FI and fantastic execution by HH. I loved how he didn’t buckle under pressure to give it a conventional ‘”and they all lived happily ever after” picture perfect ending with shaadi suhaag raat etc, but closed it out between the three characters that mattered most- AJ, Wali and Faraa. And the closing shot was perfection itself…what a lucky girl this Faraa is – to have the most beautiful-inside, handsome-outside men in her life, lovingly smiling at her at the same time and from the same angle and she coyly looking back at them. OMG, that shot is going to stay with me forever.

    The way FI writes romances is fabulous and the way they are adapted on screen has been more successful than not, I would think. I love how she closes gaps and gives every character a full arc and make us reflect on where the characters come from and where they are headed. I sincerely applaud her for her treatment of her heroines more than the heroes. The heroes are of course dream guy material and in this case, this is a real angel material. But the leading women she creates are the ones people should take note of. The silent power, quiet strength and dignity they have in themselves, the growth of the characters through the story and the confidence they portray ( Khirad, Faraa, Aiman, Haania) are simply fabulous. More than the dream boy heroes, its the heroines that stay with you more. In the beautifully executed last scene, I loved Faraa’s words- ” jaise abhi aitbaar kiya, hamesha karna” and her realization after independent observation that Wali was indeed the best and her admitting to it were just awesome. These women are not shy of admitting that they were wrong, but have the large heart to accept/forgive and be ready to face what the consequence may be. Such lovely, awesome women, more power to them and to FI to creating many more such.

    As you say, we have had so many up and downs in the middle 7-8 episodes after Behroze’s death until Faraa comes to the haveli, but this episode is worth all the pain and torture that we had to put up with. The Roohiness, Tajamul family, haunted house antics by Wali – but all was worth it and how! I am glad we stayed with the drama and watched it play out. And full credit to you to review it so promptly amidst sickness and tight schedules and giving us all a chance to chime in and enjoy the experience.

    Now to the performances – OKB and Maya Ali were absolutely flawless in the finale. FLAWLESS. Faraa’s crying today was delightful to watch as she struggled to come to terms with the 31 st march situation first and then when the love of her live admits that he has been always in love with her. Maya was beautiful in her closeups of her shy smile, confusion, excitement, nervousness and everything else. And the closing shot – i cant gush enough about it. what a fantastic end to her teary ways. I hope Wali did put one precondition ( that we weren’t shown like the other instances he mentioned) that there will be no more crying – only then he will marry her.

    OKB…just maar dala ! I thought he looked way hotter and way more mischievous in this episode than all the previous ones. That wicked smile when he teases Faraa earlier on and then his convo with AJ and then with his badtameez wife was sheer poetry. And boy, does he articulate his voice! The ups and downs in the tonal frequency just added the perfect level of intensity. I loved FI’s mix of lines that showed both the naughty and serious side of him back to back. “Dil aur Jaan se” immediately followed by ” mein tumhe fool nahi banaana chaha – tum khud hi ban gayee” and meri mohabbat itni gehri, followed by “tumhari badtameezi ke baare mein bhi gaur karo”. And the last shot ( yeh to mera refrain ho gaya in this comment :)) – that beautiful indulgent loving smile at his wife while resting on the other most significant person in his life was just too good to handle for me.

    Abid Ali- what can we say that has not been said about this fabulous actor! He was the jaan of this story. And how appropriate it was to end the story with him having the last piece of conversation! May people’s granddad goals would be Abid Ali saahib, no doubt.

    Lets not forget to doff our hats to Ali Rehman, MZ, Hareem, Maryam Nafees who were all perfectly well cast and did their roles with such poise and finesse. And Sanam Saeed, better luck next time. Please dont accept any Umera Ahmed stories for sometime. Please….Can someone cast MZ in a decent role please- its time someone did this..he is always playing such stereotypical double standards guy or the doubting/hapless/lame guy roles that it seems unfair .

    OK minor gripe time – I have two…Farah ko brush karne dete yaar. You know I remember we had the same conversation with Ayeronic in one of the earlier episodes – dental hygiene is non negotiable.

    The closing credits were, so, err, lame…they should have made an effort to put together a decent montage and that must have featured Suhaib and Arju as well.

    Whoever did the editing/credits in this drama – get your act together folks…these stuff are important.

    Now waiting for the official OKB spoof..what a meta that would be if he spoofs his own role …take a bow DeD team..for making our Tuesdays and other days happy:) Cant wait for the team to come together again…

    • Sadaf

      Thanks for always dropping by and being part of the discussion, always a pleasure to get your insights !! Rads I loved the this episode , and you dont know what I had to do to watch and write this review . I was up from midnight till at least five becuase I was travelling and no microsoft word in sight … mission impossible . But after a few disappointments team DeD pulled through for fabulous finale . The whole story was about Wali and Faraa and I swear if they had given us the gajjer ka halwa scenes , all the interractions we were denied and kept the Roohi and Tajamul stuff on the minimum it might have been better . I agree about the enfding credits too . I hope the powers that be read your comments and learn to make a more polished product next time . Oh and please Director Saheb we need those close ups for intensity .I hope we can find another drama to keep us busy after this :)

  • Sara Mehmood

    Best review so far …Bravo sadaf. …u described DED perfectly …take a bow mam farhat ishtiaq beautifully written. The cast was just perfect for this drama. loved every bit of it from acting to direction. …WOW…round of applause team DED

    • Sadaf

      Thanks Sara

  • afia

    Hey! wrote a comment 10 hrs back but it’s gone now. Also subscribed to the new comments but did not get any notifications…

    • Ruma

      looks like there is a duplicate entry on this website for the same review but it says episode 32. You can copy and paste your comment from there and post it here.

      • afia

        Thanks Ruma! yeah, i just discovered that…wrote it soon after the review was up and had wondered why they were calling it ep 32 :) will try copy pasting as u suggest.

        • Ruma

          yeah and it worked :)

      • sadaf


  • Sana

    You write sooo well Sadaf. The last episode was fantabulous!! I just wish there had been 1 more episode of WaFa, their Rukhsati, after marriage scenes but Diyar e Dil was a beautiful journey with some mindblowing performances!
    It will be a long time till we get to see WaFa like romance again on screen!! pleassse HumTv , Momina bring OKB and Maya and Aghajaan and Arjumand and zarminey together in another blockbuster soon! will truly miss Diyar e Dil…..

    • muniramolu

      That was a wonderful review Sadaf. You write beautifully and you summed everything up so well. The last episode could have been a little longer. I am really going to miss see OKB. I hope we see him in another drama soon.
      He can do justice to any role I am sure.
      I only wished they had ended by showing us the present time. Since it started with Wali telling us the story, it could have ended with him.
      Nonetheless, a fantastic play.
      What is there to look forward to next?

  • Indu

    Sadaf, the last few months – I’ve gotten used to this routine of coming home after work, watching the show and coming on to this site to see what you and others thought. Let me know what you are going to watch next!

    This episode – may I just say my favorite scene was Wali wondering why such ‘haseen galtiya’ don’t happen to him? I have a feeling this kind of dialogue doesn’t come often in most Desi dramas. I don’t think some of the ‘quirks’ we see in Wali would have been there if it was not for the actor playing it. Is it his take or was it the director’s idea, I wonder.

    Maya crying in the beginning was cute but it was very child-like. She does so well in some scenes but the crying – she has to work on.

    And yes, the ghajar ka halwa scene – I’m going to try to play that in my head because they decided to not show it.

    I personally think this would have been such a better show if they worked on their editing a bit(read Tajamuls). But what a refreshing take on emotions and family bonds.. will miss all my favorite characters. :(

    • Ruma

      The haseen galtiyan dialogue was from the book and it was epic. It was my favorite line from the book and I enjoyed it thoroughly while reading it and was hoping that they don’t cut it off like many of the dialogues that they edited. One other good one was Aghajaan telling wali that ” tum bas naam kay wali ho, warna walion wali koy baat bhi tum main nahi”. The same line, Faraa also used in the novel in the last scene when Wali told Agha jaan that Faraa was asking her that Tell Agha jaan to get them married soon.

      • muniramolu

        Would love to read the novel. Any idea if it has been written in Roman Urdu?

        Ruma added a comment in reply to Dayar E Dil episode 33 review Finale .

        The haseen galtiyan dialogue was from the book and it was epic. It was my favorite line from the book and I enjoyed it thoroughly while reading it and was hoping that they don’t cut it off like many of the dialogues that they edited. One other good one was Aghajaan telling wali that ” tum bas naam kay wali ho, warna walion wali koy baat bhi tum main nahi”. The same line, Faraa also used in the novel in the last scene when Wali told Agha jaan that Faraa was asking her that Tell Agha jaan to get them married soon.
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      • Indu

        Oh really I didn’t know that. I thought it was just Wali/Osman’s addition. :)
        What does Wali mean btw?

        Also, I really liked the “kaisa feel kar rahe ho tum? main khud bahut relaxed feel kar raha hoon” I was LOL-ing. Cute!!

        • Ruma

          Wali means a pious person.

          Yes, that “kaisa feel kar rahi ho tum” was not in the novel and it was a good add, also ek eham elaan was also not in the novel. And the one in the garden with Cesar was also an addition (good one). I feel that the last episode was made first and then they made the other episodes.

          I think Miss Tarzan, Beloved cousin and Goldilocks were added either by the director or the actor because they were not in the novel.


          Ok I think Wali also means Guardian or protector , I love this name

    • Sadaf

      Thank you for joining in with all the discussions ! I hope we can find something just as interesting to watch next

  • Anam

    Great review Sadaf! I completely agree with everything you have pointed out. I had a big smile on my face throughout this episode, Wali’s mischievous smile and the intensity of his expressions were enough to emote all the emotions that couldnt be expressed through dialogues. The scene between Wali and Agha Jaan was so cute, Agha Jaan being fully aware of the mischief planned was having a really hard time scolding Wali for the sake of Faraah. Hat’s off to Abid Ali, he has made Agha Jaan so lovable and wise.OKB stole all the hearts and the entire cast was absolutely amazing with a special shout out to Hareem Farooq’s brilliant portrayal of Arjumand. I think this is one of those dramas which have had excellent cinematography, I have never visited Baltistan or Khaplu Palace but now I really want to. I hope future dramas follow the footsteps of Diyar-e-dil in terms of cinematography and experiment with different locations as Diyar-e-dil was a treat to watch not just because of the sheer brilliant acting but also because of the aesthetics. It sounds a little filmy but I feel like its the end of a Saga. Will miss Wali, Agha Jaan, Arjumand, Sohaib,Faraah, Behroze and even Behraam!

  • Ruma

    Truly loved the last episode and of course your review. I am glad that they took most scenes right out of the novel and then added them as they are. Although, I was also waiting on the gajar ka halwa scene… not sure they have filmed it or it got edited. It was a cute one in the novel and there was also a cake scene when she made a cake and he didn’t even take a bite. They did add a lot of WAFA scenes but why oh why they want to remove the cute scenes? Those two scenes should have been shown in the 28 or 29 episode quite easily.

    As for the last episode, the last scene was also very long in the novel and I was hoping that they divide it into a few more scenes, maybe some of it in the room and one or two after the shaadi. It would have been better if they have extended the drama only for a few scenes and showed the long awaited rukhsati and then maybe all of them living happily ever after and Faraa completing her degree and becoming a doctor since so much importance was given to it. Not sure why it was not made that way. We, the audience would not have minded another hour or so. But this will remain a mystery to me always.

    Overall, I loved this drama. Credit goes to writer, director, actors and the whole DED team, Hopefully, this team will again come together (at least the writer and director) and will give us something else to look forward to.

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